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Drasurhack SwarmEdit

Drasurhack Swarm-are a fictional alien life form.The Drasurhack are Sornai spawned jellyblobs,that act as herd like creatures travelling through interstellar space.Surrounded by several layers of biomemedic clouds-that carry Defensive Probes,nicknamed Kirby Cosmic Fuzz Clusters,by the Atlanteans,the Drasurhack navigate by a Plasma Electromagnetic Pulse System,generated from their bodies.They see,by way of the Frontal Sensor Grid and the Side Sensor Grid Rings upon each side of their body.Navigation Fins extend from their behind and grappling Tentacles from behind and forward,to grab onto external objects or other Drasurhacks,with the larger colony.The Drasurhack only possessed a low-level intelligence level, enough for them to seek out food and consume it. Their food was any form of matter in the universe, although they were unable to consume stars. However, they used starlight or high energy sourse like the Gravis-Rho to guide them and flew to the stars like moths to a flame.
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Drasurhack Hive ShipEdit

Within the Center of Drasurhack Swarm,is much of the Hive Colony.It's Queen and her young survive their,the Hatchlings and Sensor Class of Drasurhack,are located by the center,where also food and fuel is stored for the colony.The Drasurhack Hive Ship,is created by the Hive,to protect the Queen,her children and subjects,while rest of the hive,make up the surrounding Drasurhack Swarm.Every so often-maybe every 50,000 years an entire Drasurhack Swarm dies,as the whole colony begins to decay- except one who remains to protect the eggs and act as the mother to them,with the Hive Ship.The colony begins again.

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