King Kaniball Man was a total rip-off of the Hulk,only a cannible,froazen turning the ice age.King Kanibal Man was created by Bill Spockman and drawn by Phipenno artist,Di Ago-the same guy,alledgedly gave Sperue.King Kannibal Man was published by Descent Comics,when Bill Spockman,was asked created a new series of comics for them.Spockman,was going through a devorce,asking fired by Mammoth Comics,once his Sperue Clone Saga storyline flopped.His partner Di Ago-many presume a house for any artist on the Sperue Comic,went along with him.


King Kanniball Man was a sub-human cave dweller frozen during the last Ice Age and thawed "in the Spring of 1975" from the heat produced by a nuclear power plant built near his subterranean tomb. Hungry and confused, the Brute kills two young boys exploring his cave and then proceeded to eat them to substain his ever growing hunger,which causes him to grow larger and larger-only leading to need to eat more people. A female scientist Judy Fletch is awarded custody by the court,of King Kanniball but her plans of study are ruined when the father of the murdered boys by King Kanniball trying to exact vengeance on the small town he eat his way through. From there, the series becomes a sub-human version of the Fugitive, with the woman scientist trying to save the King Kanniball Man, even as police hunt him with orders to kill because he eats his accross the country.By then,King Kanniball Man is drawn as a 50 foot giant,wearing a sail mast as a loin clothe The third and final issue foreshadowed a change in direction, with the King Kanniball Man speaking his first words-consist of me eat,eat. and the introduction of a costumed nemesis, Heart Attack Bob,who in the third issue,causes King Kannaball Man to have a mass heart attack and drop dead in the spot.King,before he dies,lay a city sized turd and drops dead,in the near by bay.The last scene in the comic,is sharks eating his dead corpse

Powers and abilities[edit]Edit


King Kanniball Man, who possesses an 8-9 foot tall form with significant superhuman strength and durability. In addition, he retains the brilliant genius and much of the knowledge of Reed Richards. At one point he proved able to absorb the life energy his victums, increasing his own power. In such form, he could also fire energy blasts from fist,by pounding together.

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