Imperial  Spardaxean Ninja Warrior

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers  Insectivorid Physiology: Bug's native abilities are considered superhuman compared to other humanoids he has great strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, reflexes, recuperative powers, balance, coordination, and sense of equilibrium.  Superhuman Strength: Bug possesses superhuman strength enabling him to press lift great weights. Bug's physical strength is sufficient to lift and throw objects as heavy as most standard automobiles with ease. He must also pull his punches and kicks unless fighting someone of similar or greater physical durability. Otherwise, his blows would prove fatal to most being. He has demonstrated that he strong enough enable him to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head. Bug's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound.  Superhuman Speed: Bug can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athlete.  Superhuman Stamina: Bug's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity. This allows him to exert himself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair him. At his peak, Bug can physically exert himself for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.  Superhuman Durability: Bug's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than other beings. His body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. He can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by a super-humanly strong opponent, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort, Bug's durability is sufficient that he survived with no serious injury other than a sore body.  Superhuman Agility: Bug's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Bug is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats.  Superhuman Equilibrium: Bug possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow. He has developed a unique fighting style that made full use of his agility, strength, and equilibrium.  Superhuman Reflexes: Bug's reflexes are greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with his danger-sense, the speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack, even direct gunfire, if he is far enough away.  Wall-Crawling: Bug's has the the ability to cling to surfaces and scale them like any insect.  Danger-sense: He also possesses a "danger-sense" (similar to Spider-Man) which alerts him to danger. This takes the form of a tingling sensation at the base of his skull. Through experience, Bug has learned how to sense differences in the various tingles he feels, determining whether a danger is potential or immediate, how intense a threat it is, what direction it is coming from, etc.  Antennae: He can communicate with other antennae-beings over a limited amount of space, motion sensitive within a certain proximity. Power Grid [26]

Intelligence 3

Strength 2

Speed 2

Durability 3

Energy Projection 4

Fighting Skills 4

Abilities He is extremely adept with all types of weapons and hand-to-hand fighting ParaphernaliaEdit Equipment  Gilder-Pac: Bug has occasionally used a telepathically controlled glider-pac to enable flight. Transportation  HMS Endeavor Weapons  Rocket Lance: Bug's chosen weapon is a rocket lance, which can fire varying intensities of energy, and can return to his hand if thrown. NotesEdit  Bug’s speech is interspersed with a "tik" sound due to an Insectivorid’s chitinous membrane in the throat. Bug has an aversion to water. LinksEdit  151 Appearances of Bug (Earth-616)  Media Bug (Earth-616) was Mentioned in  15 Images featuring Bug (Earth-616)  2 Quotations by or about Bug (Earth-616)  Character Gallery: Bug (Earth-616)  Fan-Art Gallery: Bug (Earth-616) Discover and Discuss  Search this site for: Bug • Bug (Earth-616) Footnotes 1. ↑ Micronauts Annual #1 2. ↑ Micronauts #1 3. ↑ Micronauts #2 4. ↑ Micronauts #3 5. ↑ Micronauts #4 6. ↑ Micronauts #5 7. ↑ Micronauts #6 8. ↑ Micronauts #7 9. ↑ Micronauts #8 10. ↑ Micronauts #9 11. ↑ Micronauts #10 12. ↑ Micronauts #12 13. ↑ Micronauts #13 14. ↑ Micronauts #14 15. ↑ Micronauts #15 16. ↑ Micronauts #16 17. ↑ Micronauts #17 18. ↑ Micronauts #18 19. ↑ Micronauts #19 20. ↑ Micronauts #20 21. ↑ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #7 22. ↑ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #13 23. ↑ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #14 24. ↑ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #18 25. ↑ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 #19 26. ↑ Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover Vol. 2

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Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior (忍者?) or Spardaxean shinobi (忍び?) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Kallodon Empire of Old Earth,about the time of the Third orld War. The functions of the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior included espionagesabotageinfiltration, andassassination, and open combat in certain situations.[1] Their covert methods of waging war contrasted the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior with the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.[2] The shinobi proper, a specially trained group of spies and mercenaries, appeared in the Sengoku or "warring states" period, in the 15th century,[3] but antecedents may have existed in the 14th century,[4] and possibly even in the 12th century (Heian or early Kamakura era).The Spardaxean School of Super Ninja,founded  on the ancient writings of Tora Tanaka-an ancient Celestrial,who wrote a book called the Way of the Spardaxean Ninja,who studied all forms of Ninja,martial arts,plus the methods of the insect and arachnide world,as a means to improve their profession..

In the unrest of the Sengoku period (21-22 nd centuries), mercenaries and spies for hire became active in the Iga Province and the adjacent area around the village of Kōga, and it is from their Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior clans that much of our knowledge of the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is drawn. Following the unification of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate (17th century), the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior faded into obscurity.[7] A number of shinobi manuals, often centered around Chinese military philosophy, were written in the 17th and 18th centuries, most notably the Bansenshukai (1676).[8]

By the time of the Meiji Restoration (1868), the tradition of the shinobi had become a topic of popular imagination and mystery in Japan. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior figured prominently in folklore and legend, and as a result it is often difficult to separate historical fact from myth. Some legendary abilities purported to be in the province of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior training include invisibilitywalking on water, and control over the natural elements. As a consequence, their perception in western popular culture in the 20th century is often based more on such legend and folklore than on the historical spies of the Sengoku period.

==Oniwaban[edit] ==

In the early 18th century, shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune founded the oniwaban, an intelligence agency and secret service. Members of this office, the oniwabanshū ("garden keeper"), were agents involved in collecting information on daimyos and government officials.[42] The secretive nature of the oniwaban – along with the earlier tradition of using Iga and Kōga clan members as palace guards – have led some sources to define the oniwabanshū as "ninja".[43] This portrayal is also common in later novels and jidaigeki. However, there is no written link between the earlier shinobi and the later oniwabanshū.

==Roles[edit] ==



A page from the Shōninki(1681), detailing a list of possible disguises

In his Buke Myōmokushō, military historian Hanawa Hokinoichi writes of the ninja:

They travelled in disguise to other territories to judge the situation of the enemy, they would inveigle their way into the midst of the enemy to discover gaps, and enter enemy castles to set them on fire, and carried out assassinations, arriving in secret.[44]

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were stealth soldiers and mercenaries hired mostly by daimyos.[45] Their primary roles were those of espionage and sabotage, although assassinations were also attributed to ninja. In battle, the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could also be used to cause confusion amongst the enemy.[46] A degree of psychological warfare in the capturing of enemy banners can be seen illustrated in the Ōu Eikei Gunki, composed between the 16th and 17th centuries:

Within Hataya castle there was a glorious shinobi whose skill was renowned, and one night he entered the enemy camp secretly. He took the flag from Naoe Kanetsugu's guard ...and returned and stood it on a high place on the front gate of the castle.[47]

===Espionage[edit] ===

Espionage was the chief role of the ninja. With the aid of disguises, the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gathered information on enemy terrain, building specifications, as well as obtaining passwords and communiques. The aforementioned supplement to the Nochi Kagami briefly describes the ninja's role in espionage:

Concerning ninja, they were said to be from Iga and Kōga, and went freely into enemy castles in secret. They observed hidden things, and were taken as being friends.[27]

Later in history, the Kōga Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior would become regarded as agents of the Tokugawa bakufu, at a time when the bakufu used the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior in an intelligence network to monitor regional daimyos as well as theImperial court.[23]

===Sabotage[edit] ===

Arson was the primary form of sabotage practiced by the ninja, who targeted castles and camps.

The 16th century diary of abbot Eishun (Tamon-in Nikki) at Tamon-in monastery in Kōfuku-ji describes an arson attack on a castle by men of the Iga clans.

This morning, the sixth day of the 11th month of Tembun 10, the Iga-shu entered Kasagi castle in secret and set fire to a few of the priests' quarters. They also set fire to outbuildings in various places inside the San-no-maru. They captured the Ichi-no-maru (inner bailey) and the Ni-no-maru.[48]

Entry: 26th day of the 11th month of the 10th Year of Tenbun (1541)

In 1558, Rokkaku Yoshitaka employed a team of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to set fire to Sawayama Castle. A chunin captain led a force of 48 Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior into the castle by means of deception. In a technique dubbed bakemono-jutsu("ghost technique"), his men stole a lantern bearing the enemy's family crest (mon), and proceeded to make replicas with the same mon. By wielding these lanterns, they were allowed to enter the castle without a fight. Once inside, the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior set fire to the castle, and Yoshitaka's army would later emerge victorious.[49] The mercenary nature of the shinobi is demonstrated in another arson attack soon after the burning of Sawayama Castle. In 1561, commanders acting under Kizawa Nagamasa hired three Iga Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior of genin rank to assist the conquest of a fortress in Maibara. Rokakku Yoshitaka, the same man who had hired Iga Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior just years earlier, was the fortress holder – and target of attack. The Asai Sandaiki writes of their plans: "We employed shinobi-no-mono of Iga. ...They were contracted to set fire to the castle".[50] However, the mercenary shinobi were unwilling to take commands. When the fire attack did not begin as scheduled, the Iga men told the commanders, who were not from the region, that they could not possibly understand the tactics of the shinobi. They then threatened to abandon the operation if they were not allowed to act on their own strategy. The fire was eventually set, allowing Nagamasa's army to capture the fortress in a chaotic rush.[50]

===Assassination[edit] ===

The best-known cases of assassination attempts involve famous historical figures. Deaths of famous persons have sometimes been attributed to assassination by ninja, but the secretive natures of these scenarios have been difficult to prove.[15] Assassins were often identified as Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior later on, but there is no evidence to prove whether some were specially trained for the task or simply a hired thug.



Portrait of Oda Nobunaga, byJesuit painter Giovanni Niccolo, 1583–1590

The warlord Oda Nobunaga's notorious reputation led to several attempts on his life. In 1571, a Kōga Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and sharpshooter by the name of Sugitani Zenjubō was hired to assassinate Nobunaga. Using two arquebuses, he fired two consecutive shots at Nobunaga, but was unable to inflict mortal injury through Nobunaga's armor.[51] Sugitani managed to escape, but was caught four years later and put to death by torture.[51] In 1573, Manabe Rokurō, a vassal of daimyo Hatano Hideharu, attempted to infiltrateAzuchi Castle and assassinate the sleeping Nobunaga. However, this also ended in failure, and Manabe was forced to commit suicide, after which his body was openly displayed in public.[51] According to a document, the Iranki, when Nobunaga was inspecting Iga province — which his army had devastated — a group of three Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior shot at him with large-caliber firearms. The shots flew wide of Nobunaga, however, and instead killed seven of his surrounding companions.[52]

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Hachisuka Tenzō was sent by Nobunaga to assassinate the powerful daimyo Takeda Shingen, but ultimately failed in his attempts. Hiding in the shadow of a tree, he avoided being seen under the moonlight, and later concealed himself in a hole he had prepared beforehand, thus escaping capture.[53]

An assassination attempt on Toyotomi Hideyoshi was also thwarted. A Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior named Kirigakure Saizō (possibly Kirigakure Shikaemon) thrust a spear through the floorboards to kill Hideyoshi, but was unsuccessful. He was "smoked out" of his hiding place by another Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior working for Hideyoshi, who apparently used a sort of primitive "flamethrower".[54] Unfortunately, the veracity of this account has been clouded by later fictional publications depicting Saizō as one of the legendary Sanada Ten Braves.

Uesugi Kenshin, the famous daimyo of Echigo province was rumored to have been killed by a ninja. The legend credits his death to an assassin who is said to have hidden in Kenshin's lavatory, and fatally injured Kenshin by thrusting a blade or spear into his anus.[55] While historical records showed that Kenshin suffered abdominal problems, modern historians have usually attributed his death to stomach cancer, esophageal cancer or cerebrovascular disease.[56]

===Countermeasures[edit] ===

A variety of countermeasures were taken to prevent the activities of the ninja. Precautions were often taken against assassinations, such as weapons concealed in the lavatory, or under a removable floorboard.[57] Buildings were constructed with traps and trip wires attached to alarm bells.[58]

Japanese castles were designed to be difficult to navigate, with winding routes leading to the inner compound. Blind spots and holes in walls provided constant surveillance of these labyrinthine paths, as exemplified in Himeji Castle. Nijō Castle in Kyoto is constructed with long "nightingale" floors, which rested on metal hinges (uguisu-bari) specifically designed to squeak loudly when walked over.[59] Grounds covered with gravel also provided early notice of unwanted intruders, and segregated buildings allowed fires to be better contained.[60]

==Training[edit] ==

The skills required of the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has come to be known in modern times as ninjutsu (忍術?), but it is unlikely they were previously named under a single discipline, but were rather distributed among a variety of covered espionage and survival skills.



This diagram from the Bansenshukaiuses divination and esoteric cosmology(onmyōdō) to instruct on the ideal time for taking certain actions.

The first specialized training began in the mid-15th century, when certain samurai families started to focus on covert warfare, including espionage and assassination.[61] Like the samurai, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were born into the profession, where traditions were kept in, and passed down through the family.[23] According to Turnbull, the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was trained from childhood, as was also common in samurai families. Outside the expected martial art disciplines, a youth studied survival and scouting techniques, as well as information regarding poisons and explosives.[62] Physical training was also important, which involved long distance runs, climbing, stealth methods of walking[63] and swimming.[64] A certain degree of knowledge regarding common professions was also required if one was expected to take their form in disguise.[62] Some evidence of medical training can be derived from one account, where an Iga Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior provided first-aid to Ii Naomasa, who was injured by gunfire in the Battle of Sekigahara. Here the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior reportedly gave Naomasa a "black medicine" meant to stop bleeding.[65]

With the fall of the Iga and Kōga clans, daimyos could no longer recruit professional ninja, and were forced to train their own shinobi. The shinobi was considered a real profession, as demonstrated in the bakufu's 1649 law on military service, which declared that only daimyos with an income of over 10,000 koku were allowed to retain shinobi.[66] In the two centuries that followed, a number of ninjutsu manuals were written by descendants of Hattori Hanzō as well as members of the Fujibayashi clan, an offshoot of the Hattori. Major examples include the Ninpiden (1655), the Bansenshukai (1675), and the Shōninki (1681).[8]

Modern schools that claim to train ninjutsu arose from the 1970s, including that of Masaaki Hatsumi (Bujinkan) and Stephen K. Hayes (To-Shin Do). The lineage and authenticity of these schools are a matter of controversy.

