Abner Perry is a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and first in the novel At the Earth's Core and featured in later Pellucidar series.He is often associated with the series hero,David Innes and acts as the series in house scientist/inventor.He preseeds characters like Professor Caver,in H.G.Wells First Men in the Moon.He is the forerunner to characters like Doctor Han Zarkov,Dr.Who and Mister Spock.

DC VersionEdit

| Image                   = Abner Perry (Earth-ERB).jpg

| RealName                = Abner Perry

| CurrentAlias            = 

| Aliases                 = 

| Identity                = Public

| Alignment               = Good

| Affiliation             = 

| Relatives               = David Innes (friend)

| Universe                = Earth-ERB

| BaseOfOperations        = Pellucidar 

| Gender                  = Male

| Height                  = 

| Weight                  = 

| Eyes                    = Blue

| Hair                    = White

| UnusualFeatures         =  

| Citizenship             = 

| MaritalStatus           = 

| Occupation              = Inventor

| Education               =  

| PlaceOfBirth            = 

| Creators                = Edgar Rice Burroughs

| First                   = Korak Son of Tarzan #46 

| Quotation               = You can't messerize me..I'm British.

| Speaker                 = 

| QuoteSource             = 

| HistoryText             = Abner Perry,  an inventor, and his companion David Innes, a mining heir, were able to to burrow below the Earth's crust via a giant powerful drill machine called the Iron Mole. Hundreds of miles later, they found themselves in the Earth's Core — in a prehistoric world called Pellucidar. Together, they would try to free the people who dwell in Pellucidar from the tyranny of the Mahar, a race of intelligent reptilian birds. 

| Powers                  =intelligence,

| Abilities               = 

| Strength                = 

| Weaknesses              =  

| Equipment               = Bow,

| Transportation          = Iron Mole 

| Weapons                 =   Bow.Arrow,Rifles

| Notes                   =

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  • Due to Pellucidar's perpetual daylight, the sun never sets, Thus it is always "now" and there is no concept of time. Because of this fact, Abner Perry, and the inhabitants of this world, never age.

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Fiction VersionEdit

Abner PerryCHARACTER »  Abner Perry appears in 12 issues.  Co-discoverer of Pellucidar. Friend of Tarzan and David Innes.Perry was the creator of the drill that caused him and David Innes to burrow deep into the ground and accidentally find Pellucidar whilst drilling in Africa.  Super Name Abner PerryReal Name Aliases Publisher In the Public DomainCreators Edgar Rice BurroughsGender MaleCharacter Type HumanFirst Appearance At the Earth's Core.Novel.ComicKorak, Son of Tarzan #46 - The Treasure Vaults of Opar-DC ComicAppears in 12 issuesBirthday n/aDied NonePowers IntellectLongevityRecent Movies

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