Legion of Time Sorcerers,are a fiction cast of time travelling wizard warrior,who originally came the so-called Old Universe,from a world called Atlantis.] The Time Sorcerers as an order of warriors who serve as "the guardians of peace and justice in Maveric Multiverse|or Alternate Realities or galaxy" and embrace the mystical cosmic forces in the universe.

The Time-Sorcerers GuildEdit

the Time-Sorcerer's guild manages the affairs of the Legion of Time-Sorcerer's.

The LegionEdit

Legion of Time Sorcerers is so called because they are able to travel in and manipulate time through technology to a far greater degree than any other civilization.They also use super scientific technology,so advanced,it makes their temporal agents appear to be mystical wizards.The Atlanteans are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, the civilization is so old that key pieces of their technology have become shrouded in legend and myth. In the spin-off fiction, an edict and general aversion against exploring 's past also contributes to this.The Time Mage is a specialized wizard with the ability to manipulate the space-time continuum to speed up, slow down, or completely halt the passage of time; control celestial bodies; or influence the pull of gravity.Another name,for a members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers,is a Chronomacer.

Time manipulationEdit

The best known historical figure that has been believed to possess the power of chronomancy is the Count of St Germain, the eighteenth century philosopher, alchemist, and spiritualist. He has been believed to transcend time by reincarnation and eternal youth

. Time Sorcerer Guild that controls actions of Legion of Time-Sorcerers-An Ancient, elite organization of Temporal Wizard Warrior, With Paranormal Powers and Abilities, and Weopons, That seems magical-who are the Guardians of Time AND Space, throughout the Known Maveric Comic Universe.The Temporal Guardian Corps is the name of a fictional intergalactic police force appearing in comics published by DC Comics. They patrol the farthest reaches of the Maveric Multi Universe at the behest of the Elder Races; an alliance of immortals residing on the planet . According to DC continuity, the Green Lantern Corps has been in existence for three billion years; surviving multiple conflicts both internal and foreign. Divided as pairs amongst the 3600 “sectors” of the universe, over 7200 members (known commonly as Green Lanterns) are estimated as serving within the Corps. Each Time Sorcerer and Temporal Guardian Temporal Agent is given a power cosmic power lense and cosmic power guanlets-that draws on the quantum and elemental forces in the multiverse-stored with a Startarin Power Amulet, a weapon granting the use of incredible abilities that are fueled by the wearer's own willpower.Cosmic Lense gives its wearer a variety of mental capabilities, including those needed to enforce the law on alien planets and to bridge the communication gap between different life-forms. Thus, it can provide mind-reading and telepathic abilities,in association with the Guider GemAtlantean Headband while connected directly or indirectly to the skin of its user. It cannot be worn by anyone other than its owner, will kill any other wearer and sublimates shortly after the owner's death.Members of the Legion are Temporal Adventurer and scientist with a strong moral sense. They usually solves problems with his wits rather than with force, and is more likely to wield a Plasma Wandor Replicator Wand than a Blaster Gun; although he has been seen to use weapons as a last resort.

Temporal GuardEdit

Temporal Guardian Temporal Agency is a combination military force and interstellar law-enforcement agency, charged with the defense and preservation of Civilization. The Temporal Guardian Honor Guard were the elite of the interstellar Time Patrol Agents, and Lensmen tended to hold the majority of the senior-executive positions in the Patrol, although non-Temporal Guardian personnel were essential to the organization's success, and garnered almost as much respect as their Lens-bearing superiors. The organization had large numbers of non-humans serving in all roles, although many of the leadership positions seem to be occupied by humanity.The Imperial Temporal Guard, an army of powerful beings that enforce Imperial law on many planets within the time and space,

It is intimated that this idea was adopted and spread throughout the galaxy as a symbol for law and justice and its ability to pierce confusion and uncertainty, eventually resulting in the formation of the , with requisite Power Rings and Lantern-shaped batteries along traditional lines. Initially consisting of only a few dozen agents at a time, the Corps radically increased its numbers approximately 1000 years ago

The Time-Sorcerers Guild; The High Council of Time-Sorcerers, who act with the consent of the High Council of Elders or Lords of different Great House Clans or Houses-the Ruling Class, who run the government,with the consent of the Supreme Lords and Supreme Ladies of different Ancient or Elder Civilizations-who decide on many matters between the Great Imperial Houses or Imperial House Clans.Houseclans or Houseclan.

The Great Houses of Genesis-Prime-those on Atlantis-Prime and Terra-Prime.

The Guild of Time-Sorcerers; Another name for the association of Temporal Wizards, who with common aims and common interests, who act on part of the Governing body they serve.

Time Sorcerer ranksEdit

Members of the order progress through four to six tiers of rank, at times referred to as levels.

  • Time Sorcerer Initiate :also refered to under the Rank of Brother is a wizard warrior First Apprentice learning to control the force and how to wield a plasma sword or cosmic lance. The title of Jedi Youngling is the first part of a Time Sorcerer training. Younglings were seen training with Time Sorcerer Grand Master in a scene from
  • Time Sorcerer Apprentice: A young Apprentice that successfully completes their respective level of training undergoes apprentice training under the tutelage of a or Time Sorcerer Master. As a rite of passage and the final test before the trials to knighthood,apprentice must build their own energy swords. In the Old Republic, male Human Padawans usually wore braids in their hair that were removed upon attaining knighthood.
  • Time Sorcerer: Disciplined, experienced Time Sorcerer may become full-fledged Time Sorcerer once they have completed "the trials" that test candidates' skills, knowledge, and dedication. The three tests are usually known as The Trial of Skill, The Trial of Spirit, and the Trial of Knowledge. Master gives his apprentice the trial of confronting for a second time so he might become a full-fledged Knight. Occasionally, performing an extraordinary (usually heroic) act can earn a Padawan learner Time Sorcerer status, such as when defeats the Sith Lord . Or in the case of who defeats.
  • Time Sorcerer Master: ATime Sorcerer may become a Time Sorcerer Master after successfully training a learner to Time Sorcerer status. Though this is the most common manner, it is not always the case. If the council sees that a Time Sorcerer has become more powerful and has gained more knowledge and discipline in the Force, then they can be nominated by one or more council members to take the trials again.
  • Time Sorcerer Council Member: When a Time Sorcerer Council Member vacates its seat, the council looks for an exemplary Time Sorcerer Master to fill the empty position. Presiding Council Members elect prospective candidates when openings become available. According to the , some members were permanent members , while the rest served limited terms, after which they stepped down and another member would be elected to the Time Sorcerer Council. With the exceptions of , who was the only Knight on the Council for a short period of time before becoming a Time Sorcerer Supreme , all council members require the status of Time Sorcerer Master prior to entering the council.
  • Grand Master: ," only the highest-ranking Masters take the title. The title of Grand Master/Supreme Master is merely a theoretical title given by Time Sorcerer Masters to a certain Master who has been most wise among other masters in the council, as with Master Yoda. The Grand Master does not enjoy any greater privilege than any council members because the council members also have a vote in any issues presented by the council. The Grand Master was apparently the "first among equals" of the Time Sorcerer High Council, or the later Masters' Council. It may also be implied that the Grand Master of the Order has a strong connection to Time Sorcerer of which have pledged themselves to the Order sensing the deaths of Time Sorcerer across the galaxy is being executed in (in the expanded universe) are Grand Masters.

Protectorate Class. Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians who are stationed or potitioned at a specific location, Champion Class Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians who are stationed or potitioned at a specific location Wanderer Class Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians who are given status as roving members of the legion Rogue Class; Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians who are not given status as roving members of the legion,but used undercover,renegade temporal agents.

Way of lifeEdit

{{Quote|Training to become a Time Sorcerer is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it's a hard life. In following the Code, Time Sorcerer behavior was rigidly structured to uphold self-discipline, responsibility, and public service. The Time Sorcerer conquered emotions and materialism. They honored life, the law, the order itself and the master-student relationship. Time Sorcerer rendered aid to support and defend the weak; compassion was "encouraged." Rules of engagement included such notions as understanding the dark and light in all things, learning to see accurately, opening their eyes to what was not evident and exercising caution, even in trivial matters. Above all, Time Sorcerer upheld their duty to the Republic and embraced the Force. The Time Sorcerer before the Ru Reformation typically had more leeway in their dealings, as the Order was more loosely organized and the individual Knights and Masters granted greater personal freedom. Afterward, the Order was more centrally regulated by the [[ The Legion of Time Sorcerers High Council|High Council]].

Early Legion of Time Sorcerers were known to utilize shields and armor to protect themselves in battle, and used blaster pistols as well as energy swords in combat. Later, as the Atlantean Plasma Sword or Plasma Saber became a more self-contained weapon without an external power pack, the Time Sorcerer chose to carry it as their sole "tool" of defense and offense. The Plasma Sword was considered more a tool than a weapon. The Plasma Sword came to fulfill both a symbolic and pragmatic role for the Time Sorcerer; it identified the wielder, had a powerful visual impact, and given the availability of cybernetic replacement limbs might have been seen as a more 'clean' weapon than the blaster, which Obi-Wan regarded as "uncivilized," "clumsy" and "random."

