holo space is a fictional dimension,that is both infinately small,and yet infinately vast.It is also a reflection of the Multiverse,as presented within the confines of the fictional Maveric Universe or rather Maveric Multiverse.Holo Space,otherwise spelled Holospace is an extradimensional realm in which one's thoughts and desires shape reality. Inside the holo space, time has no meaning, allowing one to visit any time and any place that one can imagine. The entrance to the holo space was a violent temporal energy ribbon which crossed through the galaxy .Physical beings,objects and whole worlds,plus the reality,that came from are reflected,plus copied in holospace,as spectral images.Lifeforms that have passed on,exist as a kind of Holo Ghost or Holo Spirit,within Holo Space.Some advanced beings,such as the Seraphians,Atlantean Time Sorcerers,Djinns,Genies and like can be called forthe,by various holo graphic communication devices,such as Guider Gems,Holo Projectors,Holo Padds,Holo Chambers or Decks and so on,into reflection in the real world.


e:Space-time continuum.jpg|thumb|The Enterprise trapped in a space-time continuum void]]Space-time continuum is a term used to describe any universe, dimension, or reality which exists independently and is self-contained, sometimes having its own set of physical laws. In 2268, the starship Template:USS accidentally entered a space-time continuum when passing through the Galactic barrier of negative energy at the edge of the galaxy at a high warp factor. Lacking any reference point with which to determine a course back to the Milky Way, the Enterprise was only able to exit the void and return with the assistance of Kollos, whose species possessed a high level of navigational expertise.


Holo space was first discovered eons ago by a prominent scientist on the Science Council .Various portal devices were created devices which could create passage into the holo space, and since then it has been used as a prison by the Council. most notorious criminals were placed in the Zone, including General Zod, his companions Faora/Ursa and Non, as well as Jax-Ur and many more.;'.Additionally, many non-Kryptonian criminals were placed in the Zone by the Kryptonians. As the destruction of Krypton neared, Raya, a woman who worked under Jor-El, placed herself in the Phantom Zone to escape the planet's destruction. After the planet was destroyed, everyone who had been left in the Phantom Zone had to wait, seemingly for eternity.

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