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Captain Jefferson Taylor,is a fictional character of the Maveric Universe and is commander of the Sealion's Claw-a Stalker class,warship,capable of travelling upon the seas,like a sailing ship,underneath like a submarine or through the air,like an air ship.Taylor comes from a line of Arcadians,who ship builders,that migrated to the Northern Almerhann Continent,some years before.Some point,Jefferson Taylor joined the Pan Almerhann Federation Navy.


Captain Jefferson Taylor discovers the something strange is going on,in the international waters.
involves the survivors of the sinking of a Thuron merchant ship who are taken on board his Stalker ship.Something under the sea has attacking the shipping lanes-the only link to bringing true Civilization to the Pangean Lands. Off course and running out of fuel in the South Atlantic, the  and its crew happen across the lost island of Thuron.

Captain Jefferson Taylor crosses the Great Atlantic Ocean of Pangea,from the Pan Almerhann Federation to the Lost Continent of the European Northern World,that has been cut off from the Pan Almerhann Federation,for about a hundred years after the Great Cataclysm,when Asteroid Daedalus implacted with outer hull of the dyson sphere known as Terra-Prime.The Pangean world depicted in the novel, Europe has descended into barbarism while an isolationist Western Pan Almerhann remains sheltered from the destruction.Captain Taylor along his crew Commander John Bowie Taylor,Doctor Lisa Monroe,with Lt.Commander John Bradley find themselves exploring the lost lands of Thuron.Here are ancient Majestic cities,beautiful women and ancient dinosaure haunted ruins of the Outer Bandlands,that keep the survivor of the Old Pre Cataclysmic Era cities separate.

Worste yet,Captain Jefferson Taylor and his crew must discover the secret of the Lost Thuron Continent.An huge,articial lifeform-insect like

that care little for humanoid life,other a creep slave labor force for it's own brutal,capitalistic ends,known as The Trongaroth Hygemony.They come here,using the Deadalus Event,to exploit the Dyson Sphere,conquore  human population and rape the lands,caring little for an artificial world created as a santuary for man civilization from all over Temporal Space.And now Captain Jefferson Taylor and company must witness the Eve of Destruction upon a Lost Civilization struggling to survive a hundred years of difficulties and hardship.

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