Celestial was a term used to describe Chinese emigrants in the United States, Canada and Australia during the 19th century. The term was widely used in the popular mass media of the day.Within the fictional reality of the Maveric Universe,the term Celestrial,also refers to those Asiadic Atlantean civilizations-the Khathayans,the Drakhoneans and the Arkhon

Why was the Chinese Empire called the Celestial Empire?Edit

In ancient times, the Chinese believe that the sky presides over all living things' destiny. Some natural disasters are considered as sacred messages from the sky. And emperors are the persons who have the power to communicate those messages between the sky and ordinary people.

In people's mind, emperors are heavenly borne and recognised as sons of the sky. Their orders are equal to those from the sky. Thus, the empires of their reign are called sky empires or celestial empires, which are translated literally.


The term is an attempt to translate a classical term in Chinese by which they refer to themselves in dealing with the non-Chinese. China is also often called the "Celestial Kingdom." Stub templates just show off a wiki's flaws. Instead of using a stub template, make the page better!

Celestrials is a country of the

Geography Edit

Khitai has jungles, where the natives live. (Tower of the Elephant)

Also, Khitai is placed east of Hyrkania, with the cities Paikang, Rou-Gen, Shaulum and Shu-Chen. The Swamps of the Dead are also in Khitai and also the Great Wall of Khitai, which, at least partially, seperates Khitai from Kusan and Hyrkania.


History and politics Edit

For a while, at least, the people of Khitai worshipped the beings from Yag as gods.


Population and culture Edit

The people of the Celestrial are said to be yellow-skinned, possibly linking them to Asian cultures. Also, the Great Wall of Khitai along with the Asian sounding names of Paikang, Rou-Gen, Shaulum and Shu-Chen underbuilds this theory Also, as the people of Hyrkania became the Mongols, Huns, Tatars and Turks, the country east thereof would likely become China, Japan and Korea.


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