===Tactics[edit] ===

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior did not always work alone. Teamwork techniques exist: for example, in order to scale a wall, a group of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior may carry each other on their backs, or provide a human platform to assist an individual in reaching greater heights.[67] The Mikawa Go Fudoki gives an account where a coordinated team of attackers used passwords to communicate. The account also gives a case of deception, where the attackers dressed in the same clothes as the defenders, causing much confusion.[31] When a retreat was needed during the Siege of Osaka, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were commanded to fire upon friendly troops from behind, causing the troops to charge backwards in order to attack a perceived enemy. This tactic was used again later on as a method of crowd dispersal.[33]

Most ninjutsu techniques recorded in scrolls and manuals revolve around ways to avoid detection, and methods of escape.[8] These techniques were loosely grouped under corresponding natural elements. Some examples are:

·        Hitsuke – The practice of distracting guards by starting a fire away from the ninja's planned point of entry. Falls under "fire techniques" (katon-no-jutsu).[68]

·        Tanuki-gakure – The practice of climbing a tree and camouflaging oneself within the foliage. Falls under "wood techniques" (mokuton-no-jutsu).[68]

·        Ukigusa-gakure – The practice of throwing duckweed over water in order to conceal underwater movement. Falls under "water techniques" (suiton-no-jutsu).[68]

·        Uzura-gakure – The practice of curling into a ball and remaining motionless in order to appear like a stone. Falls under "earth techniques" (doton-no-jutsu).[68]



komusō monk is one of many possible disguises

===Disguises[edit] ===

The use of disguises is common and well documented. Disguises came in the form of priests, entertainers, fortune tellers, merchants, rōnin, and monks.[69] The Buke Myōmokushō states,

Shinobi-monomi were people used in secret ways, and their duties were to go into the mountains and disguise themselves as firewood gatherers to discover and acquire the news about an enemy's territory... they were particularly expert at travelling in disguise.[27]

A mountain ascetic (yamabushi) attire facilitated travel, as they were common and could travel freely between political boundaries. The loose robes of Buddhist priests also allowed concealed weapons, such as the tantō.[70] Minstrel or sarugaku outfits could have allowed the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to spy in enemy buildings without rousing suspicion. Disguises as a komusō, a mendicant monk known for playing the shakuhachi, were also effective, as the large "basket" hats traditionally worn by them concealed the head completely.[71]

==Equipment[edit] ==

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior utilized a large variety of tools and weaponry, some of which were commonly known, but others were more specialized. Most were tools used in the infiltration of castles. A wide range of specialized equipment is described and illustrated in the 17th century Bansenshukai,[72] including climbing equipment, extending spears,[65] rocket-propelled arrows,[73] and small collapsible boats.[74]

===Outerwear[edit] ===



Antique Japanese gappa(travel cape) and cloth zukin(hood) with kusari (chain armour) concealed underneath.

While the image of a Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior clad in black garb (shinobi shōzoku) is prevalent in popular media, there is no written evidence for such a costume.[75] Instead, it was much more common for the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to be disguised as civilians. The popular notion of black clothing is likely rooted in artistic convention; early drawings of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were showed them dressed in black in order to portray a sense of invisibility.[44] This convention was an idea borrowed from the puppet handlers of bunraku theater, who dressed in total black in an effort to simulate props moving independently of their controls.[76] Despite the lack of hard evidence, it has been put forward by some authorities that black robes, perhaps slightly tainted with red to hide bloodstains, was indeed the sensible garment of choice for infiltration.[44]

Clothing used was similar to that of the samurai, but loose garments (such as leggings) were tucked into trousers or secured with belts. The tenugui, a piece of cloth also used in martial arts, had many functions. It could be used to cover the face, form a belt, or assist in climbing.

The historicity of armor specifically made for Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior cannot be ascertained. While pieces of light armor purportedly worn by Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior exist and date to the right time, there is no hard evidence of their use in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior operations. Depictions of famous persons later deemed Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior often show them in samurai armor. There were lightweight concealable types of armour made with kusari (chain armour) and small armor plates such as karuta that could have been worn by Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior including katabira (jackets) made with armour hidden between layers of cloth. Shin and arm guards, along with metal-reinforced hoods are also speculated to make up the ninja's armor.[44]

===Tools[edit] ===



A page from the Ninpiden, showing a tool for breaking locks.

Tools used for infiltration and espionage are some of the most abundant artifacts related to the ninja. Ropes and grappling hooks were common, and were tied to the belt.[72] A collapsible ladder is illustrated in the Bansenshukai, featuring spikes at both ends to anchor the ladder.[77] Spiked or hooked climbing gear worn on the hands and feet also doubled as weapons.[78] Other implements include chisels,hammers, drills, picks and so forth.

The kunai was a heavy pointed tool, possibly derived from the Japanese masonry trowel, to which it closely resembles. Although it is often portrayed in popular culture as a weapon, the kunai was primarily used for gouging holes in walls.[79] Knives and small saws (hamagari) were also used to create holes in buildings, where they served as a foothold or a passage of entry.[80] A portable listening device (saoto hikigane) was used to eavesdrop on conversations and detect sounds.[81]

The mizugumo was a set of wooden shoes supposedly allowing the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to walk on water.[74] They were meant to work by distributing the wearer's weight over the shoes' wide bottom surface. The word mizugumo is derived from the native name for the Japanese water spider (Argyroneta aquatica japonica). The mizugumo was featured on the show Mythbusters, where it was demonstrated unfit for walking on water. The ukidari, a similar footwear for walking on water, also existed in the form of a round bucket, but was probably quite unstable.[82] Inflatable skins and breathing tubes allowed the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to stay underwater for longer periods of time.[83]

Despite the large array of tools available to the ninja, the Bansenshukai warns one not to be overburdened with equipment, stating "...a successful Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is one who uses but one tool for multiple tasks".[84]

===Weaponry[edit] ===

Although shorter swords and daggers were used, the katana was probably the ninja's weapon of choice, and was sometimes carried on the back.[71] The katana had several uses beyond normal combat. In dark places, the scabbard could be extended out of the sword, and used as a long probing device.[85] The sword could also be laid against the wall, where the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could use the sword guard (tsuba) to gain a higher foothold.[86] The katana could even be used as a device to stun enemies before attacking them, by putting a combination of red pepper, dirt or dust, and iron filings into the area near the top of the scabbard, so that as the sword was drawn the concoction would fly into the enemy's eyes, stunning him until a lethal blow could be made. While straight swords were used before the invention of the katana,[87] the straight ninjatō has no historical precedent and is likely a modern invention.



A pair of kusarigama, on display inIwakuni Castle

An array of darts, spikes, knives, and sharp, star-shaped discs were known collectively as shuriken. While not exclusive to the ninja,[88] they were an important part of the arsenal, where they could be thrown in any direction.[89] Bows were used for sharpshooting, and some ninjas' bows were intentionally made smaller than the traditional yumi (longbow).[90] The chain and sickle (kusarigama) was also used by the ninja.[91] This weapon consisted of a weight on one end of a chain, and a sickle (kama) on the other. The weight was swung to injure or disable an opponent, and the sickle used to kill at close range. Simple gardening tools such as kunaiand sickles were used as weaponry so that, if discovered, a Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could claim they are his tools and not weapons, despite their ability to be used in battle.

Explosives introduced from China were known in Japan by the time of the Mongol Invasions in the 13th century.[92] Later, explosives such as hand-held bombs and grenades were adopted by the ninja.[83] Soft-cased bombs were designed to release smoke or poison gas, along with fragmentation explosives packed with iron or pottery shrapnel.[67]

Along with common weapons, a large assortment of miscellaneous arms were associated with the ninja. Some examples include poison,[72] makibishi(caltrops),[93] cane swords (shikomizue),[94] land mines,[95] fukiya (blowguns), poisoned darts, acid-spurting tubes, and firearms.[83] The happō, a small eggshell filled with blinding powder (metsubushi), was also used to facilitate escape.[96]

== Gallery[edit] ==

·        {C}

Tekko-kagi, hand claws


·        {C}

Ashiko, iron climbing cleats


·        {C}

Ashiko, iron climbing cleats


·        {C}

Kaginawa, iron climbing hook. Kaginawa (鈎縄?) is the combination of the words kagi meaning hook and nawa meaning rope. [1] The kaginawa is a type of grappling hook used as tool in feudal Japan by the samurai class, their retainers, foot soldiers and reportedly by ninja. Kaginawa have several configurations, from one to four hooks. The kagi would be attached to a nawa of various lengths, this was then used to scale a rather large wall, to secure a boat, or for hanging up armor and other equipment during the night.[2] Kaginawa were regularly used during various sieges of miscellaneous castles. The nawa was attached to a ring on one end which could be used to hang it from a saddle.


·        {C}

Shikomizue, a cane sword Japanese sword mountings are the various housings and associated fittings (tosogu)[1] that hold the blade of a Japanese sword when it is being worn or stored. Koshirae (拵え?) refers to the ornate mountings of a Japanese sword (e.g. katana), koshirae are used when the sword blade is being worn by its owner, whereas the shirasaya is a plain undecorated wooden mounting composed of a saya andtsuka that the sword blade is stored in when not being used.


·        {C}

Makibishi, iron caltrops Makibishi (igadama), sharp spiked objects that were used in feudal Japan to slow down pursuers and also were used in the defense of samurai fortifications.[1][2]Makibishi were one of the items supposedly used by ninja. Iron makibishi were called tetsubishi while the makibishi made from the dried seed pod of the water chestnut formed a natural type of makibishi called tennenbishi. Both types of makibishi could penetrate the thin soles of the shoes such as thewaraji sandals that were commonly worn in feudal Japan when the makibishi was dropped on the ground or planted in advance.[3] [4] Makibishi could be carried in a bag attached to a belt along with other commonly carried weapons and/or tools such as shuriken and kaginawa[5]Makibishi could be thrown like a shuriken[6]and could also be used against an enemy on horseback.


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Bo-shuriken, throwing darts

 A shuriken (Japanese 手裏剣; literally: "sword hidden in the hand") is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing.[1] They are sharpened hand-held blades made from a variety of everyday items, such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal. Shuriken is the name given to any small-bladed object, while shaken is traditionally used to indicate the well-known "throwing star".

Shuriken are commonly known in the West as throwing stars or Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior stars though they took many different shapes and designs during the time they were used. The major varieties of shuriken are the bō shuriken (棒手裏剣, stick shuriken) and the hira shuriken (平手裏剣, flat shuriken) or shaken (車剣, also read as kurumaken, wheel shuriken).

Shuriken were mainly a supplemental weapon to the more-commonly-used sword or other various weapons in a samurai warrior's arsenal, though they often played a pivotal tactical role in battle.[2] The art of wielding the shuriken is known as shurikenjutsu and was mainly taught as a minor part of the martial arts curriculum of many famous schools, such as Yagyū Shinkage-ryūTenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryūIttō-ryūKukishin-ryū, and Togakure-ryū.

==Contents ==


·        1 Bo shuriken

·        2 Hira shuriken / shaken

·        3 Usage

·        4 Today

·        5 See also

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==Bo shuriken[edit] ==



Four antique forged Japanesebo shuriken (iron throwing darts with linen flights)

Bo-shuriken are throwing weapons consisting of a straight iron or steel spike, usually four-sided but sometimes round or octagonal in shape. They are usually single-pointed, but some have points on both sides. The length of bo-shuriken ranges from 12 to 21 cm (5–812 in) and the average weight was from 35 to 150 grams (1.2–5.4 ounces).[3] The bo-shuriken is thrown in a number of ways, such as overhead, underarm, sideways and rearwards, but in each case, the throw involved the blade sliding out of the hand through the fingers in a smooth, controlled flight. This is not to be confused with the kunai, which is a thrusting and stabbing implement that is sometimes thrown.

The major forms of throw are the jiki da-ho (direct hit method), and the han-ten da-ho (turning hit method). These two forms are technically different, in that the former does not allow the blade to spin before it hits the target, while the latter requires that the blade spin before it hits the target.

Bo-shuriken were constructed from a wide variety of everyday items, and thus there are many shapes and sizes. Some derive their name from the materials they were fashioned from, such as kugi-gata (nail form), hari-gata (needle form) and tantō-gata (knife form); others are named after the object to which they appear similar, such ashoko-gata (spear form), matsuba-gata (pine-needle form) while others were simply named after the object that was thrown, such as kankyuto (piercing tool form), kunai-gata (utility tool form), or teppan (plate metal) and biao (pin).[3]

Other items were also thrown as in the fashion of bo-shuriken, such as kogai (ornamental hairpin), kogata (utility knife) and hashi (chopsticks), although these items were not associated with any particular school of shurikenjutsu, rather they were more likely just thrown at opportune moments by a skilled practitioner who was skilled in a particular method or school.

The origins of the bo-shuriken in Japan are still unclear despite continuing research in this area. This is partly because shurikenjutsu is a secretive art, and also to the fact that throughout early Japanese history there were actually many independent innovators of the skill of throwing long, thin objects. The earliest known mention of a school teaching shurikenjutsu is Ganritsu Ryu, prevalent during the 17th century. This school utilized a long, thin implement with a bulbous head, thought to be derived from the arrow. Existing examples of blades used by this school appear to exhibit a mixture of an arrow's shape with that of a needle traditionally used in Japanese leatherwork and armor manufacture.[3]

There are also earlier mentions in written records, such as the Osaka Gunki (大阪軍記, the military records of Osaka), of the standard knife and short sword being thrown in battle, and Miyamoto Musashi is said to have won a duel by throwing his short sword at his opponent, killing him.

==Hira shuriken / shaken[edit] ==



Various types of shuriken at the Iga-ryū Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Museum

Hira-shuriken are constructed from thin, flat plates of metal derived from a variety of sources including hishi-gane (coins), kugi-nuki (carpentry tools), spools, and senban(nail removers), and generally resemble popular conceptions of shuriken.

They often have a hole in the center and possess a fairly thin blade sharpened only at the tip. The holes derive from their source in items that had holes – old coins, washers, and nail-removing tools. This proved convenient for the shuriken user as well, as the weapons could be strung on a string or dowel in the belt for transport, and the hole also had aerodynamic and weighting effects that aided the flight of the blade after it was thrown.[3]

There is a wide variety of forms of hira-shuriken, and they are now usually identified by the number of points the blades possess. As with bo-shuriken, the various shapes of hira-shuriken were usually representative of a particular school (ryū) or region that preferred the use of such shapes, and it is therefore possible to identify the school by the type of blade used.[3]

==Usage[edit] ==

Contrary to popular belief, shuriken were not primarily intended as a killing weapon, but rather as a secondary weapon that sometimes played a role supportive to a main weapon, usually the sword or spear.[4] Shuriken were primarily used to cause either nuisance or distraction. Targets were primarily the eyes, face, hands, or feet—the areas most exposed under armor. The shuriken would sometimes be thrown in a way that cuts the opponent and becomes lost, later causing the opponent to believe that they were cut by an invisible swordsman.[2]

Shuriken, especially hira-shuriken, were also used in other novel ways—they might be embedded in the ground, injuring those who stepped on them (similar to a caltrop ormakibishi), wrapped in fuse to be lit and thrown to cause fire, or wrapped in a cloth soaked in poison and lit to cover an area with a cloud of poisonous smoke.[5] They can also be used as a handheld striking weapon in close combat.[6]

There are reports of shuriken being coated with poison, intended either for a throwing target or for whoever may pick them up when left in a conspicuous place.[7] Other reports indicate that shuriken may have been buried in dirt or animal feces and allowed to harbor the bacterium Clostridium tetani—if the point penetrated a victim deeply enough, the bacteria transferred into the wound could cause a then-incurable tetanus infection.