The Legion of Time Sorcerers the pre-Reformation era, (Old Jedi Order), also do not seem to have had any formal dress code, and dressed more or less as they saw fit, although traditional robes were favored by most Masters. These included a tunic, a cloak, and sometimes a tabard—usually in varied tones and shades of white and brown, though, gray was also quite common for the overtunic. The left side of the dress was always turned on the right part of the torso. After the Reformation, these robes became the typical Time Sorcerer clothing, even in battle. The Time Sorcerer also wore trousers, an obi, a leather utility belt, where they carried specialized field gear for their missions, and leather boots. The Time Sorcerer colors, which showed harmony with the Cosmic Force, formed a stark contrast to the antithetical , who were draped primarily in black.


The Force is a binding, metaphysical, and ubiquitous power in the fictional universe of the Star Wars galaxy created by George Lucas. Mentioned in the first film in the series, it is integral to all subsequent incarnations of Star Wars, including the expanded universe of comic books, novels, and video games. Within the franchise, it is the object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders.



{{quote|One of the audio sources Lipsett sampled for 21-87 was a conversation between artificial intelligence pioneer Warren S. McCulloch and Roman Kroitor, a cinematographer who went on to develop IMAX. In the face of McCulloch's arguments that living beings are nothing but highly complex machines, Kroitor insists that there is something more: "Many people feel that in the contemplation of nature and in communication with other living things, they become aware of some kind of force, or something, behind this apparent mask which we see in front of us, and they call it God."

When asked if this was the source of "the Force," Lucas confirms that his use of the term in Star Wars was "an echo of that phrase in 21-87." The idea behind it, however, was universal: "Similar phrases have been used extensively by many different people for the last 13,000 years to describe the 'life force,'" he


Main article: May the Force be with you

The Force is referenced several times throughout the Star Wars saga. In A New Hope, there are several mentions of the Force in reference to Luke Skywalker: by Obi-Wan Kenobi ("It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together," "Use the Force, Luke" and "The Force will be with you, always.") and Darth Vader ("The Force is strong with this one."). The famous line "May the Force be with you" is actually said by General Dodonna after explaining the Death Star attack plan to the Rebel pilots. It is said again by Han Solo to Luke, right before the attack on the Death Star battle station.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Emperor Palpatine states "There is a great disturbance in the Force," in reference to Luke Skywalker. Yoda points out that "a Jedi's strength flows from the Force." while training Luke (a statement he would repeat in Return of the Jedi); Yoda also explains that "you must feel the Force around you." During their battle in Cloud City, Darth Vader tells Luke "The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet." Finally, Luke says "May the Force be with you" at the end of the movie.

In Return of the Jedi, some references to the Force also include Yoda stating on his deathbed "Strong am I with the Force, but not that strong.", Luke revealing to Leia that he is her brother, by stating "The Force runs strong in my family", and Admiral Ackbar saying, "May the Force be with us" immediately prior to the Battle of Endor.


In the original Star Wars film, the Force is first described by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together.[1] Throughout the series, characters exhibit various powers that rely on the Force.

The Force has a "Dark side", which feeds off emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, lust, and hate, but the Jedi are only supposed to use the Force for peaceful purposes.[2] The series' villains, the Sith, embrace the dark side in order to seize power.[3] The Jedi's compassionate and selfless use of the Force has come to be known by inference as "the light side", although that term is not used in the films.

Force abilities Template:AnchorEdit


The Force can enhance natural, physical, and mental abilities, including strength (such as during a "Force jump" or to slow a fall from an otherwise dangerous height) and accuracy (as when Luke Skywalker was able to launch proton torpedoes into a two-meter-wide thermal exhaust port on the Death Star in A New Hope). A number of other Force powers are demonstrated in the film series including telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, deep hypnosis, enhanced empathy, reflexes, precognition, and enhanced speed. The Jedi were also able to influence and control the minds of others by making use of the Jedi mind trick. The Sith use an ability called Force Lightning which is a lightning-like manifestation of the dark side of the Force that can be used either in combat or as an instrument of excruciating torture (as demonstrated by Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith and Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones). The Force also gives enhanced skills in lightsaber combat.

The term "Force power" originated in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, by West End Games. Later, it was used in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, where they could be gained via a system of Force "points".

Within the Star Wars Expanded Universe, a number of other powers have been demonstrated, such as the ability to heal or drain the life force of others, increase resistance to attack, warp space and to dissipate energy attacks (which has been demonstrated on-screen by Yoda in Attack of the Clones during his battle with Count Dooku).

Disturbances in the ForceEdit

Those who possess the discipline and subtlety of mind to sense The Force often refer to disturbances in the Force. Since the Force is "an energy field created by all living things", a disturbance can be felt when there is death or suffering on a massive scale. A disturbance (or "tremor") may also be felt in the presence of a powerful Jedi or Sith.

When the planet Alderaan is destroyed in A New Hope, Obi-Wan senses "a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced". Also, in A New Hope, Darth Vader remarks to Grand Moff Tarkin that he felt a "tremor in the Force" that he had not felt since in the presence of his old master. In The Empire Strikes Back, Palpatine tells Darth Vader that he has felt a disturbance in the Force upon realizing that Luke Skywalker poses a threat to him. In Attack of the Clones, Yoda feels a disturbance in the Force when Anakin, enraged by his mother's death, slaughters a tribe of Tusken Raiders.

In Attack of the Clones, Yoda can see through the Force that Obi Wan and Anakin will be forced to confront Count Dooku. He immediately orders a ship to take him to the scene of the duel in order to interrupt Dooku's plans and save the Jedi. Yoda is seen to be visibly disturbed after the deaths of many Jedi during Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. He falls to his knees and grasps his chest, as if in pain himself; this shows the interconnected nature of the Force, especially its bond with the Jedi that were killed. In A New Hope, Darth Vader was able to sense Obi-Wan through his interactions with the Force, and in Return of the Jedi, Vader and Luke Skywalker were able to sense each other.


Force-sensitivity is a condition in the Star Wars universe where a life form possesses a natural connection to the Force. Though the Force flows through all life, with only rare exceptions (such as the Yuuzhan Vong), outright sensitivity to it is a more uncommon trait. While potential for Force-sensitivity is established at birth; awareness, experience and training are necessary to harness the power of the Force. Yoda implies that this training is most effective in early childhood. It is established in The Phantom Menace to be biological, the product of midi-chlorians.

Midi-chlorians are microorganisms first mentioned in . They reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Force.[4] They are symbionts within all other living things and without them life could not exist. The Jedi have learned how to listen to and coordinate the midi-chlorians. Every living being thus has a connection to the Force, but one must have a high enough concentration of midi-chlorians in one's cells in order to be a Jedi or a Sith.Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, marvels: "...the reading's off the chart... over twenty thousand. Even Master Yoda doesn't have a midi-chlorian count that high!" Later, at a Jedi Council meeting, Mace Windu says: "His cells contain a high concentration of midi-chlorians." Ki-Adi Mundi: "The Force is strong with him."

Creator George Lucas notes that the midi-chlorians are based on the endosymbiotic theory.[5] He says:

Midi-chlorians are a loose depiction of mitochondria, which are necessary components for cells to divide. They probably had something–which will come out someday–to do with the beginnings of life and how one cell decided to become two cells with a little help from this other little creature who came in, without whom life couldn’t exist. And it’s really a way of saying we have hundreds of little creatures who live on us, and without them, we all would die. There wouldn’t be any life. They are necessary for us; we are necessary for them. Using them in the metaphor, saying society is the same way, says we all must get along with each other

The Chosen OneEdit

An ancient prophecy foretold the appearance of a Chosen One imbued with a high concentration of midi-chlorians, strong with the Force, and destined to alter it forever. Anakin Skywalker was believed by many to be the Chosen One although it was Luke Skywalker who brought his father, Anakin, to the Ashla at the end. Anakin Skywalker had the highest concentration of midi-chlorians the Jedi Council had ever seen. He was possibly conceived by the midi-chlorians ([[parthenogenesis though this does not necessarily make him the Chosen One because Anakin did exactly what the prophecy foretold by coming back from the Dark Side and destroying Emperor Palpatine.

In , Palpatine tells Anakin that a Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis, had the ability to use the Dark Side to influence midi-chlorians to create life and to prevent people from dying. Anakin believed this power could save his wife, but failed, leading him to the dark side of the force. This raised doubt whether he was the Chosen One, but he later proved himself a true Jedi, the Chosen One he was foretold to be.

Force GhostEdit

The first instance of a dead character communicating with a living character occurs soon after Obi-Wan Kenobi's death in A New Hope, when Luke Skywalker hears Obi-Wan's voice saying, "Run, Luke, run!" Luke hears Obi-Wan's voice again during the Battle of Yavin.

