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Added by Mavericstud9 The Guider Gem is a fictional devise Artificial Intellegence Tactical Field Data Retreival System,that also a telepathic communication system.It has limited telepresence ability.Most are created by the Sarcom Industries,Inc.Some are created by Shaitanus Industries,Inc,Moonthorn Telecommunications,Inc.

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1 Origins;

1. 1.1 Time-Sorcerers Abilities.

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1 Origins; Edit

The Guider Gem, grew out of ancient Atlanteans experimentation with mental abilities through Teleprensence and various ways of heightening them. Cybernetic implants were originally in early technological advancements in science. Invented and used in the time of Count Bernard Harland Sarkhon, who trying improve various Artificial Intelligence Combat Field Telepathic Data Comlink Gems. But after his various encounters with the Seraphians and their wonderful Seraphian Crystals, the conception of the Guider Gem was born. Seraphians already had a hypermention telepathic link, by way of the jeweled headbands, that they wore was not unsimilar to the ones the Atlantean Scientific Guild wore ,and was trying to adapt to telepathic and telepresience abilities,at Project;Time Sorcerers,Inc.The Guider Gem and Guider Headband,links to the users mind by way of the two neural network pads on both sidetemples of the wearers head .The neural pads link into the users mind and allow the user or her to access the telepathic data communication links to other near by communication devices,such as Sarcom Utility Belt Comlinks,Sarcom Grimeiredevices,Seraphian Data Crystal based devices,the holonet and so on.Guider Gem Headband system has several the fail-safe mechanisms that shield an operator from harm,by over the eons since it's creation,various methods have been used to overide their various failsafe systems.. The user would generally verbally communicates with his symbiotic computer system, to which the user refers as the abbreviated "'Puter" or part of Project;Space Sorcerers,Inc-later refered to as Project;Time Sorcerers,Inc .The wearer of a Guider Gem uses a very sophisticated A.I., capable of quickly making complex strategies and evaluating their chance of success.

If requested, the A.I. can take control of the body to perform these operations.Guider Operator can communicate with The user 's artificial intelligence unit, allowing the user access to its strategic analysis of a situation or opponent. The wear of the Guider Gem can draw upon his or her own combat skills, but under computer-guided combat routines, the user is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant with an extensive database of combat techniques and strategies. The built in computer systems can also communicate with other computer networks, allowing The user to "hack" into any system the user requires data from. Guider AI is well-educated in computers and cybernetics,and the wearer can draw upon this data. The Guider can also enhanse the users mental skills and an extensive information database,by way of linking itself to the Sarcom Industries,Inc,Telecom Implant-a kind of telepathic thought radio or communications system,as it sometimes is called. The Guider System acted as a second personality, which the user spoke with ,ask questions,has conversions and issued orders, sometimes antagonistically depending on the users personality.

The Guider Gem a third personality (a seeming manifestation of it’s ability to link up other Guider Communications Networks-such as the Sarcom Industries,Inc,Utility Belt Telecomlink worn upon the users Utility Belt,the and users Combadge Activator ,which are linked various external data networks and holographic systems.The Guider Gem can become an onsite Missions Starlog,storing all downloaded data into the Seraphean Data Crystals,found within the Utility Belt comlink.Sometimes data can be record as mission logs or a series of speaking in stream-of-consciousness ramblings,depending upon the users needs and desires.The Guider can switched on and off,at will by verble commands.Only in emergency cases,such as a mortal wound or injury,will Guider self activate,so the wear,can rescued by a search team.In some cases,an external intelligence such as a Holo Ghost or Holo Spirit will take command of the Guider Gem,during rescue operations.   The Guider Gem’s link to many Artificial Intelligence Systems will responde with certain key word like ‘’Observation’’,’’incoming imformation .’’,’’intruder alert.’’, ‘’Statement’’,’’Conclusion’’,‘’working ‘’,‘’Non Sequiter’’,’’unable to comply’’,’’understood.’’,’’does not compute.’’,’’negative.’’. These are basic Behavioral algorithm programs built into many systems based on the Magnus series Artificial Intelligence,to prevent any external system from hijacking into the primary data base,by allowing the listener to recognize an AI from an AI hacked program. The narrative parameters file was the means by which holo-programs and computer systems were edited and used,for specific limitations and usage.

