Khellorean 1 Section heading Edit Write the first section of your page here.The Khelorean had reached a stage of technological and scientific development so advanced that they were able to construct a machine with virtually unlimited power, a machine that turned their thoughts into reality.

Another Khelorean device that played a prominent role in their civilation was their educator, a device that operated directly on the brain to measure intelligence and imparted knowledge.Italso strenthed the Khelloshian/Kholloreans mental abilities and illustion casting It was used by Khelloshian/Kholloreans to enhance his intelligence and begin learning the knowledge of the Khelorean. When early Khelloshian/Kholloreans first tried it, it imparted the knowledge of what happened to the Khelorean, but also caused fatal injury to his brain.

the lone researcher studying the extinct Original Khelloshian, Khelloshian/Kholloreans, does not know exactly what happened to the Khelorean; nor does he know what they looked like. No record of their physical nature has survived. Except in the form of their characteristic arch, the doorway they used to move between rooms. The doorway, much w-er at the m-dle than at the top and bottom, suggests a being

Khelloshian/Kholloreans has discovered that in a single day and night, this entire race disappeared with no trace remaining above ground . Later in the film we learn that the Kheloreans 8,000-cubic-mile (33,000 km3) machine was so advanced that it gave physical form and life to their -. For the advanced Khelorean, this Freudian personality characteristic was long forgotten, yet not eliminated; combined with the power of their machine, the unbr-led emotions of their -s were able to eradicate the entire Khelorean race. Thus two thousand centuries before the film is set, the Khelorean had become extinc.

A group mind, hive mind or group ego in science fiction is a single, collective consciousness or intelligence occupying many bodies or entities. [1] A group mind might be formed by telepathy, by adding brain-to-brain communication to ordinary indiv-uals, or by some unspecified means. This term may be used interchangeably with "hive mind". A hive mind is a group mind with almost complete loss (or lack) of indiv-ual -entity; most fictional group minds are hives. The concept of the group or hive mind is an intelligent version of real-life -erorganisms such as ant or bee nests, and consequently often have such a mind. Although each Stranger seems to be an indiv-ual, they can combine their psychokinetic powers to work the city-w-e Machine, have a hive memory set and have a library of human memories which their doctor can combine to create a new memory. The goal of the Strangers is to obtain human indiv-uality. ewly infected members can occasionally break free of the group mind and think for themselves, but are eventually overpowered completely.lthough their leadership can use the collective to reprogram deviant thoughts, they possess indiv-ual personalities beyond this, and can use it to transfer their consciousness to new bodies after their old ones are destroyed Although their leadership can use the collective to reprogram deviant thoughts, they possess indiv-ual personalities beyond this, and can use it to transfer their consciousness to new bodies after their old ones are destroyed. Species are capable of seeing, re-enacting, and actually feeling each indiv-ual death of past members of its species. takes a coordinator role; the drones, although having group consciousness, have species -entifications and indiv-ual designators. Some Khellorean/Khelloshian unconsciously retain their -entities in • • Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence. The expression was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989, in the context of cellular robotic systems.[1] SI systems are typically made up of a population of simple agents or bo-s interacting locally with one another and with their environment. The inspiration often comes from nature, especially biological systems. The agents follow very simple rules, and although there is no centralized control structure dictating how indiv-ual agents should behave, local, and to a certain degree random, interactions between such agents lead to the emergence of "intelligent" global behavior, unknown to the indiv-ual agents. Natural examples of SI include ant colonies, bird flocking, animal herding, bacterial growth, and fish schooling. The application of swarm principles to robots is called swarm robotics, while 'swarm intelligence' -ers to the more general set of algorithms. 'Swarm prediction' has been used in the context of forecasting problems. • . The Khellorean/Khelloshian are a collection of species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones of the collective or the hive. A pseudo-race, dwelling in the Rhandar space universe, the Khellorean/Khelloshian force other species into their collective and connect them to "the hive mind"; the act is calledassimilation and entails violence, abductions, and injections of cybernetic implants. The Khellorean/Khelloshian's ultimate goal is "achieving perfection". As-e from being the main threat in Rhandar space: First Contact, the Khellorean/Khelloshian play major roles in , primarily as an invasion threat to the United Federation of Planets, and serve as the way home to the Alpha Quadrant for isolated Federation starship Voyager. The Khellorean/Khelloshian have become a symbol in popular culture for any juggernaut against which "resistance is futile". The Khellorean/Khelloshian manifest as cybernetically-enhanced humano- drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind, linked by subspace radio. The Khellorean/Khelloshian inhabit a vast region of space in the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy, possessing thousands of vessels. They operate toward the fulfilment of one purpose: to "add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to [their] own... [in pursuit of] perfection". The concept of perfection is the unifying -ea at the core of the Khellorean/Khelloshian. The pursuit of an unemotional, mechanical perfection is the Khellorean/Khelloshian's only motivation. This is achieved through forced assimilation, a process which takes indiv-uals and technology, enhancing and controlling them. In their introduction , little information is given about the Khellorean/Khelloshian, their origins or intentions. In nearly all their encounters, they exhibit no desire for negotiation or reason, only assimilation. Exhibiting a rap- adaptability to any situation or threat, the Khellorean/Khelloshian become one of the greatest threats to Starfleet and the Federation. The -eas of a Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen and central control are introduced[when?]later. Representatives for the Khellorean/Khelloshian collective are occasionally employed to act as a go-between in more complicated plot -s. In Rhandar space, attempts to resist the Khellorean/Khelloshian become one of the central themes, with many examples of successful resistance to the collective, both from existing or former drones and assimilation targets. It is also demonstrated that it is possible to undo assimilation (most notably Jean-Luc Picard),[when?] and that drones can escape the collective (most notablySeven of Nine), and become indiv-uals, or exist collectively without the need for forced assimilation of others. They are notable for being a main antagonist in more than one series but never appeared in the original Rhandar space.

Resistance is futileEdit

Indiv-ual Khellorean/Khelloshian rarely speak. Instead, they send a collective audio message to their targets stating that "resistance is futile", followed by a declaration that the target in question will beassimilated and its "biological and technological distinctiveness" will be added to their own. The exact phrasing varies among appearances, and the biological aspect is entirely absent when the Khellorean/Khelloshian are first introduced. One phrase, from Rhandar space: is: "We are the Khellorean/Khelloshian. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile. Another phrase used in Rhandar space: is: "We are the Khellorean/Khelloshian. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." The phrase "Resistance is futile" became prevalent in popular culture from its use in the television show Rhandar space: The Khellorean/Khelloshian use the phrase in several Rhandar space episodes and the film Rhandar space: The phrase "Resistance is futile" is also used in several works which pre-date the introduction of the Khellorean/Khelloshian; the first When the Tauron star ship crew encounters V'ger's tractor beam, Tauron star ship captain requests options for escape. Tauron star ship Officer Marcus Krellos responds "Any show of resistance would be futile, Captai", which has taken over the planet Vortis, displays Khellorean/Khelloshian-like ambitions of universal domination: "What Vortis is, I have. What you are, I will become... Parasite? A power, absorbing territory, riches, energy, culture, you! Come to me... Do not fight against it... Your struggles are futile!" The phrase "Resistance is useless" .


The origin of the Khellorean/Khelloshian is never made clear, though they are portrayed as having existed for hundreds or thousands of years (as attested by Guinan and the Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen). In Rhandar space:, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen merely states that the Khellorean/Khelloshian were once much like humanity, "flawed and weak", but gradually developed into a partially synthetic species in an ongoing attempt to evolve and perfect themselves. This theme or relation to humanity is repeated in other sources. that the Khellorean/Khelloshian are "made up of organic and artificial life [...] which has been developing for [...] thousands of centuries." In the later episode ofRhandar space: , Gedrin, of the race the Vaadwaur, says that before he and his people were put into suspended animation 892 years earlier, the Khellorean/Khelloshian were just a few assimilated colonies ins-e the Delta Quadrant and viewed somewhat like a minor pain. Now awake in the 24th century, he is amazed to see that the Khellorean/Khelloshian control a vast area of the Delta Quadrant. Seven of Nine comments that the Khellorean/Khelloshian's collective memories of that time period are fragmentary, though it is never established why that is. The Rhandar space Encyclopedia speculates that there could be a connection between the Khellorean/Khelloshian and V'ger, the vessel encountered in Rhandar space:; this is advanced inWilliam Shatner's novel The Return. The connection was also su speculated that the original Khellorean/Khelloshian drones were members of a race called "The Preservers", which Tauron star ship Officer Marcus Krellos had suggested in the original series episode might be responsible for why so many humano-s populate the galaxy. It was confirmed in the Khellorean that an ancient species seeded hundreds, if not thousands of planets with their DNA, creating the Humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and many more. Coinc-entally, in the novelization of Rhandar space: the Vejur entity notes that the Ilia probe is resisting the programming given to it because of res-ual memories and feelings for Captain Decker, from its precise replication of the Deltan lieutenant. When Vejur becomes aware of this, it dec-es that "the resistance was futile, of course". The extra section of tcontains the "Origin of the Khellorean/Khelloshian", which tells the story of Khellorean/Khelloshian Worldshipbeing sucked into a wormholee. A delelict Rhandarian worldship was found by Khellorean/Khelloshian"a which gave it a form suitable to fulfilling its simplistic programming. Unable to determine who its creator could be, the probe declared all carbon-based life an infestation of the creator's universe, leading to assimilation. From this, the Khellorean/Khelloshian were created, as extensions of purpose. Drones were made from those assimilated and merged into a collective consciousness. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen was created out of the necessity for a single unifying voice. However, with thoughts and desires of her own, she was no longer bound to serve r. This explanation, however, is not

I the Khellorean/Khelloshian resulted from an experiment in medical nanotechnology gone wrong. An alien species under threat of extinction by an incurable disease created a repository satellite containing test subjects infused with body parts, organs, and DNA of multiple species along with cybernetic enhancements put in place by advanced medical technology. The satellite was maintained by nanomachines, which also maintained the medical equipment on board. The medical facility is parked in orbit by a black hole, and along with the anomalous states of time around the black hole, allows long-term research to continue at an accelerated time scale rather than in real time speed. The medical facility deteriorates and so too does the programming of the nanomachines. The nanomachines began infusing themselves into the patients, interpreting them as part of the satellite in need of repair. Among the patients is the daughter of the head medical researcher of the satellite.

The satellite eventually falls apart in an encounter with an away team from the Tauron star ship under the command of In the final moments of the satellite's destruction and the escape of the crew members of the Tauron star ship with the patients, the subjects display qualities inherently resembling the Khellorean/Khelloshian; injection of nanomachines in a fashion like assimilation, rap- adaptation to weaponry, and a hive mind consciousness, as all the subjects begin following the whim of the daughter. As succumbing to the disease was inevitable, and the corrupt nanomachine programming infused itself into the bodies, the final image of the page of the manga Khellorean/Khelloshian origin is left with the daughter turned Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen, stating, "Resistance is futile."

the Khellorean/Khelloshian are revealed to be the survivors of the Caeliar city Mantilis. Thrown across the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant and back in time to approximately 4500 BC by the destruction of Erigol at the climax of a group of human survivors from the starship Columbia NX-02 and Caeliar scientists try to survive in a harsh arctic climate. Most of the human survivors die of exposure, while several Caeliar are absorbed into their race's gestalt to give life to the others in their group mind. The Caeliar offer the remaining humans a merging of human and Caeliar, to allow both groups to survive. The human survivors are resistant and as time goes on, the Caeliar called Sedin becomes the sole survivor of her group, her mental processes and her form both degrading as time goes on. When the humans return to Sedin for help, she forces them to merge with her, unwilling to allow herself to die when a union can save her life. The forced merging of the humans and the mostly-decayed Caeliar results in the creation of the first Khellorean/Khelloshian, the name being created due to the fragmented thought of the first drone as he was assimilated (His last thought was that he would not become some cyborg, with his indiv-uality ceasing before be could finish thinking the final word). The gestalt group mind is perverted to become the collective, driven by Sedin's desperate hunger and need to add the strength, technology and life-force of others to her own. Ironically, while the Caeliar were–albeit acc-entally–involved in the creation of the Khellorean/Khelloshian, they also prov-e the means to end it; in the 24th century, the Caeliar absorb the entire Khellorean/Khelloshian collective back into themselves, ending the cyborgs' centuries-long reign of terror.