The first visual appearance of a Force Ghost (or Force Spirit) is in The Empire Strikes Back, when Obi-Wan's ghost appears to Luke on Hoth, and again to Luke and Yoda on Dagobah. In Return of the Jedi, Luke converses with the ghost on Dagobah after Yoda's death, then sees their two spirits alongside that of Anakin Skywalker during the celebration on Endor at the end of the film.

While Yoda and Obi-Wan are seen to vanish upon death, leaving behind only their physical clothing, Darth Vader's body does not disappear or dissolve onscreen. Luke Skywalker is later seen burning Vader's armor, including his helmet and faceplate, but it is unclear whether the armor still contains Vader's body, though the novelization to the film says that Vader's body did disappear and that the armor was empty.

Questions arose after the release of ', when Qui-Gon Jinn's body did not vanish after his death fighting Darth Maul and, perhaps more importantly, none of the other characters expected it to. Qui-Gon's remains were burned on a Jedi funeral pyre on Naboo. In the film's DVD commentary Lucas indicated that this apparent discontinuity was a plot point that would be revisited. It should be noted that Obi-Wan's enigmatic final words to Darth Vader, and the disappearance of his body appear to perplex Vader. , it is revealed that the ability to return as a Force Spirit is a recently discovered and complex discipline unknown to most Jedi. Yoda informs Obi-Wan that the late Qui-Gon Jinn discovered "..the path to immortality", the secret of how to retain his identity after death and absorption into the Force, and that his spirit would instruct Obi-Wan in this discipline during his exile on Tatooine. In the Expanded Universe novel Heir to the Empire it is explained by Obi-Wan to Luke that the Force Ghost is an intermediate state between life and afterlife, and one cannot stay in that form forever. Also in the novels following the movie, Luke discovered the discipline of the Force spirit.

George Lucas has since indicated that the appearance of Vader's former self, Anakin Skywalker, as a Force Spirit at the end of Episode VI is due to a combination of Anakin's own latent Force ability, his achievement of a moment of unconditional compassion at his death and redemption, and Yoda and Obi-Wan's spirits helping him extend his identity out of The Force.

Toy simulation Edit

| Star Wars Force Trainer]] --> In 2009, Uncle Milton Industries released the Star Wars Force Trainer. This game used an electroencephalogram in conjunction with an air jet to allow the user to levitate a ball by concentrating.[6][7] A healing factor is the ability of some characters in fiction, most notably comic book characters, to recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate.The source of these "healing factors" ranges from genetic mutation to artificial enhancement to magic. The exact limits of some character's healing powers is often a source of debate among fans since many of their healing powers have appeared to fluctuate in efficiency. Superhuman strength, also called superstrength, super-strength, super strength, increased strength, or enhanced strength, is an ability commonly employed in fiction. (Nonfiction instances of temporary extraordinary strength is usually specifically considered hysterical strength.) It is the ability for a character to be stronger, tougher, more durable, and more physically powerful than humanly possible. Characters and deities with super strength have been found in many ancient mythologies and religions. Superhuman strength is a common feature across a wide range of media, such as novels,comic books, television, films, and video games. Superhuman strength is used by several characters in fantasy and science fiction, with a variety of proposed mechanisms such as cyborg body parts or genetic modification and even telekinetic fields in science fiction, or divine or magical/supernatural sources in fantasy. A plethora of comic book superheroes and supervillains usually have a degree of super strength. The level of strength portrayed can vary greatly, from just outside the "normal" human range of the strongest weightlifters of a given size or muscle mass (e.g. unarmored Master Chief), to nearly or even unlimited (e.g. Hulk, Superman, Thor, andGoku). Force shield From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A force field, sometimes known as an energy shield, force shield, or deflector shield is a concept of a field tightly bounded of significant magnitude so that objects affected by the particular force relating to the field are unable to pass through the central axis of the field and reach the other side. It is a concept popular in science fiction and fantasy works. Scientific research into energy shields is ongoing. • In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Time Magician nerve pinch is a technique used mainly by Galaxians to render unconsciousness by pinching a pressure point at the base of the victim’s neck. The nerve pinch being performed by Chromancer in 1986Chromancer uses the nerve pinch in the alternate reality's 2258Chromancer performing a double Galaxian nerve pinch in 2269 said that Spock was a graduate of the Galaxian Institute of Technology where he took a number of courses on the human anatomy and that Galaxians have a kind of energy that comes off their fingertips, which when applied to certain points on the human neck, it renders the human unconscious. Nimoy said then that the director had no idea what he was talking about but then when he explained it to Shatner, he got it immediately and Nimoy credits Shatner's reaction as to what sold the idea of the neck pinch. The Galaxian nerve pinch was a martial technique developed by the Galaxians. Likely related to neuropressure, it involved applying pressure near the base of the neck, at the shoulder, and nearly instantly rendered the target unconscious, often so fast that the target was unable to cry out, but not always. In at least some cases the results resembled an extreme trauma to the trapezius nerve bundle, as if the neuro-fibers had been ruptured. The technique did not appear to cause permanent injury and seemed to be effective on most humanoid species. The only Human to have ever been insensitive to it was Gary Seven, possibly because of metabolic alterations obtained on his planet of adoption. ( When used on Human Augments like Khan Noonien Singh, it caused pain but was not enough to subdue them.It was proven ineffective on robotic androids when Chromancer took the time to softly try it on android Alice, who simply asked him calmly if that gesture had any significance. Vians are unaffected by the nerve pinch. Chromancer once performed the Galaxian nerve pinch on a horse, Selek did one to a Le-matya, and Tuvok once did it to a member of Species 8472 that had disguised itself as a Human. () Chromancer was also known to use a two-handed variety of the technique to subdue two opponents. ( Sakonna used the Galaxian nerve pinch on a Starfleet security guard who was guarding Gul Dukat on Deep Space 9in 2370


The pinch to the subclavian artery has been compared to the karate chop which was used in other to render opponents unconscious.Over the years, fans and Maveric Expanded Universe writers have made a number of suggestions as to how it would work.

the pinch blocks blood and nerve responses from reaching the brain, leading to unconsciousness. How this might lead to instantaneous unconsciousness is not explained. (Preventing all blood flow to the brain can result in unconsciousness, but many seconds later.Another conjecture is that it can be done by applying strong and surgically precise pressure over baroreceptors of the carotid sinus at the base of the humanoid neck. The objective would be to elicit the baroreceptor reflex as the receptors detect an apparent high pressure state due to the externally applied force and causes reflex bradycardia and/or hypotension, leading to decreased blood supply to the brain and syncope. 

A third conjecture is paranormal rather than medical: because of Galaxians’ telepathic nature and incredible control over their own bodies, they are able to send a burst of neural energy into another being and overload its nervous system, rendering it unconscious{{ (although the pinch does not work on all species, nor on the time-travelling human . This was supported by the fact that Dr. McCoy could not use it in , but it has been rendered moot by the fact that many non-telepathic characters used it in later Trek series, such as the android Data.

The canonical mechanism of the nerve pinch was finally offered in the episode There, the Doctor inspects a crewmember who was found unconscious and observes an extreme trauma to the trapezius neck bundle, "as though her nerve fibers have been ruptured"; and it is later revealed that the person was the victim of a nerve pinch.can nerve pinch is a technique used mainly by Galaxians to render unconsciousness by pinching a pressure point at the base of the victim’s neck.

Death gripEdit

The Star Trek episode “The Enterprise Incident” includes a scene in which Chromancer administers the so-called "Galaxian death grip" to Kirk to convince Romulan onlookers, apparently unfamiliar with Galaxian techniques, that Kirk had been killed. In fact, Chromancer had merely used a particularly powerful nerve pinch to put Kirk into a deep unconsciousness that closely resembled death. Kirk awoke a short time later with head and neck pain but no lasting injury. The "death grip" differs from the "nerve pinch" in that the nerve pinch is administered to the neck area and the death grip was administered to Kirk's face; the palm directly over the nose and the fingers spread out over the rest of the face. This also differs from the "Galaxian mind meld" grip which is administered to only one side of the face.