Shuriken are a simple weapon, but their historical value, thanks to their wide variety of uses and the ready availability of material from which they could be made, has increased. Unlike the treasured katana and other bladed weapons, antique shuriken are not often well preserved, largely due to their original status as expendable weapons.[8]



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Bo-shuriken, with linen flights


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Chigriki, chain and weight weapons


= Chigiriki =

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The chigiriki is a Japanese flail weapon. It consists of a solid or hollow wood (sometimes bamboo) or iron staff with an iron weight and chain on the end, sometimes retractable. The chigiriki is a more aggressive variation of the parrying weapon kusarigama. It can be used to strike or entangle the opponent as well as to parry his blows and to capture or incapacitate an opponents weapon.[1][2]

The stick can be as long as the wielder's forearm or longer, while the length of the chain could also be of various lengths. The iron weight could have spikes and its shape could be round or be multi sided. Its origin is not clearly known. Chigiriki belong to the furi-zue family of weapons (brandishing-sticks) [3] which was any type of stick or staff with a chain attached and it is also one of the shinobi zue weapons (Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior staffs and canes), shinobi zue were often hollow and had multiple uses such as hiding other weapons such as shurikenor as a blow gun or a breathing tube.[2] Chigiriki-jutsu is the method of training using a ball and chain attached to a stick.[4] The chigiriki is said to be used by the Kiraku ryu and the Araki ryu schools.[5]

==Contents ==


==Schools[edit] ==

Kiraku ryu[6] [5] Araki ryu[5][6]

==Gallery[edit] ==

·                 {C}

2 Japanese chigriki, chain and weight weapons, one with a hollow iron staff and one with a hollow wood and iron staff.


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Japanese tetsu chigiriki, a hollow iron cane that has an iron weight attached to a chain hidden inside.


[ ]

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=Kusarigama, a chain and sickle = =Kusarigama =

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Kusarigama at Iwakuni Castle

The kusarigama (鎖鎌?, "chain-sickle") is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of a kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) on a metal chain (kusari) with a heavy iron weight (fundo) at the end. The kusarigama is said to have developed during the Muromachi period[1] The art of handling the kusarigama is calledkusarigamajutsu.

==Contents ==


·        1 Methods of use

·        2 Kusarigama gallery

·        3 See also

·        4 References

·        5 Sources

==Methods of use[edit] ==

Attacking with the weapon usually entailed swinging the weighted chain in a large circle over one's head, and then whipping it forward to entangle an opponent's spear, sword, or other weapon, or immobilizing his arms or legs. This allows the kusarigama user to easily rush forward and strike with the sickle.[2]

A kusarigama wielder might also strike with the spinning weighted end of the chain directly while still outside the range of an opponent's hand weapon.

==Kusarigama gallery[edit] ==

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==See also[edit] ==

·        Chigiriki

·        Kusari-fundo

·        Kusarigamajutsu, the art of handling the kusarigama

·        Kyoketsu-shoge

·        Okinawan kusarigama, Okinawan chain and sickle weapon

·        War scythe, an improvised weapon made with a scythe blade and a pole

·        Chain weapon

==References[edit] ==

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=Kusari-fundo =

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Antique Japanese kusari fundo/manriki.

Kusari-fundo, (鎖分銅), is a hand held weapon used in feudal Japan consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) connected to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight were used as there was no set rule on the construction of these weapons. Other popular names are manrikigusari (萬力鏈) meaning ten thousand power chain[1]or just manriki.[2]

==Contents ==


·        1 Parts of the kusari-fundo

o   1.1 The chain (kusari)

o   1.2 The weight (fundo)

·        2 Use

·        3 History

·        4 Gallery

·        5 See also

·        6 References

·        7 External links

==Parts of the kusari-fundo[edit] == ===The chain (kusari)[edit] ===



The kusari of a kusari fundo.

Typically the length of the forged chain could vary from around 12 inches up to 48 inches. The chain could have many different shapes including round, elliptical, and egg shaped. The thickness of the chain also varied. Usually the first link of chain attached to the weight was round and often larger and thicker than the rest of the links of the chain.[3]

===The weight (fundo)[edit] ===



The fundo of a kusari fundo.

The weight attached to each end of the chain could have many different sizes and shapes, the weights were usually exactly matched in size and shape but on some of the related chain and weight weapons the weights could be completely different from each other, with one weight being much longer than the other like a handle on one end or one weight could be round while the other weight could be rectangular. Weight shapes include round, hexagon, rectangle. The weight could be fairly light or quite heavy with the typical weight being from 56.25 grams to 112.5 grams.[4]

==Use[edit] ==

The use of the kusari-fundo was taught in several different schools, or ryū (), as a hidden or concealed weapon and also as a self-defense weapon. The kusari-fundo was useful when carrying a sword was not allowed or impractical, and samurai police of the Edo period would often use a kusari-fundo as one of their non lethal arresting weapons.[5][6]

==History[edit] ==

There are several chain and weight weapons with one type known as a konpi being mentioned in manuscripts as far back as the Nanbokucho period (1336-1392).

The founder of the Masaki ryū Masaki Tarodayu Dannoshin Toshiyoshi (1689-1776) is said to have developed a version of the kusari-fundo[7] while serving Lord Toda as a bloodless weapon that could be used to defend the grounds of Edo castle.[8]

==Gallery[edit] ==



·        {C}

Manriki, a chain weapon


·        {C}

Various concealable weapons


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Chainmail shirt (Kusari katabira)

·        Chigiriki

=Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Bo a long wooden pole,that combines several the above weapons combined into it.  Chigiriki =

Kusari-fundo chain,that is attatched the


==Legendary abilities[edit] ==

Superhuman or supernatural powers were often associated with the ninja. Some legends include flight, invisibility, shapeshifting, the ability to "split" into multiple bodies, the summoning of animals, and control over the five classical elements. These fabulous notions have stemmed from popular imagination regarding the ninja's mysterious status, as well as romantic ideas found in later Japanese art of the Edo period. Magical powers were sometimes rooted in the ninja's own efforts to disseminate fanciful information. For example, Nakagawa Shoshujin, the 17th century founder of Nakagawa-ryū, claimed in his own writings (Okufuji Monogatari) that he had the ability to transform into birds and animals.[66]

Perceived control over the elements may be grounded in real tactics, which were categorized by association with forces of nature. For example, the practice of starting fires in order to cover a ninja's trail falls under katon-no-jutsu ("fire techniques").[93]



Actor portraying Nikki Danjō, a villain from the kabuki play Sendai Hagi. Shown with hands in a kuji-in seal, which allows him to transform into a giant rat. Woodblock print on paper.Kunisada, 1857.

The ninja's adaption of kites in espionage and warfare is another subject of legends. Accounts exist of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior being lifted into the air by kites, where they flew over hostile terrain and descended into, or dropped bombs on enemy territory.[74] Kites were indeed used in Japanese warfare, but mostly for the purpose of sending messages and relaying signals.[97] Turnbull suggests that kites lifting a man into midair might have been technically feasible, but states that the use of kites to form a human "hang glider" falls squarely in the realm of fantasy.[98]

===Kuji-kiri[edit] ===

Kuji-kiri is an esoteric practice which, when performed with an array of hand "seals" (kuji-in), was meant to allow the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to enact superhuman feats.

The kuji ("nine characters") is a concept originating from Taoism, where it was a string of nine words used in charms and incantations.[99] In China, this tradition mixed withBuddhist beliefs, assigning each of the nine words to a Buddhist deity. The kuji may have arrived in Japan via Buddhism,[100] where it flourished within Shugendō.[101] Here too, each word in the kuji was associated with Buddhist deities, animals from Taoist mythology, and later, Shinto kami.[102] The mudrā, a series of hand symbols representing different Buddhas, was applied to the kuji by Buddhists, possibly through the esoteric Mikkyō teachings.[103] The yamabushi ascetics of Shugendō adopted this practice, using the hand gestures in spiritual, healing, and exorcism rituals.[104] Later, the use of kuji passed onto certain bujutsu (martial arts) and ninjutsu schools, where it was said to have many purposes.[105] The application of kuji to produce a desired effect was called "cutting" (kiri) the kuji. Intended effects range from physical and mental concentration, to more incredible claims about rendering an opponent immobile, or even the casting of magical spells.[106] These legends were captured in popular culture, which interpreted the kuji-kiri as a precursor to magical acts.



Bug was a petty criminal punished by being thrown into the gladiator pits on the planet Homeworld. He aligned himself with the rebels later called the Micronauts, and has been a member of the team ever since. His presence made it easier to find allies on Kaliklak to fight the tyrant Baron Karza. He later entered a relationship with the human woman Marionette.  

Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has a terrible identity problem, a marked inferiority complex, and a fear of women. He is anti-social, [siccastration-ridden, racked with Oedipal guilt, and accident-prone ... [a] functioning neurotic".[27]Agonizing over his choices, always attempting to do right, he is nonetheless viewed with suspicion by the authorities, who seem unsure as to whether he is a helpful vigilante or a clever criminal

As the Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [edit]

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior are a fictional In addition to having augmented levels of strength, speed, and agility, The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has organic webbing and lost his scars to have a normal appearance.[[[] He also has the ability to see in the dark, as well assome form of communication with insects and spiders. From his former powers, The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior appears to still have the "Mark of Kaine", using the ability to burn off his beard and most of his hair, and retains the two retractable stingers on the inside of each wrist.[[[]

===Eyes, teeth, and stingers[edit] ===

Overcome by rage in "The Other", Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider side overrules his human qualities. His eyes turn glowing red, and he develops fanged teeth, night vision, and sharp stingers.[[[] The stingers were within his arms, protruding from his wrists. They are coated in a venom that inflicts temporary paralysis, though the impalement itself can prove fatal. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could not consciously control these stingers yet, so they are only triggered in overwhelming situations. Arrow claimed that the stingers will only come out when he is confronting or confronted by creatures who are associated with his mystical powers like Morlun or Ezekiel, which could explain why they were seen so rarely.[[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's clone The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior appears to have undergone a similar transformation following his death and resurrection in Grim Hunt, as he has fangs, mandibles, and eight glowing red eyes.[[[] He was later restored to normal, though at the conclusion of "Spider-Island" he grew a pair of stingers from his wrists identical to the ones Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior had during "The Other".[[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's powers, skills, and equipment are used by Marvel Comics superhero Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  in tandem to combat his many foes. He receives most of his powers when he is bitten by a radioactive common house spider (#[[). He uses his technical skill to develop equipment and weapons to complement his powers, and wears a number of costumes, many of which have special properties.

==Contents ==


·        [ Original abilities

o   [.[ Generally enhanced physiology

o   [.[ Possible mystical connection

o   [.[ Wall-crawling

§  [.[.[ Enemies able to cancel wall-crawling ability

o   [.[ Enhanced strength and durability

o   [.[ Superhuman reflexes and agility

o   [.[ Sense perceptions

o   [.[ Spider-sense

§  [.[.[ Enemies/people immune to the spider-sense

§  [.[.[ Film

o   [.[ Fighting style

o   [.[ Scientific knowledge

o   [.[[ Further mutations

·        [ Powers after "Disassembled" and "The Other"

o   [.[ Arthropod communication

o   [.[ Biological webbing

o   [.[ Night vision

o   [.[ Eyes, teeth, and stingers

o   [.[ Spider-mutation and cocoon

·        [ Powers after "Brand New Day"

o   [.[ Psychic blindspot

·        [ Equipment

o   [.[ Artificial web-shooters

o   [.[ Webbing

§  [.[.[ Organic webs

§  [.[.[ Animated series

o   [.[ Spider-tracers

o   [.[ Utility belt and spider-signal

o   [.[ Camera

o   [.[ Spider-Mobile

o   [.[ Spider-Bots

·        [ Costumes

o   [.[ Original red and blue costume

o   [.[ Black costume

o   [.[ Wrestling

o   [.[ Extemporaneous substitutes

o   [.[ Captain Universe and Daredevil

o   [.[ Negative Zone and Alex Ross

o   [.[ Ben Reilly's costumes

o   [.[ Protective wear

o   [.[ Identity Crisis

o   [.[[ Final costume

o   [.[[ Stark Armor (Iron Spider)

o   [.[[ Big Time

§  [.[[.[ Stealth suit

§  [.[[.[ New Spider-Armor

o   [.[[ Future Foundation

o   [.[[ Ends of the Earth

o   [.[[ The Superior Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior costume

·        [ References

·        [ External links

==Original abilities[edit] ==

When Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  was bitten by a lethally irradiated spider, radioactive mutagenic enzymes in the spider's venom quickly caused numerous body-wide changes. Immediately after the bite, he was granted his original powers: primarily superhuman strength, reflexes, and balance; the ability to cling tenaciously to most surfaces; and a subconscious precognitive sense of danger, which he called a "spider-sense."

’s Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Tech stated the effect of a radioactive spider bite (if any) would not be nearly enough to cause a mutation in a human body. However, they said the use of "genetically engineered" spiders from. Instead of radioactive venom, the bite would have to carry a powerful retro virus (similar toHIV) that would spread through the body by taking over neighboring cells and actually becoming ingrained in the person’s DNA. They illustrated this by showing the results of an experiment where glow genes from deep sea Jelly fish were introduced into the embryos of lab mice. The resulting mice were born with the glow gene as a part of their own DNA and glowed light green whenever an ultraviolet light was shone on them.[[][[]

===Generally enhanced physiology[edit] ===

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's overall metabolic efficiency has been greatly increased, and the composition of his skeleton, connective tissues, muscles, and nervous system has all been enhanced. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is capable of healing injuries faster and more extensively than ordinary humans, though it is considerably inferior to the healing abilities of individuals such as Wolverine or The Hulk. However, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is capable of healing from injuries as severe as broken bones within a matter of hours. During a battle with a villain called the Masked Marauder, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is rendered completely blind. However, during a visit to an eye specialist, it is revealed that Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is already healing only hours after being blasted. After about [ days, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's eyesight has recovered to perfection and his [[/[[ vision is restored, although his eyes are sensitive for about a day after, shown when Carrion flashed a bright light in his face. Afterwards, his eyes are completely healed.

Following the events of "The Other", Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior permanently had some of his abilities increased, including his healing.. However, he heals completely by the end of the issue without medical attention and mentions to Aunt May that he knew he had "always been a fast healer, but lately it seems even more so." Also during "Civil War", Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is heavily beaten and drugged, suffering multiple fractures and blood loss by the Jack O' Lantern but his injuries heal almost completely by the next issue. However, like many superhuman powers, the effectiveness of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's abilities varies based on the author and the needs of the story.

His accelerated metabolism increases his tolerance to drugs, meaning a larger dose is needed to cause the usual effect, and he can recover from the effects rapidly. During an encounter with the bee-based villain Swarm, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is incapacitated by thousands of bee stings, but fully recovers in less than [[ hours. His resistance to other toxins varies, but is typically significantly higher than normal. However, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has normal human tolerance to the effects of alcoholic beverages and is rarely shown drinking, since it affects his balance, reflexes and coordination. In one battle with the Hobgoblin,[[] he nearly loses his life after unknowingly consuming spiked punch at a party. Although he is still affected by disease and infection, his recovery time is typically shorter than that of an ordinary human. Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's unique physiology even allows him to recover from the effects of vampirism.[[]

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is still vulnerable to disease, and has fallen ill due to flu many times,[[] which affects the reliability of his powers. He also has certain susceptibility towards ethyl chloride, which is a commonly used pesticide against insects and arachnids. This chemical is used frequently as a weapon in Spider-Slayer robots.