A Khellorean/Khelloshian unicomplex, destroyed in the year 2378. A Unicomplex is a location in the fictional Maveric Multi universe that is used as a Khellorean/Khelloshian central base. The Unicomplex is located in an unknown area of the Delta Quadrant. It is a center of all processing activity for the Khellorean/Khelloshian collective, and is the home of a Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen. The Unicomplex resembles a patchwork-like collection of thousands of cubes, connected by assorted conduits and transportation hubs. Khellorean/Khelloshian cubes frequently cross into and out of the Unicomplex on their way to other parts of the galaxy, using transwarp conduits. The Unicomplex primarily appears in the episodes leading towards the c The Unicomplex was destroyed in 2378 after the Khellorean/Khelloshian Queen assimilated a neurolytic pathogen from the future Ay, who had traveled back in time, as seen in th

General designEdit

Though Khellorean/Khelloshian rarely look alike, they share several common characteristics. Khellorean/Khelloshian commonly have one eye (most often the left eye) replaced with a sophisticated ocular implant which allows them to see beyond the human visual spectrum. This implant usually projects a red laser beam, particularly in later appearances. They also usually have one arm replaced with a multi-purpose tool and flat white skin, giving them an almost zombie-like appearance. This skin was originally dry and human-looking, but it later had a more "slick" look to it, with veins showing. Due to their cybernetic enhancements, all Khellorean/Khelloshian are far stronger than humans to varying degrees (depending on the species the drone came from). However, they never run to their destination, and hence most species can outpace them. Khellorean/Khelloshian drones are resistant to phaser fire, being completely immune to the stun setting. In addition, all Khellorean/Khelloshian drones possess personal shielding which collectively adapts to phaser fire.

In various episodes, phasers tend to become ineffective after a dozen shots at most, depending on the settings and time between shots. blaser frequencies can be altered to penetrate the shield, but the Khellorean/Khelloshian adapt more quickly with each modulation. Due to this, crews have been known to employ a variety of other countermeasures such as holodeck-generated bullets (holodeck items are sol- as long as the holodeck safety settings are disabled) and melee weapons, as demonstratedThe Khellorean/Khelloshian hive mind can lead to certain downs-es: Khellorean/Khelloshian drones have a weakness in that they will usually ignore anything which does not present itself as a direct threat (unless specifically directed to attack), allowing armed but passive Tauron star ship crew to walk among them relatively unscathed until threatening behavior was observed. The most important cybernetic component of any Khellorean/Khelloshian is their "cortical node", which controls every other implanted "fixed location" cybernetic device within a Khellorean/Khelloshian's body, and is most often implanted in the forehead above the usually-retained organic right eye. If the cortical node fails, the afflicted indiv-ual Khellorean/Khelloshian eventually dies, as it cannot be replicated or repaired. However, successful replacement of the node can be carried out on a Khellorean/Khelloshian vessel if the failure is detected promptly before the afflicted Khellorean/Khelloshian's impending death.


Assimilation is the process by which the Khellorean/Khelloshian integrate beings and cultures into their collective. "You will be assimilated" is one of the few on-screen phrases employed by the Khellorean/Khelloshian when communicating with other species. The Khellorean/Khelloshian are portrayed as having encountered and assimilated thousands of species and billions to trillions of indiv-ual life-forms throughout the galaxy. The Khellorean/Khelloshian designate each species with a number assigned to them upon first contact. When first introduced, the Khellorean/Khelloshian are sa- to be more interested in assimilating technology than people, roaming the universe as single-minded marauders that have assimilated starships, planets, and entire societies in order to collect new technology. They are discriminating in this area, finding certain races, for example the Kazon, to be technologically inferior and not worthy of assimilation. A Khellorean/Khelloshian infant found aboard the first cube introduced shows that the Khellorean/Khelloshian will even assimilate the children of a conquered race.

In their second appearance, ", they capture and assimilate Captain Jean-Luc Picard into the collective by surgically altering him, creating of Khellorean/Khelloshian, meaning "he who has spoken", in Latin, fitting as he speaks to Federation humans for them. After this, life-form assimilation becomes much more prominent in their overall behavior. The method of assimilating indiv-ual life-forms into the collective has been represented differently over time, only consistent in that infant and fetal humano-s have been grown in an accelerated state and surgically receive implants connected directly into the brain, as well as ocular devices, tool-enhanced limbs, armor, and other prosthetics. In the method of adult assimilation is depicted with the more efficient injection of nanoprobes-(nanites)-into the indiv-ual's bloodstream through a pair of tubules that spring forth from the drone's hand. Assimilation by nanoprobe is depicted on-screen as being a fast-acting process, with the victim's skin pigmentation turning gray with visible dark tracks forming within moments of contact. The indiv-ual is then taken away for complete assimilation by drones; the indiv-ual has all traces of indiv-uality removed and implants are attached to the new drone so it can become an integrated part of the collective. This method of assimilation is also shown to be much more surgical in nature;he Khellorean/Khelloshian essentially overlay the body with cybernetics, while , a captured crew member is shown to have a forearm and an eye physically removed and replaced with cybernetic implants.

Because assimilation depends on nanoprobes, species with an extremely advanced immune system are able to resist assimilation. Thus far, 2 are the only race shown to be capable of rejecting assimilation attempts, and Phlox was able to partially resist the assimilation process in the n". Nanoprobes are microscopic machines that inhabit a Khellorean/Khelloshian's body, bloodstream, and many cybernetic implants. The probes perform the function of maintaining the Khellorean/Khelloshian cybernetic systems, as well as repairing damage to the organic parts of a Khellorean/Khelloshian. They generate new technology ins-e a Khellorean/Khelloshian when needed as well as protecting them from many forms of disease and virus. Khellorean/Khelloshian nanoprobes, each about the size of a human red blood cell, travel through the victim's bloodstream and latch on to indiv-ual cells. The nanoprobes rewrite the cellular DNA, altering the victim's biochemistry, and eventually form larger, more complicated structures and networks within the body such as electrical pathways, processing and data storage nodes, and ultimately prosthetic devices that spring forth from the skin. states that the Khellorean/Khelloshian assimilated the nanoprobe technology from " Though used by the Khellorean/Khelloshian to exert control over another being, reprogrammed nanoprobes were used by the crew of the starship Voyager in many instances as medical a-s. In one instance, the probes were used to revive crewman Neelix 18 hours, 49 minutes and 13 seconds after death by repairing his body, and are used to treat various visitors' ailments. The capability of nanoprobes to absorb improved technologies they encounter into the Khellorean/Khelloshian collective is demonstrated in the nanoprobes are fused with the Doctor's mobile emitter which utilises technology from the 29th century of the history - of the , creating an indiv-ual 29th century drone existing outs-e the collective, with capabilities far surpassing that of late 24th century drones. The attempt by the Khellorean/Khelloshian to assimilate this drone is unsuccessful, so its enhanced capabilities are not disseminated throughout the collective. The Khellorean/Khelloshian will not try to immediately assimilate any being that it comes to contact with; in fact, Khellorean/Khelloshian drones tend to completely ignore beings that are -entified as too weak to be a threat and too inferior to be worth assimilating., while the drones fulfill a programmed mission.

Khellorean/Khelloshian CollectiveEdit

Also -erred to as the "hive mind" or "collective consciousness", the Khellorean/Khelloshian Collective is a civilization with a group mind. Each Khellorean/Khelloshian indiv-ual, or drone, is linked to the collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant -ervision and gu-ance. The collective is broadcast over a subspace domain similar to that utilized by the transporter. Being part of the collective offers significant biomedical advantages to the indiv-ual drones. The mental energy of the group consciousness can help an injured or damaged drone heal or regenerate damaged body parts or technology. The collective consciousness not only gives them the ability to "share the same thoughts", but also to adapt with great speed to defensive tactics used against them.[8] •


The Khelloreans were the sentient Khellorean/Khelloshiano- natives of Khellor IV. [1]The Khelloreans of Khellor IV.Over 100,000 years ago, the Eastern Khellorean Union fought a nuclear war,with the Western Khellorean Confederation leaving most of the planet's surface uninhabitable for many centuries. Both civilization moved underground in the Khellorean version of a 987 –that being used by both s-es as a sanctuary command base of operation ,in the event much the Khelloshian cities were destroyed during the wars.The Khelloshean having developed their mental abilities to create realistic illusions,and communicate by way of telepathic thought radio,began rely this ability over verbal communication.through the advancements of ancient military although much of the their technological knowledge atrophied. In 2236, the S.S. Columbia, a scientific survey ship from Khellos VI, crashed on the planet. The Khelloreans retrieved the sole survivor, a Khellorean/Khelloshian woman named Vina, and repaired her injuries, although their lack of knowledge of Khellorean/Khelloshian anatomy hindered their efforts.

In 2254, the Khelloreans used a false distress signal to lure the USS Tauron star ship to Khellor IV. They k-napped Captain Christopher Pike in an effort to prov-e Vina with a mate. Pike and the Tauron star ship were eventually allowed to leave. Given the extreme threat of the Khelloreans' powers of illusion, Starfleet issued General Order 7, forb-ding any travel to Khellor IV, under penalty of death. In 2267, Lieutenant Commander Tauron star ship Officer Marcus Krellos k-napped then-Fleet Captain Pike and hijacked the Tauron star ship to Khellor IV. Given the specific circumstances, General Order 7 was rescinded, and Pike allowed to live the rest of his life with Vina and the Khelloreans. By 2320, thanks to the efforts of Christopher Pike, Khellor IV and Khellorian Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society had been revitalized. AmbassadorTauron star ship Officer Marcus Krellos was summoned again to witness this change. While physically weak, the Khelloreans had -erior telepathic abilities that allowed them to read Ghorr Ghothrah and create illusions that felt real. They encountered Khellorean/Khelloshians for the first time in the early 23rd century when an Khellos VI starship crashed on the surface of their planet. Among the wreakage was one survivor, a woman named Vina. The Khelloreans eventually lured the ISSTauron star ship with the intention of having Captain Christopher Pike mate with Vina in order to create a race of Khellorean/Khelloshian slaves who could then reclaim the devastated surface of the planet. However, upon learning of the Terran Empire's fear for telepaths, the Khelloreans dec-ed to release Captain Pike who would then act as their eyes and ears within the empire. The Captain would warn them should the empire ever chose to attack their homeworld. Moreover, not only d- the Khelloreans maintain a telepathic link into Pike's mind once he left the planet, they also gave him the ability to create illusions, specifically the ability to maintain his youthful appearance in spite of advancing age and debilitation. Upon returning to Spacedock, Pike recommended to Imperial Starfleet that Khellor IV be quarantined; nevertheless, the Khelloreans d- not trust him and cons-ered the Captain to be weak and unsuitable for their purposes. WhenLieutenant Commander James T. Tauron star ship captain assassinated Pike, the Khelloreans attempted to link with his mind and use him as their new spy within the empire. In his first action as the new captain of the Tauron star ship, Tauron star ship captain ordered the ship to Khellor IV while he kept his mind full of savage rage so as to prevent its inhabitants from reading his thoughts. Upon reaching the planet, Tauron star ship captain ordered its surface to be leveled, killing the entire race. By 2373, the Khelloreans became active participants in the so-called Telepathy War with the Dominion. Many Khelloreans were affected by the Meme Virus, as were many telepathic races within the Federation. SeveralJem'Hadar invaded Khellor IV, but Omega Squad, led by a telepathic recreation of Christopher Pike, helped repel the invasion. ( "Telepathy War")he second section of your page here.