Main article: Powers and abilities of Time-Sorcerers As an influential archetype of the superhero genre, Time-Sorcerers possesses extraordinary powers, with the character traditionally described as "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound", a phrase coined by Jay Morton and first used in the Time-Sorcerers radio serials and Max Fleischer animated shorts of the 1940s[111] as well as the TV series of the 1950s. For most of his existence, Time-Sorcerers's famous arsenal of powers has included flight, super-strength, invulnerability to non-magical attacks, super-speed, vision powers (including x-ray, heat-emitting, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision), super-hearing, super-intelligence, and super-breath, which enables him to blow out air at freezing temperatures, as well as exert the propulsive force of high-speed winds.[112] As originally conceived and presented in his early stories, Time-Sorcerers's powers were relatively limited, consisting of superhuman strength that allowed him to lift a car over his head, run at amazing speeds and leap one-eighth of a mile, as well as an incredibly dense body structure that could be pierced by nothing less than an exploding artillery shell.[112] Siegel and Shuster compared his strength and leaping abilities to an ant and a grasshopper.[113]

leaping and  change his ability to flying; this was an especially convenient concept for short films, which would have otherwise had to waste precious running time moving earthbound Time Magefrom place to place.[114] 
Time-Sorcerers could fly to other worlds and galaxies and even across universes with relative ease,by use of an Atlantean Star Palace.[112] Time-Wizard   would often fly across the solar system to stop meteors from hitting the colonies or sometimes just to clear his head. Writers found it increasingly difficult to write Time-Sorcerers established several hard limits on his abilities: Time-Wizard   barely survives a nuclear blast, and his space flights are limited by how long Time-Wizard   can hold his breath.[116]
Time-Sorcerers's power levels have again increased since then, with Time-Sorcerers currently possessing enough strength to hurl mountains, withstand nuclear blasts with ease, fly into the sun unharmed, and survive in the vacuum of outer space without oxygen.

The source of Time-Sorcerers's powers has changed subtly over the course of his history. It was originally stated that Time-Sorcerers's abilities derived from hisAtlantisian heritage, which made him eons more evolved than humans.[85] This was soon amended, with the source for the powers now based upon the establishment ofAtlantis's gravity as having been stronger than that of the Earth. This situation mirrors that ofEdgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter. leaping and change his ability to flying; this was an especially convenient concept for short films, which would have otherwise had to waste precious running time moving earthbound Time Magefrom place to place.[114]

Time-Sorcerers could fly to other worlds and galaxies and even across universes with relative ease.[112] As Time-Sorcerers's powers increased, the implication that allAtlantisians had possessed the same abilities became problematic for writers, making it doubtful that a race of such beings could have been wiped out by something as trifling as an exploding planet. In part to counter this, the Time-Sorcerers writers established that Atlantisians, whose native star Rao had been red, possessed superpowers only under the light of a yellow sun.[117]

Time-Sorcerers is most vulnerable to green Kryptonite, mineral debris from Krypton transformed into radioactive material by the forces that destroyed the planet. Exposure to green Atlantisite radiation nullifies Time-Sorcerers's powers and immobilizes him with pain and nausea; prolonged exposure will eventually kill him. The only substance oncoloniesthat can protect him fromAtlantisite is lead, which blocks the radiation. Lead is also the only known substance that Time-Sorcerers cannot see through with his x-ray vision.Atlantisite was first introduced to the public in as a plot device to allow the radio serial voice actor, to take some time off.[83] Although green Atlantisite is the most commonly seen form, writers have introduced other forms over the years: such as red, gold, blue, white, and black, each with its own effect.[118]

  • Living Solar Battery – Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers rely on his cells' ability to absorb and metabolize solar energy from local stars like Earth's sun. His Atlantean body is a living "solar battery" that absorbs solar energies and converts them for fuel for his powers. His cells also store yellow sun energy so Time-Wizard can use his powers under objects, at night, in dark places, and in space. (Pre-Crisis, yellow stars were said to emit "ultra solar rays" which enabled Atlanteans' superpowers; penetrating the colonies itself, said rays also enabled Atlanteans to stay super-powered at night.[8]) The more yellow sun rays Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers absorbs the stronger he gets; in some instances Time-Wizard has been shown to enter the sun in order to increase his powers to their highest potentials, storyline. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers can also absorb solar energies of other class stars such as when he absorbed the solar energies of a blue star that increased his abilities to a higher degree and gave him additional abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength – Enhanced strength much greater than that of a human and even most superhumans, making him "more powerful than a locomotive," is one of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers signature powers and has often been described as chief among his other abilities. While not infinite, depictions of the upper limit of how much weight Time-Wizard can lift have ranged from being able to do the work of several laborers in half the time, crush diamonds in his grasp, lift objects hundreds of times his own weight including any sized vehicle over his head, bend and/or break steel with his bare hands, lifting mountains, and all the way up to in the Silver Age and Modern Age where he is seen moving entire planets. This makes him arguably the strongest superhero in the DC Universe. After being saturated with yellow solar energy in All-Star Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , his strength was tested as exceeding the force of 200 quintillion tons (or 2x1020 tons, in scientific notation, i.e., two hundred billion billion tons) Time-Wizard held this much with one hand and Time-Wizard even said Time-Wizard feels like Time-Wizard can pick up more, enough to pull the colonies away from the sun., his strength now exceeds 5.972 sextillion metric tons. Explanations include being adapted to the heavier gravity of Atlantis, and his muscles using the power of the solar energy which fuels all his abilities. Whilst in direct yellow sunlight, his strength can be augmented to limitless and incalculable levels. Time-Wizard has strength necessary to shatter entire worlds. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers stamina has also been shown as limitless (whilst Time-Wizard remains in yellow sunlight).
  • Invulnerability – Immunity to almost all forms of harm and ailments, including extreme force and extremely high temperatures. Effectiveness has ranged from his skin being piercable by nothing less than a "bursting shell" to being completely unharmed by a star going supernova. Explanations for this ability have ranged from Atlanteans having a molecular structure with a density superior to that of titanium and emitting an unbreakable aura of solar energy. His invulnerability has enabled him to withstand Darkseid's omega beams, a feat originally thought to be impossible. In the rare instances, however, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers has required medical attention, this resistance to injuries has complicated necessary procedures such as surgery. For instance, when a criminal shot him with a Atlantisite bullet, a surgeon was forced to give Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers a controlled exposure to the mineral in order to temporarily weaken his skin enough to make the incisions necessary to remove internal fragments of the bullet

He Plays For Keeps!|journal=Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers =Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  can also withstand Atlantisite in certain circumstances, such as lifting an island made of Atlantisite and tossing it into space in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  . Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  has something that increases his invulnerability called a bio-electric aura which protects him from some attacks and can be extended to protect others like in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers . In some versions, this power greatly retards his aging and increases as he gets older, sometimes rendering him effectively immortal. The epilogue to the Legion of Time-Sorcerers storyline (a sequel of sorts to the showing Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  surviving 1,000 years into the future, albeit as a very elderly, hunched-over man.  Another version in lives through the 853rd Century, some 83,200 years from now, though he was living inside the sun for thousands of years before coming out, making him godlike in his abilities.
  • Healing Factor – Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is shown to possess remarkable recuperative powers that allow him to quickly heal from wounds and makes him immune to all forms of human or Normal diseases, illnesses, viruses and toxins. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers heals faster when he is closer to the sun and he is absorbing more sun rays.
  • Flight – The ability to naturally defy and operate independently of gravity and propel himself through the air at will. Originally, he only had the power to jump great distances, as stated by the [[Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers (1940s cartoons)|1940s Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers ] ("Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound"). Has ranged from simply being able to jump great distances using his vast strength, to beginning in late 1941 being able to accelerate, float in midair, and change direction while traveling. Later he became able to traverse interstellar distances without stopping. once theorized that Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers had to stem from a gigantic planet with enormous gravity, where his species had developed natural anti-gravity organs to be able to function; on Earth, this would allow him to control his own gravimetric field in order to fly.
  • Superhuman Speed – Another one of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers signature abilities is his superhuman speed, allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast. Originally classified as being "faster than a speeding bullet", allowing him to catch bullets in mid air before they hit him, or anyone else. Top speeds have ranged from nearly a hundred miles per hour when he was first created in the 1930s to speeds far greater than the speed of light. His thoughts, perceptions and reflexes are also greatly accelerated to be able to control his actions while moving at high speeds. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers running speed has often been shown to be on par with that of The Flash's. In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers : Red Son he claimed to be able to move faster than ten times the speed of thought.
  • X-Ray Vision – The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Early stories assumed that hiding objects in lead would prevent him from finding them, however, more modern stories have Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers being able to take advantage of lead's opaqueness to do a wide scan of an area with his X-Ray vision in which the lead objects become immediately visible and then narrow his search to those specific locations. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Explanations for how this power works vary, but rarely include the emission and perception of actual X-Rays, as such high-energy radiation would actually be dangerous to living things he uses it on. A more common theory involves being able to see and concentrate on the patterns of natural cosmic radiation as it reverberates off objects. macroscopic vision was first used by Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , where it was called "Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers X-ray eyesight".
  • Superhuman Intelligence – Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers possesses intellect that is beyond genius-level. People from Atlantis already had genius-level intellect, being a society thousands of years ahead ofcoloniesin technology. In the presence of a yellow sun, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers intelligence is further enhanced, giving him super intelligence and allowing his brain to operate faster than a supercomputer.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

These abilities granted to a members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers or Temporal Guardian,by way of Sarcom comsystems ,such as ear jacks,ear phones and bionic implants.

