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Captain Colin Erving O'Brian is frustrated by his lack of success, and often develops schemes designed to earn him and his wife Rachel O’Brian a quick fortune. Colin O’Brian is very quick-tempered, and frequently resorts to insults and hollow threats of physical violence. Colin O’Brians's thinking also is he knows best.He’d rather beat and punch his way in and out an adventure.Blast anything whatever with his blaster rifle or gun or chop and cut down a foe with Thuvian Short Sword,than use science or Time Sorcerer mystical zoodoo bullshit,as often says. Colin O’Brian stands around 6'2" and 210 lb (188 cm and 95 kg). mostly dark hair and blue or grey eyes " and a black "columned mane, with a huge, Green Thuvian Highlander beret, Thuvian Military Combat vest, Green Tartan sash worn over one shoulder huge sword at his side and a blaster pistol at his right hip. He also often carries a huge blaster rifle in one hand and the sword in another, ready to kick ass and not even take a few name, by Thrull Demons. Colin O’Brian is practically invincible in hand-to-hand combat. With his back to the wall so that the Thuvian Mercenary cannot be surrounded, Colin is capable of engaging and killing opponents by the score.Colin O'Brian comes a large family.

The O'Brians originate in Amityville,located in Crossplains,among the Thuvian Highlands, the son of Carolyn Newcomb and General Alexander O'Brian, Senior., a Thuvian Ranger. O'Brian was raised in a Roman Catholic family of Irish, English and French descent. He has four younger brothers, Daniel O'Brian, William O'Brian , Stephen O'Brian, and Alexander O'Brian] who also became Thuvian.Adam O'Brian,is a cousin,on his fathers side of the family.

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