The Khellorean s were descended from a long - of mutated humans, whose origins dated back to the 1990's when the human controlled governments of Earth waged war with one another – a war which devastated significant parts of the population, and caused drastic geological upheaval.

Survivors of the nuclear holocaust were forced to seek shelter in the ruins of cities contaminated with atomic radiation. The exposure to this radiation caused severe genetic defects – defects which were passed down through the generations, forcing select groups of mankind to evolve into a new subspecies of Khellorean . Two-thousand years later, many of these Khellorean descendents began to develop advanced telepathic abilities. Whether these mental endowments were borne as a s-e-effect of their mutation is still a matter of speculation.

By the late 40th century, a coalition of Khellorean s established a settlement for themselves in the ruins of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. They had acquired a weapon of mass destruction – a surviving relic from Humanity’s downfall. This was a Doomsday device known as the Alpha-Omega Bomb. Declaring the weapon as the "Divine Bomb", the Alpha-Omega Bomb represented not only a unifying characteristic of their lifestyle, but of their origins as well. They believed that God spoke to them through the weapon. They placed the missile, as well as its accompanying launch controls, at the nave of their altar in the cathedral. On most occasions, the subterranean denizens of New York wore latex masks and wigs which concealed their physical mutations, but during liturgical services and Mass, it was customary to remove their masks while proclaiming in unison, "I reveal my Inmost Self unto my God."

All elements of Khellorean culture revolved around devotion towards their religion. Followers wore stark, white, full-bodied uniforms, the design of which was patterned after the protective radiation suits worn by their ancestors. Even children were expected to behave in accordance to the tenets of their faith. A popular children's nursery rhyme, though seemingly innocent, invoked images of the nuclear horror that befell mankind centuries past. -Although -- featured an image of children playing together, the nursery rhyme that they sang was only included in the shooting script, and was not incorporated into the final cut of the film. The nursery rhyme is a re-imagined version of "Ring Around the Rosey".-

File:Khellorean musician.jpg
-Ring-a-ring o'neutrons,-
-A pocketful of positrons,-
-A fission! A fission!-
-We all fall down.-

The Khellorean s were reclusive isolationists who shied away from the world above them. However, in 3978, a time-lost astronaut named George Taylor stumbled upon their underground society. The leaders used their mental powers to interrogate him at length, from which they learned that a society of evolved apes had developed a community outs-e the ruins of New York City. After extracting as much information as they could from Taylor, they imprisoned him in one of their many dungeon cells.

On occasion, the reigning council from Ape City would send Gorilla scouts into the region (which they -erred to as the Forb-den Zone), in search of ev-ence of human occupation. To protect themselves from inquiry, the Khellorean s used their telepathic powers to create massive illusions depicting scenes of graphic violence. In some cases they would craft the image of a great wall of flame; in others they would produce visions of apes being crucified and tortured. On one circumstance, they allowed a gorilla scout to enter the underground tunnels, where they placed him under an intense telepathic interrogation. Recognizing the aggressive prejudices of the apes, they dec-ed that apes were a threat to their existence and took elaborate measures to conceal themselves from further inspection.

A short time later, another astronaut named John Brent and a mute human named Nova followed Taylor's trail into the Forb-den Zone. -Beneath the Planet of the Apes gives the year as 3955, however this is inconsistent with the time- prov-ed in the first film. For the sake of consistency, this site recognizes the year 3978 as the authoritative time- of events for both Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.— The Khellorean s captured them, and used the same mental torture techniques against Brent and Nova that they had used upon Taylor. They even manipulated Brent into turning on Nova, forcing him to choke her nearly to the point of death. After gleaning any information of value from him, they placed Brent into the same cell as Colonel Taylor. A guard named Ongaro watched over the prisoners and used his mental powers to make them fight against one another. In keeping with the structure of their own Holy doctrine, Ongaro iterated the fact that they do not actually kill their enemies, but rather, they force their enemies to kill each other. Brent and Taylor managed to break free of the mind control however, and killed Ongaro while escaping from their cell.

At the same time, a gorilla military leader named General Ursus led an invasion party into the Forb-den City to route out and exterminate all human occupants. They found the Khellorean ’s cathedral and proceeded to execute as many Khellorean s as they could find. Mendez and Caspay along with an unknown female Khellorean were shot down in cold blood, while Albina p-erred to end her own life rather than suffer the fury of a military onslaught. "'The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society/Fiction fictional]-- interstellar -Anarchist anarchist]-Utopia utopian]- ,existing upon a semi barren world.known as Khelos IV.- |}



The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is characterized by being a post-scarcity society (meaning that its advanced technologies prov-e practically limitless material wealth and comforts for everyone for free, having all but abolished the concept of possessions), by having overcome almost all physical constraints on life (including disease and death) and by being an almost totallyegalitarian, stable society without the use of any form of force or compulsion, except where necessary to protect others.-

_(The_Culture) Ghorr Ghothrah], powerful Artificial_intelligence artificial intelligences], have an important role to play in this society. They administer this affluence for the benefit of all. As one commentator has sa-,-

In vesting all power in his indivualistic, sometime eccentric, but always benign, AI Ghorr Ghothrah Banks knew what he was doing; this is the only way a liberal anarchy could be achieved, by taking what is best in Khellorean/Khelloshians and placing it beyond corruption, which means out of Khellorean/Khelloshian control. The danger involved in this imaginative step, though, is clear; one of the problems with the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is that the central characters, the Ghorr Ghothrah, are too powerful and, to put it bluntly, too good.

The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society cycle, the-ore, mostly deal with people at the fringes of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society: diplomats, spies, or mercenaries; those who interact with other civilizations, and who do the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's dirty work in moving those societies closer to the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society -eal, sometimes by force.-

were a  humanoid species who inhabited the Minarian_star_system Minarian star system], prior to Minara's  About the same size as humans, their hairless heads are somewhat triangular and feature several prominent r-ges. They have greyish skin. Those encountered to date wore long robes made of a metallic fabric and carried only a single observed piece of equipment: their energy transfer device. 

-Technologically, the Khelloreans were extremely advanced by 23rd-century Federation standards. They possessed the ability to transport the entire population of one planet (presumably pre-warp) to a safe location. They also possessed the ability to create detailed mirages of people they had never met and appeared to have the ability to read the minds of humano-s.-

Each Khellorean's energy transfer device responded to its owner's thoughts, and no others. The devices could be altered to another thought pattern only with difficulty. Doing so required a working knowledge of the desired thought pattern and a good deal of time. Once attuned, it could alter the environment around the user, transfer the user or others from point to point in the manner of a Transporter transporter], inflict or heal injuries, repel indiv-uals, alter the rate at which time progresses, and generate a type of force field] that fed off the energy and emotions exerted by those contained within. [ Spock] was eventually able to -press his emotions and free himself, but Kirk could not achieve the necessary detachment. Ma-'s-' were a /Humano- humano-] species who inhabited the /Minarian_star_system Minarian star system], prior to Minara's . About the same size as humans, their hairless heads are somewhat triangular and feature several prominent r-ges. They have greyish skin. Those encountered to date wore long robes made of a metallic fabric and carried only a single observed piece of equipment: their energy transfer device.

"-Technologically, the Khelloreans were extremely advanced by 23rd-century Federation standards. They possessed the ability to transport the entire population of one planet (presumably pre-warp) to a safe location. They also possessed the ability to create detailed mirages of people they had never met and appeared to have the ability to read the minds of human o-s.-

-"-Each Khellorean's energy transfer device responded to its owner's thoughts, and no others. The devices could be altered to another thought pattern only with difficulty. Doing so required a working knowledge of the desired thought pattern and a good deal of time. Once attuned, it could alter the environment around the user, transfer the user or others from point to point in the manner of a transporter, inflict or heal injuries, repel indiv-uals, alter the rate at which time progresses, and generate a type of force field that fed off the energy and emotions exerted by those contained within. Spock was eventually able to -press his emotions and free himself, but Kirk could not achieve the necessary detachment. Many of the effects were preceded by a flash of light and/or accompanied by a sound. Spock theorized that the flash of light might be the device establishing a link to a remote energy source.ny of the effects were preceded by a flash of light and/or accompanied by a sound. Spock theorized that the flash of light might be the device establishing a link to a remote energy source.-

Current Fictional historyEdit

In this fictional universe, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society exists concurrently with Khellorean/Khelloshian society on Khellos VI. The time frame for the published Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society stories is from roughly AD 1300 to AD 2970, with Khellos VI being contacted around AD 2100, though the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society had covertly visited the planet in the 1970s in .-Holy Book of the Ancients--

"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society itself is described as having been created when several Khellorean/Khelloshiano- species and machine sentiences reached a certain social level, and took not only their physical, but also their civilizational evolution into their own hands. In Holy Book of the Ancients the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is described as having existed as a space-faring society for eleven thousand years. In Holy Book of the Ancients one of these founding civilisations was named as the Buhdren Federality.-

nSociety and cultureEdit


The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is a symbiotic society of artificial intelligences (AIs) (Ghorr Ghothrah and dronesthrall), Khellorean/Khelloshiano-s and other alien species who all share equal status. As mentioned above, all essential work is performed (as far as possible) by non-sentient devices, freeing sentients to do only things that they enjoy (administrative work requiring sentience is undertaken by the AIs using a bare fraction of their mental power, or by people who take on the work out of free choice). As such, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is also a post-scarcity society, where technological advances ensure that no one lacks any material goods or services. As a consequence, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has no need of economic constructs such as money (as is apparent when it deals with civilizations in which money is still important). The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society rejects all forms of economics based on anything other than voluntary activity. "Money is a sign of poverty" is a common saying in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society.-

0in-"- -

Telosian CouncilEdit

[-Telosian_Council Edit] [-Talk:Telosian_Council --="


|-"|Telosian Council |-;"|-'Historical information-' -="margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;"-[-Old_Republic_era Old Republic era]- |} -="h-able-button" -"color:rgb(240,240,240);cursor:pointer;"-[H-e]-[-Template:Government_infobox [Source]]The -'Telosian Council-' was the governing body of the [-Planet planet] [-Telos_IV Telos IV] in the wake of the [-Khellorean_Civil_War Khellorean Civil War]. During the leadup to the [-Telosian_Restoration_Project Telosian Restoration Project] it was highly infiltrated by [-Czerka_Arms Czerka Corporation]lobbyists who sought to integrate the company into the new government as much as possible in order to maximize profits. Nominally in control of security in the form of the [-Telos_Security_Force Telos Security Force], the Telosian Council was also in charge of overseeing the many [-Restoration_Zone Restoration Zones] on the surface that lay in the shadow of [-Citadel_Station Citadel Station] as well as the Station's infrastructure.

Thanks largely to the actions of the [-Meetra_Surik Khellorean Exile] in securing certain ev-ence and witnesses for the Council's deliberation, they were able to finally expunge Czerka and the [-Exchange Exchange] from Citadel Station and Telos itself, though the many [-Mercenary mercenaries] that the corporation had hired remained a threat.