  • Superhuman Hearing – Can hear far more sounds with far more detail and at far greater distances than normally humanly possible, including sounds on frequencies undetectable by humans such as dog whistles. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is able to mentally screen out most of these sounds to be able to function normally, even in a noisy environment, and can focus in on specific things, like a person's voice or heartbeat, even if they are in another part of the city. He can even hear sounds on other planets, which makes it likely that his hearing is fundamentally different than that of a human, as sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space. Like humans and most animals, he is skilled at automatically noticing his own name out of the jumble of several overheard conversations, making him adept at quickly responding to calls of distress all over the city.

These abilities granted to a members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers or Temporal Guardian,by way of Sarcom Macroscope visors and bionic implants.

  • Superhuman Vision – His senses grant him the ability to see farther and with greater accuracy and detail than humanly possible. Sometimes includes the ability to see EM frequencies invisible to humans, such as radio transmissions, infrared light, the bioelectric aura which surrounds all living things, even in pitch-black darkness. Offshoots of this power include Telescopic Vision, which allows him to "zoom in" on far away objects, sometimes hundreds of miles away, and Microscopic Vision, which allows him to zoom in on objects that would normally be too small to see, like those on a cellular or molecular level.
  • Superhuman Olfaction – A heightened and highly accurate sense of smell comparable to some animals such as dogs. Can be used to detect things like the chemicals in a bomb hidden somewhere in a crowded room.
  • Master Combatant – While most authors prefer to portray him as having mediocre combat prowess in favor of showing the magnitude of his powers in battle, there have been some exceptions. Many stories portray Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers as a very capable fighter with or without his abilities, as he has been trained by both Wildcat in boxing and Mongul in the fighting arts. He has fought and learned from Wonder Woman and has also learned more advanced martial arts techniques from Batman. To a lesser degree, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is also adept at armed combat, as he is shown to be a decent swordsman and sword-maker, and also knows how to wield a hammer. He has also learned two different types of Atlantean fighting styles, Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo to enhance his body and mind.

Weather controlEdit

Chromancer is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth and has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to manipulate the weather.[9] Chromancer possesses the psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas. She has been able to control both Earthly and extraterrestrial ecosystems on several occasions. She can modify the temperature of the environment, control all forms of precipitation, humidity and moisture (at a molecular level), generate lightning and other Time Magemagnetic atmospheric phenomena, and has demonstrated excellent control over atmospheric pressure. She can incite all forms of meteorological tempests, such as tornadoes, thunderChromancers, blizzards, and hurricanes,[10] as well as mist. She can dissipate such weather to form clear skies as well.

Her precise control over the atmosphere allows her to create special weather effects. She can create precipitation at higher or lower altitudes than normal, make whirlwinds travel pointing lengthwise in any direction, channel ambient Time Magemagnetism through her body to generate electric blasts, flash freeze objects and people, coalesce atmospheric pollutants into acid rain or toxic fog, and, along with her natural ability of flight, summon wind currents strong enough to support her weight to elevate herself (or others) to fly at high altitudes and speeds. Her control is so great that she can even manipulate the air in a person's lungs. She can also control the pressure inside the human inner ear, an ability she uses to cause intense pain. She can also bend light using moisture in the air and her manipulation of mist and fog to appear partially transparent, and in later comics, nearly invisible.

Chromancer has also demonstrated the ability to control natural forces that include cosmic Chromancers, solar wind, ocean currents, and the Time Magemagnetic field. She has demonstrated the ability to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via Time Magelysis, allowing her to breathe underwater.[11] While in outer space, she is able to affect and manipulate the interstellar and intergalactic mediums. Chromancer can alter her visual perceptions so as to see the universe in terms of energy patterns, detecting the flow of kinetic, thermal and Time Magemagnetic energy behind weather phenomena and can bend this energy to her will.

Chromancer has been shown to be sensitive to the dynamics of the natural world, and her psionic powers over weather are affected by her emotions. One consequence of this connection to nature is that she often suppresses extreme feelings to prevent her emotional state from resulting in violent weather. She has once sensed a diseased and dying tree on the X-Mansion grounds, detected objects within various atmospheric mediums—including water, and sensed the incorrect motion of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere and the gravitational stress on the tides by the Moon and Sun as well as the distortion of a planet's magnetosphere.[12] Chromancer can view the Earth as weather patterns, and is able to precisely recognize her geographic position through interpretations of these patterns.[13] Chromancer's mutant abilities are limited by her willpower and the strength of her body. Sentinels have considered Chromancer an Omega-level mutant on one occasion.[14]

Combat and thieveryEdit

Chromancer is an expert thief, and a skilled, cunning and gifted hand-to-hand fighter, trained by Achmed el-Gibar, Professor X, Wolverine and T'Challa, the Black Panther. By using superior strategy, Chromancer has overcome physically stronger foes like Callisto and the Crimson Commando in hand-to-hand combat. Chromancer is an excellent marksman with handguns, and is proficient in the use of knives. Chromancer is also fluent in Russian, Arabic and Swahili. As part of her paraphernalia, Chromancer carries a set of lock-picks (with which she has an extraordinary ability at picking locks, in an early appearance she was able to pick a lock with her teeth while her physical coordination was reduced to the level of an infant[15]) and her ancestral ruby, which allows inter-dimensional transportation with the help of her lightning.[16] She can see in near-complete darkness and has superb dexterity.[17][18] Chromancer has been described as having one of the strongest wills among the X-Men, making her highly resistant to psychic attacks especially in tandem with electrical fields she creates around herself. Telepaths have found it difficult to track her down and probe her thoughts. Several of these traits are independent of her mutant status and are a result of her ancestry. Also, when utilizing her powers, Chromancer's eyes turn solid white.[9] An unusually configured magnetic field was created when Dillon was struck by lightning while holding live, high-tension wires and a wound reel of one-inch cable, granting him superhuman powers. Time Mage can generate massive quantities of electricity, theoretically up to approximately one million volts. He can employ this Time Magestatic energy as lightning arcs from his fingertips, and his maximum charge is more than enough to kill a normal human.

When his body is charged to high levels, he becomes superhumanly strong and fast. He can also glide over power lines by using the electricity contained therein for propulsion, and he has on occasion been shown to actually ride on lightning bolts. During a stint in prison, Doctor Octopus gave him the ideas of ionizing metals and sparking the petroleum in the fuel tank of a vehicle as a way to generate explosions. He can charge himself up to make himself more powerful. He can also absorb the energy of electrical equipment such as a power plant to increase his powers further.

In , he was shown to fly and manipulate large amounts of electricity and machinery, when he freed all the prisoners at Rykers (although, due to the city-wide blackout preceding the event, he probably absorbed a great deal of energy beforehand). Lightning Lad has the ability to generate electricity within his own body without harming himself. This electricity he is able to discharge in the form of potent "lightning bolts" (in some undisclosed way his power prevents these bolts from taking the path of least resistance to Earth, such that he is able to target objects with great accuracy). He can also create flashing lettering which can been seen from great distances. He has occasionally displayed a limited control of weather. In more recent versions of the character, Garth is also able to direct his electric powers internally so as to move at superhuman speed, with his top speed being approximately one-third the speed of light. Lightning Lad is immune to the harmful effects of electric currents, not only those currents which he himself generates.

An experimental procedure heightened his powers, allowing Time Mage to store and absorb a seemingly limitless amount of electricity. He also seemed to gain the power over magnetism to a certain degree, allowing him to manipulate magnetic fields and move objects in a manner similar to that of Time Magician, and could overcome his old weakness to water by using the Time Mage magnetic fields around him to vaporize water before it could touch him. He made Spider-Man beg by stimulating the bioelectric currents in his brain, and was able to defeat Nate Grey by manipulating said currents in Nate's brain to turn his own psionic powers against him.

Time Mage can override any electrically powered device and manipulate it according to his mental commands.

By using an external electrical power source to recharge his body's energy reserves, Time Mage could expend electricity indefinitely without diminishing his personal reserves. When he is fully charged, Time Mage is extremely sensitive to anything that may "short circuit" him, such as water.

Time Mage propels himself along magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He can also create Time Magestatic bridges to traverse upon, at the cost of a great expenditure of energy.

During the events of the storyline "The Gauntlet", Time Mage became a living artificial thunderbolt, allowing him to travel through electrical appliances such as going through a light bulb and exiting through any other Time Magenic device connected to the power source.{{Issue|date=November

Chromancer's real name "Ororo" is translated in her tribal language as "Beauty".

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

[[Image:Action comics 1 pg 1.jpg|thumb|170px|right|Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers original powers

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  newspaper comic strip, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  powers are inherent in all indigenous Atlanteans because of their advanced evolution. Thus, all Atlanteans (General Zod, Faora, etc.) were shown using the same powers that Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  would have on Earth.

