Byrrah is a Marvel Comics character. He is a prince of Atlantis, and cousin to Namor the Sub-Mariner. He first appeared in Marvel: Mystery Comics #82.

== Fictional character biography ==
Byrrah was a member of the Atlantean royalty, and a citizen of Atlantis. Byrrah and Namor were close friends at childhood though they became rivals.<ref>Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2</ref> Byrrah considered Namor a "half-breed" and unfit to rule Atlantis. Byrrah vied with Namor for the Atlantean throne when Emperor Thakorr was injured.<ref>Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5</ref>

Byrrah was possible heir to the throne while Namor was gone. When Namor did return, Byrrah used a mind-control device to force the Atlanteans to choose him as ruler and exile Namor. Byrrah formed an alliance with Namor's enemies (Attuma, Llyra and Warlord Krang) to defeat him, but failed and was exiled from Atlantis.<ref>Tales to Astonish #90-91</ref> With Krang and Doctor Dorcas, he unsuccessfully attempted to turn Atlantean public sentiment against Namor.<ref>Sub-Mariner #33</ref> He next formed alliances with Llyra and the Badoon, and battled Namor and Namorita.<ref>Sub-Mariner #50-51</ref> The two cousins later reconciled, and Namor pardoned Byrrah's crimes.

Byrrah brought word to Namor of Attuma's takeover of Atlantis.<ref>Alpha Flight #36; Avengers #270</ref> Alongside Namor, Byrrah battled Attuma's forces but they were defeated.<ref>Alpha Flight #38</ref> Alongside Alpha Flight, Byrrah aided Namor and the Avengers against Attuma again.<ref>Alpha Flight #39; Avengers #272</ref> With his fellow Atlanteans, Byrrah helped Namor establish the new kingdom of Deluvia.<ref>Alpha Flight #40</ref>

== Powers and abilities ==
Byrrah has all the powers inherent to the Homo mermanus, including superhuman strength. He is adapted to live underwater, having gills that allow him to breathe underwater, he can swim at high speeds and his body is resistant against the pressure and the cold of the deep oceans. His specially developed vision allows him to see clearly in the murky depths of the ocean.

He can survive only for 10 minutes out of water, unless he uses a special serum that gives him the ability to breathe air. His stamina, agility, and reflexes are reduced when out of the water.

He is a master of all forms of Atlantean armed and unarmed combat. He carries a sword and battleaxe, and uses a power-pike which fires bolts of electrical energy.

Byrrah is a master planner and strategist, and an experienced politician.

==Other media==
* Byrrah appears in the Sub-Mariner portion of The Marvel Superheroes.

===Video games===
* Byrrah appears as a villain in the RPG video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance as a member of Doctor Doom's Masters of Evil. He is seen guarding the first sonic emitter alongside Warlord Krang.

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