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Count Harlan Sarkhon and the Mystrann Invasion




explosions are seen on , causing interest among the scientific community.

Later a "meteor" lands on Horsell Common, southwest of London, near the narrator's home in Woking, Surrey. He is among the first to discover that the object is a space-going artificial cylinder. When the cylinder opens, the Mystranns (bulky, bug like-like creatures the size of a bear) briefly emerge, show difficulty in coping with the Earth's atmosphere, and rapidly retreat into the cylinder, although a man who falls into the pit is apparently pulled in. A human deputation (which includes the astronomer Ogilvy) moves towards the cylinder with a white flag, but the Mystranns incinerate them with a heat-ray weapon, before beginning to assemble alien machinery.

The meteorite unscrews and disgorges a Mystrann war machine. When the three men who remained behind approach in friendly greeting, it kills them without warning with its Heat-Ray, and blacks out the town's electricity with an EMP Pulse. Harlan Sarkhon and the sheriff are also attacked when they return, but survive. Amid reports of other meteors landing throughout the world, the Marines surround the Mystrann ship. Three war machines deploy. Pastor Collins approaches them in peace, but they kill him without attempting to communicate. The Marines attack, but the Mystranns are protected by an impenetrable force field. The invaders use their Heat-Ray and disintegrator rays to vaporize most of the military.

The machines also have two weapons which fire green blobs from the tips of the wings which are called Skeleton Rays or Skeleton Beams, so named for the ghastly visual effect it has when striking a human: causing a silhouette of the victim's skeleton to become visible as it disintegrates. These weapons are immediately hypothesized authoritatively by the character Dr. Harlan Sarkhon to neutralize mesons, "The atomic glue holding matter together," causing the target to vaporize, usually leaving behind a black stain on the ground (either the remains or a scorching of the terrain in contact), and appear to be deployed as a long range surface weapon compared to the Heat-Ray used at closer range and against taller structures or aircraft.

[1][2]An army of Mystrann fighting-machines destroying England.After the attack, the narrator takes his wife to Leatherhead to stay with relatives until the threat is eliminated. The army has meanwhile set up guns, although the firing stops later. Upon returning home, he discovers the Mystranns have assembled towering three-legged "fighting-machines" (Tripods), each armed with a heat-ray and a chemical weapon: the so-called "black smoke". These Tripods easily defeat army units positioned around the crater and proceed to attack surrounding communities. Fleeing the scene, the narrator meets a retreating artilleryman, who tells him that another cylinder has landed between Woking and Leatherhead, cutting the narrator off from his wife. The two men try to escape together via Byfleet, but are separated at the Shepperton to Weybridge Ferry during a Mystrann attack on Shepperton. One of the Mystrann fighting machines is brought down in the River Thames by British artillery, causing its hot heat-ray equipment to almost boil the water as the narrator and countless others try to cross the river into Middlesex, while the Mystranns escape.


[3][4]A Mystrann fighting-machine battling with HMS Thunder Child.

More cylinders land across southern England, and a panicked flight out of London begins, including the narrator's brother who flees to the Essex coast after Black Smoke is used to devastate London. The torpedo ram HMS Thunder Child destroys two tripods before being sunk by the Mystranns, though this allows the ship carrying the narrator's brother and his two female travelling companions to escape to continental Europe. Shortly after, all organized resistance has ceased, and the Tripods roam the shattered landscape unhindered.spreading a strange red weed substance over the ground, Red weed, a fast growing Mystrann form of vegetation, spreads over the landscape, aggressively overcoming the Earth's ecology, in much the same way as the The Mystranns have overcome human civilization.

The narrator takes refuge in a ruined building in Sheen shortly before a The Mystrann cylinder lands nearby, trapping him with a mentally unstable curate he had originally met near Shepperton.

The curate has been traumatized by the invasion and believes the The Mystranns to be satanic creatures heralding the advent of Armageddon. For the next several days, the narrator desperately tries to calm the clergyman, and avoid attracting attention from the patroling Tripods, while witnessing the The Mystranns' daily routine, which includes feeding on humans by direct blood transfusion and using a handling machine.

Harlan Sarkhon and Carolyne hide in an abandoned farmhouse but are trapped inside when another meteorite crashes into the house. An "electronic eye" inspects the ruins but fails to spot them. Harlan Sarkhon and Carolyne wound a The Mystrann when the creature leaves its machine; they get a sample of its blood, and the electronic eye.

They rejoin Harlan Sarkhon and Carolyne are captured by Mystrann warriors and are taken to be question by their military leaders

The Mystranns to be satanic creatures mostly huge,bug like brains,with eyes and clawed arms,with snake like tentacles below for legs.

the planet lies within Pleiades in the Taurus constellation, "beyond time and beyond space." This system, which is never named, also includes a planet called Qar'To that is the homeworld of an unidentified alien race that sends a synth to Earth to destroy the aliens. While the Pleiades cluster lies 440 light-years away, it is stated by the rogue alien Quinn to be 40 light-years away, thus the Mystrannans are somehow able to expedite the travel.[1] The synth from Qar'To is said to travel the distance through a space in dimensions and it is established that it can also return through the same space within a year. It is not know if those from Mystrann are either unaware of this passage, or are somehow unable to travel through this same space themselves.

