This Timeline was created with information from the movie, the book and the newsletters.

1913 Emilio Lizardo born

1918 Masado Banzai born

1921 Sandra Willoughby born

1935 Toichi Hikita and Masado Banzai start working together in Japan

1937 Masado Banzai and Toichi Hikita invited to Texas by Edward McKay Willoughy, meets Sandra; Masado goes back to Japan after a month, Hikita stays

1938 Toichi Hikita and Emilio Lizardo create first Overthruster at Princeton

October 30th, 1938 - Orson Welles broadcasts "War of the Worlds" depicting an invasion of Earth by aliens at Grovers Mill, New Jersey. Was it a hoax or actually the arrival of Red Lectroids on Earth from the Eighth dimension?

November 1st, 1938 - A large number of Yoyodyne employees apply for Social Security numbers on this day in Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

1939 John Bigboote' takes over administrative control of Yoyodyne

1940 Sandra Willoughby goes to Nagasaki, Japan

1941 Masado and Sandra flee Japan in late Nov

1943 M. Banzai vs. Hanoi Xan in Burma

1946 M. Banzai and S. Willoughby finally in America; team up with Hikita and Sir Godwin Lloyd-Jons

1949 M. Banzai and S. Willoughby married

1950 Buckaroo Banzai born in London - winter

1954 Peggy and Penny Simpson born

1955 Masado and Sandra Banzai die in jet car explosion, along with driver George Campbell

1964 Buckaroo Banzai leaves Denver schools

1965 Mrs. Eunice Johnson born (later widow of Flyboy)

1966 Buckaroo Banzai takes a hiking tour of Europe and Asia. In Amsterdam, he witnesses the wedding procession of Princess Wilhelmina (later Queen Beatrix) of the Netherlands - March 10

1972 Banzai Institute founded

1981 Final seance staged to discover Peggy's killer, Capt Happen kills self - Nov. 5

1984 'The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai' -

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