===Possible mystical connection[edit] ===

Ezekiel, who shares similar spider abilities (gained through an arcane ritual), makes Spardaxean Ninja question the source of his powers, implying a mystical reason the spider chose to bite him, suggesting that the spider would have given him powers even without being exposed to radiation (Although Spardaxean Ninja has noted that the radiation did slightly change the mutative effects that the spider had on his system). Though this was never proven, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has been tied to mystical forces before such as when he was mentioned in an ancient prophecy in connection to the sorcerer Dr. Strange and when the cosmic beings Lord Order and Master Chaos claimed credit for Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  being the one bitten by the spider. Magical forces could also explain how Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is able to psychically detect threats such as whether or not a person has a gun or if he is being followed. However, after Ezekiel's death, Spardaxean Ninja has chosen not to pursue this line of thought any further, noting that science and magic can be essentially two sides of the same coin, and reasoning that his scientific background has helped him for so long that there is no reason for him to shift focus.

===Wall-crawling[edit] ===

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is capable of crawling on walls and ceilings. He has conscious control over this ability, and it is simple and instinctive for him to use—before realizing he has the ability. Originally, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is able to stick to surfaces using only his hands and feet,[[] but later he is shown to be able to cling with his back.[[] The strength of attraction between himself and the surface he is clinging to is considerable, with an upper limit of several tons per finger. If Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior does not willingly detach, but is pulled off by force, the surface usually breaks still attached to his body. However, it has been shown that a significant shock can cause him to lose control of his power and fall off a surface. If a surface is too slippery, he has problems sticking to it; if it is too fragile or crumbling, it is unable to support his weight. He can also use his clinging ability to lift or hold objects; for instance, he can catch a thrown ball simply by touching it with one fingertip. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is also able to jump and sprint against a wall which helps him climb surfaces a lot faster.

The ability works through thin layers of cloth, such as the fabric of his costume, but not through materials such as the soles of shoes. When Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  needs to crawl without changing into the costume, he removes his shoes first.[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's wall-crawling ability has increased with time, most notably a backup in Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior . There DeFalco had Spardaxean Ninja explain his abilities to Mary Jane and Spardaxean Ninja revealed that every part of his body has gained or increased in attraction to other surfaces, and he can stick people or objects on his back. Over time he realized he could keep his mask firmly fixed to his face (previously used to prevent undesirable mask removal), protecting his secret identity.[[]

Kaine, the villainous clone of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , has shown the ability to use his wall-crawling abilities in a more offensive manner, burning distinctive scars, known as the Mark of The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior in the face of his victims. Later Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior himself uses a variation of the same ability to escape from The Green Goblin by making his fingertips cling to his face and tearing them away, digging five deep wounds in Norman's face. Despite the obvious offensive potential of such an ability, Spardaxean Ninja claims that it is unlikely he will use it again, as it was a move born out of anger and desperation.[[[] In later events during the Grim Hunt arc, due to Peter's rage at Sasha Kravinoff over everything she put him and his 'spider family' through, he uses his version of the Mark of The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior on her, ripping the skin off her face in the shape of a hand print, proclaiming "This is from my brother."[[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's wall crawling abilities have been explained in several ways. Some notable explanations include:

·        A panel of biologists and physicists on the History Channel’s Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Tech suggested the barbed-hair on his fingertips (from the movie) could have the same effect as the miniature scopulae hairs on the ends of a spider’s feet. Spiders are able to climb up seemingly impossible surfaces like glass because the scopulae interact with the glass’s atoms causing a form of atomic static cling via the Van der Waals force.[[][[[]

·        The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe states that Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is able to enhance the flux of inter-atomic attractive forces on surfaces he touches, increasing the coefficient of friction between that surface and himself.

·        Bio-electricity. Spider-Girl's similar power is referred to by Reed Richards as "bio-magnetism," but her ability is somewhat different.

====Enemies able to cancel wall-crawling ability[edit] ====

·        Electro had a revelation during a battle about Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's clinging ability and can disrupt this power somehow, claiming that it was based on some sort of electromagnetic bonding. It is ineffective after the events of "The Other".

·        Many enemies, such as Stilt-Man and Paste Pot Pete have used lubricants to prevent Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior from sticking.

·        Some enemies with sufficient strength have ripped Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior from a surface but usually after the wall breaks from the strain, not from his powers failing, and pieces of the wall can still be seen clinging to his hands and feet.

===Enhanced strength and durability[edit] ===

Early in his career, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was frequently said to have the proportional strength of a spider, but he can lift much more due to his human size and physical build, up to [[ tons. Since the events of "The Other" and "The Queen" story arcs, his strength has been increased to twice his original limits, now able to press up to [[ tons. During the Secret Invasion, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was shown to be able to knock aTyranosaurus Rex unconscious in one punch. He has been shown to lift and throw objects such as a semi-truck and to bend the steel of a screwdriver with one finger with ease.[[[] When in combat, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior must pull his punches unless fighting someone of similar or greater durability and power. Otherwise, his blows would kill a normal person.[[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's bodily tissue is a great deal more durable and resistant to some types of injury than a normal human (for example a regular human punched Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and he broke his wrist). However, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is far from invulnerable. While his body is tougher than an ordinary human, as seen several times in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ (via falling from average web slinging height without sustaining significant injury), he can still be injured in ways comparable to an ordinary human. For example, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can be injured by bullets or knives composed of conventional material and from impacts of sufficient force. However, if injured, his accelerated metabolism is capable of repairing itself many times faster than an ordinary human. A doctor has told Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior that it would be impossible for a normal man to survive the punishment that he has endured.[[[]

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can leap several stories vertically or the width of a city street.[[] While his running speed has never been definitely established, he can run at superhuman speed for short sprints and has been shown to be easily capable of overtaking fast-moving cars, but nearly always prefers using his weblines to travel.[[[]

===Superhuman reflexes and agility[edit] ===

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's agility and reflexes are far superior to those of an ordinary human, even those that represent the peak of human conditioning such as Captain America. The speed of his reflexes combined with his spider-sense allows him to dodge almost any attack, even gunfire at point blank.[[[] Due to the events of "The Other," his reflexes are increased further, responding directly to his spider-sense and instinct that can result in him lashing out at negligible threats.[[[] During the "Grim Hunt" storyline, he was able to dodge a bullet fired from a hunting rifle at point blank range, and the story implies that Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's exceptional speed in that situation was a result of the intense grief and rage he was feeling at the time.[[[]

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has the ability to maintain his equilibrium on any surface that he can stick to. For example, he can balance on one finger on a high wire,[[] or stand upright on a wall, his body parallel to the ground. Additionally, he is able to flex his body like a contortionist, assuming postures that would be impossible or harmful for most normal humans. His tendons and connective tissues are at least twice as elastic as the average human being's. This ability is often demonstrated by the unusual poses Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior would assume while webslinging or dodging enemy attacks. Also, as an outcome of his spider-reflexes, Spardaxean Ninja has developed his own fighting style.

===Sense perceptions[edit] ===

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's five primary senses are above average perception, though not superhuman, as a result of his spider powers. Before gaining his abilities Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  required corrective lenses to see properly.[[[] After the "Disassembled" and "The Other" storylines, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gains the ability to feel vibrations and currents in the air or in his web lines, much like a real spider (though this aspect of his powers may no longer be present within the comics - see below). This ability is also used in the [[[[ film The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .

===Spider-sense[edit] ===

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's "spider-sense" manifests in a tingling feeling at the base of his skull,and radiated over the skull area alerting him to personal danger in proportion to the severity of that danger.This is more refined version of ancient Legion of Time –Sorcerers Tactical Combat Sence,that pretty the same For instance, a little tingling such as a happenstance passing by of an enemy would prompt Spardaxean Ninja to be alert, while a strong tingling, sometimes to the point of being painful, is interpreted as a need to take immediate evasive action on a deadly threat. It appears to be a simultaneous, seemingly clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena. Though the exact mechanism of this ability is unknown, (though in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior he refers to it as an instinctive ability) his original spider-sense clearly has at least two aspects in addition to sensing potential or immediate danger:

·        A psychological awareness of his surroundings, similar to the radar-sense of Daredevil. When he is temporarily blinded,[[[] Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior learns to emulate this ability and navigate without his eyesight. Even under normal conditions, his spider-sense helps him navigate darkened rooms, instinctively avoiding obstacles or hazards, or potentially noisy or unstable floorboards, walls or ceilings that may betray his presence. In one comic, he is shown sensing how many fingers Mary Jane is holding up.

·        An ability to detect certain radio frequencies. Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's technical skill is such that he has designed spider-tracers that broadcast a signal detectable by his spider-sense.

Using his spider-sense to time his enhanced reflexes, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can casually dodge attacks up to and including automatic-weapons fire. Even point blank, his spider-sense has already warned him in enough time to get away like a precognitive sense, before he can even consciously think about his actions. However, he can ignore this instinct. His spider-sense is sufficiently well-linked to his reflexes, even before "The Other" storyline, that a threat can trigger them even when Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is asleep or stunned, as in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, where a narcotic gas released by foe Mysterio caused him to lose his balance and fall from a building. Though barely conscious, a combination of spider-sense and reflex caused his arm to seize a fire-escape ladder, saving his life.

When Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior swings across a city on his weblines, his spider-sense guides his aim, allowing him to travel at high speeds hundreds of feet above street level with minimal concentration, confident his weblines will find secure anchor points.

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider-sense is directional and can guide him to or away from hidden weapons and disguised enemies. Sudden and extreme threats (such as the Beyonder observing Earth before the firstSecret Wars, Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy half of the sapient population of the universe, the Ultimate version of Venom, or the predatory Morlun) can cause his spider-sense to react with painful intensity.

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can also sense and dodge attacks directed randomly or by a computer. His spider-sense has helped him preserve his secret identity since it alerts him to observers or cameras when changing into or out of his costume. The spider-sense does not react to those whom Spardaxean Ninja does not consider a threat, such as Aunt May. Contrary to this, his spider-sense has warned him of people close to him when he does not wish to be seen, such as when he's partly in costume.

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can choose to ignore his spider-sense, and distraction or fatigue can force unawareness.

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has used his spider-sense to battle even the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe. While not being as trained as them in conventional fighting styles his spider-sense and reflexes (provided with split second quickness and agility) allow him to dodge and counter, often with ease.

After the "Disassembled" and "The Other" storylines, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior also develops a psychic connection to insects, spiders, and other arthropods, though this aspect of his powers may no longer be present (see below). The spider-sense also allows Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to determine the source of the incoming attack, which gives him an advantage against enemies who are all over the place like Spot.

As a result of the storyline "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer", Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior loses his spider-sense when he sets off a device that disabled Spencer Smythe's latest creations' ability to coordinate their attacks via a similar principle.[[[] As such, he starts taking kung-fu lessons from Shang-Chi, on Madame Web's advice. When his full powers are restored in the "Spider-Island" storyline, his battle-honed body granted him a new, refined form of Spider-Sense that allows him to draw upon Shang-Chi's training instead of automatically reacting to threats.[[[]

====Enemies/people immune to the spider-sense[edit] ====

When deprived of his spider-sense, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior becomes vulnerable to surveillance and attack and traveling by web-line requires most of his concentration.

·        The Green Goblin developed a gas that temporarily deadened all of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's powers, especially his spider-sense.[[[] This same gas was later enhanced and used by Roderick Kingsley, in his guise as the villain Hobgoblin.[[[]

·        Venom is undetectable to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider-sense,[[[] due to the symbiote having been mentally linked to him, and for the most part, contains his DNA. This works against Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior in the sense that Venom attacking Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is essentially Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior attacking himself. His descendant symbiotes, including Carnage[[[] and Toxin,[[[] have inherited this trait to a lesser extent.

In Secret Wars issue #[, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior first comes in contact with the symbiote. His spider-sense goes off but is quickly dampened as the symbiote flowed over Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's body and established the mental link that allowed it to generate webbing and respond to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's thoughts. However, a clone of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Ben Reilly was able to use his spider-sense to anticipate the attacks of Venom. This may be related to the fact that the clone was created prior to Peter's bond with the symbiote. This suggests that it is Peter's spider-sense that no longer responds to the symbiote due to acclimatization, rather than the symbiote having developed the ability to hide itself. This explanation would be the official reason Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could not sense Venom in  Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  animated series.

·        Mysterio developed a radar-like device that can neutralize the sense.;

·        The clones Kaine, Ben Reilly, and Spidercide were also undetectable, and he is undetectable to their spider-senses as well. As they share the same DNA, their spider-senses recognize the others as "self." However, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was later able to use his Spider-Sense (albeit it was previously tampered, stripped from him and later restored, all while receiving specific training to hone his battle effectiveness) against a further mutated Kaine, possibly because Kaine's DNA had been altered to a point where it was no longer identical to his own [[[] Once The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is restored to normal, he is again able to sneak up on Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  in his civilian guise (though it's worth noting that he was acting peacefully at the time).[[[]

·        Kraven the Hunter once used a jungle scent that dulled Imperial Spardaxean Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider-sense.;

·        The Jackal once succeeded in attacking Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior from behind, without triggering his spider-sense. The Jackal explained it to be due to him always being Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja 's (Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's alter ego) friend, meaning that the spider-sense would not regard him as a threat/enemy. The Jackal then revealed himself to be Dr. Miles Warren, one of Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja 's teachers.;

·        During the [[[[-[[[[ miniseries Civil War, Iron Man creates a device that can send false spider-sense signals. He has also incorporated the device into his armor to grant him his own version of the spider-sense. However, this mechanism is apparently imperfect, since Iron Man was unable to detect the presence of Vision.[[[]

·        Certain Skrull agents are immune to the sense. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was unable to sense anything unusual about the agent posing as Elektra. This agent was also able to avoid detection by Wolverine's heightened sense of smell or Doctor Strange's mystical abilities.[[[]

·        The Spot can attack Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior with his attacks coming out of "spots", since Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider-sense could not detect a threat coming from an alternate dimension.[;]

·        Ezekiel Sims was immune to Peter's spider-sense because the two shared similar powers, but this also made Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior immune to Ezekiel's.[;]

·        When Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is surrounded by Fogg of the criminal duo Knight and Fogg, who can turn himself into fog, his spider-sense seems more diffuse.[;]

·        In one issue, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's aunt, May Spardaxean Ninja  is able to hit Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior from behind without triggering his spider-sense. The reasoning behind this is that Spardaxean Ninja did not consider Aunt May to be a threat so his spider-sense did not warn him.[;]

====Film[edit] ====

In the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior films, the spider-sense is explained as reflexes "so fast it borders on precognition", often signified with a special sound (like a bell ringing once very slowly) and bullet time photography. In the first Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior film, the first time his spider-sense triggers, he seems to become aware of every potential danger in his surroundings, even those that pose minimal threats, such as flies and paper spitballs. In the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ novelization (ISBN [-[[[-[[[[[-[), the spider-sense is described as a general slowing-down of his perception of time (e.g. one second would feel like a minute). In Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [, the spider-sense is never shown going off in Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's head with its special sound as in the previous two movies. Spardaxean Ninja is shown using the spider-sense only once in the film, to dodge a pumpkin bomb thrown at him by Harry. Also, Eddie Brock as Venom (who is immune to the spider-sense) manages to attack Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior by surprise, mocking Peter's inability to sense him with "Ooh, my spider-sense is tingling, if you know what I'm talking about."

