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Alpha Omega Warrior Program was a military organization made up of what was often the Omega Warrior Super Soldier Program, the end results of centuries of breeding programs among several races on dozens of nations and sometimes worlds, designed to be not only physically and mentally superior, but morally superior as well, and armed with weapons and equiptment.There

There were at least two different forms of the modifications, one based one the use of strength enhancing cybernetics, the other using a combination of cybernetics, hormone stimulation, hypnosis and biofeedback to enhance agility and endurance. The project apparently also experimented in the psychology of augmentation; the protagonist notes that the strength-enhanced cyborgs were chosen for being psychopaths whose loyalty was entirely to the project and each other (but not, as things would go, the US as a whole), while those in the adrenaline-control project were chosen for their psychological stability and strong sense of social conscience

The Omega Warrior Culture one of the Splinter Cultures whose society centers around military service as mercenaries. The Alpha Omega Warrior developed training and conditioning techniques that allowed them to operate at higher than normal levels of effectiveness in combat. The Alpha Omega Warrior, being professional soldiers, concentrated their education on military science which resulted in highly trained soldiers and officers who were highly skilled at tactics, operational art, and strategy. who possess superhuman strength, speed, durability, coordination, and healing rate, as well as resistance to telepathy. They are conditioned for fanatical loyalty, as well as occasionally being trained to serve as political advisors to those they protect. Omega warrior resembles a either tall or short,human exceedingly broadly built and muscular human with a delicate, handsome faces.

Fractions of the Alpha Omega Warrior Program,became the province or basis of the Jovian Primative and Saturnian Primative Programs are a genetically engineered race of supersoldiers,to function offworld. Many Omaga Warriors Soldiers were trained in Special Alpha Omega Warrior Astronaute Programs .Their super soldiers ,made up an army also fields what might be called super warriors or Omega Warriors,as they most often called, being an elite, highly trained commando force bred to survive on a harsh, high-gravity world for their abnormal strength and stamina.

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