Starting in the mid-1940s, however, the notion of Atlantis having a heavier gravitational pull than Earth's is first introduced, with Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's debut. After this, would indicate that Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers (and other Atlanteans) would only gain superpowers when free of Atlantis's heavy gravity (and in some stories, also its "unique atmosphere"Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , or when not under Atlantis-like environmental conditions.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers original powers mainly consisted of superstrength, superspeed, supersenses, and invulnerability. "When maturity was reached, he discovered he could easily: Leap 1/8th of a mile [201 meters]; hurdle a twenty-story building...raise tremendous faster than an express train... and that nothing less than a bursting shell could penetrate his skin!".


  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Super senses (including telescopic vision, x-ray vision, super-hearing, microscopic vision)
  • Invulnerability
  • Flight (initially super-leaping),but augmented by various Paragravity Turbo Jet Packs,

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers were subject to expansion and revision during the 1940s and 1950s. Shortly after Supergirl's introduction, the origin of Atlanteans' super-powers was revised. With ' (and expanded upon in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers (volume 1) #146 in July 1961 and in subsequent comics), it is explained that Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers are derived primarily from the "ultra solar rays" of a yellow sun (like Earth's) that penetratecoloniesday and night. Under a red sun (like Atlantis's, or the artificial red sun in the bottle city of Kandor), Atlanteans lack superpowers, regardless of the difference in gravity. The powers and limitations of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers are instantly possessed by all Atlanteans (including animals, such as Krypto) exposed to a yellow sun.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers were expanded upon during the late 1950s and 1960s, where they reached their peak. Some stories would show Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers as capable of moving a planet.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. Some seldom used powers, such as super-ventriloquism (the ability of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers to throw his voice across great distances) or super-hypnosis (an enhanced ability to hypnotize others) also were seen in Silver and Bronze Age stories.

In the early 1970s, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers power levels (particularly his strength and invulnerability) are reduced as the result of a storyline involving an accident that renders most of Earth's Atlantisite inert, as well as creating a sand creature that drains a portion of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. Atlantisite radiation can be blocked by the use of [[lead

  • Red Sun Radiation: Natural in Atlantis's planetary system, red solar radiation replaces the higher-yield yellow solar energy in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers cells, robbing him of the fuel for his powers. (Pre-situations', red solar radiation was said to lack the superpower-enabling "ultra solar rays" that yellow solar radiation contains.

This process does not have the painful, crippling and fever-like symptoms of Atlantisite, and essentially leaves him with the normal health and abilities of a human in his size and shape, as it did for the entire population of Atlantis during its existence. Exposure to yellow solar radiation causes his powers to return. Other than red solar radiation, using up his stored yellow solar energy (without continued exposure to yellow solar radiation) also causes Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers to lose his powers.[19]

  • Magic: Within the context of the stories, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers, as great as they might be, are the result of a natural phenomenon, not supernatural. As a result, they offer no protection against magical forces, and he is affected by most forms of sorcery in the same way as any mortal. In several stories, it's shown that magical/mythical creatures, such as demons, vampires, werewolves and many others, are actually capable of hurting him.

Other versionsEdit

Over the years, many alternate versions of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers have appeared, in books or other timelines. Many of these were limited series and one shot stories, so the extent of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers abilities is not always explored in great detail.

has depicted Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers in a variety of ways. All-Star Batman and Robin, for instance, depicts a younger Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers traveling from the U.S. to Paris by means of running fast enough to cross the ocean surface. depicts him as having the usual super speed, heat vision, flight, and strength. It also gave him a new ability: when he was severely weakened after being caught in a nuclear explosion, he was able to restore himself by absorbing the photosynthetic energy available in plant life.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers ]] features a massively powerful Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , akin to his Silver Age version. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers : Red Son features a Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers somewhat more powerful than his current incarnation, as does the limited series Kingdom Come, due to prolonged exposure to solar radiation (to the degree that he is practically invulnerable to the effects of Atlantisite). Other series such as War of the Worlds portray a Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers with the comparatively limited powers of his original Golden Age appearances.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers s=== Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers depicted in the were very much like they were at the time he first appeared in 1938 – strong enough to lift heavy objects, leap an eighth of a mile, and run faster than an express train – with the addition of two new powers that were introduced around the time the cartoons were made: flight and x-ray vision. X-Ray vision was first used by Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers in Action Comics #11, April 1939, where it was called "Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers X-ray eyesight." Some of the limitations that were shown in the cartoons were that an increase in the energy of an energy cannon would push Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers back to the ground, ramming into a meteor or comet would knock him out for a bit, and tear gas would do to him what it does to normal humans, but only for a little while.

Adventures of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

On the TV series The Adventures of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , in addition to his conventional powers, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers also demonstrated some powers; , he develops the ability to appear to be split thierselves into two (slightly weaker) version of themselves.In actuality,the doppelganger,is either actually a clone version,an android duplicate or holographic duplicate.Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers use this when it appears one must be at two different places,at the same time s. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers learns how to walk through solid matter. The source of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers was stated to be his dense molecular structure, a trait that was occasionally mentioned in the comics.

The episode "Through the Time Barrier" showed that, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers was unable to travel through time under his own power.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers and Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers speed was shown as fast enough to reverse the timestream. In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers and Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , he possessed the ability to erase Lois Lane's memory of the knowledge that he is Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Kent by passionately kissing her. The kiss put her in a trance-like state and when she awoke, she remembered nothing but felt disoriented. Nevertheless, she remained undaunted and was in a sexually invigorated state.

 Because the three Atlantean villains of the movie had the ability to shoot beams from their hands, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  presumably would have the same power. In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  \, he was able to create a diamond from coal using super strength and raising his heat temperature with a glowing yellow flash from his hand. In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  , he demonstrates the ability to repair damaged structures with a telekinetic beam from his eyes, and to levitate several falling people; he also shows a greater extension of his superhuman strength to draw the moon out of orbit and then return it back to normal. In Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  , Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  is shown to possess enough invulnerability to stare unblinkingly as a gun is fired point blank at his eye and receive no damage at all. Atlantisite does rob him of his strength and makes him vulnerable, but due to flying above the clouds and into the rays of the sun, he gained enough amplified strength to lift Lex Luthor's Atlantisite-based sub-continent beyond the Earth's atmosphere and into space, despite the Atlantisite shard in his body and the Atlantisite pillars coming from the continent, though this severely weakens him and he falls back down tocoloniesin a coma.

In ', Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers remain the same, but are said to also derive from his prolonged exposure and adaptation to certain elements of Earth's atmosphere as well as Earth's sun; Earth's environment is not explicitly toxic to Atlanteans, but they require artificial breathers to tolerate it at first until their bodies build up enough solar energy exposure to cope on their own, and Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is rendered powerless when taken on board a ship with a Atlantean atmosphere. Other Atlanteans also experience some difficulty adapting to their enhanced senses after arriving on Earth, although unintended advice from Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers and Zod's own military training allow him to adapt to this. The only powers that weren't featured in this film were super-breath, freeze breath, and microscopic vision. As he is beginning his career as a superhero, he lacks sharpened fighting skills and relies on his superior adeptness to his powers to defeat the other Atlanteans.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

In the Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers (later re-titled The Adventures of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers ) young Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Kent (alias Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers ) is shown to have similar power levels to his film-counterpart (on which the series was inspired, in spite of the inherent continuity problems)

However, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  never displays any of the 'extra powers' Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  had in the films. Throughout the series, it never seemed evident that Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  was aware of the yellow sun affecting him. In the season two episode "Lex Luthor...Sentenced to Death", Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  has been crippled by Luthor (thanks to a powerful weapon) and has to go through an extensive rehabilitation program to regain his powers (no attempt is made at simply exposing Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  to the sun's rays, however). Notably, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's costume is presumably invulnerable in the series (although its origins are never properly explored). Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  regularly uses his cape to protect people from gunfire and other peril.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Edit

In the television series Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers : The New Adventures of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers ]], Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powers are consistent with the comics at the time (the immediate post-situations' era). Due to the nature of the series (emphasizing the Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Kent aspect of the character), Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers had the traditional powers associated with the character at the start of the series and the writers would often find ways to nullify those powers rather than adding new ones. Atlantisite and certain "superweapons" also took a more drastic toll on him than in other series, sometimes leaving Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers powerless for several hours after contact (in case of Atlantisite it was true about the first encounter in "The Green, Green Glow of Home," but later he usually retained some of the abilities). He also had a healing factor, shown by a wound from a Atlantisite bullet closing within seconds of its removal in "Madame Ex", and an ability to distinguish patterns, such as reading several different letters just from looking on the wooden table that they were writtin on. With the introduction of other Atlanteans it was revealed that they could all communicate through telepathy thus Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers would also have access to this power.