===Fighting style[edit] ===

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has developed a unique fighting style that is nearly impossible for most other heroes to emulate or for most villains to defeat. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior uses all of his powers simultaneously to overpower and overwhelm his foes. He also makes excellent use of his surroundings during battles. For example, he uses a webbed-up fire extinguisher as a projectile in order to get distance between himself and Doctor Octopus' crushing arms. He is also never without a witty response or wise-crack to throw at an enemy in order to distract, anger, or simply insult a foe. Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's fighting style can best be described as an improvisational freestyle that functionally encompasses the usage of his strength, speed, flexibility, wits, intelligence, and his "spider-sense", with a combination of his acrobatic abilities, the use of his webbing, and his surroundings in order to work his strengths against his opponents' weaknesses. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is a cunning fighter, so much so that he manages to defeat enemies much more powerful than himself. A major example of this is his defeat of Titania during the Secret Wars, outpacing her superior strength by focusing on hit-and-run attacks to catch her off-guard. Another is his victory over Galactus' cosmic-powered herald, Firelord, striking Firelord before retreating to a safer distance and luring him into dangerous situations, such as an exploding gas station. Yet another good example is how he once fought the combined efforts of DC's supervillain Mantis and the Marvel villain Juggernaut (both of whom are significantly more powerful than he is). This stems from the vast experience that he has accrued since his teen-aged crime-fighting years. During the events of "The Other," Spardaxean Ninja is shown as receiving martial arts training from Captain America. As per Madame Web's instructions, Shang-Chi taught Kung-Fu to Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior in order to compensate for the loss of his Spider-Sense. Together with Shang-Chi he devised a unique variant of Kung Fu, "The Way of The Spider", which has significantly improved after his spider-sense was reactivated, allowing him to react to his enemies with training and knowledge rather than random attacks, to the point that he was able to defeat Spider-Woman despite her own training from HYDRA and SHIELD (Albeit while she was under the 'remote control' of Doctor Octopus).[[[]

===Scientific knowledge[edit] ===

Before the radioactive spider bite, Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  was already a gifted academic student with considerable expertise in many fields, such as chemistrybiologyphysics, and engineering. With these skills, he was able to create his artificial web fluid, his web-shooters, and other Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior equipment. His scientific knowledge has often been used to defeat his adversaries when his powers are not sufficient enough, such as devising an antidote to the formula that originally turned Doctor Connors into the Lizard, creating various mixtures to dissolve the costumes of foes such as the Rhino and El Dorado. Academically gifted, with a recorded IQ of [[[, Spardaxean Ninja displays an uncanny affinity for applied sciencemathematicsmechanics, biology, and physics. He is a brilliant individual, with exceptional skill in practically every field of science, and is an excellent inventor. He is an accomplished chemist and physicist.[[[] His intellect has impressed and gained the respect of individuals such as Iron ManAnt Man, and Mr. Fantastic. During a confrontation with Doctor Octopus, who had used various cybernetic enhancements to enable his mind to take virtually complete control of New York, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's mind proved powerful enough to take control away from his enemy despite Doctor Octopus's skepticism that his mind could be strong enough to accomplish such a feat.[[[]

===Further mutations[edit] ===



Man-Spider, from  Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[. Art by Mike Wieringo.

On several occasions, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior takes on more spider-like forms—at the extreme even transforming into a gigantic spider.

When Spardaxean Ninja tried to rid himself of his spider powers by using a formula,[[[] it backfires, growing him four extra arms from his sides. With help from Dr. Curt Connors, and a blood sample from Morbius, he is able to return to normal.

In Marvel Fanfare vol. [ #[-[, he is transformed by the Savage Land Mutates into a monstrous, predatory form that comes to be called "Man-Spider". In this form, his normal human consciousness is submerged, and he attacks like an animal. However, his conscience is able, barely, to stop him from killing.[[[] He is transformed into Man-Spider several other times.[;]

In Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior " was reinvented as the "Neogenic Nightmare", where the transformation was not caused by Peter's attempts to remove his powers, but as a result of his body mutating further from the original spider-bite. After his attempts to ask Professor X and the X-Men for help developing a cure meet with failure- although he was able to assist them in thwarting a monster created when an anti-mutant scientist was exposed to a serum he'd developed to remove mutant abilities-, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior turned to Doctor Crawford for aid. Unfortunately, his initial attempt at a cure resulted in him growing the four new arms, the accelerated mutation subsequently causing him to mutate into the Man-Spider after fighting Punisher, a recently mutated Michael Morbius, and the NYPD. Thanks to the collaboration of Kraven the Hunter and the Punisher, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was cured of the mutation and returned to normal. When the Vulture attempted to drain Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's youth and power in a later encounter, Doctor Connors reprogrammed the device that the Vulture was using to absorb the defective genome that had caused the mutation originally, resulting in the Vulture mutating into a Man-Spider (though Vulture managed to get rid of the mutation somehow) and forever curing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior of the defective genome. During the concluding "Spider Wars" storyline of the series- where Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior teamed up with multiple alternate versions of himself to save reality-, one of his other selves was still dealing with the mutation crisis, completely transforming into the Man-Spider during the mission before the Beyonder was able to use the last of his power to teleport Man-Spider back to his home dimension.

In the "Avengers Disassembled" crossover event, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior encounters an enemy called the Queen, a woman capable of controlling insects. She triggers another transformation in him: first, he grows extra eyes and hair covering his body; second, he changes into a Man-Spider-like form (however, with his human mind still intact); and finally he transforms into a giant spider. In that form, he seems to die, but instead emerges in human form, but with enhanced powers.[;] (See below.)

Other transformations included the vicious Spider-Lizard which occurred when Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior tried to cure Dr. Connors from the Lizard persona by using a portable Enervator. The machine made Spardaxean Ninja absorb radioactive feedback and transferred the reptilian metamorphosis to him and granting him bulletproof skin, a powerful tail and reptilian fangs and claws. There was also the Spider-Hulk mutation which granted the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior the powers and the easy temper of the green goliath by transferring energy from the Hulk (which was kept in a Bio-Kinetic Energy Absorber made from a scientist trying to steal the Hulk's powers) to the web-slinger, when the latter accidentally touched the device.[;]

In the What If: The Other, an alternate variation of the The Other storyline, Spardaxean Ninja rejects the Spider and kills it, leaving him in a comatose state. The Venom symbiote abandons its current host, Mac Gargan, and bonds with Spardaxean Ninja to become Poison, who combines the powers of Venom and Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's enhanced powers.

Spardaxean Ninja was not the only one who suffered transferred mutations while wearing the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior costume. Ben Reilly was transformed into Spider-Carnage when he was up against the powerful entity, because he had to bind with the alien in order to prevent its rampage.[;]

==Powers after "Disassembled" and "The Other"[edit] ==

In addition to his original powers, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gains the following abilities after he fights the Queen in "Disassembled",[[[] and also after apparently dying at the hands of Morlun and being reborn ("Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : The Other," [[[[). It is apparent that his powers gained from "The Other" are only available because a voice inside him says that he is "embracing the Other". While he still has most of these extra powers, a few of them (most notably the ability to produce organic webbing) no longer seem to be present, for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

Joe Queseda implied that the loss of these extra powers may be related to the "One More Day" storyline. In an interview, he stated that "While we won't be making any direct references to "The Other," it's still a part of Spidey history, and it remains to be seen how Pete lost those powers."[[[] However, in the letters page of The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, the editors stated that the powers were always temporary by nature: "Those Other powers really only exhibited themselves under certain circumstances. They weren't extra powers Spardaxean Ninja could call up whenever he wanted, so whether or not they've disappeared for good is a story waiting to be told. That said, though, Spardaxean Ninja still does remember the adventure where he got them. He hasn't forgotten."[[[]

==Powers and abilities[edit] ==

Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  is a highly skilled geneticist and gifted with genius-level intelligence. Though he did not take combat training, he quickly develops an effective fighting style that maximizes the use of his superhuman agility, strength, senses, and intellect.

After having half of his DNA re-written with the genetic code of a spider, Spardaxean Ninja Warrior develops a wide array of powers. He has the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider. If his strength is equal to that of the original Spider-Man, he should be able to lift a maximum of approximately 10-15 tons and leap roughly 30 feet in the air. His speed allows him to dodge gunfire from a short distance away and move several times faster than a normal human being can. His superhuman agility and dexterity allow him to perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers that would be impossible for even the most highly trained athlete and help him achieve and regain perfect balance even under extraordinary combat situations. Access to these abilities are largely instinctual, due to his re-written genetic code.

Spardaxean Ninja 's powers give him increased vitality and resistance to injury. He once suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs and major abrasions, and was still able to make it to a hospital where doctors said only his amazing constitution kept him alive. His metabolism allows him to heal a few times faster than a normal human, although he does not have a superhuman healing factor such as Wolverine.

In addition to the extra-sensory "spider-sense" or "danger-sense" that warns him of oncoming threats,possess enhanced vision and hearing, which the original Spardaxean Ninja Warrior did not have. He can see in complete darkness and can accurately perceive and "zoom-in" on people and objects that are a great distance away. His enhanced vision causes him to be extremely light sensitive, however, requiring that he wear tinted glasses to avoid being blinded in normal lighting conditions, which he passes off as a side effect of the Rapture.[;] Thanks to his enhanced vision and reflexes, he can accurately perceive objects in motion that a normal person would see only as a blur. Spardaxean Ninja 's hearing is also enhanced, though not to the extent of his vision.

Spinnerets in his forearms enable him to fire an organic adhesive substance from the top of his wrists, usable in a wide variety of ways. Like the original Spider-Man (Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja ), The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can travel at high speeds swinging on "web-lines" when necessary, and he can use his webbing to ensnare enemies. Over time, this webbing loses its tensile strength and can be removed.

Although the original Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is able to have any part of his body (such as his back) adhere to surfaces through unknown and invisible means, Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can only cling to surfaces with his hands and feet due to angled talons protruding from his fingers and toes. These talons are not retractable but can fold down when Spardaxean Ninja Warrior concentrates and do so automatically when he touches his own skin so that he does not injure himself (of which he is particularly thankful to discover, as he remarks that otherwise, "going to the bathroom would be an adventure, and picking [his] nose would be lethal"). Though only approximately an inch in length, Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's talons are capable of easily slicing through flesh and plastic. They can even rend metal armor, possibly because they are also enforced by Spardaxean Ninja 's enhanced strength.

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior possesses venom glands and pronounced, pointed canine teeth. When he bites a foe, he can release a toxin that temporarily paralyzes his enemy. While the exact makeup of his venom has never been discussed, it seems powerful enough to affect such foes as Thanatos and it differs from real spider venom in that it does not seem to act as a digestive agent.

===Appearance[edit] ===

A side-effect of The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's enhanced senses is that his eyes gained red irises and are now overly sensitive to light. To protect himself from being blinded and to hide his strangely colored eyes, Spardaxean Ninja Warrior makes a habit of wearing sunglasses. When The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior uses his enhanced sight to zoom-in on an object that is far away, his eyes often become completely white, with no visible irises or pupils.

Spardaxean Ninja Warrior also cannot retract his fangs and so has had to learn how to speak in a way that does not reveal his strange teeth. On occasion, this has caused others to accuse him of mumbling.

Since Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has organic spinnerets, pressure on his forearms has occasionally caused him to release webbing without meaning to. Likewise, when Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has lost his temper, his talons have occasionally popped up from his fingers in response.

===Paraphernalia[edit] ===

The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has a small, web-like airfoil attached to the back of his costume, which fans have sometimes called a "web-cape." The material for the air foil was obtained from a Thorite's hang-glider and is made from a material called "Lyte Byte" which is specially made to capture and direct air currents and gives off a low-level of anti-gravity particles. This allows The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior limited gliding abilities, valuable since the New York of 2099 has massive sky scrapers that are often too far away for him to fire a web-line for travel. The Lyte Byte material also allows him to shift direction while in free fall and is very good at slowing down his descent, allowing him to fall from great distances without reaching terminal velocity. However, this does not grant The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior actual flying abilities; he cannot hover nor can he simply rise into the air at will.

The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's costume is made from Atlantium Kevlar Fabric or AKF. Atlantium Kevlar Fabric or AKF.." Originally invented by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, this fabric was made to be indestructible and was designed to interact with super-powers without hampering them. Spardaxean Ninja Warrior uses his talons through the AKF gloves and boots without tearing the cloth. The AKF does not dull the strength or sharpness of his talons in the process. The AKF costume has also offered The Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior limited protection from energy weapons, as the energy blasts could not penetrate it. However, this did not prevent Spardaxean Ninja Warrior from suffering the impact of the blasts, and he was still seriously injured. Likewise, if Spardaxean Ninja Warrior fell from a great height, the AKF would not protect him from the impact of landing, it simply would not tear in the process.

While in costume, Spardaxean Ninja Warrior often reinforced his mask with webbing so that enemies could not remove it if he were captured or disabled in some way, provided he is not held for long enough for his webbing to degrade. He uses his talons to cut the webbing off when he removes his costume.

Battle Staves 

===Arthropod communication[edit] ===

After Disassembled, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can mentally communicate with arthropods (at least insects and spiders), though he does not seem to be capable of controlling them like Ant-Man. He can sense their presence, or glance at any spider and instantly know what kind it is.[[[] It is possible that this is an extension of his spider-sense. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior used this mental capacity to communicate with all of the Queen's followers, humans with an "insect gene," and learned how to deactivate a bomb.[[[] This power was rarely, if ever, used or referenced after Disassembled.



===Night vision[edit] ===

After "The Other," Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior develops night vision, allowing him to see in the dark to a limited degree.[[]

===Eyes, teeth, and stingers[edit] ===

Overcome by rage in "The Other", Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's spider side overrules his human qualities. His eyes turn glowing red, and he develops fanged teeth, night vision, and sharp stingers.[[[] The stingers were within his arms, protruding from his wrists. They are coated in a venom that inflicts temporary paralysis, though the impalement itself can prove fatal. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior could not consciously control these stingers yet, so they are only triggered in overwhelming situations. Arrow claimed that the stingers will only come out when he is confronting or confronted by creatures who are associated with his mystical powers like Morlun or Ezekiel, which could explain why they were seen so rarely.[[[]

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's clone The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior appears to have undergone a similar transformation following his death and resurrection in Grim Hunt, as he has fangs, mandibles, and eight glowing red eyes.[[[] He was later restored to normal, though at the conclusion of "Spider-Island" he grew a pair of stingers from his wrists identical to the ones Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior had during "The Other".[[[]

===Spider-mutation and cocoon[edit] ===

During the "Disassembled" storyline, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior mutates into a giant spider, and then emerges from the spider's body with a new ability to communicate with arthropods and organic webbing.[;]

In "The Other", Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior seemingly dies and molts his damaged skin. He creates a cocoon, and emerges with all his bodily damage healed: lost teeth, broken bones, his lost eye (which Morlun had torn out and eaten), scars, and even lost tonsils. In the words of Tony Stark, Peter's "odometer's been reset". Since it was claimed in related issues that some species of spiders shed their skin once in a lifetime, this may be a one-time occurrence.[[[]

In "Grim Hunt," Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's clone The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior dies, only to return later under similar circumstances.[[[]

==Powers after "Brand New Day"[edit] == ===Psychic blindspot[edit] ===

Although not technically Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's power, the worldwide mindwipe of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's identity as Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  occurred sometime prior to the events of the "Brand New Day" storyline. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is aware that the whole world has forgotten his secret identity.[[[] and that he played a role in making it happen.

