Captain Miles 0'Conner was captain of a small class-9 interplanetary cargo carrier, the . He was a charmer of women who were attracted to his roguish and mischievous manner and quick wit. he became known as one of the best smugglers in the galaxy.

O'Conner was known for his cockiness, dry wit, rudeness, piloting skills, and his fast draw. He also had an affinity for and other gambling games. He often boasted of his achievements he made in his ship the , such as making the Smuggling Run  in less than twelve parsecs, and being able to outrun Imperial Star Destroyers. Captain O'Conner was quite the mechanic, having made countless modifications to the alongside . He once said he preferred to shoot first as opposed to shooting second, and used to his advantage on at least one occasion the fact that he was ambidextrous. O'Conner was also one of the few people to evade on multiple occasions. During the when he began to distrust the  because of his beliefs that Corvaiullian should be able to have independence,  often referred to him as the most dangerous man in the galaxy.

quickly became a freelance spacer. He traveled the galaxy in his YT-2400, the Outrider, which was a gift from the Twi'lek crime boss Vanya. Dash's original co-pilot was an incompetent Rodian comedian, but following his untimely demise during the first twenty seconds of Rendar's debut mission, the role of first mate was filled by the Rodian's droid: LE-BO2D9 (Leebo).

SS Celestrial Queen was a ship upgraded by with the profits from his career as a spacer. It was black and shape of missile for quick getaways.

==Primary weapon==
was usually seen carrying his blaster, a custom modified Plasma 44 heavy blaster pistol. He retained use of the weapon even after it was considered an antique. smuggler and freelancer. He was an ace Imperial pilot of the Imperial Academy until the Rendar family was banished from the galaxy by Emperor  due to a freighter accident.

Captain of the , Rendar eventually joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Battle of Hoth.

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