Fate Enterprises,Inc.Utility Vest is is an article of clothing specialized to hold the many tools that many Alpha Omega Warriors may require on his missions.

Equipment it has been shown to hold:

  • VEST [/BODY/ 08, Partial (vest)], Here is a sample of what Doc packs in the vest-
    • Glass-walled anesthetic gas grenades the size of robin's eggs
    • High power explosive grenades the size of ball bearings-each containning various explosive compounds,chemicals,devices and gargets
    • Fate Lock-picking tool set
    • Silk line & rubber-coated grappling hook
    • Moonthorn Hypodermic kit including truth serum vials
    • Fate Weapons Smoke grenades
    • A Sarkhon Wear Combat pouch which contains a pencil-thin collapsible periscope which can be converted into either a telescope or a microscope by switching accessory lenses. With lenses removed it also can be used as an underwater snorkel
    • Fate Fog bombs that deposit a dust that emits a green glow when exposed to ultraviolet light
    • Chalk that writes invisibly, but becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light
    • A vial of red solution that resembles blood
  • He can be assumed to have the above as well as 8 AP AC Omni-Gadgets(x4) hidden on his person.
  • Superfirer machine pistol [BODY 04, AV 05, EV 05, Range: 05, Ammo 10, Q#3, Ammo was color coded and had "Mercy" bullets that could do Bashing damage)
  •  wave amplifier a sonic b ased device of his own invention that is integrated into a cigarette lighter (and that, amongst many other uses mentioned - 82 are claimed for the gadget - is later revealed to service as a belt buckle.
  •  Fate Enterprises,Inc.Mni grappling hook,and line pen shot from his multi-purposed cigarette lighter powerpack
  • Fate Enterprises cigarette lighter, which is supposed to know eighty-two tricks,that is actually a Zero Point Powerpack,that charges any gadget fitted into the devices jacks. but actually delivers only five,a grappling hook and line,a mini microscope pen attatchment,a coiled radio anntenna,a mini code machine,a sonic wave amlifier,a mini clipper of which, one is the not extraordinary ability to clip Lee J. Cobb's moustache".
  • but actually delivers only five, of which, one is the not extraordinary ability to clip Lee J. Cobb's moustache".[5]
  • ==Gadgets[edit]==

Some of the gadgets described in the series became reality, including flying winganswering machinestelevisionautomatic transmissionnight vision goggles, electromagnetic rail guns, and hand-held automatic weapons called variously machine pistol, supermachine pistol or rapid-firer. Doc has created a wide range of ammunition types for the machine pistols including incendiary bullets that smash on contact, coating the target with a high-temp paste-fed fire, high explosive bullets able to uproot trees, ordinary lead bullets & tracer, and the trademark sleep-inducing "mercy bullets" rather than regular lead bullets which are used in gunfights in keeping with Doc's firm code against personal direct taking of human life, even of the most evil. (Doc has no problem with enemies dying from causes other than his direct attack on them, though.)

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