Atlantean Star Castles    
'Atlantean Star Castles-is a huge city fortress sized Atlantean Space Station'. By Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson.


This massive, double saucer vessels measured some 5,800 feet (1768 meters) in diameter and carried a legion of Atlantean troops and 300 Raider type fighter craft .The Imperial Atlantean Super "Base Star” or Super City Station is the backbone of the Imperial Atlantean Star Fleet. This ship is massive being 1,800 feet (550 meters) and has a mass of 3 million metric tons. Not including the Atlantean Battlestars missiles, the Atlantean Base-Star-huge space station-smaller than an Atlantean Star Castle, but much larger than an Atlantean Star Base or Star Palace has much greater firepower than an Atlantean Battlestar or Battle Carrier. The Atlantean Star Castle also has three times the fighter, troop, and weaponry of the Imperial Atlantean Ship. It also act as an Imperial Atlantean Embassy and floating City Community-since it is thought as a portion of Atlantean soil once anyone sets foot upon an Star Castle or similar Base Star or Star Base. Many Imperial Atlantean Star Castles also act as one of three billion smaller Starbase stationed scattered all over temporal space. A Star Castle is a defensive structure ,exact meaning, but it is usually regarded as being distinct from the general terms fort or fortress in that it describes a building which serves as a residence of a monarch or noble and commands a specific territory. The chief distinguishing features of castles, as opposed to other defensive structures, can be defined as follows:

Star Castles were places of protection from an invading enemy, a place of retreat, as generally old planetary type were.

Star Castles were also offensive weapons, built in otherwise hostile territories from which to control surrounding lands,as generally old planetary type were.

Star Castles were either built as, or evolved into, residences for the monarch or lord who built them.Often a Star Castle is an official intersteelar space station fortress for an Atlantean Lord or Lady and their Royal Family and friends or accociates of an Imperial Atlantean House or House Clan to reside in and use as a mobile or non mobile base of operations.The Imperial House such as the House or House Clan of Sarkhon and House Clan of Shaitanus often reside inside the wall of an Atlantean Star Castle.

These three purposes distinguish the Star Castle from other fortresses — which are usually purely defensive (like citadels and city walls) or purely offensive (a military camp) — or edifices that are entirely residential in nature, like Star Palaces or planetary palaces fortesses.


An Atlantean starbase is a facility where starships are maintained and resupplied, and crews can relax. A starbase can be a research station, a military base, a place for interstellar trade or a seat of administration. Some starbases are also involved in the construction of starships. Atlantean Starbases offer various services to vehicles, from medical facilities to full-fledged spacedocks capable of refitting a starship.

Atlantean Starbases can be partially or completely located on a planet surface, or be limited to strictly spaceborne installations. Some are a combination of a ground-based facility with orbital components. Atlantean Spacedock refers to a space station facility capable of docking starships for maintenance.An Atlantean Starbase are often non mobile or stationary  military operations and Atlantean Base Stars are often thought as mobile military bases of operation.An Atlantean Star Castle is a bit of both stationary and mobile

A starship is a type of vehicle that is capable of supporting a crew traveling over interstellar distances. Starships are capable of faster-than-light speeds using warp drive or other propulsion methods. A starship's specification is largely determined by its class.

Vessels which are not interstellar capable (i.e. interplanetary) are generally referred to as space ships.


These massive ships are in a double or single saucer configuration, with a cityscape built upon their top metropolis section and unlike Atlantean Battlestars their external thruster or impulse and warp, drive must pull or push more weight than a smaller sized Atlantean Star Base ship. Instead the ships are propelled by a Gravitonic drive that is buried deep within the ship or super fortess that acts as assistance to the main impulse drive and temporal ward drive systems... The Star Castle. like the smaller Star Citadels and Star Palace, were held up by a huge Repulsor Drive Engine, that was placed at the bottom engine located at the fortresses Drive or Engine Room section. The Atlantean Star Castle is significantly faster than any known smaller spacecraft, and appears to have the ability to defend a planetary teritory with enough fire power as great as three Atlantean Battle Carrier groups. The Star Castles Reactor, powers all of the space stations primary and auxiliary sections. The Star Castles primary defensive systems are 1)Defensive Deflector Shields-that generates a protective blister around the castle .2)The primary and secondary weapons bays-some that can be separated from the main fortress and either piloted by remote control or robotic pilot, to seek out military targets or patrol the Star Castles perimeter.3)The Quantum Field Ring can be set to generate all sorts of cosmic force fields, such as plasma force fields, strong repulsor fields, that can repel or push away either large enemy star fleet armada or smaller ships, hypertime distortion, that temporary project the fortress into hyper accelerated space to evade capture or avoid hostile enemy assault.4) Various Weapons ring, hold all sorts of defensive weapons from photon or proton torpedo bays or energy blaster arrays. A huge two Docking Towers or Docking Rook, are used for either Star Palace docking ports or outside docking for huge Atlantean Weapons Pit craft, that can detach much the smaller variety.5) Several smaller deflector shield towers are located atop the Star Castle Manor section, various points around the Castles perimeter and several around the lower engine room tower section.6)The Star Castles heavy missiles give a Battlestar enough firepower to utterly destroy at least two smaller similar enemy battle stations. Star Castles can emits an extremely loud telepathic sound or banshee wail which somehow travels through the void of space and can be heard by people in nearby spaceships. The sound of this defensive  system is sufficient to render any human nearby unconscious.Thus the enemy target can be toed by tractor beam for hauling into one of the castles many docking or hangar bays to study or captivety until other legal determinations can be made.7) Laser turrets. Edit