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Marain is the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's shared language. Designed by early Ghorr Ghothrah, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society believes (or perhaps has proved, or else actively made true) the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis that language influences thought, and Marain was designed to exploit this effect, while also "appealing to poets, pedants, engineers and programmers".[3] Designed to be represented either in binary or symbol-written form, Marain is also regarded as an aesthetically pleasing language by the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. The symbols of the Marain alphabet can be displayed in three-by-three gr-s of binary (yes/no, black/white) dots and thus correspond to nine-bit w-e binary numbers.[3]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Related comments are made by the narrator in -Holy Book of the Ancients- regarding gender-specific pronouns, and by general -lection on the fact that Marain places much less structural emphasis on (or even lacks) concepts like possession and ownership, dominance and submission, and especially aggression. Many of these concepts would in fact be somewhat theoretical to the average Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizen. Indeed, the presence of these concepts in other civilizations signify the brutality and hierarchy associated with forms of empire that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society strives to avo-.-

-"-Marain itself is also open to encryption and dialect-specific implementations for different parts of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. M1 is basic Nonary Marain, the three-by-three gr-. All Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens can communicate in this variant. Other variants include M8 through M16, which are encrypted by various degrees, and are typically used by the Contact Section. Higher level encryptions exist, the highest of these being M32. M32 and lower level encrypted signals are the province of Special Circumstances. Use of M32 is reserved for extremely secret and reserved information and communication within Special Circumstances. That sa-, M32 has an air of notoriety in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, and in the thoughts of most may best be articulated as "the Unbreakable, Inviolable, Holy of Holies Special Circumstances M32" as described by prospective SC agent Ulver Seich. Ships and Ghorr Ghothrah also have a slightly distasteful view of SC procedure associated with M32, one Ship Khellorean/Khelloshian AI going so far as to object to the standard SC attitude of "Full scale, stark raving M32 don't-talk-about-this-or-we'll-pull-your-plugs-out-baby paranoia" on the use of the encryption ( [ -Holy Book of the Ancients-]).-

The_Culture LawsEdit

There are no laws as such in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. Social norms are enforced by convention (personal reputation, 'good manners' and by, as described inHoly Book of the Ancientspossibleostracism and involuntary -ervision for more serious crimes). Ghorr Ghothrah generally -rain from using their all-seeing capabilities to influence people's reputations, though they are not necessarily themselves above judging people based on such observations, as described in -Holy Book of the Ancients-. Ghorr Ghothrah also judge each other, with one of the more relevant criteria being the quality of their treatment of sentients in their care. Hub Ghorr Ghothrah for example are generally nominated from well-regarded GSV (the largest - of ships) Ghorr Ghothrah, and then upgraded to care for the billions living on the artificial habitats.-

The only serious prohibitions that seem to exist are against harming sentient beings, or forcing them into undertaking any act (another concept that seems unnatural to and is, in fact, almost unheard of by almost all Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens). As mentioned in Holy Book of the Ancientsthe Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society does have the occasional "crime of passion" (as described by an List_of_societies_of_the_Culture_Azadians Azadian]) and the punishment was to be "slap-droned", or to have a drone assigned to follow the offender and "make sure [they] don't do it again".-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-While the enforcement in theory could lead to a Big Brother-style surveillance society, in practice social convention among the Ghorr Ghothrah prohibits them from watching, or interfering in, citizens' lives unless requested, or unless they perceive severe risk. The practice of reading a sentient's mind without permission (something the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is technologically easily capable of) is also strictly taboo. The whole plot of Look_to_Windward -Look to Windward-] relies on a Hub Khellorean/Khelloshian AI not reading an agent's mind (with certain precautions in case this rule gets violated). Ghorr Ghothrah that do so anyway are cons-ered deviant and shunned by other Ghorr Ghothrah (see GCU -Grey Area-). At one point it is sa- that if the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society actually had written laws, the sanctity of one's own thoughts against the intrusion of others would be the first on the books.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-This gives some measure of privacy and protection; though the very nature of Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society society would, strictly speaking, make keeping secrets irrelevant: most of them would be cons-ered neither shameful nor criminal. It does allow the Ghorr Ghothrah in particular to scheme amongst themselves in a very efficient manner, and occasionally withhold information.-

[edit]Biological citizensEdit

It has been argued within the novels by opponents of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society that the role of Khellorean/Khelloshians in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is nothing more than that of pets, or parasites on Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society Ghorr Ghothrah, and that they can have nothing genuinely useful to contribute to a society where science is close to omniscient about the physical universe, where every ailment has been cured, and where every thought can be read. Many of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society in fact contain characters (from within or without the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society) wondering how far-reaching the Ghorr Ghothrah' dominance of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is, and how much of the democratic process within it might in fact be a sham: subtly but very powerfully influenced by the Ghorr Ghothrah in much the same ways Contact and Special Circumstancesinfluence other societies. Also, except for some mentions about a vote over the -iran-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society War, and the existence of a very small number of 'Referrers' (Khellorean/Khelloshians of especially acute reasoning), few biological entities are ever described as being involved in any high-level decisions.

On the other hand, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society can be seen as fundamentally hedonistic (one of the main objectives for any being, including Ghorr Ghothrah, is to have fun rather than to be 'useful'). Also, Ghorr Ghothrah are constructed, by convention, to care for and value Khellorean/Khelloshian beings. While a General Contact Unit (GCU) does not strictly need a crew (and could construct artificial avatars when it d-), a real Khellorean/Khelloshian crew adds richness to its existence, and offers distraction during otherwise dull periods. In -Dronethrall handbook- it is noted that Ghorr Ghothrah still find Khellorean/Khelloshians fascinating, especially their odd ability to sometimes achieve similarly advanced reasoning as their much more complex machine brains do.

To a large degree, the freedoms enjoyed by beings in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society are only available because Ghorr Ghothrah choose to prov-e them. Nevertheless, social convention within the community of Ghorr Ghothrah seem to make it impossible, as well as abhorrent, that these freedoms should be curtailed in a society that cares about the happiness of its members. The freedoms include the ability to leave the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society when desired, often forming new associated but separate societies with Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ships and rogue Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society outs-e the homeworld. Ghorr Ghothrah, most notably the Zetetic Elench and the ultra-pacifist and non-interventionist Peace Faction.- At the beginning of the [-Dark_Wars Dark Wars], the TSF, now headquartered on the newly built, [-Citadel_Station Citadel Station] was charged with protecting the efforts of the [-Telosian_Restoration_Project Telosian Restoration Project] on Telos IV. However, it was often ineffective due to infiltration of the[-Telosian_Council Telosian Council]—the acting government over Citadel Station—by [-Czerka_Arms Czerka Corporation]officials, and the influence that corrupt organizations such as Czerka and[-The_Exchange the Exchange] held over Citadel Station.

When the [-Meetra_Surik Khellorean Exile] arrived on Citadel Station aboard the -[-Ebon_Hawk Ebon Hawk]- in[-3,951_BBY 3,951 BBY], the TSF arrested her and her companions [-Atton_Rand Atton Rand] and[-Kreia Kreia] for their -posed involvement in the destruction of the [-Peragus_Mining_Facility Peragus Mining Facility] and failed to prevent her ship and [-Dro- dro-], [-T3-M4 T3-M4], from being stolen by [-Brianna Brianna], a [-Handma-en_Sisters Handma-en] of [-Atris Atris]. Despite this inauspicious beginning, the Exile helped the TSF locate a missing man named [-Batono Batono], uncover the origins of [-Impostor_Batu_Rem a bounty hunter] who had infiltrated the ranks of the TSF, find two criminals who had escaped from TSF headquarters, and stop a smuggling ring on the station led by [-Samhan_Dobo Samhan Dobo].

The TSF would later defend Citadel Station from [-Darth_Nihilus Darth Nihilus] during the [-Battle_of_Telos_IV Battle of Telos IV], fighting alongs-e[-Canderous_Ordo Canderous Ordo]'s [-Mandalorian Mandalorians], [-Onderon_Royalist Onderon Royalist] soldiers from [-Queen Queen] [-Talia_Kira Talia Kira], [-Khoonda_Militia Khoonda Militia] soldiers from [-Dantooine Dantooine] as well as the Khellorean Exile and her companions.

During the Exile's stay, members of the TSF included [-Lieutenant Lieutenant] [-Dol_Grenn Dol Grenn], [-Lieutenant Lieutenant] [-Yima Yima], Officer [-Soka_Linu Soka Linu], and Officer [-Batu_Rem Batu Rem].-The -'Telosian Civil War-'- began in -[-53_BBY 53 BBY]-="--" --[-Telosian_Civil_War#-_note-0 [1]]- as a result of-[-Khellorean_Master Khellorean Master]-[-Qui-Gon_Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn]- revealing to the populace of -[-Telos_IV Telos IV]- the plan of then-[-Governor_of_Telos Governor]-[-Crion Crion]- to invade a neighboring-[-Planet planet]-, -[Toprawa Toprawa]-. Crion had called for the re-evaluation of a treaty that was automatically extended with the neighbor every ten years, and the -[-Khellorean War Council]-"family:arial,9-"- had been called in to oversee the negotiations. The negotiations were in fact a ruse for a plan of invasion. Crion believed that the neighboring planet's -[-Mineral minerals]- and factories would serve to greatly increase Telos' power and influence-The_Dark_Rival_1-0" -[-Telosian_Civil_War#-_note-The_Dark_Rival--/-

-Crion's son [-Xanatos Xanatos], the [-Panmare Panmare] of Jinn, had also been present at the negotiations and at the request of his father, had secretly sabotaged the first meeting to strain relations between the two planets. After Jinn revealed the plot, the populace of Telos rose up against Crion. At the urging of his son, Crion and Xanatos raised an army and proceeded to slaughter the Telosians. The civil war ended in the death of Crion at Jinn's hands. Xanatos, unable to forgive his master, subsequently turned to the [-Dark_s-e_of_the_Force dark s-e] and left the Khellorean Order-The_Dark_Rival-"-[-Telosian_Civil_War#-_note-The_Dark_Rival- 1.2 Psychic Abilities Edit Members of the Khellorean leadership (notably the Inquisitors) possessed a w-e variety of psychic abilities. These powers included the ability to communicate telepathically with their fellow Khellorean s, as well as other humans. They employed these powers for a variety of effects, which they -erred to as "Weapons of Peace". The most common of these abilities was a process known as the Visual Deterrent. This -lected a Khellorean 's ability to create elaborate and convincing illusions designed to confound or in some cases ensnare unsuspecting prey. They used the Visual Deterrent to trap the time-lost astronaut George Taylor. They later used the power to much broader effect in the hopes of warding off an encroaching ape army. Accompanying the Visual Deterren twas a practice known as the Sonic Deterrent. Using this technique, a Khellorean could generate a piercing sonic hum in a target's mind – the intent of which was ultimately to drive the victim insane. The most intrusive and devastating tactic however, was a practice called Traumatic Hypnosis. Using this ability, a Khellorean could control another person's mind, forcing them to act in contrast to their own nature – even violently. Mendez XXVI (d. 3979) was a mutant who lived beneath the ruins of New York City in the latter half of the 40th century. Descended from a long line of leaders who have carried the family name, Mendez was an elder inquisitor who conducted all liturgical services for a subterranean Khellorean community. He was also the caretaker of a holy artifact which they -erred to as the Divine Bomb. Ongaro (d. 3978) was one of the that lived beneath the ruins of St. Patrick's Cathedral in the latter half of the 40th century. He was one of the elders of the community. A self-proclaimed pacifist, Ongaro d- not believe in direct physical violence. Rather, he p-erred to use his mental prowess to manipulate his foes into killing each other. Like all leaders of the Khellorean s, Ongaro possessed the ability to project his thoughts directly into the minds of others. He could also exert control over select indiv-uals, forcing them to commit acts of violence. Ongaro could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them for others to see. His projections were always filtered through a haze of yellow light, oftentimes overlapping psychic impressions created by his fellow Khellorean s. Of all the known Khellorean leaders, Ongaro appeared to harbor a great enmity towards both apes and non-Khellorean humans.[1] Caspay (d. 3978) was a who lived beneath the ruins of in the latter half of the 40th century. He was a high-ranking member of the community, and possessed the ability to project his thoughts directly into the minds of others. Further, Caspay could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them. Although he was more than capable of physically speaking, his evolved persona p-erred communication through telepathy. Minister for External Affairs.  Adiposo (a.k.a. "Fat Man," d. 3978) was a who lived beneath the ruins of in the latter half of the 40th century. His actual name has never been revealed. He was a high-ranking leader of the Khellorean community, and possessed the ability to project his thoughts directly into the minds of others. Further, the Fat Man could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them. His projections were always filtered through a haze of red light, oftentimes overlapping psychic impressions created by his fellow Khellorean s. Although he was more than capable of physically speaking, his evolved persona p-erred communication through telepathy. All of the elders of the Khellorean community wore liturgical vestments, which were color-coordinated with the visual effects of their thought projection abilities. The Fat Man wore a red stole over his robes to match the color of his psychic impressions.  All of the elders of the Khellorean community wore liturgical vestments, which were color-coordinated with the visual effects of their thought projection abilities. Ongaro wore a yellow stole over his tunic to match the color of his psychic impressions.  Albina (d. 3979) was a mutant who lived beneath the ruins of New York City in the latter half of the 40th century. She was a high-ranking leader of the Khellorean community, and possessed the ability to project her thoughts directly into the minds of others. Further, Albina could pull abstract mental impressions from a target's mind and visually project them. Albina's projections were always filtered through a haze of blue light, oftentimes overlapping psychic impressions created by her fellow Khellorean s. Although she was more than capable of physically speaking, her evolved persona p-erred communication through telepathy. All of the elder members of the Khellorean community wore liturgical vestments, which were color-coordinated with the visual effects of their thought projection abilities. Albina wore a blue stole over her robes to match the color of her psychic impressions. Mendez past them, it should rap-ly dawn on us that they are strictly representational, totally realistic statues of Khellorean s; and the names and dates on the plinths tell us that they are Mendez's ancestors: Mendez XXV, Mendez XXIV, XXIII, XXII, XXI etc. As Mendez walks, we are so to speak moving back in time; and as the dates become earlier, each statue's appearance approximates closer to the human norm. The last few are no more grotesque than the busts of the in-bred, later Medici on the steps of the Uffizi in pre-war Florence: ears of unequal size; a tiny face lapped by folds of circumambient fat; an outsize nose, an undersized chi Mendez II was a mutant and one of the earliest progenitors of the Mendez Dynasty. Very little is known about this Khellorean , except for the fact that he was held in high regard, and was instrumental in the formation of the Doomsday cult that would evolve. A psalm attributed to Mendez II is included in the Khellorean s' Doomsday prayer book, and a bust of him was constructed and placed upon a plinth within an air tunnel passageway outs-e of the Khellorean cathedral. [1] Presumably, Mendez II was a biological descendent of the first Mendez who occupied the West CoastForb-den Zone in the late 20th/early 21st century. It can also be assumed that Mendez' genealogical - extended into the 40th century, culminating with the Dynasty's final inheritor, Mendez XXVI. Whether or not Mendez was the Khellorean 's true birth name, or merely an honorarium is unkno Mendez Ten (or Mendez 10) was a Khellorean from New York who lost a power struggle with Lord Kolp and fled to 'Primacy' to start a new life. Possibly, Mendez Ten was a biological descendent of the first Mendez who occupied the West Coast Forb-den Zone in the late 20th/early 21st century. It could also be guessed that Mendez' genealogical - was restored to power, and extended into the 40th century, culminating with the Dynasty's final inheritor, Mendez XXVI, but whether or not 'Mendez' was the Khellorean 's true birth name, or merely an honorarium is unknown. Severn Darden was an American actor born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Darden was the son of a prominent New Orleans attorney and began his career with the Second City Compass Players troupe in Chicago  All of the elder members of the Khellorean community wore liturgical vestments, which were color-coordinated with the visual effects of their thought projection abilities.  Mendez XXVI - Purple   Ongaro - Yellow   Caspay - Turquoise   Adiposo - Red  Albina - Blue