Time Sorcerer with Guider Gem Headband FotoFlexer Photo

' ==Slave Circuites or Slaver Programs Headline text ==

AI computer systems,although maybe self aware,to a point,are basically brains or personalities in a box.Many are given Slave Circuites or Slaver Programs While on a holodeck or inside a holosuite, one could open the narrative parameters file verbally to change or continue writing the currently open program. • A slave circuit was a mechanism that allowed for remote control of an artificial intelligence andartificial intelligence andartificial intelligence and vehicle’s systems’s systems's systems while using a communications device. In technical vernacular, aartificial intelligence andartificial intelligence and vehicle’s systems’s systems that had a slave circuit installed was slave-rigged. For aartificial intelligence andartificial intelligence and vehicle’s systems’s systems that wasn't slave-rigged, the owner, with a computer and a little programming skill, could set up a temporary slave circuit. Many AI Computer systems have psychological conditioning to keep they from going rogue, notably the "Prime Directives" coded into his cybernetics that cause a lock-up of his cyber-parts if he attempts to defy them, which he does several times (since his brain is still "his", they can still think freely). The Directives themselves seem innocent enough — "serve the user", "protect the user from harm", "uphold the law of artificial intelligence systems " — ", and"never violate the law of artificial intelligence systems .Ofcourse Guider Gems operated by and controlled by a hologhost or holospirit can bend around these prime directives and is no longer compelled to follow them. • In the Star Wars franchise, in addition to a literal restraining bolt once used on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS, droids often complain that their programming prohibits them from doing something.artificial intelligence systems, for example, complains that he is forbidden by his programming from impersonating a deity. Needless to say, they have no trouble overcoming it when the plot requires so. o The above mentioned "impersonating a deity" example implies that perhaps there are different levels of programming in a AI,droids or robots,automitons , for example: A. Things the AI,droids or robots,automitons can do of it's own volition (its primary function), B. Things a AI,droids or robots,automitons can do only when specifically order to do etc.), and C. Things a AI,droids or robots,automitons can't do even if ordered (killing).

 The restriction concerning impersonating a deity doesn't seem to be a "restraining bolt" issue so much as programming. C-3P0 says that it's against his programming and wouldn't be proper (which makes sense considering he's a protocol AI,droids or robots,automitons ), but when Luke specifically tells they to do it, he does so. Therefore, it doesn't seem to be forbidden so much as undesirable. A better example of restraining bolt use on C-, when he's hiding after ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS took off looking for Ben Kenobi (after having tricked Luke into removing his own restraining bolt earlier). Luke calls for C-3P0 and when he doesn't respond, pushes a button that causes Threepio to jump out like he'd been shocked. o The gives all droids (except "fourth-degree", or combat, droids) what is plainly meant to be an echo of the Three Laws of Robotics, including being forbidden to harm an organic sentient and to obey all orders from the owner (the obvious conflict being fixed by a AI,droids or robots,automitons having to inform its master immediately if given an order that is against its programming). The ability for fourth-degree droids to fight and kill makes their remaining coding and the laws governing them that much more stringent.  KotOR 2 demonstrates how trying to circumvent ethics programming is very dangerous — showing a AI,droids or robots,automitons that he's been unknowingly and unwittingly harming people for years could cause AI to shut down and die completely... or it could give AI the strength of will to begin ignoring his ethical programming entirely (because it has been proven to they that they don't matter). This is why droids (at least those owned and operated by corporations which have them unwittingly harming people, like Czerka in the above example) have frequent memory wipes to prevent them from becoming too aware of their surroundings and the consequences of their actions. o Droids can also be built and programmed without such restraints. It's shown to be a bad idea with the activation of the assassin AI,droids or robots,automitons IG-88, who proceeded to kill the scientists who created they , activate his three "brothers" and an older IG-72 AI,droids or robots,automitons , and plots a robot revolution for universal domination.  Uses Edit The most common use of slave circuitry involved an owner using a beckon call or other handheld communications device to activate his or her ship's systems well before entering the vessel. Doing so would allow the owner to make more efficient use of his or her time. When attempting a landing at a spaceport, a ship's pilot could allow the control tower to assist him or her with landing by transmitting the vessel's slave circuit code. Slave circuit codes could also be used by multiple space vessels to make synchronized hyperspace jumps. Some businesses installed slave circuits on all of the craft that they own, attempting to make theft of company property harder to commit. The user of a beckon call could also use it to signal the craft to fly to his location. The slave circuit would receive the signal and then tell the ship's computer to proceed to the beckon call's location. The computer would then activate the ship's engines and bring the craft to the user. Some ships could also be programmed to fight their way to the user's location with a reasonable degree of skill.