The planet has three moons and is the third planet from its sun, providing a possible origin for their religious, cultural, and scientific fixation with the number three.[2] The star around which the planet revolves is dying, which is the reason for the aliens leaving it to make refuge on other suitable,transformed worlds. Ironically, though they seek occupancy on Earth, the brightness of the sun is higher in contrast to their own, thus suffering from photophobia, made evident in their host bodies wearing sunglasses to aid them. The length of Mystrann's seasons and days are unknown. While it is stated the mating season is every nine years, it is not clarified if this is in reference to the time on Earth or on Mystrann.

Social classes Edit

Mystrannan society is divided into three functional castes: ruling class, military, and scientists. The ruling class is represented on Earth by a triad called the Advocacy who oversee the invasion while their leaders known as the Council (never seen on screen) remain on Mystrann to supervise evacuation from their dying planet. The lower class belong mainly to so-called 'field units' who are undercover in human society while most of the scientists stay in Advocacy headquarters at Nevada desert to provide medical and engineering service.

A quote from the show which illustrates this class system is: There are thousands of us...but we are ruled by the three. With their beautiful planet becoming uninhabitable from a dying star, they invade Earth with plans to take it over to preserve the traits that it shares with their old world. Their society is highly collective with the only sense of division in the form of their ternary caste system: a high-ranking and seemingly infallible ruling class (itself divided between the supreme leadership of a Council and their Advocacy to the lower classes), a military force in the middle, and scientists relegated to the bottom. They are incredibly intelligent, able to communicate in seconds over light-years of space, create effective booby traps, and even adapt seemingly normal human objects for their own purposes. However, their intelligence lends itself to their one true weakness: their hubris, as it is established that they often claim victory before it is accomplished, do not admit to their mistakes, and with the exception of the Advocacy, those who fail are executed.

The curate's evangelical outbursts finally lead the The Mystranns to their hiding place despite the narrator resorting to violence in order to silence him. While the narrator escapes detection by hiding in the coal-cellar, the clergyman's unconscious body is dragged away.

The The Mystranns eventually depart from the scene. The Narrator leaves the destroyed building and heads towards Central London. En route, he once again encounters the artilleryman who entertains grandiose plans to rebuild civilization underground, but the artilleryman's quixotic nature is shown by the slow progress of an unimpressive trench he has been digging. The narrator heads into a deserted London and finally decides to give up his life by rushing towards the The Mystranns, only to discover they, along with the Red Weed, have succumbed to terrestrial pathogenic bacteria, to which they have no immunity.

They rejoin Harlan Sarkhon's co-workers at Pacific Tech in Los Angeles, who seek a way to defeat the aliens. With the blood sample and the technology from the farmhouse, the scientists learn about The Mystrann physiology; in particular, that the aliens are physically weak. Their war machines and heat-rays are, nonetheless, defeating all opposition worldwide.

United States Air Force YB-49 drops an atomic bomb on the The Mystranns' camp as they advance on Los Angeles, without success. The government evacuates cities in danger, but with military force useless the scientists are the last hope for defeating the The Mystranns which, they calculate, will conquer Earth within six days. Widespread panic among the general populace scatters the Pacific Tech group, wrecks its equipment, and separate Harlan Sarkhon and Carolyne.

While pursuing the Tripod, Harlan Sarkhon finds several hand grenades in a destroyed Humvee and detonates one of them to attract the Tripod's attention. After Harlan Sarkhon is captured and put into a basket with Rachel and several other prisoners, the aliens try to pull Harlan Sarkhon inside the Tripod, to be used as fertilizer for the red vine, but the other prisoners manage to pull him back out of the Fertilizer. The grenades left by Harlan Sarkhon inside the Tripod's cabin then detonate, causing the Tripod to collapse and freeing all the captives. Soon afterward, Harlan Sarkhon and Rachel arrive in Boston, where they notice the red weeds are starting to dry up and die, and the Tripods appear to be dying also. They witness a Tripod acting strangely, struggling to keep balance and taking little notice of the soldiers and refugees.

All seems lost, with humanity helpless before the aliens. Harlan Sarkhon searches for Carolyne in the burning ruins of a Los Angeles under attack. He finds her with others awaiting the end in a church. An approaching The Mystrann war machine suddenly crashes. Harlan Sarkhon realizes that the seemingly all-powerful invaders are dying.

Harlan Sarkhon notices a cluster of birds are circling and landing on the hood of the machine, indicating the Tripod's force fields are no longer functioning. Harlan Sarkhon alerts nearby soldiers, who attack and destroy the Tripod with two FGM-148 Javelins and a Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, leaving it crashing through a warehouse and onto the ground. Approaching the downed Tripod, a hatch opens, revealing an alien pilot which lets out a final growl and dies. Harlan Sarkhon and Rachel reach Mary Ann's parent's house and find her and, to their surprise, Robbie, who has somehow survived the attack on the hilltop. As the camera zooms back to overview the wrecked city and downed Tripods, the narrator reveals that the aliens were dying because they were suffering from terrestrial microbial diseases, which they contracted from consuming Earth's air and resources, and for which they had no immunity.

He finds a dying the Mystrann calling 'Ulla-ulla-ulla' at the peak of Primrose Hill, near Regent's Park in North London, and realizes the invading force is no longer a threat. At the conclusion, society begins to return to normal and the narrator returns to his home to find himself unexpectedly reunited with his wife, who had thought him dead and vice versa.

As in the book, they have no biological defense against viruses and bacteria which "God in His wisdom had put upon this Earth", saving mankind.

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