Imperial House Clan of Supreme Lord Adam SarkhonEdit

Supreme Lord Adam Sarkhon-First Son of

Tal Hajus Thuzan Sarkhon-Second Son of

The twines

Lord Brandu Sarkhon-Third Son of

Jairell Sarkhon.Fourth Son of Supreme Lord Adam Sarkhon-Head of the Royal Sarkhon House Clan of Atlantis-Prime.Husband to Supreme Lady Castria Sarkhon.Father to Prince Lasar Jared Christopher Sarkhon,Prince Michael Harlan Sarkhon,Prince Joshua Asric Sarkhon,Princess Cassiopea Castria Sarkhon,

High Lord-Cardinal Tal Hajus Thuzan Sarkhon-Head of the Supreme Council of Time Sorcerers.Husband to Lady Rachel Delila Cordealia Moonthorn Sarkhon,Father to Professor Gideon Thuzan Thule Sarkhon ,Prince Arion Lasar William Sarkhon and Prince Cassandra Delila Sarkhon.

Lord Brandu Sarkhon-Wife Lady Laura Sarkhon.

Jared Sarkhom

Jairell Sarkhon.

Professor Gideon Sarkhon,,his wife is Isabella Sarkhon,otherwise known as Sable Sarkhon,Thiers are daughter Rachel Sarkhon and Sybell and son Iric Sarkhon

First Son of General Gharreth Sarkhon

Prince Lasar Jared Christopher Sarkhon,

Princess Cassiopea Castria Sarkhon

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