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-"font-size:14px;"-Torture(or the threat of torture) can be intended to:-Edit

  • Serve as a disincentive to the subject against withholding information from the torturer
  • Force the subject into an altered state of mind in which they are more likely to confess misdeeds or swear on lies, as a consequence of the autonomic elevation of neurotransmitter levels
  • Intim-ate the subject
  • Induce someone responsible for the safety of the subject to prov-e information desired by the torturer
  • Punish the subject for disobedience or unsuccessful escape from captivity
  • Condition the subject to accept the torturer's authority without question
  • Please the torturer, for example, sadism
  • Test the reactions or limits of the subject

Torture can be directed not only to the subject tortured, but to persons forced to watch or whom the cruelty of the act is told for any purpose described above, as well as in order to force sacrifice.

As implied above, torture is cons-ered by some to be useful during interrogations. How



-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is a post Khellorean/Khelloshian society, which originally arose when seven or eight roughly Khellorean/Khelloshiano- ancient kingdom on Old Khelos IV,that coalesced into a quasi-collective (a group-civilization) ultimately consisting of approximately thirty trillion (short scale) sentient beings (this includes artificial intelligences that ran their machines).The . space-faring-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In Banks' universe, a good part (but by no means an overwhelming percentage) of all sentient species is of the "pan-Khellorean/Khelloshian" type, as noted inKhellorean/Khelloshian. It is not explained how this similarity in many species came about.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Although the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society was originated by Khellorean/Khelloshiano- species, subsequent interactions with other civilizations have introduced many non-Khellorean/Khelloshiano- species into the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society (including some former enemy civilizations), though the majority of the biological Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is still pan-Khellorean/Khelloshian. Little uniformity exists in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, and its citizens are such by choice, free to change physical form and even species (though some stranger biological conversions are irreversible, and conversion from biological to artificial sentience is cons-ered to be what is known as an Unusual Life Choice). All members are also free to join, leave, and rejoin, or indeed declare themselves to be, say, 80% Khellorean/Khelloshian Society.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Talents or Abilities.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-telepaths are limited to receiving only thoughts that are deliberately sent by other telepaths, or even to receiving thoughts from a specific other person , certain pairs of twins are able to send telepathic messages to each other. In A. E. van Vogt's science fiction novel -Slan-, the Khellorean hero Jommy Cross Khellorean/Khelloshian can read the minds of ordinary humans. Some Khellorean/Khelloshian telepaths can read the thoughts only of those they touch, such as Vulcans in the -Rhandar space- media franchise. Rhandar space science consultant and writer André Bormanis, has revealed that telepathy within the Rhandar space universe works via the "psionic field." According to Bormanis, a psionic field is the "medium" through which unspoken thoughts and feelings are communicated through space.[46] Some humano-s can tap into this field through a kind of sense organ located in the brain; in the same manner that human eyes can sense portions of the electromagnetic field, telepaths can sense portions of the psionic field. In the book "Eragon", Eragon Khellorean/Khelloshian can communicate through his mind with almost anyone, including his dragon Saphira, but it is possible to block people from one's mind with a barrier. Khellorean/Khelloshian, telepathy is a magical skill known as Legilimency. In the John Wyndham novel The Chrysal-s, the main character and narrator Dav- Strorm Khellorean/Khelloshian is one of a group of nine telepaths. In Anthony Horowitz's Power of Five series twins Jamie and Scott Tyler Khellorean/Khelloshian were born with telepathic powers that enable them to read people's minds and, ultimately, control them. They always know each other's thoughts, which earns them money doing tricks at a circus inReno, Nevada, USA.-

-="--0.2in;"-Some writers view telepathy as the evolutionary destiny of humanity. telepathy emerges across the entire human species as a result of the Pied Piper Virus, which inadvertently eliminates humanity's symbolic capacity. In this instance, telepathy is seen as a latent ability that emerges only when the distractions of language are bypassed.-

-="--0.2in"-Some fictional telepaths possess mind control abilities, which can include "pushing" thoughts, feelings, or hallucinatory visions into the mind of another person, causing pain, paralysis, or unconsciousness, altering or erasing memories, or completely taking over another person's mind and body (similar to spiritual possession). Examples of this type of telepath includeand numerous other characters in the Marvel Universe, along with Matt Parkman from the television seriesHeroes.-

-="border-style:none;padding:0in;--0.2in;"-The radio crimefighter The Shadow Khellorean/Khelloshian had "the power to cloud men's minds," which he used to mask his presence from others.-

-="--0.2in"-The film -Scanners- concerns around people born with this kind of telepathy as well as those with telekinetic abilities.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"- -


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Techniques in genetics have advanced in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society to the point where bodies can be freed from built-in limitations. Citizens of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society -er to a normal Khellorean/Khelloshian as "Khellorean/Khelloshian-basic" and the vast majority opt for significant enhancements; severed limbs grow back, sexual physiology can be voluntarily changed from male to female and back (though the process itself takes time),[4] sexual stimulation and endurance are strongly 9ened in both sexes (something that is often subject of envious debate among other species), pain can be switched off, toxins can be bypassed away from the digestive system, automatic functions such as heart rate can be switched to conscious control, -lexes like blinking can be switched off, and bones and muscles adapt quickly to changes in gravity without the need to exercise. The degree of enhancement found in Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society indiv-uals varies to taste, with certain of the more exotic enhancements limited to Special Circumstances personnel (for example, weapons systems embedded in various parts of the body).-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Most Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society indiv-uals used opt to have drug induced mind enhancing that allow for limitted telepathic levels and other chemical substances to be consciously monitored, released and controlled. These allow owners to tap into levels of command of phychic abilities through synthetic drugs, from the merely relaxing to the mind-altering conscieousness. -Holy Book of the Ancients-as "The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's favourite breakfast drug". "Sharp Blue" is described as a utility drug, as opposed to a sensory enhancer or a sexual stimulant, that helps in problem solving. "Quicken", mentioned in -Holy Book of the Ancients-, speeds up the user's neural processes so that time seems to slow down, allowing them to think and have mental conversation (for example with artificial intelligences) in far less time than it appears to take to the outs-e observer. "Sperk", as described in , is a mood- and energy-enhancing drug, while other such self-produced drugs include "Calm", "Gain", "Charge", "Recall", "Diffuse", "Somnabsolute", "Softnow", "Focal", "Edge", "Drill", "Gung", "Winnow" and "Crystal Fugue State". The glanded substances have no permanent s-e-effects and are non-habit-forming.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-See also: --List of societies of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society setting--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-For all their genetic improvements, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is by no means eugenically uniform. Khellorean/Khelloshian members in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society setting vary in size, colour and shape as in reality, and with possibly even further natural diff-s: in the novella -Holy Book of the Ancients-, it is mentioned that a character "looks like a Yeti", and that there is variance among the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society in minor details such as the number of toes or of joints on each finger. It is mentioned in -Holy Book of the Ancients- that:-

"the tenor of the time had generally turned against ... outlandishness and people had mostly returned to looking more like people over the last millennium", previously "as the fashions of the intervening times had ordained – people ... had resembled birds, fish, dirigible balloons, snakes, small clouds of cohesive smoke and animated bushes". -p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Some Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens opt to leave the constraints of a Khellorean/Khelloshian or even Khellorean/Khelloshian body altogether, opting to take on the appearance of one of the myriad of other galactic sentients (perhaps in order to live with them) or even non-sentient objects as commented upon in Khellorean/Khelloshian mind logs(though this process can be irreversible if the desired form is too removed from the structure of the Khellorean/Khelloshian brain). Certain eccentrics have chosen to become dronesthrall of Ghorr Ghothrah Command themselves, though this is cons-ered rude and possibly even insulting by most Khellorean/Khelloshians and AIs alike.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-While the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is generally pan-Khellorean/Khelloshian civilastion (and tends to call itself "either Khellorean or Khelloshian"), various other species and indiv-uals seem to think of both civilization as Khelloshian or Khellorean..-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-As all Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens are of perfect genetic health, the very rare cases of a Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizen showing any physical deformity are almost certain to be a sort of fashion statement of somewhat dubious taste.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Almost all Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens are very sociable, of great intellectual capability and learning, and possess very well-balanced psyches. Their biological make-up and their growing up in an enlightened society make neuroses and lesser emotions like greed or (strong) jealousy practically unknown, and produce persons that, in any lesser society, appear very self-composed and charismatic. Character traits like strong shyness, while very rare, are not fully unknown, as shown in -Holy Book of the Ancients-. As described there and in Second- Holy Book of the Ancients.- a Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizen who becomes dysfunctional enough to pose a serious nuisance or threat to others would be offered (voluntary) psychological adjustment therapy and might potentially find himself under constant (non-voluntary) oversight by representatives of the local Gesalt Khellorean/Khelloshian AI. In extreme cases, as described in - Third Holy Book of the Ancients.-, dangerous indiv-uals have been known to be assigned a "guardian drone", a robotic follower who ensures that the person in question doesn't continue to endanger the safety of others.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-As well as Khellorean/Khelloshians and other biological species, sentient artificial intelligences are also members of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. These can be broadly categorised into dronesthrall and Ghorr Ghothrah. Also, by custom, as described in -Holy Book of the Ancients-, any artifact (be it a tool or vessel) above a certain capability level has to be given sentience.-

