1.2.1 Sperue The Motion Picture,becan as Lee Ander Saltkinds Pruduction-founded by Ilyeah Lee Ander Saltkinds,who began carreer making slock monster movies,such as Devilzilla-about a giant mutant,killer Grisslee Bear,with ram horns ,mixed a cockdile from outer space ravishing Cleveland-actually film in Las Vegas,prevending to be the producers hometown.These was followed up by the same year Devilzilla ReturnsEdit
Return of the Attack of the Collossal Boy(1961)Edit
The Collossal Boy's RevengeEdit
.Attack of the Collossal Boy (1961),played David Rusty North-future well hung porn star-the alien radiation mutanted retarded boy-eat half the town Summerville,who once spent most of the time,throwing rocks and garbage at him,for pissing his pants alot and exposing his huge pecker on screen.It's sequiles ,Return of the Attack of the Collossal Boy(1961)-the same month and next month,The Collossal Boy's Revenge(1961)-all did well at drive-Ins and double features.The Collossal Girl (1966)-a spin off about a future Russ Meyers actress Chesty La Boombooms-and her astonding 84 inch chest,came years later after Lee Ander Saltkinds Pruduction's flopped,such as Hackman(1962) and ,Hackman Returns (1963)-about a Korean War Vet,turned cab driver fighting blood sucking killer robots,from Mars-based a popular Mammoth Comic Book out at the time,Johnny Bond-double oh eight,(1964),Edit

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