☀'''Eric John Stark''' is a character created by the [[science fiction]] author [[Leigh Brackett]]. Stark is the hero of a series of [[Pulp magazine|pulp]] adventures set in a time when the Solar System has been colonized. His origin-story shares some characteristics with feral characters such as [[Mowgli]] and [[Tarzan]]; his adventures take place in the shared [[space opera]] planets of 1940s and 1950s science fiction.

[[File:Planet stories 1949sum.jpg|thumb|right|Eric John Stark debuted in "Queen of the Martian Catacombs", the cover story for the Summer 1949 issue of ''[[Planet Stories]]'']]

[[File:Planet stories 1949fal.jpg|thumb|right|Brackett's second Stark novella, "Enchantress of Venus", took the cover of the next issue of ''[[Planet Stories]]'' (Fall 1949)]]NY

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