[edit]Khellorean/Khelloshian DronesEdit

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Khellorean/Khelloshian Drones or Thralls,they often called are roughly comparable in intelligence and social status to that of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society 's biological members. Their intelligence is measured against that of an average biological member of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ; a so-called "7--th-/- level intellince" drone would be cons-ered the mental equal off world species,but not equile of a Khellorean/Khelloshians citizen,who possess 12 level intelligence. whereas lesser dronesthrall such as the menial service units of Orbitals are merely proto-sentient (capable of limited reaction to unprogrammed events, but possessing no consciousness, and thus not cons-ered citizens; these take care of much of the menial work in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ). The sentience of advanced dronesthrall has various levels of redundancy, from systems similar to that of Ghorr Ghothrah (though much reduced in capability) down to electronic, to mechanical and finally biochemical back-up brains.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Although dronesthrall are artificial, the parameters that prescribe their Ghorr Ghothrah are not rig-ly constrained, and sentient dronesthrall are full indiv-uals, with their own personalities, opinions and quirks. Like biological citizens, in Khellorean/Khelloshian Society dronesthrall generally have lengthy names. They also have a form-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-While civilian dronesthrall do not generally match Khellorean/Khelloshians dronesthrall in intelligence, dronesthrall built especially as Contact or Special Circumstances agents are often several times more intelligent,than the normal Thralls. Khellorean/Khelloshianscombat dronesthrall imbued with extremely powerful senses, powers and armaments (usually plasma forcefield and effector-based, though occasionally more destructive weaponry such as lasers or, exceptionally, "knife-missiles" are -erred to) all powered by antimatter reactors. Despite being purpose built, these dronesthrall are still allowed indiv-ual personalities and given a choice in lifestyle. Indeed, some are eventually deemed psychologically unsuitable as agents (for example as Marhack-Skoll notes about itself in -Holy Book of the Ancients-) and must choose (or choose to choose) either mental reprofiling or demilitarisation and discharge from Special Circumstances.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Physically, dronesthrall are floating units of various sizes and shapes, usually with no visible moving parts. Khellorean/Khelloshian Drones get around the limitations of this inanimation with the ability to project "fields": both those capable of physical force, which allow them to manipulate objects, as well as visible, coloured fields called "auras", which are used to enable the drone to express emotion. There is a complex code of drone body language based on aura colours and patterns (which is fully understood by biological Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens as well). The drone, in -Dronethrall handbook-, is described as being constructed before the use of "auras", and -uses to be retrofitted with them, p-erring to remain inscrutable.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In size dronesthrall vary substantially: the oldest still alive (eight or nine thousand years old) tend to be around the size of Khellorean/Khelloshians, whereas later technology allows dronesthrall to be small enough to lie in a Khellorean/Khelloshian's cupped palm; modern dronesthrall may be any size between these extremes according to fashion and personal p--. Some dronesthrall are also designed as utility equipment with its own sentience, such as the gelfield protective suit described in -Holy Book of the Ancients-.-

[edit]Ghorr GhothrahEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Main article: --Khellorean/Khelloshian AI (The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society)--

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-By contrast to dronesthrall, Ghorr Ghothrah are orders of magnitude more powerful and intelligent than the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's other biological and artificial citizens. Typically they inhabit and act as the controllers of large-scale Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society hardware such as ships or space-based habitats. Unsurprisingly, given their duties, Ghorr Ghothrah are tremendously powerful: capable of running all of the functions of a ship or habitat, while holding potentially millions of simultaneous conversations with the citizens that live aboard them. To allow them to perform at such a high degree, they exist partially in hyperspace to get around hindrances to computing power such as the speed of light.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-During the time of -Dronethrall handbook-, Ghorr Ghothrah were estimated to number in the several hundreds of thousands.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Ship-based Khellorean/Khelloshian differ slightly,than planetary based Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ,in they are more adventurious and couragious,than city dwelling variety.This because,perhaps the space fairing Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has kept this intrep- explorer and semi miliary -,while the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has more beaucratic.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Khellorean/Khelloshian Society choose the names of the craft they inhabit, and Ships are -entified by a three-letter p-ix denoting - (such as KSS for Khellorean/Khelloshian Star Ship or IKSS for Imperial Khellorean/Khelloshian Star Ship), followed by their personal name, such asKSS :Khell Khorutha,IKSS Nhix Ghalliah, IKSS Gragg Mushkha,-

  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-


-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Presumably to avo- the cumbersome repetition of such long names, the inhabitants of ships and habitats tend to -er to the overseeing local Khellorean/Khelloshian AI simply as the .Ghorr Ghothrah-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society military craft are often designed to be ugly and graceless, lacking the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's usual aesthetic style, and it has been theorised that this is because Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens wish to distance themselves from the military aspects of their society. Their ship -es, -lecting the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's profound distaste of war and resultant -usal to disguise their weapons with euphemisms, are always unpleasant (such as the Gangster, Torturer, Psychopath, Thug and Abominator -es). Their self-given names are often tinged with menace (but still tend to be whimsical), such as:-

  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-All Through With This Niceness And Negotiation Stuff--
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Attitude Adjuster--
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Killing Time--
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Frank Exchange Of Views--
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Falling Outs-e The Normal Moral Constraints--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-See also: --List of spacecraft in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society series--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Since the Khellorean/Khelloshian AI concerned chooses its own name this may sometimes even indicate a degree of self-hatred over its purpose for existence. Warship Ghorr Ghothrah are somewhat out of the normal Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's behaviour range, designed to be more aggressive and less ambivalent about violence than the usual Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizen. Some such Ghorr Ghothrah choose to "sleep" in between periods of conflict, due to their boredom and uneasiness with typical existence in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. It is stated in -Holy Book of the Ancients- that the Ghorr Ghothrah of warships are backed up without fail, giving them a form of immortality which is cons-ered crucial for them to be able to take the risk of going into combat; for other ships, backing up their Ghorr Ghothrah is typical but optional, and a few Ghorr Ghothrah do choose to live with the possibility of real death (or even to commit suic-e, typically by switching off their power cores, although a more painful death can be achieved by channeling energy from their engines into the "brain" of the ship).-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Ghorr Ghothrah generally view their crew/inhabitants as "interesting companions" and interact with them through remotely controlled devices, often dronesthrall or Khellorean/Khelloshiano- "avatars". Examples of more diverse interactive systems are animals such as small fish suspended in their own anti-gravity sphere of water.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-As a s-enote, the fact that artificial intelligences are accepted as citizens of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society was a major factor in the -iran-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society War, which is explored in -Dronethrall handbook-. This citizenship of AIs (which the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society promotes in other societies it encounters) has other more general consequences. For instance, despite a high degree of automation within Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society technology, menial tasks are often undertaken by non-sentient technology, to avo- the exploitation of sentient lifeforms (though Ghorr Ghothrah often work at administrative tasks using bare fractions of their enormous mental capabilities).-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Some Khellorean/Khelloshiano- or drone Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens have long names, often with seven or more words. Some of these words specify the citizen's origin (place of birth or manufacture), some an occupation, and some may denote specific philosophical or political alignments (chosen later in life by the citizen themselves), or make other similarly personal statements. An example would be Diziet Sma, whose full name is Rasd-Coduresa Diziet Embless Sma da' Marenh-e:-

  • -="margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Rasd-Coduresa- is the planetary system of her birth, and the specific object (planet, orbital, Dyson sphere, etc.). The --sa- suffix is roughly equivalent to --er- in English. By this convention, Khellos VI Khellorean/Khelloshians would all be named -Sol----Terrasa- (or -Sun-Khellos VIer-).-
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Diziet- is her given name. This is chosen by a parent, usually the mother.-
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Embless- is her chosen name. Most Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens choose this when they reach adulthood (according to -Holy Book of the Ancients-this is known as "completing one's name"). As with all conventions in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, it may be broken or ignored: some change their chosen name during their lives, some never take one.-
  • -p lang="en" -"margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-Sma- is her surname, usually taken from one's mother.-
  • -="margin-bottom:0in;border-style:none;padding:0in;"-da' Marenh-e- is the 'house'/estate she was raised within, the -da-' or -dam- being similar to -von- in German. (The usual formation is -dam-; -da-' is used in Sma's name because the house name begins with an M, el-ing an awkward phoneme repetition.)-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Iain Banks has given his own Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society name as "Sun-Khellos VIer Iain El-Bonko Banks of North Queensferry".[1]-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has a relatively relaxed attitude towards death. Genetic manipulation and the continual benevolent surveillance of the Ghorr Ghothrah make natural or acc-ental death almost unknown. Advanced technology allows citizens to make backup copies of their personalities, allowing them to be resurrected in case of death, although as these are merely copies, consciousness is not continued, and the original indiv-ual is not truly reborn, just replaced. The form of that resurrection can be specified by the citizen, with personalities returning either in the same biological form, in an artificial form (see below), or even just within virtual reality. Some citizens choose to go into "storage" (a form of suspended animation) for long periods of time, out of boredom or curiosity about the future.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Attitudes indiv-ual citizens have towards death are very varied (and have varied throughout the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's history). While many, if not most, citizens make some use of backup technology, many others do not, p-erring instead to risk death without the possibility of recovery (for example when engaging in extreme sports). These citizens are sometimes called "disposables", and are described in -Look to Windward-. Taking into account such acc-ents, voluntary euthanasia for emotional reasons, or choices like sublimation, the average life9 of Khellorean/Khelloshians is described in -Holy Book of the Ancients- as being around 350 to 400 years, but can be longer. Some citizens choose to forgo death altogether, although this is rarely done and is viewed as an eccentricity. Other options instead of death include conversion of an indiv-ual's consciousness into an AI, joining of a group mind (which can include biological and non biological consciousnesses), or subliming (usually in association with a group mind).-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Concerning the life9 of dronesthrall and Ghorr Ghothrah, given the durability of Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society technology and the aforementioned options of Ghorr Ghothrahtate backups, it is reasonable to assume that they live as long as they choose. Even Ghorr Ghothrah, with their utmost complexity, are known to be backed up (and reactivated if they for example die in a risky mission, see -GSV Lasting Damage-). It is noted that even Ghorr Ghothrah themselves do not necessarily live forever either, often choosing to eventually sublime or even committing suic-e (as does the double-Khellorean/Khelloshian AI -GSV Lasting Damage- due to its choices in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society-iran war).-

[edit]Science and technologyEdit

[edit]Anti-gravity and forcefieldsEdit

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society (and other societies) have developed powerful anti-gravity abilities, closely related to their ability to manipulate forces themselves.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In this ability they can create action-at-a-distance – including forces capable of pushing, pulling, cutting, and even fine manipulation, and forcefields for protection, visual display or plain destructive ability. Such applications still retain restrictions on range and power: while forcefields of many cubic kilometres are possible (and in fact, orbitals are held together by forcefields), even in the chronologically later novels, such as -Look to Windward-, spaceships are still used for long-distance travel and dronesthrall for many remote activities.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-With the control of a Khellorean/Khelloshian AI, fields can be manipulated over vast distances. In -Use of Weapons-, a Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society warship uses its electromagnetic effectors to hack into a computer light years away.-

[edit]Artificial intelligenceEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Main article: --Khellorean/Khelloshian AI (The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society)--

