Great House Clan of Grand Supreme Lord Jehavah Ghalmeath Sarkhon,Junior is a is a fictional comic book character in the Maveric Comics universe. He is chief of the Imperial Houseclan of Sarkhon of Genesis-Prime and ruler that fictional planet.Ghalmeath Sarkhon continues to lead the Atlanteans of Genesis-Prime, and hopes to one day pass down leadership to his sons and daughters.His Eldest son is Supreme Lord Adam Sarkhon of the Imperial House Clan of Atlantis-Prime.

Grand Supreme Lord Jehavah Ghalmeath Sarkhon,junior the chief god, apprised of what is happening in other realms, since he keeps an eye the multiverse by looking into Well of Worlds and the Great Book of Time in his quest for wisdom,Ghalmeath Sarkhon,is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt.Ghalmeath Sarkhonis consideredan intellectual , commanding so called Atlantean magic and poetry.Like Supreme Lord Wotonn Odenshield of Asguard-Prime both have ravens and a spear as their attributes.Lord Jehavah Ghalmeath Sarkhon,junior also a master tactician and schemer, and has prevented the destruction of Terra-Prime[28] and planned for centuries for the coming of the Gravis-Rho

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Ghalmeath Sarkhon is pronounced Gall-meth Sar-Khonn.

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