Supreme Commander Kronus Rhagnharr Supreme Commander Kronus Rhaggnharr is a fictional character,first Empirors of the mighty Titan Empire. Supreme Commander Kronus Rhaggnharr  believes himself and his creations-the Titan Empire,the ultimate war machine-creators and destroyers of the universe- {{Marvel Database:Character Template| Image                   = Titan Armor  | ImageText               = Titan Armor MarkI| RealName                = Individual code numbers| CurrentAlias            = Titan Armor Mark I| Aliases                 =| Identity                = No Dual| Alignment               = Bad| Affiliation             = Robotic agents of Marcus RhoAtlantisBolivar Marcus Rho  | Relatives               = Marcus RhoAtlantisMarcus Rho (creator, deceased), Kronus RhagnharrAtlantisKronus Rhagnharr (builder, status unknown), Titan Armors MarkII AtlantisTitan Armors MarkII (following model, defunct), Titan Armor MarkIII AtlantisTitan Armors MarkIII (following model, defunct), Titan Armor MarkIV AtlantisTitan Armors MarkIV (following model), Titan Armor MarkV AtlantisTitan Armors MarkV (following model), Titan Armor MarkVI AtlantisTitan Armors MarkVI (following model), Tri-Titan Armor AtlantisTri-Titan Armor (defunct), Titan Armors Omega Class, (following model from Earth-811), Nimrod (following model from Earth-811)Template:Marvel Database:Character Template 

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