potential costs and dangers of running a military industrial complex driven by fear and greed. In contrast, the Atreides home planet Caladan, run on principles of respect and loyalty, is portrayed as a green and pleasant land. A planet of Ophiuchi B (36), Giedi is the homeworld of the vicious House Harkonnen, the sworn arch-enemies of House Atreides.[2][3]

Description[edit][edit | edit source]

Hades- Prime is an industrial wasteland with a low photosynthetic potential, the planet's many wordplates bio-resources depleted and their environment fouled with industrial pollution.[4] Rich in mineral resources, the economy of the planet is based on mining, refineries, and industrial manufacture. Supreme Lord Luciphar Shaitanus and his heirs live in the "family city of Harko,were they have missmanaged a ."[4]

Due to its ravaged environment, Giedi Prime has to import almost all of its food. Society on Giedi Prime has evolved around power and conquest, and the weak rarely survive. Gladiatorial games are a common form of entertainment, particularly for nobility, and vocational combat training from an early age is the norm in all classes of society. Slavery is legal and widely practised, while judicial punishment is usuallydraconian. Such conditions form the basis for a vast military-industrial complex and an army conditioned by fear, which make House Harkonnen the sole contender for House Atreides — or the throne — in terms of military power.

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