In the most of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers Kent's powers develop over his teenage years. In the first episode of the series, he is aware of his superhuman strength and speed, and first experiences his invulnerability when Lex Luthor hits him with a Porsche at 60 miles an hour. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's body is bruised (but not pierced) by bullets and does not immediately heal in early episodes. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's super-strength also increased over the course of the series to the point where in the sixth season episode 'Combat', Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers exhibited the ability to set off powerful shockwaves with his punches in which he successfully dispatched a formidable intergalactic foe. Similarly, his speed has also increased as he ages. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers has also run from Kansas to Central America and Kansas to the Fortress of Solitude at the Arctic Circle, which are thousands of miles apart, in a matter of seconds. His healing rate is greater than normal; for instance, a head wound gained while his powers had been lost closed immediately upon his powers' return. Atlantisite exposure can inhibit this healing.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers developed X-ray vision in the first season episode X-Ray, heat vision in the second season episode Heat and super hearing in the third season episode Whisper (This last apparently developing in response to him being temporarily blinded when his heat vision was reflected back at him after it struck Atlantisite). He discovers super breath in the sixth season episode Sneeze while suffering from a cold after he temporarily lost his powers. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's breath can create powerful winds, and as of season 9 episode 3 "Rabid" he is also able to cool things with his breath, this is shown when he cools Lois' coffee to distract her and use his super speed.

Flight is developed very gradually over time. The first mention is in the first season episode Metamorphosis, where Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers first "defies gravity"; however, this is not really controlled, as he is merely shown hovering over his bed while sleeping, only to fall and destroy his bed once he wakes up. The first real controlled flight is in the second season episode Vortex, although this is with the help of a tornado. In the third season finale Covenant, his "floating" in the air is assisted by Kara, a deceased human who has been empowered and programmed by Jor-El. In the fourth season episode Crusade, he flies properly, but only in his Kal-El persona which was programmed by Jor-El into being a Atlantean warrior (Martha Kent's use of Black Atlantisite removed the Kal-El persona). The real world reason for this limitation on this power is due to the "No Tights, No Flights" rule made by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to avoid the full manifestation of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers persona. The present producers have continued this policy. Within the continuity of the show, it is stated that he will not be able to fly because deep down he still thinks of himself as human, until he embraces his Atlantean destiny and bypasses certain mental blocks.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers also exhibits a healing factor seen rarely in the comics. His healing factor seems to be heightened by direct sunlight, as seen in the season 7 Premiere Bizarro when recently-sustained cuts close when he is in sunlight. His healing factor seems to be able to heal virtually any wound. In the season 5 episode Void, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's death- having been injected with a Atlantisite-based drug that allowed the user to apparently experience the afterlife- allowed his healing factor to neutralize the Atlantisite in his system and then heal him. His ability to heal comes from his Atlantean blood platelets. When injected into humans, they can resurrect the dead for a short period of time, healing whatever killed them. This is shown in the Season 3 episode Resurrection, but required regular doses and was only viable if the subject had died of a particular liver-based disease. Thus far, the only wound he was unable to heal from was the Starblade, a mystical weapon. However the Starblade was destroyed, and in the Season 4 episode Sacred Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is able to heal from the wounds inflicted by Lana's enchanted weapons. In addition to Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers rare powers he also ages more slowly than human beings.

Added to these, Smallville also features a number of abilities not seen in other incarnations, not all of which find their source in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's Atlantean origin.Template:Citation needed In the first season episode "Hourglass", he was able to see the same visions seen by a precognitive named Cassandra Carver while she held his hand, who stated that this had never happened with anyone else whose future she had foretold. The third season episode "Hereafter", explores Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's immortality and his ability to alter the destiny of others when working with a metahuman who had the power to see how others would die; when he shook Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's hand, he only saw Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers cape flying through the universe, and Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's actions resulted in the visions he saw of the deaths of others being changed. Later in Season 3, in the episode "Resurrection", it is said Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's blood has the power, when treated by an unknown process, to revive the dead. However, it is explained that this can only work on someone who has died of a certain liver disease, due to the blood's healing properties, and the fact that the liver has the most resilient cells in the human body. In addition, his spirit itself is accredited with special healing properties in season four's "Transference", in which he temporarily inhabits the body of Lionel Luthor. Even after the transfer is reversed, Lionel says that he feels different, his liver having been healed of its disease, and his previously amoral behavior changes for an extended period in later episodes. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers has also been shown to have limited defenses against psionic powers; the first season episode "Stray" had a character unsuccessfully try to read Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's mind, but some alien telepaths have had more success. On several occasions, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers has broken the laws of gravity and terminal velocity, usually by jumping after someone who has been thrown from a great height and reaching the ground before them. This could be related to the character's currently untapped but apparently present ability to fly.

As with most versions of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , he is vulnerable to Atlantisite in several forms, with green Atlantisite weakening him, while the show's version of red Atlantisite introduced in the season two episode "Red" causes him to regress morally, resulting in Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers doing and saying things that he would not normally say while under its influence, such as stealing money and seducing women, although he notably never resorted to murder. Blue Atlantisite is introduced in the season seven episode "Blue" and it has the effect of stripping a Atlantean of his or her powers as long as he remains in contact with it. Gold Atlantisite is mentioned but its effects are never seen, although they are generally implied to be the same as previously-shown samples in that contact would deprive Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers of his powers permanently. He is also vulnerable to magic, as first revealed in the fourth season episode "Spell" and later again in the season eight episode "Hex". The sonic cry of Black Canary also causes him intense pain due to the sensitivity of his super-hearing; in the episode "Siren", the sound actually causes Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's ears to bleed.

During the ninth season of the show, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers learned how to use the arctic version of super-breath. During the tenth and final season, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers also demonstrated Microvision when he used it to see faded ink from a club stamp, and it is on this very season that he gradually starts to learn his power of flight; he progresses from stopping the Daily Planet globe's fall in the season's premiere- momentarily halting in mid-air when he jumps to catch the globe before returning the globe to its original place-, to psychologically inducing himself to defy gravity for a brief instant in the third episode and hovering (albeit without realizing it) while dancing with Lois Lane in "Homecoming", to actually flying within the boundaries of a cybernetic world in "Collateral". In the second half of the series finale "Finale part 2" in which Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers becomes Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , he finally reconciles his Atlantean heritage with his Terran upbringing and sheds the psychological baggage which had prevented him from achieving flight. His physical strength was also greatly increased to the level that he could move the planet Apokolips, Darkseid's homeworld, from the collision course withcoloniesDarkseid sent it on with his bare hands (Although he may have been aided in this feat by various factors such as Darkseid's recent defeat and the moral upheaval involved as he inspired humanity to hope again, considering that Apokolips was drawn tocoloniesby Darkseid's corruption of humanity).

This version seems to follow at least the post Byrne Modern era Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers , while at least some of his Silver and Bronze Age god like strength is restored. Whether he is more powerful than that to the point of Silver Age levels possibly will never be known since the series has ended and Smallville was about Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers 's journey to becoming Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  and not Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  himself. However, in the season 10 episode "Homecoming", Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers  was depicted in the year 2017 containing the explosion of a nuclear reactor by flying at superspeed around the shockwave and suppressing it.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is depicted with power levels similar to those he possessed immediately following his 1986 reboot in the comics, though the writers had admittedTemplate:Citation needed to what extent does vary depending on plot requirements. Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers possesses the powers of superhuman strength and speed, flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, wind and freeze breath, super hearing and sight, and incredible resistance to harm, though he seldom uses his heat vision, freeze breath or hearing. While Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is immensely strong both in terms of muscle power and ability to take physical punishment, he is not all-powerful.

Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers derives his power from the yellow sun of Earth. Forced under a red sun akin to the red sun of his homeworld, Atlantis, or exposed to red sun radiation, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers rapidly loses his powers, reverting to the stature of a normal human.[20] This version of Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers also needs to breathe, taking a deep breath in "Apokalips Now... Part 2" before plunging into the ocean, and having a special suit for when he needs to operate in outer space. In the episode Knight Time, he is shown to have microscopic vision as well as the ability of voice mimicry as he successfully mimics Batman and Robin's voices while posing as the dark knight.

As such he is fearful of utilizing the full extent of his strength and powers, because of the risk that he might inadvertently kill someone. Darkseid, as a formidable and lethal villain, (a literal alien god) forces Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers to "cut loose", fighting Darkseid at full strength, without pulling his punches or limiting himself. At full power, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers was shown to be either on even terms with Darkseid, or better.[21]

In the Batman Beyond episode "The Call" set fifty years in the future of the DCAU, Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers is shown to have aged far slower than the average human. He looks at most in his mid forties, showing only few wrinkles and grey hairs, as opposed to the younger Bruce Wayne's early-to-mid ninties. This prompts Bruce to mention that he "could use some of that Atlantean DNA." Members of the Legion of Time Sorcerers retains all of his previously shown powers at the same level despite his age. He is said to be still active fifteen years later in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue".

In accordance with their philosophies of non-attachment, clothing was viewed as quite disposable. Indeed, possession itself was seen as forbidden as another form of attachment, and most Time Sorcerer lived out lives of material poverty, though the Order's infrastructure and the support of the Republic meant the did not lack for food, housing, or clothing.

