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Captain Eric Darkwater and Commander Jadmere Faphard KhonnEdit

=== Captain Eric Darkwater is a small, mercurial thief,star pirate,con artist and Thuvian Ranger apprentice.
Commander Jadmere Faphard Khonn is a tall (seven feet) northern barbarian of the Vladerheim Kingdom of Central Pangea,though he may have Delkhon and Kalladon blood running through his veins;Jadmere Faphard Khon was enormously tall (7' or more) and strong, dwarfing even both Eric Darkwater and Prince Toreus Rhann in height and at least matching if not surpassing him in strength (peak human to enhanced human) Even after this remained incredibly strong, just incapable of bringing a certain amount of leverage to bear without two hands. Jadmere Faphard Khonn was an accomplished soldier and swordsman as well as a seasoned mercenary that had survived many campaigns and was also a passable thief very agile for his size Both are rogues, existing within a decadent world where to be so is a requirement of survival. They spend a lot of time drinking, feasting, wenching, brawling, stealing, and gambling, and are seldom fussy about who hires their swords. But they are humane and — most of all — relish true adventure.
Leiber was one of the premier and under appreciated fantasists of the 20th century who came up with many original ideas. In the story in question the heroes Fafard and the Grey Mouser have to deal with a cult that worships the emotion of hate as a thing itself.


The tales are for the most part set in the fantastic world of Pangea, many of them in and around its greatest of Lankhmearia. It is described as "a world like and unlike our own". Theorists in Nehwon believe that it may be shaped like a bubble, floating in the waters of eternity.

==Weapons ==
Jadmere Faphard Khonn commonly uses a Delkhonean longsword,passed down generation to generation for untold ages which he names Graywand. He also carries a poignard named Heartseeker and a short hand-axe which has never been named. The Eric Darkwater also fights with a pair of weapons: a rapier called Scalpel and a dirk called Cat's Claw. The latter is balanced for throwing. As the pair are often divested of their property, these are names they apply to any of their appropriate weapons and not names of specific ones.

Somewhat version of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser,plus Conan and Fafhrd

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