The laser turrets are essentially the same weapon as a smaller star ship,such a cruiser or star fighter, laser cannon based on appearances alone. There are several known types of turret. One, the anti-ship type, is a slow-tracking heavy turret found along the outer edge of both hangar bays. They have longer barrels than other turrets. Above each anti-ship turret is an anti-fighter turret. They are flatter and thinner in appearance and track much faster. Their barrels are smaller and closer together. These weapons however lack the power to significantly damage capital ships. Edit


In many ways, these Star Castles are more advanced than the capital ships used by many lesser species. The ships do not use ion drives or standard impulse drives, but a series of primary and back up drive systems to assist the main drive systems, like Battlestars or other similar space station or orbital space platforms, do but instead used the previously mentioned Gravity based propulsion system, to assist to help push the fortress in deep space operations. This means that the fortress ship itself does not use fuel for itself in normal space, but relies on a series of external bussard collectors or Bussard ramjet to sweep interstellar gases, such hydrogen to refuel the space station from it’s two side warp engines on either side of Star Castle.. The ship does use fuel to make Hyperspace jumps and does carry fuel for its fighters because they use Ion Engines. An Atlantean Star Castle or Super Base Star is slow than a Battlestar but that is due to the fact that an Atlantean Battlestar devotes a much larger portion of the ship to Engines than a Base-star does. The Atlantean Star Castle or Super  Basestar is designed to make FTL jumps and is equipped to deploy large-scale missile strikes with high-yield nuclear and conventional ordnance Temporal Guardians /Imperial Atlantean Colonial Marines are station at each Castle at all times in times or peace and war, to lend assist to near and onboard citizens at all times. The Atlantean Star Castle  are revealed to have two of these weapons on the upper saucer. Pulsars are a beam weapon more powerful than the average laser turret and intended to engage ships of the same magnitude as the Basestar.


Star Castles are far superior to an Atlantean Battlestar in every technical respect. Using an inertialess drive system, the Star Castle has a higher acceleration rate and can achieve greater speeds than an Atlantean Battlestar, of roughly 0.32 C. Her Turbo-Lasers are more powerful and efficient, rated at a low-end output of 100 Gigawatts, to a high of 2,000 Gigawatts per battery.

In addition to the stated advantages, a Star Castle has a distinct advantage in heavy weapons, using her two Mega-blaster guns with a power output of 100,000 Terawatts per gun, allowing the Starbase to take out an enemy capital ship in just a few well placed shots. If that weren’t bad enough, Atlantean gravimetric technology allows them to enhance the electromagnetic defense shield around their ships and castle perimeter. While Atlantean Battlestars have this same technology as smaller space stations and other similar type station such as Seraphian Star Destroyers, their defense shield system is nowhere near as efficient as the larger Star Castle type space station class...

Atlanteans have always favored overwhelming their opponents with numbers, over subterfuge and tactics-when necessary, but prefer to rely of heavy battle carrier group star fleet and the Star Castles huge array of defensive perimeters. Many Atlantean Star Castles are large enough hold a Command Section or Star Citadel area, a city section surrounding it and a temporal drive section beneath the main city section levels. A repulsor drive section often maintains the Star Castles orbit around a specific planet or circling a specific star or star system, depending on the castles mission operation status. Command Section or Star Citadel area, a city section, holds an Atlantean star base area, which also contains the castles Star Manor, that acts also as the Atlantean Royal Family residence and the official territorial Atlantean Embassy location. The Imperial Atlantean Star Citadel often can dock upon the Atlantean Manor section and act as an emergency evacuation craft, if the Star Castle is under attack by hostile forces and must be used as a huge space station sized lifeboat.


A Star Citadel is a fortress for protecting a town, sometimes incorporating a castle.[1] The term derives from the same Latin root as the word "city", civis, meaning citizen. Star Citadel are smaller mobile and more manueverable star fortess space station.

Star Citadels are most often used to protect a garrison or political power from the inhabitants of the town it is defending. They were designed to ensure loyalty from the town which they defended.A star citadel is a small version of an Atlantean Star Castle-often a small section of it,than can separated from it’s main mothership fortress. In a fortification with bastions, the Star Citadel is the strongest part of the system, sometimes well inside the outer walls and bastions, but often forming part of the outer wall for the sake of economy. It is positioned to be the last line of defense should the enemy breach the other components of the fortification system.

