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The O'Brians originate in Amityville,located in Crossplains,among the Thuvian Highlands, the son of Elizabeth O'Brian and Alexander O'Brian, Jr., a high school history/social studies teacher and football coach. O'Brian was raised in a Roman Catholic family of Irish, English and French descent. He has four younger brothers, Daniel O'Brian, William O'Brian , Stephen O'Brian, and Colin O'Brian who also became Thuvian.Adam O'Brian,is a cousin,on his fathers side of the family.

Alexander O'Brian,the oldest of the O'Brian Brothers a famous (or infamous) professional gunman,as well a member of the Thuvian Rangers.

Alexander O'Brian is considered to be the serious one, but he has a quick wit and enjoys a good laugh. He can even smile when the joke is on him. He's the most logical of the boys and the one who keeps his head in a crisis, quick to take command of a situation. He adamantly believes in justice and fair play and has been known to risk his own life to do what's right. However, there have been a few occasions when his anger has gotten the better of him, though it's slow in surfacing. Alex O'Brian, being the oldest, also held the most responsibilty. His father often trusting him with the running of the ranch or handling other business transactions. Alex is also a bit of an inventor looking for ways to improve the operations of the ranch. On rare occasions he's made a poor business investment, but was more likely to trust the wrong person. Though not as gullible as Daniel, Alex did sometimes give the wrong person the benefit of the doubt and suffered the consequences

Like all the Fighting O'Brians, Alex was completely loyal to his family above all else. There were disagreements and even the occasional estrangement, but family always came first. Very much like his father, they saw eye to eye on most things. Understanding and protective of his middle brother, they rarely fought. But, where Colin was concerned, the two frequently disagreed. Colin's personality was often opposite to Alex's and the 12 year difference led the two to fight on more than one occasion. However, when any outside force threatened the family, they all joined ranks and faced it as one.

Alexander O'Brian had a daughter, Kahlea, with his first wife, Cheryl. In 1990 he married actress Elizabeth Baldwin and they had a daughter, Alexandra, in 1994, before divorcing in 1996. Alexandra O'Brian moved to with her mother and stepfather and now lives in Bonita Springs, . O'Brian was involved for a decade with his co-star, Chicago-born actress Isabella Hofmann. They have a son, Atticus O'Brian, who was born on July 13, , and is named after Great Grand Uncle Atticus O'Brian'.Daniel O'Brian also two daughters from first marriage Debra Lee (artist) and Danna Lynn. He is currently married to Joanne Smith-O'Brian, a former British model, with whom he had a baby girl, Ann

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