Devlin Egnactius Moondarr,is a fictional characters with the Maveric Universe

mad man from using a quake making machine, which would had destroyed planet.(33) He stopped the teenage rampage of a gang of juvenile delinquents under the leadership of a boy named Devlin Moondarr,who of a High Ranking Imperial Family of the royal court,who was allowed for years to get away almost anything,by his mother.Devlin was a believer in Dev-Em accidentally killed a man during one of his exploits and was placed in a suspended animation vessel.Professor Thuzan Thune Sarkhon's greatest fight was against a military man who had seized control of one of the continents of Genesis-Prime. This man used a fundamentalist version of the Raolian religion to form a fascist government. General Zod was also a racist. He believed that blond hair coloring was result of mongrel Eridanean and Capellean genes mixed with the pure Atlantean genome. Because of his practice of killing such persons whenever his forces conquered an area, when General Zod and his ruling party were finally caught it was determined to place them on the prison world of Tartarus-Prime despite the Atlantean belief that this punishment was worse than damnation.

The Devlin Doondar and small band diligently and patiently infested as many people as they could from 1947 to 1966. In 1966 the threat to Genesis Prime and Earth was eclipsed by threat even more dire than the Atlantean Terrorist. Although Devlin Moondarr and followers did manage to steadily gain more converts they remained small in numbers. Most of their large plans and acts of terrorism were effectively countered by Majestic 12.

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