Real Name:Dakota Harrison Jonathan Smith[http:// ] First Appearance:

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Archaeologist and geologist



Known Relatives:Harrison Smith.

Aliases:Dakota Smith.

Base of Operations:Fate Enterprise;Inc.

History:Dakota Smith-half Native American:and family begin a round-the-world tour - Dr Dakota Smith Senior. and Mrs. Hellena Smith, Miss Helen Seymour, Lawrence of Arabia, Howard Carter - Indy is almost nine years old Dakota Smith made the acquaintance of ,

Dakota Smith,Junior and Michael MacKloskey are in Ireland, on their way to London to join the Belgian Army.Dakota Smith and Michael MacKloskey travels to London to join the Belgian Army as a Corporal, using the name Henry Smith) AUGUST 1916: Prisoner of War (Dakota Smith; is a soldier fighting in the trenches at the Somme, when he is captured by the Germans; when he was a P.W. in the Great War. Like them he was placed in top security prisonLoki, a sentence reserved for the most persistant of escapers. Bringing the group together proved to be a fatal mistake, for with their disparate skills they soon managed to escape once more, and this time made it back to allied lines.

Trek of Doom (Dakota Smith, now a captain in the Belgian Army, leads an expedition from German East Africa to West Africa to pick up a weapons shipment - The expedition attempts a return throuh the Congo, but Indy and Remy are eventually ordered to take the weapons to France -MAY 1919 (Indy is a translator with the American delegation at the peace talks in Paris - Indy then departs Europe for America to study archaeology - President Woodrow Wilson, Lawrence of Arabia, Ho Chi Min)

After the war Dakota Smith went back to being one of the top authorities in archaeology and geology, although he was always happy to lend his old friends a hand so long as he wasn't out the country on a dig.


Comments: Dakota Smith is described as being tall (a little over 6 foot) and .

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