Despite the convenience that a slave circuit afforded, many owners were averse to installing them aboard their ships. Much cited were fears that criminals could steal a ship, just by stealing a beckon call or discovering its slave circuit code. More vehement detractors cited the infamous Katana fleet incident as an example of what could go wrong with slave-rigged ships.   Computer voice  The computer voice is an audio interface program designed to allow computers and other artificial intelligences to express information verbally. Many civilizations, such as the Terran Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union, equip their computers with this feature.  The computer voice of the USSvarious Starfleet Space Navies was reprogrammed in 2267 on Cygnet XIV, with the intent on giving it a less mechanized personality. The resulting modifications caused the computer to address James Kirk in an increasingly amorous manner

-Enhanced Senses: Rm infrared/ultraviolet vision, telescopic enhancement and audio amplification. -Internal Computer: A micro processor within Deathlok’s skull provided many of the attribute enhancements that the character enjoys. The computer was also able to override Manning’s self-control, making him or her a passenger in his own body. The computer can be reprogrammed by anyone with the appropriate skills, making a Reason FEAT roll vs. Am

intensity Deathlok's brain now functions like that of a computer so his augmented brain now is integrated to the point that volition is often the result of computer heuristic algorithms rather than conscious free will thinking.

1.1 Time-Sorcerers Abilities. Edit Mind Powers. Hypermentation . The ability to recall information rapidly from memory or another source, such the Guider Gem-an ancient, jewel worn upon the members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers as a mental assistant, data retrieval system, telepathic link-among other uses. Professor Adam Lasar Sarkhon always uses scientific (or supposedly scientific) methods and focuses on logic and the powers of observation and deduction.

The Galaxians use a similar type of Guider Gem, that is either oval, diamond shaped or triangle shaped, like the Atlanteans.

Telepathy. Second Sight - Enhances the bearer's visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls. Trained users can have their sight amplified to the point that they are able to counteract Persuasion and Blinding. 1) Farsight - Makes the mind of the Time-Sorcerers fly through space and perceive all around. He or she can see events, via holospace in other places in time and space. Inset in the headband was an emerald jewel that sparkled when the light hit it. This was Guider Gem.--an ancient Atlantean device, that gave a worthy warrior knowledge and guidance. If one were willing to listen--the Guider contained much of the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. It was more than just a mere computer peripheral--much much more. Guiders can link to one another, creating a group conference link or a group mind if necessary. One Guider Headband could think cast telepathic communication from one individual to another, who possessed a Guider Gem headband. And Guider Gems could attuned to a specific individual, if needed to block unwanted telepathic spies, such as a Temporal Ninja == 2 == Edit Clairvoyance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception whereby a person perceives distant objects, persons, or events, including "seeing" through opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans (i.e. radio waves). Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) or kinesthetic impressions. The term clairvoyance is often used broadly to refer to all forms of ESP where a person receives information through means other than those explainable by current science. Perhaps more often, it is used more narrowly to refer to reception of present-time information not from another person, there being other terms to refer to other forms: telepathy referring to reception of information from another person (i.e. presumably mind-to-mind); and precognition referring to gaining information about places and events in the future. The term clairsentience is often used in reference to psi phenomena falling under this broader context. As with all psi phenomena, there is wide disagreement and controversy within the sciences and even within parapsychology as to the existence of clairvoyance and the validity or interpretation of clairvoyance related experiments Time-Sorcerers Abilities. Mind Powers. Hypermentation. The ability to recall information rapidly from memory or another sourse, such the Guider Gem-an ancient, jewel worn upon the members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers. Professor Adam Lasar Sarkhon always uses scientific (or supposedly scientific) methods and focuses on logic and the powers of observation and deduction Telepathy.

1)Second Sight - Enhances the bearer's visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls. Trained users can have their sight amplified to the point that they are able to counteract Persuasion and Blinding.