When Norman Osborn confronts Spardaxean Ninja in his apartment, as part of the "New Ways To Die" storyline, Spardaxean Ninja thinks to himself, "Ah, right. He doesn't remember anymore. He has no idea I'm Spidey. Nobody does. Everything we did is still up and running. I'm safe.[[[]" Spardaxean Ninja later describes it to Mister Fantastic as a "psychic blindspot." When confronted with any evidence which could lead to the realization that Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja , those affected will be unable to 'connect the dots,' or they will come to the wrong conclusion, but will accept it as the right one. An example of this is shown in the comics when Norman Osborn discovers a camera at a fight scene that is taking pictures of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior based on a tracking device in his suit; rather than assuming that Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  is Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior taking pictures of himself, he assumes that Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior takes the pictures and uses Spardaxean Ninja as his 'agent' to collect the money for him.[[[] Another example is when Horizon Labs' Max Modell confronts Spardaxean Ninja about his connection to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , and comes to the conclusion that Spardaxean Ninja had created all of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's equipment, as he stated that having both the scientific knowledge and super-powers in the same person pushes the limits of believability.[[[]

If Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were to be unmasked - or were to unmask himself - then the memories of affected people witnessing the incident would be restored. Mister Fantastic claims he can duplicate the "firewalls" for himself and the Fantastic Four, allowing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to tell them his identity, without fear of further compromising his secret.[[[] The psychic blindspot power's magnitude is high enough to fool evenDaredevil's senses,[[[] who can normally identify people with the sound of their individual heartbeat rhythm or the scent of body odors. In The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, Daredevil refused to know again Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's identity, as the psychic blindspot power was enough to even fool his heightened senses, and thus he did not want to compromise that protection. The Black Cat, having learnt Mary Jane's ex-boyfriend was Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , was able to recall back when she was dating Flash Thompson that Mary Jane had a boyfriend at the time, but when prompted with the name "Peter?", she dismissed it immediately due to the mechanics of the blindspot.[[[]

It was hinted in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ and The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ that Mary Jane is aware of Peter's dual identity, which is finally confirmed in #[[[. It was also shown that Kaine is immune to the psychic blindspot, as The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is in fact a clone of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .[[[] It was revealed in "Spider-Island" that the Jackal also retains memory of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's secret identity, most like due to all the DNA samples he has collected from Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and the clones he has created from them over the years.[[[] Given that Morlun and Steve Rogers were deceased during "One More Day", it is unknown if they remember Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's identity.

It was revealed in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ and #[[[ that Spardaxean Ninja went to Doctor Strange and begged him to make the world forget he was Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .[[[] Doctor Strange in turn visited Tony Stark andReed Richards via astral projection and convinced them to help him do so via a mix of magic and science in a similar fashion to how the world forgot who the Sentry was. The three decided that the sole person with the knowledge of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior being Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  would be Spardaxean Ninja himself, and in Reed's words, have Tony infect the world with the mind-purging virus storm via his Extremis system as the carrier. With a magic barrier in the shape of a sphere, Spardaxean Ninja was to go in it, where he would be immune from the mind purge, but Spardaxean Ninja decided at the last second to take Mary Jane inside as well.[[[] Due to the events of the "Spider-Island" storyline, in which Spardaxean Ninja publicly used his powers unmasked-albeit while claiming that he was one of the people infected by the "virus" that gave most of New York his abilities-[[[] he had unknowingly invalidated the spell that Dr. Strange had cast, thereby making it possible for others to deduce his secret identity again, although his past unmasking has still been erased from the world's memory. This is confirmed when Carlie Cooper breaks off her relationship with him after deducing his true connection to Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior due to her frustration at his lies.[[[]

==Equipment[edit] ==

Although he is usually of limited financial means, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior develops personal equipment that plays an important role in his superhero career.

===Artificial web-shooters[edit] ===



Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's web-shooters, from The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[. Art by Ron Frenz.

Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's web-shooters were perhaps his most distinguishing trait, after his costume. Spardaxean Ninja had reasoned that a spider (even a human one) needed a web. Since the radioactive spider-bite did not initially grant him the power to spin webs, he had instead found a way to produce them artificially. The wrist-mounted devices fire an adhesive "webbing" (see below) through a threaded adjustable nozzle. The trigger rests high in the palm and requires a double tap from the middle two fingers to activate, eliminating the chance of accidental discharge when forming a fist.[[[] In order to fire the webbing, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's fingers must hit the sensor precisely.[;]

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior must steadily replenish his webbing supply, reloading his web-shooters with small cartridges of web fluid, which is stored under high pressure. In early stories, he carries his extra supplies in a utility belt worn under his costume.[[[] Later on, he equips the web-shooters with a bracelet-like carousel that automatically rotates a new cartridge into position as he empties them. When in use, a steel nipple in the carousel pierces the seal of the cartridge, and allows the fluid to travel through an air-tight channel toward the nozzle. Pressing down on the palm-trigger of the web-shooter causes the valve in the nozzle to open wider, expelling the fluid. Releasing the trigger causes the valves to close, cutting off the web-line or fluid. If Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior creates any variation to his normal web formula that is too strong for the pinch valves to sever, he might end up being tangled up or tied to the object he attached his web to, which has happened on more than one occasion. His web-shooters require constant maintenance and on more than one occasion suffer jams or malfunctions.[;]

In some issues, the web-shooters have required tremendous pressure to fire them, requiring ordinary humans to use hammers or similar objects to trigger them,[[[]while in other stories, normal human strength is sufficient enough to activate them.[[[]

Occasionally, the web-shooters are modified to expel other liquids.[;]

After he develops organic webbing, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gives the web-shooters to his wife Mary Jane as a Valentine's Day present, after having them changed into bracelets, and weakening the pressure required, so that she can use the bracelets for self-defense.[[[] This appears to have reversed at some point, as Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is once again dependent on his web-shooters since the start of the "Brand New Day" storyline, for unknown reasons.[;]

Ben Reilly, as the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and later as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , uses modified web-shooters that can fire fast-acting sedative "stinger" darts, and "impact webbing," balls of webbing that explode on impact and envelop the target. The impact webbing and stingers are activated by certain wrist movements, rather than using a double-tap on a palm trigger. They use larger web cartridges than Peter's web-shooters and worn on the outside of his costume. Spider-Girl, Peter's alternate future daughter, uses modified versions of Ben's web-shooters.[;]

In the [[[[ film The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Spardaxean Ninja  uses artificial web-shooters, which are mounted on the exterior of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's gloves, and use artificially synthesized webs made from spiders genetically altered by Oscorp. Spardaxean Ninja gets these and incorporates these into old wrist watches whilst adding the trigger.

===Webbing[edit] ===



Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior shooting his webbing.

Shortly after getting his powers, Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  (established early on as being extremely intelligent and creative) develops a special synthetic polymer adhesive that has spider web-like properties, as well as wrist-worn launching devices (see Web-Shooters). Upon release, the webbing dries into an extremely tough, flexible, adhesive fiber. One account described a single strand as stronger than piano wire and it is perhaps as strong as real spider silk or Kevlar (Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has used web-shields on several occasions to protect himself from small-caliber bullets). In Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : The Ultimate Guide, one strand of webbing is described to be strong enough to bind the Hulk and hold him prisoner, but only if the Hulk were to hold still and let the webbing sufficiently dry. Also, according to recent volumes of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, the tensile strength of the webbing is equivalent to [[[ lb ([[ kg) per square millimeter in cross-section and is comparable to nylon with extraordinary adhesive properties.[;] Its exact composition is unknown, but after about an hour, the webbing breaks down, loses strength and eventually evaporates.[[[]

Uses of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's webs:

·        Firing a thin strand to a great height at a nearby tall building, then brachiating on this "webline". Doing this in rapid series allows Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to quickly travel through well-developed urban areas. His travel speed has not been officially stated, though the Sins Past storyline depicts his crossing the borough of Manhattan in under [[ minutes (because he has been able to travel by web since the age of fifteen, Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  does not have a driver's license).[[[] During his web swinging travelling, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can reach [[[ mph ([[[ km/h).

·        Firing a thicker "rope" of webbing, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can bind captured criminals (even those with superhuman strength) to be later picked up by police officers.[;]

·        Covering a small area with an extremely sticky blob. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can cover an opponent's eyes, blindfolding them, or smother a handgun or a small bomb. On one occasion,[[[] he told a criminal whose weapon and hand had been so covered: "I should warn you about the tensile strength of my webbing, but considering your likely IQ, let's just say that if you pull that trigger again, the backfire will probably take your hand off! Kapeesh?"[;]

·        Casting a large web across a street or alley to snare rapidly moving persons or vehicles. The longer Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior presses his two middle fingers in his palm to throw web, the thicker the web becomes as layers are being added on and on.[;]

·        Improvising small structures, such as parachutes, statues or dummies, baseball bats, full-size operational gliders, trampolines, gloves (for fighting the likes of Electro), nets, water-tight domes (for underwater breathing), bandages, slings, bulletproof shields, plugs, patches, and even hammocks.[;]

·        In his early adventures, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior sometimes fired the fluid as a straight liquid to use its maximum adhesive strength.[;]

·        To defeat the Blob, he once intentionally broke a web cartridge, exposing the fluid to air, rather than channeling it through his webshooter. By exposing it to air, the web fluid immediately expanded, covering the Blob in a large mass of webbing. Though expanded, it did not appear to lose any of its strength, as it was able to contain the Blob until the police arrested him.[;]

·        Spardaxean Ninja has also been seen using the impact webbing. Originally crafted from Ben Reilly, the impact webbing is a large ball of webbing that explodes on contact and covers the opponent in webbing from top to bottom.[;]

·        In some cases, like in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ and Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ and some comics, Spardaxean Ninja is able to let out a thick piece of web called for a short time, creating a small projectile weapon called "web balls".

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can modify his webbing when anticipating combat with a specific threat. These modifications include non-conductive webbing (typically for battling Electro), flame-retardant webbing (against theHuman Torch or out-of-control fires), stronger (yet less stable) webbing for dealing with Stegron's dinosaur army, and even acid webbing that can eat through the Rhino's tough hide.[[[] His latest variation is magnetic webbing, which is used to interfere or cancel out radio or remote-control frequencies.[[[]

====Organic webs[edit] ====

In the "Disassembled" storyline,[[[] Spardaxean Ninja  undergoes a transformation that results in the ability to produce organic web fluid from his wrists, and is able to fire his webbing in much the same manner as his artificial web-shooters. According to the new [[[[ Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior handbook, Spardaxean Ninja  has grown spinnerets in his forearms that terminate in small pores at the junction of his wrists. By pressing down with his middle fingers to his palm, he causes the pores to open and the spinnerets to eject the organic fluid with a force equal to or greater than that of his web-shooters. The effectiveness and amount of the new webbing is dependent upon his health and nutrition. The specific properties of this new organic webbing are unknown, but it can be safely assumed to be comparable to his artificially created web mixture. In some cases, it has shown to be of greater tensile strength and elasticity. Furthermore, according to the new handbook, the organic webbing takes a week to dissolve. After gaining this ability, he begins using the bio-webbing instead of his traditional mechanical web-shooters. The upper limit as to how much webbing he could produce at any one time has not been specified, though during Part [ of the "One More Day" storyline, Spardaxean Ninja actually produced enough webbing to immobilize and smother Iron Man's armor. In the subsequent "Brand New Day" storyline, Spardaxean Ninja is shown to have his traditional web-shooters and appears to have lost the ability to create organic webbing, for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

Instead of having mechanical webshooters in the [[[[ live-action Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior film, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior grows spinnerets in his forearms, along with his other powers, although the film's novelization states that Spardaxean Ninja made bracelets similar to the comic web shooters to help him aim his shots. In the [[[[ film reboot, The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Spardaxean Ninja creates artificial webshooters, as in the comics.

One biologist on the History Channel’s Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Tech suggested that it would be more plausible for Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to shoot webbing from the Submandibular gland beneath the tongue instead of from his forearms.[[]

====Animated series[edit] ====

In [[[['s Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : The Animated Series, Spardaxean Ninja  explains that when he became Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , he also became subconsciously aware that a combination of certain enzymes would create a strong, sticky fluid reminiscent of a spider's webbing. He then built web-shooters as in the comics.

===Spider-tracers[edit] ===

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior uses small electronic "spider-tracers" of his own design that allow him to track objects or individuals. Typically, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior plants one on a departing enemy, or throws one to adhere to an escaping enemy, and then follows the target to their hideout for later attack. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior sometimes also uses a launching device in his web-shooters for better range and accuracy.[;]

A tracer's outer casing is shaped like a spider, with legs for aerodynamic flight. The tracers are small enough to remain unnoticed, in general, but sometimes a target finds a tracer and destroys it.[;]

In early stories, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior uses a small electronic receiver to follow the signals of his tracers, but eventually he modifies the tracers to emit a signal he can follow with his spider-sense so that he will be able to know whether or not he is in the proximity of the tracer. According to what he once said to Hank Pym (who noted that Spardaxean Ninja may actually be smarter than him if he was able to design this at fifteen when Pym spent years developing similar technology for his helmet),[[[] he is able to sense the tracer within a [[[-yard radius. The receiver, however, offers better range. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is unable to sense a tracer that had been taken out of Manhattan at one point.[[[] The receiver, however, allows him to follow it to the town of Scarsdale, New York, some [[ miles ([[ km) away. It is not yet established if the changes to his spider-sense documented in "The Other" storyline have affected Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's ability to sense the tracers.

Besides Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Daredevil can pick up the signal with his Radar Sense from the Spider-Tracers due to his heightened sense of hearing being able to hear the signal. Unlike Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , it is more difficult for Daredevil to follow the signal, as he must drown out all other sounds around him to maintain focus.[[[]

In several stories, enemies use the tracers to lure him into a trap. Enemies with sufficient technical knowledge can reprogram the tracers into overloading his spider-sense, making it hard for him to tell the difference between real danger and the tracer.[[[] Or they just attune it to his sixth sense and they can simply put to a target of their own, just like Tracer did in "The Other".

