Central City (Earth-Spirit)


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Central City (Earth-Spirit)




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Central City

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Milky Way

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United States of America


Central City

First appearance

Spirit Newspaper Strip' #1  (June, 1940)


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Central City is the home of the crime fighter, the Spirit and is not to be confused with Central City of the Flash.. The Spirit lived in Central City, which was, like the Batman’s Gotham and Superman’s Metropolis, a comic-book analogue to New York. He was a vigilante with a secret identity: Denny Colt, a criminologist. Supposedly killed in a fight with a criminal called Dr. Cobra, Colt had been buried in Wildwood Cemetery. He was, however, still alive—a concoction of Dr. Cobra’s had put him in suspended animation—and he emerged from the grave to shock and delight his friend, Police Commissioner Eustace Dolan. In the years that followed, The Spirit pursued criminals from an underground sanctuary in the cemetery.   Even the surroundings went beyond set pieces and became characters unto themselves: logos became immersed in architecture or pieces of paper blowing in the wind, rain fell in thick sheets, buildings swayed like living things, and shadows wrapped around and dramatically embraced their darkness around everything.The Spirit logo could be words on billboards,street trash,background structures or even buildings of Central City itself.Central City,is more than just a copy of New York,as say Metropolis is.It has akin to Batman's Gotham City,in that it has parts of other cities-Brooklyn-1940 slums and docks,California-with a dessert on one side,but like Los Angeles,it has a seacoaste with a ocean of one side

Points of Interest'

§  Wildwood Cemetery


§  The Spirit

§  Commissioner Dolan

§  Ellen Dolan

§  Ebony White


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