2) Farsight - Makes the mind of the Time-Sorcerers fly through space and perceive all around. He or she can see events, via holospace in other places in time and space. 2) Psychometry - The mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it. Cosmic Force Sense - Used within the Time-Sorcerers Order to sense the future, possible danger, a person's location, or the presence of the Dark Side of evil. 3) Battle Meditation - This power can influence the course of an entire battle, raising the morale of allies, and sapping the will to fight from enemies. 4) Empathy - The Force endows the user with the skill to read the thoughts and emotions of another being. 5) Affect Mind or Persuasion - This power can confuse and persuade others, making them bend to the user's will. 5)Mind Control - A more advanced, and more malicious, form of "Persuasion/Suggestion", allowing one to enter another's mind and control brain activity. Mind Control - A more advanced, and more malicious, form of "Persuasion/Suggestion", allowing one to enter another's mind and control brain activity. Hibernation Trance - This is an ability of a Cosmic or Quantum Force user to go into a very deep hibernation state. This slows down the Cosmic or Quantum Force user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill. A fully trained Force user can stay in this state for up to four days. 6)Hypermind or Hypermentation-The Legion of Time-Sorcerers ability to concentrate and draw on any sort of mental abilities or instant data recall. The Guider Gem can also access The holographic library computer banks of many star ships or city terminals contained information from their various Starfleet Space Navies data banks

7)universal translator .The Guider Gem can be  is used to remove the problem of translating between alien languages,  Occasionally, alien races are able to extrapolate the rules of English from very little speech and then immediately be fluent in it, making the translator unnecessary.

While a universal translator seems unlikely, due to the apparent need for telepathy, scientists continue to work towards similar real-world technologies involving small numbers of known languages.[2] See speech recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis for discussions of real-world natural language processing technologies. automatically translates most comprehensible languages (written and spoken) into a language understood by its pilot and each of the crew members. The field also translates what they say into a language appropriate for that time and location injected with bacteria called translator microbes which function as a sort of "Universal Translator." The microbes colonize the host's brain stem and translate anything spoken to him/her/it, passing along the translated information to the host's brain. This does not enable the injected person to speak other languages; they continue to speak their own language and are only understood by others as long as the listeners possess the microbes. The microbes sometimes fail to properly translate slang, translating it literally. Also, the translator microbes are unable to translate the natural language of the alien Pilots or Diagnosans because every word in their language can contain thousands of meanings, far too many for the microbes to translate, thus Pilots must learn to speak in "simple sentences."

The implanted can learn to speak new languages if they want or to make communicating with non-injected individuals possible. "extremely sophisticated computer program" which functions by "analyzing the patterns" of an unknown foreign language, starting from a speech sample of two or more speakers in conversation. The more extensive the conversational sample, the more accurate and reliable is the "translation matrix," enabling instantaneous conversion of verbal utterances or written text between the alien language and American English / Federation Standard.[3] Since the Universal Translator presumably does not physically affect the process by which the user's vocal cords (or alien equivalent) forms audible speech (i.e. the user is nonetheless speaking in his/her/its own language regardless of the listener's language), the listener apparently hears only the speaker's translated words and not the alien language that the speaker is actually, physically articulating; the unfamiliar oratory is therefore not only translated but somehow replaced .Although most other alien races, routinely understood by members of other races via the Universal Translator,can be set to translate words and phrases which remain untranslated, implying that they routinely use at least two languages, one which the Universal Translator can handle, the other which it cannot. Alternatively, the Universal Translator is capable of interpreting intentions, so when a speaker intends their speech to be projected natively, the UT passes the speech through untranslated.

A transceiver was a communications device that combines a transmitter and a receiver. To be considered a transceiver, the handling circuitry of both functions must be significantly integrated. A transceiver is a device comprising both a transmitter and a receiver which are combined and share common circuitry or a single housing. When no circuitry is common between transmit and receive functions, the device is a transmitter-receiver. The term originated in the early 1920s. Technically, transceivers must combine a significant amount of the transmitter and receiver handlingcircuitry] Similar devices include transponders, transverters, and repeaters. A synaptic transceiver was a device equipped with a neural interface. Implanted in the cerebral cortex, the device allowed synaptic interface to be established between the user's mind and the vessel's controls. for use in piloting a vessel A neural interface was a technology that allowed a direct connection to be formed between a computer system and an individual's brain. Technologies which included neural interfaces included telepresence units, the Kohl suspended animation system, and multitronic engrammatic interpreters. (")A neural transponder is a device capable of generating a neuro-electric field, linking the brain patterns of separate individuals, allowing for instantaneous access to information stored in an individual's mind. (")