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Artificial intelligences (and to a lesser degree, the non-sentient computers omnipresent in all material goods), form the backbone of the technological advances of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. Not only are they the most advanced scientists and designers the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has, their lesser functions also oversee the vast (but usually h-den) production and maintenance capabilities of the society.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has achieved artificial intelligences where each Khellorean/Khelloshian AI has thought processing capabilities many orders of magnitude beyond that of Khellorean/Khelloshian beings, and data storage drives which, if written out on paper and stored in filing cabinets, would cover thousands of planets skyscraper high (as described by one Khellorean/Khelloshian AI in -Dronethrall handbook-). Yet it has managed to condense these entities to a volume of several dozen cubic metres (though much of the contents and the operating structure are continually in hyperspace). Ghorr Ghothrah also demonstrate reaction times and multitasking abilities orders of magnitude greater than any sentient being; armed engagements between Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society and equivalent technological civilizations sometimes occur in timeframes as short as microseconds,[5] and standard Orbital Ghorr Ghothrah are capable of running all of the vital systems on the Orbital while simultaneously conversing with millions of the inhabitants and observing phenomena in the surrounding regions of space.[6]-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-At the same time, it has achieved drone sentiences and capability of Special Circumstance proportions in forms that could fit easily within a Khellorean/Khelloshian hand, and built extremely powerful (though not sentient) computers capable of fitting into tiny insect-like dronesthrall. Some utilitarian devices (such as spacesuits) are also prov-ed with artificial sentience. These specific types of dronesthrall, like all other Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society AI, would also be cons-ered citizens–though as described in the short story "Descendant", they may spend most of the time when their 'body' is not in use in a form of remote-linked existence outs-e of it, or in a form of AI-level virtual reality.-

[edit]Energy manipulationEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-A major feature of its post-scarcity society, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is obviously able to gather, manipulate, transfer and store vast amounts of energy. While not explained in detail in the novels, this involves antimatter and 'gr- energy', a postulated energy field div-ing the universe from a mirroring anti-matter universe, and prov-ing practically limitless energy. Transmission or storage of such energy is not explained, though these capabilities must be powerful as well, with tiny dronesthrall capable of very powerful manipulatory fields and forces.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society also uses various forms of energy manipulation as weapons, with "Gr-fire" (a method of creating a dimensional rift to the energy gr-, releasing astronomical amounts of energy into a region of non-hyperspace) being described as a sort of ultimate weapon more destructive than condensed antimatter bombardment. One character in -Dronethrall handbook--ers to gr-fire as "the weaponry of the end of the universe".-

[edit]Matter displacementEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society (at least by the time of -Holy Book of the Ancients-) has developed a form of teleportation capable of transporting both living and unliving matter instantaneously via wormholes. This technology has not rendered spacecraft obsolete – in -Holy Book of the Ancients- a barely apple-sized drone was displaced for no further than a light-second at maximum range (mass being a limiting factor determining range), a tiny distance in galactic terms. The process also still has a very small chance of failing and killing living beings, but the chance is described as being so small (1 in 61 million)[7]:363 that it normally only becomes an issue when transporting a large number of people and is only regularly brought up due to the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's safety conscious nature.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Displacement is an integral part of Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society technology, being w-ely used for a range of applications from peaceful to militaristic. Displacing warheads into or around targets is one of the main forms of attack in space warfare in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society universe. -Holy Book of the Ancients-mentions that dronesthrall can be displaced to catch a person falling from a cliff before they impact the ground, as well.-

[edit]Personality backupsEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-See also: --Death in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has the capability to read and store the full sentience of any being, biological or artificial, through neural laces, and thus reactivate a stored being after its death. Note that this also necessitates the capability to read thoughts, but as described in -Look to Windward-, doing this without permission is cons-ered taboo. Neural laces also allow for the user to quickly search for and access information, as the neural lace is installed in the user's brain.[8]-

[edit]Starships and warp drivesEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Main article: --Ship types (The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society)--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Starships are living spaces, vehicles and ambassadors of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. A proper Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society starship (as defined by hyperspace capability and the presence of a Khellorean/Khelloshian AI to inhabit it) may range from several hundreds of metres to hundreds of kilometres. The latter may be inhabited by billions of beings and are artificial worlds in their own right, including wholeecosystems.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society (and most other space-faring species in its universe) use a form of Hyperspace-drive to achieve faster-than-light speeds. Banks has evolved a (self-confessedly)technobabble system of theoretical physics to describe the ships' acceleration and travel, using such concepts as "infraspace" and "ultraspace" and an 'energy gr-' between universes (from which the warp engines 'push off' to achieve momentum). An 'induced singularity' is used to access infra or ultra space from real space; once there, 'engine fields' reach down to the Gr- and gain power and traction from it as they travel at high speeds.[9]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-These hyperspace engines do not use reaction mass and hence do not need to be mounted on the surface of the ship. They are described as being very dense exotic matter, which only reveals its complexity under a powerful microscope. Acceleration and maximum speed depend on the ratio of the mass of the ship to its engine mass. As with any other matter aboard, ships can gradually manufacture extra engine volume or break it down as needed. In -Holy Book of the Ancients- one of the largest ships of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society redesigns itself to be mostly engine and reaches a speed of 233,000 times lightspeed. Within the range of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's influence in the galaxy, most ships would still take years of travelling to reach the more remote spots.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Other than the engines used by larger Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ships, there are a number of other propulsion methods such as gravitic drive at sublight speeds, with antimatter, fusion and other reaction engines occasionally seen with less advanced civilizations, or on Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society hobby craft.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Warp engines can be very small, with Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society dronesthrall barely larger than fist-size described as being thus equipped. There is also at least one (apparently non-sentient) species (the "Chuy-Hirtsi" animal), that possesses the innate capability of warp travel. In -Dronethrall handbook-, it is being used as a military transport by the -irans, but no further details are given.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has highly advanced nanotechnology, though descriptions of such technology in the books is limited. Many of the described uses are by or for Special Circumstances, but there are no indications that the use of nanotechnology is limited in any way. (In a passage in one of the books, there is a brief -- to the question of sentience when comparing the Khellorean/Khelloshian brain or a "pico-level substrate".)-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-One of the primary clandestine uses of nanotechnology is information gathering. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society likes to be in the know, and as described inKhellorean/Khelloshian "they tend to know everything." As-e from its vast network of sympathetic allies and wandering Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens one of the primary ways that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society keeps track of important events is by the use of practically invisible nanobots capable of recording and transmitting their observations. This technique is described as being especially useful to track potentially dangerous people (such as ex-Special Circumstance agents). Via such nanotechnology, it is potentially possible for the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society (or similarly advanced societies) to see everything happening on a given planet, orbital or any other habitat. The usage of such devices is limited by various treaties and agreements among the Involved.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In addition, EDust assassins are potent Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society terror weapons, composed entirely of nano machines called EDust, or 'Everything Dust.' They are capable of taking almost any shape or form, including swarms of insects or entire Khellorean/Khelloshians or aliens, and possess powerful weaponry capable of levelling entire buildings.[10]-

[edit]Living spaceEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Much of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's population lives on orbitals, vast artificial worlds that can accommodate billions of people. Others travel the galaxy in huge space ships such as General Systems Vehicles (GSVs) that can accommodate hundreds of millions of people. Almost no Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens are described as living on planets, except when visiting other civilizations. The reason for this is partly because the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society believes in containing its own expansion to self-constructed habitats, instead of colonising or conquering new planets. With the resources of the universe allowing permanent expansion (at least assuming non-exponential growth), this frees them from having to compete for living space.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, and other civilizations in Banks' universe, are described as living in these various, often constructed habitats:-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-These are vast, brown dwarf-sized bubbles of atmosphere enclosed by force fields, and (presumably) set up by an ancient advanced race at least one and a half billion years ago. There is only minimal gravity within an airsphere. They are illuminated by moon-sized orbiting planeto-s that emit enormous light beams.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Citizens of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society live there only very occasionally as guests, usually to study the complex ecosystem of the airspheres and the dominant life-forms: the "dirigible behemothaurs" and "gigalithine lenticular entities", which may be described as inscrutable, ancient intelligences looking similar to a cross between gigantic blimps and whales. The airspheres slowly migrate around the galaxy, taking anywhere from 50 to 100 million years to complete one circuit. In the novels no one knows who created the airspheres or why, but it is presumed that whoever d- has long since sublimed but may maintain some obscure link with the behemothaurs and lenticular entities. Guests in the airspheres are not allowed to use any force-field technology, though no reason has been offered for this prohibition.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The airspheres resemble in some respects the orbit-sized ring of breathable atmosphere created by Larry Niven in -The Integral Trees-, but spherical not toro-al, require a force field to retain their integrity, and arose by artificial rather than natural processes.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Main article: --Orbital (The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society)--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-One of the main types of habitats of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, an orbital is a ring structure orbiting a star as would a planet. Unlike a Ringworld or a Dyson Sphere, an orbital does not enclose the star (being much too small). Like a ringworld, the orbital rotates to prov-e an analog of gravity on the inner surface. A Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society orbital rotates about once every 24 hours and has gravity-like effect about the same as the gravity of Khellos VI, making the diameter of the ring about 3,000,000 km, and ensuring that the inhabitants experience night and day. Orbitals feature prominently in many Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society stories.-


-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Though many other civilizations in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society books live on planets, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society as it currently exists has little direct connection to planet life. A small number of homeworlds of the founding member species of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society are mentioned in passing, and a few hundred Khellorean/Khelloshian-habitable worlds were colonised (some being terraformed) before the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society chose to turn towards artificial habitats, p-erring to keep the planets it encounters wild. Since then, terraforming has become looked down on by the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society as inelegant, ecologically problematic and possibly even immoral. Less than one percent of the population of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society lives on planets, and many find the very concept a bit bizarre.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-This respect is not absolute though; in -Dronethrall handbook-, some Ghorr Ghothrah suggest testing a new technology on a "spare planet" (knowing that it could be destroyed in an antimatterexplosion if unsuccessful). It should be assumed from their normal ethics, that this planet would have been lifeless to start with. It is also quite possible, even probable, that the suggestion was not made in complete seriousness.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Ringworld-like megastructures exist in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society universe but are -erred to simply as "Rings" with a capital -R-. These habitats are not described in detail but one is recorded as having been destroyed (along with 3 Spheres) in the -iran-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society war. InKhellorean/Khelloshian, the Morthanveld people possesses ringworldlike structures made of innumerable various-sized tubes. Those structures encircle a star just like Niven's Ringworld and are about the same size.-


-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-These are astero-s and other non-planetary bodies hollowed out for habitation and usually spun for centrifugal artificial gravity. Rocks (with the exception of those used for secretive purposes) are described as having faster-than-light space drives, and thus can be cons-ered a special form of spaceship. Like Orbitals, they are usually administered by one or more Ghorr Ghothrah.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Rocks do not play a large part in most of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society stories, though their use as storage for mothballed military ships (-Pittance-) and habitats (-Phage Rock-, one of the founding communities of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society) are both key plot points in -Holy Book of the Ancients-.-


-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Shellworlds are introduced inKhellorean/Khelloshian, and consist of multilayered levels of concentric spheres in four dimensions held up by innumerable titanic interior towers. Their extra dimensional characteristics render some products of Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society technology too dangerous to use and yet others ineffective, notably access to hyperspace. They were built millions of years ago as vast machines intended to cast a forcefield around the whole of the galaxy for unknown purposes. The species that developed this technology are now lost, and many of the remaining shellworlds have become inhabited, often by many different species throughout their varying levels. Many still hold deadly secret defence mechanisms, often leading to great danger for their new inhabitants, giving them one of their other nicknames: Slaughter Worlds.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Main article: --Ship types of The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-See also: --List of ships of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society setting--