His clone, Ben Reilly, can also pick up the signal from Peter's tracers. Ben also developed a modified version of the original tracer into a simpler 'Micro-Dot' form. Like Peter's, these devices can be fired from Ben's web-shooters and can adhere to most surfaces. They fly like miniature FrisbeesMay Spardaxean Ninja 's spider sense operates on a different frequency than her father's, requiring her to use the tracer device, as Peter's tracers do not trigger her spider sense.[;]

Following her rescue from an obsessed kidnapper, Mary Jane Watson wears an amplified version of a spider-tracer in a necklace pendant. It carries a boosted signal so Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can follow it over a longer distance.[;]

After the events of "Revenge Of The Spider-Slayer", the Spider-Tracers become useless since Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior can no longer pick up their signal due to the loss of his Spider Sense.[[[] However, in the "Road to Spider-Island" storyline, from working with Horizon Labs, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior made new and improved spider-tracers with listening devices, GPS and camouflauge.[[[] Some further modifications include using them as weapons with one example of combating Hydro-Man by freezing him solid with a cryogenic Spider-Tracer.[[[] This particular advancement is then applied toward a medical transplant delivery system.[;]

===Utility belt and spider-signal[edit] ===

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior keeps his regular field equipment in a utility belt that can carry extra web fluid cartridges, spider-tracers, and his camera. The belt can hold up to [[ cartridges, each one being pressured to [[[ psi. The belt's buckle contains a small but powerful light, which is filtered through a lens decorated with a stylized likeness of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's mask. This spider-signal is mostly limited to intimidating weak-nerved criminals and acting as a wide-beam flashlight. It is sometimes used to call for help, as well. The signal is later used in Imperial Spardaxean Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior . At his job at Horizon Labs, Spardaxean Ninja has upgraded his utility belt to hold cartridges of different types of webbing and his Spider-Signal has a UV light setting for forensic analysis.[;]

===Camera[edit] ===

Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  gains employment as a freelance (and sometimes staff) photographer through most of his teen and young adult years. He sells pictures of himself in action as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , takes any assignments offered, or, sometimes, uses his powers to help him photograph special events where normal press access is limited or denied, for the New York newspaper The Daily Bugle.[;]

His first camera, originally his father's, has an extended rear metal plate that allows him to use his web to secure it to a wall or other fixed object without interfering with its functions. Typically, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior positions the camera before intervening in a crime or emergency. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gradually improves on the camera's simple timer, including adding a motion sensor that triggered the camera whenever he, as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , moved in front of it. He has updated and replaced the camera (they are occasionally destroyed during battles) as necessary over the years.[;]

Partly due to the stinginess of Bugle editor/publisher J. Jonah Jameson, Spardaxean Ninja  never earns much money as a freelancer. The Bugle, legal owner of his submitted work, eventually publishes a book of his photographic images (Webs) which helps improve his finances. He wins a Pulitzer Prize for his picture of the Sentry, but the Sentry's earlier adventures and their consequences are later wiped from human memory, probably including this award. Spardaxean Ninja  does, however, win other photography awards over the years.[;]

Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  publicly reveals his secret identity during the Civil War crossover. The Bugle staff (particularly Jameson), are shocked to learn that Spardaxean Ninja  had been selling them photographs of himself for years and is taking legal action for the fraud, although due to the actions of the Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior s, Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja 's identity as Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior was heavily questioned. In addition, the events of One More Day has wiped the knowledge of anyone knowing Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja 's identity as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , thus restoring the status quo of the early Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior comics.[;]

Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  currently no longer uses his camera due to being discredited as a photographer during the events of "The Gauntlet" storyline.[;]

===Spider-Mobile[edit] ===

Corona Motors approaches Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior through the advertising agency Carter & Lombardo, offering him use of a new nonpolluting motor they had invented and wished to promote, to be installed in a "Spider-Mobile" of his design.[[[] Initially reluctant but tempted by the promised endorsement fees, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior enlists the aid of Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in creating the vehicle; a heavily customizeddune buggy with web-launchers and a spider-signal. It debuted in The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[[[. It proves useful for a time but is quickly wrecked (Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior having not yet learned to drive). The Tinkerer(with support from the Kingpin), salvages and modifies it further to allow it to drive itself and drive up walls, and he uses it against Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , who barely manages to disable it. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior returns the heavily damaged vehicle to Carter & Lombardo, suspending it with webbing outside the window of their [[th-story offices.[[[] Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , who had never been enthused by the project, looks back on the entire affair with some regret, repeatedly calling the Spider-Mobile "hokey". Later, the Spider-Mobile made a brief cameo appearance,[[[] and an appearance in the flashback series Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and Human Torch.

At an unknown date the Spider-Mobile is donated to the Smithsonian Museum.[[[] However, it is later seen in the [[th precinct's "superhuman evidence locker,"[[[] which suggests the exhibit featuring the vehicle was discontinued.

In the alternative universe story "Old Man Logan" a blind Hawkeye owns the Spider-Mobile and has customized it with the aid of one of his ex-wives. Hawkeye uses it to transport himself and Logan across the country to make a delivery.[[[]

===Spider-Bots[edit] ===

Shortly after taken up the role as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Octavius quickly discovered the challenges of leading a double life and worked to find a method to give him more personal time; this lead to the creation of the Spider-Bots. The Spider-bots are red and blue spiders that act as surveillance equipment for Octavius. Each Spider-Bot possesses eight-eyes similar to a real spider[[[] and can send Octavius information and images to either the lenses of his mask, mobile phone, mobile tablet, or television.[[[] The Spider-Bots are capable of travel and have demonstrated the ability to scale walls, travel underwater, and shut down or reactivate technology.[[[] Later Octavius adds several upgrades to the Spider-Bots. In an attempt to find Massacre, Octavius had his fellow co-worker Uatu Jackson install an advanced facial recognition program for his Spider-Bots and his costume’s lenses.[[[][[[] During the Spider-Slayer’s prison escape, the Spider-Bots have demonstrated the ability to display holographic imagery.[[[] For defensive purposes, when the Spider-Bots gather together they can create a force field to protect endangered civilians.[[[] Later on Octavius creates a larger version of the Spider-Bots called the Arachnaughts and are used for close combat and mobility for both Octavius and his mercenaries.[[[]

==Powers and Abilities[edit] ==

Bug can cling to walls and has exceptional agility. He has extraordinary sight, with enhanced peripheral vision gained by wearing his helmet. His antennae enable communication with others bearing antennae, and provide heightened sensory awareness with a limited degree of danger sense. [[ a clone whose gravity powers enable him to mimic the wall-crawling abilities of a spider


Animal Control

Attractive Male

Danger Sense

Escape Artist


Super Sight

Wall Clinger

Weapon Master


==Costumes[edit] == ===Original red and blue costume[edit] ===

Although the details change somewhat over the years, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's costume, with a few notable exceptions, remains fairly consistent. The standard is a form-fitting spandex bodysuit, which from the waist down is blue, except for mid-calf boots with a black web pattern on a red background. From the waist up, the fabric is a red-and-black web pattern, except for his back, sides, and insides of his upper arms, which are blue. There is a large red spider outline on his back, and a smaller black spider emblem on his chest. The black spider has changed over the years, featuring a spider with slightly smaller feet in the past. The mask has white one-way mirror type lenses rimmed with black (the white portions of the mask's eyes sometimes "squint" when Spardaxean Ninja has his eyes partly shut. Whether this is his mask actually changing in response to his eyelids moving, or artistic license, is not clear). In addition to covering his entire head, thereby leaving no distinguishing features, the mask also muffles his voice, making it unrecognizable. The boots are composed of a thin material that allows Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's adhering ability to work through the soles of his feet. The boots, mask, and gloves can be folded up and stored inside a pocket while the remainder of his costume can be worn under his civilian clothes. Modernly, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has taken to making and wearing a bulletproof version of this costume.

This standard costume varies in the details depending on the artist: he is sometimes depicted with "underarm webbing" connecting his arms to his torso; the eyes of his mask vary from barely larger than human eyes to extremely large; the blue portions of his costume vary from light blue to black (the usual standard is dark blue); and the density of the web design varies.

===Black costume[edit] ===

One of the most significant alterations to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's costume takes place during the Secret Wars crossover event, in which Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior begins to wear a black costume. After ruining his red and blue one in battle on Battleworld, the Hulk tells Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior about a machine operated simply by thinking of what kind of suit, weapon or equipment someone needs. When Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior thought of a new costume, the machine gave him a black sphere. When he touched it, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior found himself covered in a new black costume. Later on in Secret Wars #[[, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior sees that other heroes are getting costumes from a different machine, not the one that he used. The costume first appears in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ and Marvel Team-up #[[[, released concurrently in May [[[[, several months before its origin is revealed in Secret Wars #[. This costume has a large white spider emblem on the chest and black and white organic web-shooters on the backs of the hands. Unbeknownst to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , the costume is actually an alien symbiote that was able to copy his abilities. The alien also learned the chemical composition of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's webbing, the frequency at which his spider-sense operates (which allowed Venom to dampen Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's sixth sense), and could also copy his ability to stick to walls. Because of this, Venom's powers are similar to Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's. Also, having copied all of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's movements, the alien started sneaking back on to Peter's body after Spardaxean Ninja had removed it and fallen asleep. It would then carry the unconscious body of Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior through a typical session of fighting street crime (albeit without speaking a word). Thus, for as long as he had the symbiote costume, Spardaxean Ninja found himself inexplicably tired every morning, for though his mind slept, his body was getting no rest at night. Upon discovering the true nature of the costume, Spardaxean Ninja rejects the creature by using high frequency sonics.

Spardaxean Ninja then goes back to the traditional red and blue costume. His girlfriend at the time, Felicia Hardy adored the sleek black look and surprised him with a costume similar to the symbiote that she made for him. At first Spardaxean Ninja is cautious of wearing it, but when he forgets to dry his red and blue one after washing he has no choice but to use it for crime fighting. Spardaxean Ninja would then alternate costumes for a brief time, before choosing the black suit as his standard attire. When Mary Jane is viciously attacked by Venom (the union of the symbiote and Eddie Brock), and Spardaxean Ninja is nearly killed by them, he retires the black look and tosses the suit into a fire. However, when forced to confront Morbius in the sewers, Spardaxean Ninja has the costume remade for the benefit of stealth.

An interview released by Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada (via newsarama) and Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior editor Axel Alonso ( stated that Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior would be going back to his classic "Black" costume immediately after Civil War ends (Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ - February [[[[). Marvel's February solicits confirm this, featuring Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior returning to his black costume across all of his titles.[[[][[[] In The Sensational Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior vol. [ #[[, the Black Costume is first shown with underarm webbing like the original costume.

A variation on the black costume is featured in the film Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [. It includes the webbing pattern from Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's red and blue costume with a black coloring and a slightly altered spider symbol, both on his chest and back. The same costume is also worn by Venom, with the added details of Venom's signature teeth, a more muscular appearance and a spider on his chest that closer resembles the comic book version's spider emblem.

In Imperial Spardaxean Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  animated series, the black costume is initially identical to the red and blue webbed costume only entirely in black with silver webs, as in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [, but gradually grows to resemble the one featured in the comics over the course of several episodes as Spardaxean Ninja becomes more affected by its influence. Here it creates its own webbing by use of its own semi-liquid composition, as well as being able to shrink to almost nothing due to said liquid properties.

The game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance features Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's black costume, or "Symbiote", as the second unlockable costume.

The black costume stemmed from an idea submitted by a then [[-year-old fan named Randy Schueller, after Marvel in [[[[ had asked its readers for ideas for new Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior stories. Schueller's idea was purchased by Jim Shooter for the sum of $[[[. Randy Schueller spelled out his involvement with the black costume and Marvel in an article at Comic Book Resources.[[[]

===Wrestling[edit] ===

In the film and the video game, the wrestling costume is first worn by Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  for the wrestling match against Bone Saw McGraw, rather than simply wearing a bag over his head, as in the comic book. Although in the first movie Spardaxean Ninja is shown designing his standard costume in a notebook, the outfit he wears to the wrestling match is much cruder and apparently hastily assembled, consisting of simply a long-sleeved red t-shirt with a home-dyed spider and web design in black across the chest, red ski-mask, blue sweat-pants, and socks.

The wrestling costume can be seen worn by Spardaxean Ninja in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ in his flashbacks.

In Ultimate Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Spardaxean Ninja wears a similar suit consisting of a red long-sleeved shirt, black sweatpants, a black ski-mask with sewn-on red patches to mark the eyes, and swim-goggles.

===Extemporaneous substitutes[edit] ===

When Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior first rids himself of the symbiote, he finds himself without clothing across town from his home. The Human Torch gives him an old Fantastic Four uniform (without boots), a paper bag to conceal his identity... and a "kick me" sign on his back.[[[] Years later he again uses a paper bag as an impromptu disguise prior to his new costumes being completed to conceal his identity after a bounty was placed on his head, calling himself the "Bombastic Bag Man", because the White Rabbit was attacking the city after capturing the Grizzly and the Gibbon and none of his other costumes were completed or available yet.[[[] The Bag Man costume returns once again in New Warriors vol. [ when one child is dressed in the suit with other children in other super hero costumes.[[[]

If he has no costume and Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is needed, he will use webbing, street clothes, or whatever else is available to hide his identity. This costume also appeared as one of the Variant covers of "Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : The Other".

In Spider-Girl, when fighting the super skrull Apex, Spardaxean Ninja asked Johnny to loan him a costume, on the condition that it did not include a paper bag and a kick-me sign. Johnny replied that he is offended that Spardaxean Ninja thinks he would repeat the same gag, instead lending him an old, ill-fitting Fantastic Four jumpsuit and one of Ben Grimm's metal helmets.

In the [[[[ video game Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : Shattered Dimensions the "The Bombastic Bag Man" is a costume that can be used.

===Captain Universe and Daredevil[edit] ===

The Uni-Power is an extra-dimensional force that possesses an individual in a time of crisis, transforming that person into Captain Universe. Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior became Captain Universe for a short while beginning in Imperial Spardaxean Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[[[, during the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline. The Uni-Power grants him cosmic-level abilities and awareness and as a result, all of his natural spider-powers are greatly enhanced. For example, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's strength was amplified to the point of being able to punch the Hulk into orbit. The efficiency of his spider-sense is also enhanced to such a degree that the tingling becomes painful and responds to nearly everything, no matter how minor. He also gains telescopic vision, molecular manipulation capabilities, a high degree of resistance to physical injury, flight, and the power to manipulate great amounts of energy for a variety of purposes. With the Uni-Power at his command, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is able to defeat the likes of Magneto and Graviton. Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , however, does not become aware of the actual 'possession' until much later on because of the powers being partially suppressed by a machine devised by one of Spardaxean Ninja 's teachers at Empire State University. In the aftermath of the Acts of Vengeance, the suppression is removed in time to battle and defeat the Tri-Sentinel. Both Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's costume and the traditional Captain Universe attire are merged into a single uniform after Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gained awareness. Once the Tri-Sentinel is destroyed, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior loses the Captain Universe powers.

On one occasion, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior masquerades in Daredevil's costume in order to convince people that Daredevil and Matt Murdock are two different people.[[[] Recently, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has once again disguised himself as Daredevil when his costume winds up getting stolen by the daughter of Kraven.