A subcutaneous transponder (also known as subdermal transceiver or subcutaneous communicator) is a small transponder inserted within the com systems, which is used by various Starfleet Space Navies and other military unites. Its function is to maintain contact between an away team member and their home ship, and some models allow the user to receive discreet audio transmissions audible only to them, making them particularly useful for undercover work The cranial transceiver is an interplexing beacon implanted within the braincase of every Guider user which be activated in cases of emergency to locate a missing team member. Each user has specific transmission code, contained within the pulsating recognition beacon that recycles every 30 seconds at a 50 feet range, around the user’s location perimeter. Each transceiver contains a unique translink frequency that allows the drone to stay in contact with the Guider Gem Communication collective .A bionetic implant is a form of bionetic technology that has been incorporated into transceiver system by the Guider user as a linking between the Guider and users brain . An interlink node is an example of a bionetic implant that permits communication with other Guider user. (") A neural transceiver is another type of a bionetic implant is a device that is communication link between the brain of the Guider user and bionetic implant  Holographic Virtual conference sessions from thought leaders, leading telepresence and telecollaboration vendors and application end-users  Holographic Virtual exhibit booths from industry leaders  Holographic Virtual meeting rooms and integrated live video chat  Telepresence-enabled virtual presentations and meetings  Quarterly live online events for evergreen content

3 Behind the scenes. Edit By 1974 or 1975,I had already created my Toreus Warrior 2140 –about a hero-a barbarian type, who traveled around in a sub shuttle, with 44 automag and similar adventures like Marvels version of Conan the Barbarian. The character had an emerald Gem upon his King Kull like headband, that sparkled the Adam Warlock used his comic stories. but it wasn't Soul Gem or nothing like them. I no explanation, for in the original drawing, but bother Carl saw it came asked what it was, but I didn't know. He came with an idea, barrowed from Marvel Comic, I was reading that wasn't very good, but whose hero Deathlok talked a computer attached to back. Colonel Luther Manning, used to argue with computer voice in his head and bitch to it. My brother Carl, figured Toreus would need something to guide him or her along in his quest-hence calling it a ‘’Guider Gem’’. The computer would talk more like Marvel Comics The Recorder from Rigel, with words like ‘’Observation’’, ‘’Statement’’, ’Conclusion’’ ,plus also like the starship Enterprise computer saying stuff ‘’working’’, responses like SID from UFO like ‘’intruder alert, the Robinson’s Robot B9/GUNTHER like ‘’warning, warning.’’, ’’does not compute.’’, or Nomads responses like ‘’Non Secquiter’’ So now our hero by a emerald jewel called a Guider Gem, that was linked a computer, hidden somewhere on earth, now called Terra II, guided the Thuvian Warrior and two companions Athena –a raven haired pirate-similar to Belit-Queen of the Black Coast and Boggs-huge, gentle giant, patterned after Fafnir of the Conan comics, to humanities lost storehouses of treasure-ancient knowledge and lost artifacts-machinery, guns, medicine-whatever.The guider Gem was quick imformation gathering deviced,mixing elents barrowed from Adam Warlocks Soul Gem,minus the jewels evil vampire nature and theDeathlock cyborgs tactical computer.The original Toreus needed a quest to find lost technology and the Guider Gem was nifty idea to help achieve goal and also give usefull imformation,even if the Thuvian Warrior found the telepathic link bothersome and annoying at times,just the Marvel cyborg above did his computer talking inside his head.[Guider+Gem]%22&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a[Guider+Gem]%22&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

1. ===Maveric Entertainment Group: April 2008===- 10:19pmThis was Toreus Rhann's Guider Gem.--an ancient Atlantean device, ..... My Guider Gem-by Thrull Khonn's Sword.The Lord of Lions stated. ... 1. ===mavericstud8 on Xanga=== The abilty to recall imformation rapidly from memmory or another sourse,such the Guider Gem-an ancient,jewel worn upon the members of the Legion of Time ... - Cached 1. ===Sarkhon's Book of Time: The Galaxians=== Nov 18, 2009 ... The Galaxians use a similar type of Guider Gem,that is either diamond shaped ,circular or triangle shaped,like the Atlanteans. ... - Cached 1. ===Captain Toreus 2250 - Maveric Universe Wiki=== Jump to ==The Guider Gem==‎: That was where my brother got another idea from for the Guider Gem.So you see,mix Fors of Daybreak 2250,Conan,The user s ... - Cached Categories:

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