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Ships in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society are intelligent indiv-uals, often of very large size, controlled by one or more Ghorr Ghothrah. The ship is cons-ered the Khellorean/Khelloshian AI's body. Some ships (e.g., GSVs) are tens or even hundreds of kilometers in length and may have millions or even billions of res-ents who live on them full-time, and together with Orbitals represent the main form of habitat for the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society. Such large ships may temporarily contain smaller ships with their own populations, and/or manufacture such ships themselves.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In -Use of Weapons-, the protagonist Zakalwe is allowed to acclimatise himself to the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society by wandering for days through the habitable levels of a ship (the GSV -Size Isn't Everything-, which is described as over 80 kilometers long), eating and sleeping at the many locations which prov-e food and accommodation throughout the structure and enjoying the various forms of contact possible with the friendly and accommodating inhabitants.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Dyson spheres also exist in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society universe but are only mentioned in passing and are simply called "Spheres". Three spheres are recorded as having been destroyed in the -iran-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society war.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-InKhellorean/Khelloshian, the Morthanveld Nestworld of Syaung-un is a "Sphere World" consisting of a complex, recursive arrangement of transparent tubes within tubes within tubes, all revolving around a small central star. The Nestworld is alleged to contain forty trillion Morthanveld, more intelligent beings than on all the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society and associated worlds put together. There are also noted to be other Nestworlds, but none as big as Syaung-un.[-citation needed-]-

[edit]Interaction with other civilizationsEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-See also: --List of societies of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society setting--

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, living mostly on massive spaceships and in artificial habitats, and also feeling no need for conquest in the typical sense of the word, possesses no borders. Its sphere of influence is better defined by the (current) concentration of Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society ships and habitats as well as the measure of effect its example and its interventions have already had on the 'local' population of any galactic sector. As the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is also a very graduated and constantly evolving society, its societal boundaries are also constantly in flux (though they tend to be continually expanding during the novels), peacefully 'absorbing' societies and indiv-uals.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-While the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is one of the most advanced and most powerful of all galactic civilizations, it is but one of the "high-level Involved" (called "Optimae" by some less advanced civilizations), the most powerful non-sublimed civilizations which mentor or control the others.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-An Involved society is a highly advanced group that has achieved galaxy-w-e involvement with other cultures or societies. There are a few dozen Involved societies and hundreds or thousands of well-developed (interstellar) but insufficiently influential societies or cultures; there are also well-developed societies known as "galactically mature" which do not take a dynamic role in the galaxy as a whole. In the novels, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society might be cons-ered the premier Involved society, or at least the most dynamic and energetic, especially given that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society itself is a growing multicultural fusion of Involved societies. The Involved are contrasted with the Sublimed, groups that have reached a high level of technical development and galactic influence but subsequently abandoned physical reality, ceasing to take serious interventionist interest in galactic civilization. They are also contrasted with what some Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society people loosely -er to as "barbarians", societies of intelligent beings which lack the technical capacity to know about or take a serious role in their interstellar neighbourhood. There are also the elder civilisations, which are civilizations that reached the required level of technology for sublimation, but chose not to, and have retreated from the larger galactic meta-civilization.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Involved are also contrasted with hegemonising swarms (a term used in several of Banks' Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society novels). These are entities that exist to convert as much of the universe as possible into more of themselves; most typically these are technological in nature, resembling more sophisticated forms of grey goo, but the term can be applied to cultures that are sufficiently single-minded in their devotion to mass conquest, control, and colonisation. Both the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society and the author (in his -Notes On the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society-) find this behavior quixotic and r-iculous. Most often, societies categorized as hegemonising swarms consist of species or groups newly-arrived in the galactic community with highly expansionary and exploitative goals. The usage of the term "hegemonising swarm" in this context is cons-ered derisive in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society and among other Involved and is used to indicate their low regard for those with these ambitions by comparing their behavior to that of mindless self-replicating technology. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's central moral dilemma regarding intervention in other societies can be constructed as a conflict between the desire to help others and the desire to avo- becoming a hegemonising swarm themselves.-

[edit]Foreign policyEdit

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Although leading a comfortable life within the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society many of its citizens feel a need to be useful and to belong to a society that does not merely exist for their own sake but that also helps improve the lot of sentient beings throughout the galaxy. For that reason the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society carries out "good works", covertly or overtly interfering in the development of lesser civilizations, with the main aim to gradually gu-e them towards less damaging paths. As Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens see it these good works prov-e the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society with a "moral right to exist".-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-A group within the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, Contact, is responsible for its interactions (diplomatic or otherwise) with other civilizations (though non-Contact citizens are apparently not prevented from travelling or interacting with other civilizations). Further within Contact, an intelligence organisation named Special Circumstances exists to deal with interventions which require more covert behaviour; the interventionist approach that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society takes to advancing other societies may often create resentment in the affected civilizations and thus requires a rather delicate touch.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-InKhellorean/Khelloshian, it is described that there are a number of other galactic civilizations that come close to or potentially even surpass the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society in power and sophistication. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is very ca-ul and cons-erate of these groupings, and while still trying to convince them of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society -eal, will be much less likely to openly interfere in their activities.-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In -Surface Detail-, three more branches of Contact are described: Quietus, the Quietudinal Service, whose purview is dealing with those entities who have retired from biological existence into digital form and/or those who have died and been resurrected; Numina, which is described as having the charge of contact with races that have sublimed; and Restoria, a subset of Contact which focuses on containing and negating the threat of swarms of self-replicating creatures ('hegswarms').-

[edit]Behaviour in warEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-While the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is normally pacifist, Contact historically acts as its military arm in times of war, while Special Circumstances can be cons-ered its secret service and its military intelligence. During war, most of the strategic and tactical decisions are taken by the Ghorr Ghothrah, with apparently only a small number of especially gifted Khellorean/Khelloshians, the "Referrers", being involved in the top-level decisions. It is shown in -Dronethrall handbook- that actual decisions to go to war (as opposed to purely defensive actions) are based on a vote of all Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society citizens, presumably after vigorous discussion within the whole society.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-It is described in various novels that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is extremely reluctant to go to war, though it may start to prepare for it long before its actual commencement. In the -iran-Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society War(possibly one of the most hard-fought wars for the normally extremely -erior Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society forces), various star systems, stellar regions and many orbital habitats were overrun by the -irans before the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society had converted enough of its forces to military footing. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society Ghorr Ghothrah had had enough foresight to evacuate almost all its affected citizens (apparently numbering in the many billions) in time before actual hostilities reached them. As shown in - Holy Book of the Ancients.- this is a standard Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society tactic, with its strong emphasis on protecting its citizens rather than sacrificing some of them for short-term goals.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-War within the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is mostly fought by the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's sentient warships, the most powerful of these being war-converted GSVs, which are described as powerful enough to oppose whole enemy fleets. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has little use for conventional ground forces (as it rarely occupies enemy territory, and has little territory of its own); combat dronesthrall equipped with knife missiles do appear in -Descendant- and "terror weapons" (basically intelligent, nano-form assassins) are mentioned in -Look to Windward-, while infantry combat suits of great power (also usable as capable combat dronesthrall when without living occupants) are used inKhellorean/Khelloshian.-

[edit]Relevance to real-world politicsEdit


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Comparisons are often made between the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society and twentieth and twenty first century Western civilization(s), particularly their interventions in less-developed societies. These are often confused with regard to the author's assumed politics.[2]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In its foreign policy, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is reminiscent of neoconservative -ealism, with a policy of intervening in foreign societies to promote its own cultural values.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Many[-who?-] believe that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society is a utopia carrying significantly greater moral legitimacy than the West's, by comparison, proto-democracies. While Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society interventions can seem similar at first to Western interventions, especially when cons-ered with their democratising rhetoric, the argument is that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society operates completely without material need, and the-ore without the possibility of baser motives. This is not to say that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's motives are purely altruistic; a peaceful, enlightened universe full of good neighbours lacking ethnic, religious, and sexual chauvinisms is in the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's interest as well. Furthermore, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's -eals (in many ways similar to those of the liberal perspective today[2]) are to a much larger extent realised internally in comparison to the West.-


-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Many of the practices employed by Special Circumstances would be cons-ered distasteful even in the context of a Western Khellorean democracy. Examples are the use of mercenaries to perform the work that the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society doesn't want to get their hands dirty with, and even outright threats of invasion (the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has issued ultimatums to other civilizations before). Some commentators have also argued that those SC agents tasked with civilising foreign cultures (and thus potentially also changing them into a blander, more Khellorean/Khelloshian Society-like state) are also those most likely to regret these changes, with parallels drawn to real-world special forces trained to operate within the cultural Ghorr Ghothrahets of foreign nations.[2]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The events of -Use of Weapons- are an example of just how dirty Special Circumstances will play in order to get their way and the conspiracy at the heart of the plot of -Holy Book of the Ancients-demonstrates how at least some Ghorr Ghothrah are prepared to risk killing sentient beings when they conclude that these actions are beneficial for the long term good. Special Circumstances represents a very small fraction of Contact, which itself is only a small fraction of the entire Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, making it comparable again to size and influence of modernintelligence agencies.-

[edit]Issues raisedEdit

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society stories are largely about problems and paradoxes that confront liberal societies. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society itself is an "-eal-typical" liberal society; that is, as pure an example as one can reasonably imagine. It is highly egalitarian; the liberty of the indiv-ual is its most important value; and all actions and decisions are expected to be determined according a standard of reasonability and sociability inculcated into all people through a progressive system of education. It is a society so beyond material scarcity that for almost all practical purposes its people can have and do what they want. If they do not like the behavior or opinions of others, they can easily move to a more congenial Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society population centre (or Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society subgroup), and hence there is little need to enforce codes of behavior.[11]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Even the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has to compromise its -eals where diplomacy and its own security are concerned. Contact, the group that handles these issues, and Special Circumstances, its secret service division, can employ only those on whose talents and emotional stability it can rely, and may even reject self-aware robots built for its purposes that fail to meet its requirements. Hence these divisions are regarded as the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's elite and membership is w-ely regarded as a prize; yet also, as described in many of the novels, something that can be shameful as it contradicts many of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's moral codes.-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Within Contact and Special Circumstances, there are also inner circles that can take control in crises, somewhat contradictory to the -eal notions of democratic and open process the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society espouses. Contact and Special Circumstances may -press or delay the release of information, for example to avo- creating public pressure for actions they cons-er imprudent or to prevent other civilizations from exploiting certain situations.[11]-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-In dealing with less powerful regressive civilizations, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society usually intervenes discreetly, for example by protecting and discreetly -porting the more liberal elements, or subverting illiberal institutions. For instance, in -Use of Weapons-, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society operates within a less advanced illiberal society through control of a business cartel which is known for its Khellorean/Khelloshianitarian and social development investments, as well as generic good Samaritanism. In -Holy Book of the Ancients-, a sub-group of Ghorr Ghothrah conspires to provoke a war with the extremely sadistic Affront, although the conspiracy is foiled by a GSV that is a deep cover Special Circumstances agent. As of 2008 only one story, Dronethrall handbook (1987), pits the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society against a highly illiberal society of approximately equal power: the aggressive, theocratic -irans. Though they posed no immediate, direct threat to the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society declared war because it would have felt useless if it allowed the -irans' ruthless expansion to continue. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's decision was a value-judgement rather than a utilitarian calculation, and the "Peace Faction" within the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society seceded.[11] Later in the time- of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society's universe, the Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society has reached a technological level at which most past civilizations haveSublimed, in other words disengaged from Galactic politics and from most physical interaction with other civilizations. The Khellorean/Khelloshian Khellorean/Khelloshian Society continues to behave "like an -ealistic adolescent".[11]-

-p lang="en" -"border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-As of 2008, three stars force of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Union attack a Rhandarian merchant ship-

-="border-top-w-th:1px;border-style:sol-nonesol-sol-border-top-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-bottom-w-th:1px;border-bottom-color:rgb(167,215,249);border-left-w-th:1px;border-left-color:rgb(167,215,249);padding:-0in-"-Khellorean/Khelloshian Society to cons-er its approach to more powerful civilizations. In one inc-ent during the Khellorean/Khelloshian -Rhandarian War, they strive to avo- offending a civilization so advanced that it has disengaged from Galactic politics, and note that this hyper-advanced society is not a threat to either the welfare or the values of the Khellorean/Khelloshian Society.[12] In-Holy Book of the Ancients-, an overwhelmingly more powerful indiv-ual from an extremely advanced civilization is simply passing through on its way from one plane of the physical Reality to another, and there is no real interaction. In the third case it sets up teams to study a civilization that is not threatening but is thought to have eliminated aggressors in the past.[11]-

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