Nitpicker's Guides, in which the author,many members of the Legion of Time-Sorcerers have various Journal Notes,within their Starlog Journals and can cross reference nitpicks found within the civilations encountered .Battle plans,concept holes in sociological and continuity errors in the various  places and things,across time and space and for the creation of this Grimoire of Nickpicking Notes.Subsequent to the Time-Sorcerers Nitpicker's Guides,

Continuity ErrorsEdit

.Continuety Errors of a cross reference of mistakes.Temporal errors -- real and imagined -- are documented and debated on these pages, proving there are a lot of sharp-eyed, tattletale cineastes, whom, when they're not dissecting films, quarrel over the definition of "nitpick."  An Immerse storehouse of a thousand of  thousands of worldline mistakes posted within many Journals,starlogs and memmory bank.  Many of the observations are of amusing and valid bloopers; the bulk are insignificant, yet the staggering volume of material and depth of the New Genisis Bunker Data Banks.

Nickpickers NotesEdit

Nickpickers Notes are a cross ference of footnotes,studs and odd ended bits of data,that has picticular entry listing.

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