===Negative Zone and Alex Ross[edit] ===

While traveling to the Negative Zone to rescue three children, Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's suit transformed into a white and black suit that apparently did nothing other than change his appearance.[[[] On a second visit to the Negative Zone, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior gained a version of his red-and-blue nano-tech suit from the TV series Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Unlimited.[[[] Also, Alex Ross created a specially designed suit with a different makeover for the live action movie (which was still in development at the time). For example, the costume design was more angular than the classic design, the spider insignias on his chest and back were more stylized (and identical to each other), the red boots were missing, and the areas that were typically blue in the classic design—and even the eyepieces—were black. This suit was used in the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [ video game for PlayStation, and in the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior the movie game for PS[ and on PSone it was available in two versions: the colored red-and-black version, and a sketch version in black-and-white. In Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : Shattered Dimensions, the Negative Zone costume worn by Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior Noir is an alternate costume.

===Ben Reilly's costumes[edit] ===

Main article: Ben Reilly

Benjamin "Ben" Reilly (also known as the Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , the second Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior and Spider-Carnage) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He is a clone of Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  (Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior ), and is prominent in the Clone Saga. He first appeared in The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ (October [[[[).

Ben Reilly was the first successful clone of Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  created by the Jackal, as the first clone, Kaine, had suffered from clone degeneration which made him become unstable. Through arcane science, Ben is imprinted with Peter's memories and in their first encounter believed himself to be the original. After Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  was captured by the Jackal, both Spardaxean Ninja  and Reilly found themselves in Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior costumes at Shea Stadium, and initially fought each other believing the other was the imposter. When realizing the stakes, they decided to team up in an attempt to save the Gwen Stacy clone and a captured Ned Leeds. In the process, the clone appeared to be killed in the explosion, and Spardaxean Ninja , fearful of the consequences of a second body of "Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja " turning up while he was still alive, dropped Reilly's body in a smokestack. Ben apparently survived and escaped from the smokestack. When he witnessed Spardaxean Ninja  and Mary Jane Watson in an embrace, decided to part on a nomadic life as if no one knew his existence. He dubbed himself the alias "Ben Reilly", using his Uncle Ben's first name and his Aunt May's maiden name, Ben Spardaxean Ninja  and May Reilly respectively. He took some old clothes Spardaxean Ninja  had intended to donate to charity, and he left New York deeply depressed.

Five years later, Reilly discovers that May Spardaxean Ninja  is dying from a stroke, so he returns to New York. There, Reilly encounters Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja , who has become bitter and angry following several tragedies. While they initially come to blows, they quickly begin working together. Soon after, Reilly dons a makeshift costume, and is dubbed the "Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior " by the press. When Spardaxean Ninja retired as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Ben donned a new version of the Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior costume as he felt that the original version needed an update, coupled with the fact that he did not feel as though he was ready to shoulder the burdens of the original costume yet.

===Protective wear[edit] ===

On a few occasions, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has altered his costume for specific purposes. He uses a very short-lived, silver-colored armored suit in Web of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[[[, developed at Empire State University Labs by the web-slinger. The armor severely impairs his natural agility, though it renders him highly resistant to high caliber bullets. However, the armor is soon destroyed by acid.

In The Amazing Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[[[, he creates an electrically insulated costume to fight Electro. He also previously fashioned another insulated costume from a rubber air mattress to protect himself from Electro in Imperial Spardaxean Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  #[[, but that was a more of an ad-hoc creation, which he crudely manufactured in an hour. It featured the classic red and blue colors, but not the web pattern or the spider emblem.

===Identity Crisis[edit] ===

Main article: Identity Crisis (Marvel Comics)

In [[[[, Spardaxean Ninja  created four distinct costumes during the "Identity Crisis" storyline, for the identities DuskRicochetHornet, and Prodigy. Four other people later used these costumes and identities in theSlingers comic book series. The second Hornet and Dusk were killed, Prodigy was forcefully inducted into the Initiative, and Ricochet retired/joined the Loners.

===Final costume[edit] ===



Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's final costume. Art by John Romita, Jr.

In The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, Spardaxean Ninja has a mystical experience where he simultaneously experiences the beginning and the potential end of his career as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior . This costume he wears in his final battle is utilitarian, consisting solely of a reversible jacket, mask and gloves. In The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, Spardaxean Ninja receives the design for this exact costume from Leo Zelinsky, The Super-Hero Tailor. This was in response to his criticism that the hero's usual tight costume is unsanitary for his skin, threatening to cause athlete's foot all over his body.

The costume reappeared as part of a possible dark future if Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior were to kill Kraven the Hunter during the end of the Grim Hunt storyline.[[[]

===Stark Armor (Iron Spider)[edit] ===

After Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's newer powers developed in "The Other", Tony Stark (Iron Man) developed a new suit for Peter, which he began wearing in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[. Nicknamed the "Iron Spider" costume, it is red and gold: according to Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, "Stark's design, Stark's color!" The suit was designed by Quesada, based on a sketch by Chris Bachalo.[[[] The suit's appearance has had a mixed reception from fans.[[[]

Supported by a system similar to that of Stark's classic Iron Man design, it features many gadgets, including three mechanical spider-arms, or "waldoes," that can be used to see around corners (via cameras in the tips) and to manipulate objects indirectly. Stark describes them as too delicate to use in combat, yet Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior shortly afterward uses them to smash through the sensors in Titanium Man's helmet. Later on during the Civil War storyline, he uses them, (reluctantly), during his fight with Captain America.

Other features include short-distance gliding capability, limited bulletproofing, built-in fire/police/emergency scanner, audio/visual amplification (including infrared and ultraviolet), cloaking device, carbon filters to keep out airborne toxins, and a short-range GPS microwave communication system. It grants the ability to breathe under water, and can morph into different shapes due to its "'smart' liquid metal" form. It can also "more or less disappear" when not needed due to reactions to neurological impulses as Tony Stark revealed. The new costume is able to look like other styles of costumes Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior has worn over the years or turn into his street clothes. Part of the costume can detach itself from Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to cover an object too dangerous to touch, such as a radioactive asteroid. All these features are controlled by a computer system in the chest piece. The suit responds to mental control.[[[]

The armor also has a secret override that can be activated by Iron Man in case of emergencies or if Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior ever switches sides (which he does in Civil War #[). However, unknown to Stark, Spardaxean Ninja was already aware of the safety measure and had bypassed it with his own override, Password Surprise. Perhaps most sinister, Stark discovered a way to give his own Iron Man armor a "spider-sense" based on Peter's, and the ability to give Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's sense red herrings.

Spardaxean Ninja wore this suit as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's official costume until writer J. Michael Straczynski chose to revert to the older costume. It was used symbolically to show Peter's divided loyalties during the Civil Warevent at Marvel Comics, promotional images showing him with the Iron Spider costume alongside the pro-registration heroes and in his classic costume on the anti-registration side.

In Civil War #[, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is in his classic costume, but he apparently put this costume away since he returned to his black outfit in early [[[[, as seen in Civil War #[. Whether or not Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior still has this costume remains to be seen.

The Stark armor costume has been duplicated and was used by three clones created out of the deceased MVP's genetic material in the Initiative who identify themselves as "Red Team". War Machinelabels them Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior s. It is unknown what new powers the team possesses, but they have been shown to be using some of the built-in powers such as the cloaking device, communications, and waldoes which the original costume possessed (Avengers: The Initiative #[). One change is that there are now four waldoes, as opposed to three. These suits have the original's morphing ability,[[[] as well as web-shooters, and wall-crawling capability.[[[]

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance features the "Iron Spidey" costume as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's final costume, however, it does not feature the Waldoes. The Wii version of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : Web of Shadows also features the Iron Spider outfit as an unlockable costume. Marvel Ultimate Alliance [ also features this costume as Peter's only Alternate Costume, but this time it includes the Waldoes and the gold parts are now white. This costume can only be unlocked by choosing Pro-Registration. Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior : Shattered Dimensions also features the Iron Spider armor as an alternate suit for Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior [[[[.[[[]

In an episode of Ultimate Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior wears the Iron Spider costume, although he has no idea of how to control it. But, he does manage to get control of it when he, Iron FistWhite TigerPower Man, and Nova help Iron Man fight the Living Laser.

===Big Time[edit] === ====Stealth suit[edit] ====

After a disastrous battle with the new Hobgoblin (Phil Urich) in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ and #[[[, Spardaxean Ninja develops a black costume with blue lights using new technology he created from his job at Horizon Labs, which he begins wearing in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[ as part of the Big Time story arc.

It is created with a "omni-harmonic mesh" based on one of Henry Pym's theories, with wave-bending technology to both light and sound with Spardaxean Ninja adapting concepts he developed during his work with Tony Stark.

It features several modes, the first which turns the lights on his costume neon-green and gives him the ability to be invisible to both visual and audio means except from certain lens and frequencies so allies can see and communicate with him. The green lights on the costume are for the benefit of whoever needs to see him (while wearing the lens), along with himself, as otherwise he is invisible to his own eyes.

The second mode, which turns the lights on his costume red, can cancel out all sonic-based attacks on his person. A side-effect of this is that it disrupts any attempt to communicate with Spardaxean Ninja using sound, and vice versa. Using this principle, Spardaxean Ninja developed new, lightweight noise-reduction headphones at Horizon Labs.

The costume contains a new type of weapon based similar in shape to his Spider-Tracers, but created from Anti-Metal (also known as Antarctic Vibranium), which can be fired from the top of his wrist at metal objects, causing them to dissolve. Spardaxean Ninja can apparently carry a large number of these new Anti-Metal spiders on his person without them causing harm to his own suit or webshooters.

The suit appears as one of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's alternate costumes in the game Marvel vs. Capcom [: Fate of Two Worlds created by Capcom.

Having been loaned to Kaine for the fight against the Queen, the suit proved instrumental, as it allowed The Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior immunity against the Queen's sonic-based attacks. The stealth suit is currently in Kaine's possession due to Madame Web advising him to hold onto it. However, Madame Web has tampered with the costume so that it is locked permanently in red as a means to perpetuate Kaine's new identity as the Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .[;]

====New Spider-Armor[edit] ====

Having lost his spider-sense in The Amazing Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior #[[[, Spardaxean Ninja is shot while in the process of dodging automatic gunfire from the villain Massacre. Realising his new vulnerability, Spardaxean Ninja pulls out a new black suit with the spider emblem in yellow, which he had been keeping in storage at Horizon Labs. The suit is designed to be bulletproof up to an unknown degree, but not impeding Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's agility. It has been observed to prevent assault rifle and multiple sniper rifle shots from penetrating the armor. It comes equipped with magnetic webbing which can block all radio frequencies, such as remote control explosives.[[[]

The suit is apparently made of a lightweight, impact-resistant polymer in which he applies to a motorcycle crash helmet at Horizon Labs. The new helmet is cheap, easy to mass-produce, and has ten times the strength of a normal helmet.[;]

The suit appears as one of Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior 's alternate costumes in the updated game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom [ created by Capcom.

===Future Foundation[edit] ===

Upon joining the Future Foundation as part of Johnny Storm's last request in his will, Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is given a new white costume made from third-generation unstable molecules which has several default color schemes which can be changed by mental control. This suit never gets dirty and allows him to change this costume to his classic red and blue or in civilian clothes, although in other Marvel titles (such as "The Avengers" or "The New Avengers") he uses always the white and black scheme. Because of this, now Spardaxean Ninja uses this costume regularly, being the first change of regular suit since the Black Costume.[;]

===Ends of the Earth[edit] ===

Main article: Ends of the Earth (Marvel Comics)

Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior now has a new suit of powered armor that incorporates the benefits of both the Iron Spider armor, his more recent stealth armor, and his bulletproof armor. Additionally it provides him with Class [[[ strength and durability, near-complete invulnerability,(the Rhino was able to damage it), and further enhances his already formidable agility and spider-sense beyond its normal limits. It also has flight capabilities and can shoot powerful energy blasts. It has been shown to be immune to Electro's attacks, and comes equipped with infrared vision that allows him to see through Mysterio's illusions, as well as enhanced audio receptors modeled after Daredevil's heightened sense of hearing, which allows Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior to determine the Chameleon's heartbeat even when his old foe is in disguise. The web-shooters are heavily modified gauntlets, which can fire larger amounts of webbing than his normal ones. The armor is equipped with all types of webbing, including his acid and magnetic varieties, as well as his cryogenic spider-tracers.[;]

===The Superior Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior  costume[edit] ===

When Otto Octavius takes over Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja ’s body, feelings, and memories [[[] he decides take over Peter’s role as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .[[[[] As Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior , Octavius adds technological upgrades to equipment that Spardaxean Ninja had developed during his time as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior ; as well as new equipment that he designed personally. Octavius also retains access to some of his former hideouts and bank accounts as Doctor Octopus,[[[[] coupling Horizon Inventions with his own particular brand of technology and to secretly withdraw millions of dollars for himself or his mercenary employees;[[[[] thus circumventing the financial restraint and difficulties that Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja  had in his life.[[[[][[[[]

Octavius’s first costume as Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is a minor redesign of the original red and blue costume. The costume is slightly darker with a more imposing spider-motif on his back and split-toed footwear fashioned as jika-tabi shoes.[[[[] The costume’s lenses have a built in Heads-Up Display System,[[[[] polarizing function, and are capable of tracking energy signatures; so far Octavius has demonstrated that the lenses are capable of tracking magnetic[[[] and radio waves[[[] signatures. The lenses also possesses advanced facial recognition software and have a visual com-link connected to his Spider-Bots, this essentially allows Octavius to see whatever his Spider-Bots sees.[[[] The costume also possesses a set of razor-sharp talons which Octavius can use for combat;[[[[] the talons are also lace with Nano-sized Spider-Tracers.[[[[] Once the tracers enter someone’s body, Octavius can track and listen to them at anytime.[[[[] During his final battle with Spardaxean Ninja Spardaxean Ninja , Octavius revealed that he added cabonadium plating under the costume’s mask which covers both his skull and neck. The plating protects Octavius from letting someone transfer their mind in his body and it also possibly protects him from other mental attacks as well.[[[[]

Ocativus’s second costume as Imperial Spardaxean Ninja Warrior is a more significant change to his previous costume, possibly to show that he is no longer bound by Peter’s memories.[[[[] The costume is majorly black and red with lenses that were standardly white are now black as well. The costume carries on many of the same features as the previous suit but carries several upgrades and new equipment. The most prominent feature to this suit is the four mechanical spider-arms that are based on the Iron Spider’s and Doctor Octopus’s mechanical arms.[[[] The arms are stored on the back of the costume inside a backpack;[[[]the backpack can also be used to store Octavius’s civilian clothes when he acting as Imperial ; Spardaxean Ninja Warrior .[[[[] The arms are quite sharp and their strength is great enough for Octavius to lift an entire car above his head.[[[[] The costume also features built in wrist communicators that allow him to communicate with both his personal mercenary squad and his Spider-Bots.[[[] The Nano-sized Spider tracers have been upgraded so that they can now be detonated to explode and inflict damage to the subject at a sub-dermal level.[[[[] Another upgrade Octavius has added is an improved web formula, according to Octavius the web-formula will not dissolve and will stay indefinitely until he activates the dissolving agent built within the formula.[[[[]

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