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Doctor Abrimm Sear is a fictional character,in the so called Maveric Universe,who is an Alpha Rhandarian Time-Sorcerer.


Doctor Abrimm Sear is a Maveric Comics character and a member of the Legion of Time Sorcerers.Doctor Abrimm Sear was once a well renowned but selfish neurosurgeon, until a star ship accident damaged his hands, preventing him from conducting surgery. Depressed and scouring the world for a cure to his condition, Sear locates a hermit called the Doctor Mentallus Thall on the Rhandarian World Ship Dramararoo After the Abrimm Sear selflessly attempts to thwart the Doctor Mentallus Thall's traitorous disciple, Baron M (who would become one of Sear's most enduring antagonists), he is taught the mystic arts Over the next hundred centuries[7], the Alpha Rhandareans experienced the Golden Age of Reason, and overcame war, poverty, crime, disease, and want. Their lifespans were dramatically increased. In the Age of Space Travel, space explorers became their greatest heroes, who visited a thousand galaxies[8]. After they had probed much of known space, the Alpha Rhandareans withdrew to their homeworld. They grew apathetic and indulgent in their utopia, with all of their needs cared for by machines. When a Gravis Rho, came to destroy the outer regions of their frontier world, the people had no defense against the doomsday ship.

Abrimm Sear and ship of Imperial Rhandarean soldiers plan invade the ancient ship and destroy it from the inside out.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Doctor Abrimm Sear born upon the Rhandarean worldship of Darmourou,as a child was something of outcast.As an adult he became a great physician,until an accident cost his career.His people the Alpha Rhandaireans were an easy going people.Abrimm Sear became restless after accident,until sought a Master Time Sorcerer.He found himself at odds Baron Rhandou Khorr

.Abrimm Sear possessed an exceptionally strong sense of will, a required trait for induction

Due to his Alpha-Rhandarian physiology, Abrimm Sear can naturally regenerate most of his limbs,internal organs,and even injuries his head.Although severe injuries can result memory loss,to stored memories must be downloaded back into his brain.

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