 A space station is a structure built or assembled in space. These structures are normally designed to be stationary, and can be constructed in orbit of a planet or other stellar body. The term starbase is often specifically used to refer to Atlantean or other similar Imperial Atlantean Starfleet bases. Atlantean  starbases are usually commanded by a flag officer, and fulfill a major supporting role in Imperial Atlantean Starfleet. Larger Star Castles often have not only a flag officer such as a Imperial Commador or Admirel as a part of the High Command structure,but often also act as the familty residence for an Imperial Atlantean Royal Family,who the ultimate descision over the Star Castles lower command structure.They coordinate starship operations and provide supplies and maintenance to Imperial Atlantean starships.  Reasons For Building Space Stations.They concept of an Atlantean Space Station ,has been in existance since almost the very beginnings of the ancient Atlantean Federation of Worlds United Atlantean Star Forces Space Fleet in the Old Universe and was carried over into the so Called New Universe Alternate Realities.

Space stations are built for one or more of the following reasons:

1)To provide a defensive outpost, in order to protect an area or object of importance; Most Atlantean Space Stations,also act as interstellar Embassey Branche

2)To facilitate trade, acting as a corridor through which supplies can be moved between two starships, or a ship and a planet;

3)To facilitate mining, acting as warehouse which stores the supplies mined until a ship is able to collect them for transport.

4)To facilitate research into the mysteries of space.

5)To facilitate development, whether this be ships, new weaponry or new technology, including medical.

6)To provide medical facilities in a zero-g and varying gravity environments for patients needing treatment at less-than-standard gravity.

7)To provide maintenance and upgrade facilities for starships when they are not in use, between missions or require upgrades or repairs.

Types of Atlantean Space Stations are as follows.

1)World Ships;the largest known Atlantean planetary sized space stations ever known to be design and built.

2)Moon Ships;Smaller known Atlantean moon sized space station,smaller than an Atlantean World Ship,but larger than an Atlantean Star Castle.

3)Star Castle;The largest known Atlantean type of small classification for a space station or star base.

4)  Battlestar-a small mobile space station and star carrier.

5)Star Citadel.Smaller Atlantean Classification type of small classification for a space station or star base-smaller than Star Castle,but larger than an Atlantean Star base..Atlantean Star Bases and Atlantean Base Stars often can be clafficied,if they are large enough as a Star Citadel.

6)Star Bases,smallest known Atlantean Star Bases Classification type of small classification for a space station or star base-if smaller than a Star Citadel.


Unofficially, many starships are classified by their design type,to designate each type of ship or vessel from another siilar type design.Generally,the Star Ship manuefacturer will classify a star ship or space under a specific design type as a way for a star ships category warbook to catagorized each vessel or space station design type in battle or peace time operations.Star Castles usually come three varieties 1)Titantic Class.2)Super Fortress Class and 3)Citadel Class.



Warp drive is a technology allowing faster-than-light travel through space, creating warp fields and forming a subspace bubble surrounding a starship, which, in turn, forms a distortion in space-time and allows the starship's movement to exceed the speed of light. The rates of movement above the speed of light are known as warp factors.Atlantean Star Castles gererally have a warp drive,temporal drive to manuever in hyper space wormholes and smaller impulse drive engines to move the fortress about in normal space.


An embassy is a building or compound utilized by one government, within the territory of another, for the purposes of diplomacy. Embassies are generally in capital cities, while smaller consulates are found in other locations. Embassies and consulates are also referred to as diplomatic missions, and are considered the sovereign territory of their operating government, regardless of their location. Thus, an individual traveling in foreign territory may take refuge at their government's embassy or consulate.

Many worlds and galactic powers have embassies on the Atlantean Homeworld , and the Atlantean Federation of Worlds  maintains embassies and consulates on its member worlds and colonies and those powers and planets with which it maintains diplomatic relations. Many Atlantean Federation or Atlantean Alliance World starbases, especially highly-trafficked ones like many Imperial Atlantean Star Castles, have such consulates.








1,768 meters




50,000,000 metric tons




0.30C sub-light




1 Temporal Warp Drive' energizer '['15,000 Terawatts']'10 fusion reactors '['100 Terawatts']




'1005'5 officers 900 warriors-Temporal Guardians /Imperial Atlantean Colonial Marines / fighter pilots100 crew






2,000 troops












class B




2.8 to 4 meters




40% - 60%




Short/Medium range, sub-light, 200,000 m^3/s +




C at 300,000 kilometers




100+ Blaster batteries 2 long range Mega-Pulsar guns 10 tractor beam emitters.




300 Mk. IX Raider class Fighter 30 surface transports 2 drop ships




CE-BS Vehicle Type: Combination Battleship/Carrier Crew: 1,005 5 officers, 100 gunners, and 900 fighter pilots Troops / Passengers: 2000 marines Vehicles:



Imperial Atlantean Star  Raider class Star Fighters Temporal Guardians /Imperial Atlantean Colonial




Imperial Atlantean Surface Transports Temporal Guardians /Imperial Atlantean Colonial




Imperial Atlantean Drop Ships. Temporal Guardians /Imperial Atlantean Colonial

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