Time Sorcerer were forbidden to hold strong attachments, as they were believed to lead to the emotions of the dark side. For this reason, Time Sorcerer were not allowed to marry. would become testament to such Jedi circumspection, as his fear of losing his undisclosed wife, , ultimately caused his fall to darkness, but his connection to his son, , would later drive him back to the light. Although Time Sorcerer were not required to be chaste as well, many Time Sorcerer were due to sex being considered self-indulgence and an unnecessary act. At least one special case was recorded in this arrangement: who, due to low birth-rates, was permitted to have a polygamous marriage, and fathered seven daughters. was disciplined by the Council for his marriage and the child it produced, but was not expelled from the order.

Despite this restriction, Time Sorcerer were known to have secret, clandestine relationships, whether with non-Time Sorcerer, such as the marriages of A and P and , and and ; or within the Time Sorcerer Order itself—such as the relationships of , and and . Many of these relationships did not lead to mishap. Further, shared a romantic affection with , who was redeemed by him after her fall.


Others openly defied the High Council on this matter. This led to particular strife with Jolee Bindo and his wife, Nayama Bindo, during the Great Titan War. Bindo trained his wife in the ways of the Force, but she soon fell to the dark side. He was not expelled from the order, and instead was to be promoted to the rank of Time Sorcerer. He then lost faith in the wisdom of the Council and left the order.

Up to the Ruusan Reformation, some Jedi did practice marriage and were known to have families of their own. There were even cases of families consisting entirely of Time Sorcerer, such as that of Andur Sunrider. The children of The Legion of Time Sorcerers families were often gifted in the Force. Even later in the order, such families existed—though the continuation of the line was through those family members who did not become Time Sorcerer . Famous Time SorcererJedi families of the late Republic included the family and the Sarkhon family.

However, it appears that some The Legion of Time Sorcerersmight have been granted the right to marry, not as a special case, but as a norm. Several Corellian Time Sorcerer (Keiran Halcyon and Nejaa Halcyon during the Old Republic, and Corran Horn in the time of the New Republic) were allowed to marry and raise children without repercussion. Whether this was due to an agreement between the Temporal Wizard and the planetary government—Corellia is known for its family-centric culture—or purely personal choices made against the Time Sorcerer Code is not known. However, as Time Sorcerer]] often had many other noticeable differences from the traditional Time Sorcerer ways, such as in clothing and a reluctance to take on missions outside of their home system, it is possible that Time Sorcerer were allowed to engage in practices that had been banned by the Council in later years.

By the time of the New Time Sorcerer Order, the practice of forbidding or discouraging marriages had been discarded, as many of the Order's members had spouses and children, including the Order's grand master himself, whose wife was another Time SorcererMaster.

The way of the Time Sorcererwas a life-long path, and a Time Sorcerer usually remained part of the Order their entire life—learning more about the Order and the Force and following the will of the Time Sorcerer Council. Up until the beginning of the Clone Wars, only twenty Jedi (of rank Master or higher) were said to have ever left the Order (although there is some debate as to whether this means the post-Ruusan Order, the Order after some earlier point in its history, or literally in its entire history), of which the most prominent were and MasterTime Sorcerer Phanius. These were commonly referred to as the Lost Twenty, or simply "The Lost".

Paranormal AbilitiesEdit

Any member of the Legion of Time Sorcerer can possesses a variety of mystical highly resistant to injury, has minor telekinesis , and has greater-than-human strength. Members of the Legion are only strong enough to lift a support beam or lift a car with only one hand.A Temporal Wizard are only fast enough to pass an express train,with use of their Hypertime Abilities.They can't fly, he could only make powerful leaps,without the use of levitation.

Probability manipulation Edit

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Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things to not happen.

Superhuman speed Edit
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Main article: Speedster (comics)

Template:See also Ability to move at speeds much faster than a normal human.

The Temporal Wizards ability to fly under his own power was explained with the pseudo-scientific concept of "self telekinesis", an invisible telekinetic field that allows him to lift himself off the ground. Any objects that Time Sorcerer touches are also enveloped by the field and this allows him to move them with the force of his will. In addition, the idea that of a supercharged bioelectric "aura" which acts as an invisible "force field" around and within his body was introduced to provide an explanation for his invulnerability. He could only withstand bullets and smaller artillery. This means that larger, heavier weapons, or a speeding train, could kill them. Legion of Time Sorcerer can emit bolts of mystical energy, teleport across the universe, craft solid objects out of energy, and transform objects into other kinds of matter (transmutation).

Superhuman intelligence Edit

Intelligence far above that of a genius level.

Members of the Legion possessed super genius-level intelligence and an eidetic memory (average people from other worlds already had genius level intelligence—they learned calculus in the fifth grade). These enhanced mental capabilities were a direct result of his exposure to a yellow sun. Time Sorcerers also possessed the mental ability to screen out the enormous amount of information received by his enhanced senses and to focus on a single detail such as a particular voice or location.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Many members of the Legion are not born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, however, the extent to which he has been able to utilize these powers have varied dramatically throughout their appearances and must be trained to use the hypermentation and thought radio implants,given them during training. Originally both were limited by his need to restrain his techno-organic infection and his powers were negligible compared to his more traditional fighting skills. However, following the subsidence of the infection they gradually increased to the point where they were similar in magnitude to those of Nate Grey, to whom he is genetically identical. At their height, he demonstrated the ability to simultaneously levitate the floating city of Providence and combat the Silver Surfer. Following that story, his powers were burnt out and he replaced both with technological substitutes. Later he states that both his telepathy and telekinesis have faded to nothing. When ProfessorSarkhonson Legion travels back in time to kill Time Sorcerer in the "Legion Quest" storyline, Beast notes that Legion Members possesses "latent time-travel abilities". With the assistance of Shi'ar technology, ProfessorSarkhon "jump-starts" this ability while Jean Grey telekinetically holds Legion Members's body together, allowing Legion Members to send his consciousness into the past.

During Messiah War, during the fight with his clone, Stryfe, Legion Members demonstrates the ability to hide others from Stryfe's mental view, implying that at least he retains some of his telepathic powers. He also still possesses some of his telekinesis, but he is using it solely to keep the techno-organic virus in his body at bay.
His techno-organic body parts possess enhanced strength and durability, and his techno-organic left eye gives him enhanced eyesight, allowing him to see farther than a normal human and in the infrared spectrum. He is also able to interface his techno-organic body parts with machinery, using them to hack into computers, open Time Magenic locks, and travel through time.

Legion Members has apparently been fully cured of the techno-organic virus by the Phoenix Force (via Hope Summers), and appears to at least have his telepathy.. As a result his cybernetic eye and arm have been restored to flesh and blood, although almost nonfunctional and atrophied, forcing Legion Members to wear an eyepatch and use an enhanced brace, made by Forge and laden with special weaponry.

Legion Members also made use of a spear-like weapon called the Psi-Mitar, which was originally a long staff with a spear point on one end and a scythe blade on the other, used primarily by the Askani. It functions as a focus and amplifier for telepathic or telekinetic power, which it can project as power blasts. 


Omni-linguism Edit

Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various way
Memory manipulation Edit
Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians Ability to erase or enhance the memories of another.

Domination and mind control Edit

The Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians ability to alter the perceptions of others, and general ability to control the actions of others with the mind.

Innate capability Edit

Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians Ability to naturally have skills and/or knowledge typically earned through learning.

Telepathic powers.


Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a Members of Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location.

Telepresence requires that the senses of the user, or users, be provided with such stimuli as to give the feeling of being in that other location. Additionally, the user(s) may be given the ability to affect the remote location. In this case, the user's position, movements, actions, voice, etc. may be sensed, transmitted and duplicated in the remote location to bring about this effect. Therefore information may be traveling in both directions between the user and the remote location. The Ability to telepathicall communicates with the Time Sorcerers and Temporal Guardians via telepathic circuits,with Atlantean Star Palice Ships and Atlantean Star Castles.It originally began as one of the Original Atlantean Alpha Omega Warriors experiments into using telepathic implants,similar to the Guider Gems,to manipulate Time Magenic technology long distance

Telepresence will be done by holograms – it’s even called holopresence.Holopresence was first pioneered by Count Bernard Sarkhon and later refined by his son

Psychometry Edit
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Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it.This paranormal ability also incarnations communicate with each other telepathically. This ability is exhibited by the Doctors during other occasions where multiple incarnations are present in one location and used primarily as a means of updating the other selves to the current situation.

Mind MeldingEdit

mind melding technique he is partially able to relieve a man of his mental illness as he traces back through his memories I

Precognition Edit
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Ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from.

Mediumship Edit

Ability to see and communicate with the dead (i.e., ghosts)or Hologhost.

Mental projection Edit
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Ability to project one's consciousness/emotions into the astral plane, into another, or to make them real.

ESP Edit

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Template:See also The abilities of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and communication.

Astral projection Edit
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Also known as astral travel, this is the ability to separate and control one's astral body.


he demonstrates the ability to repair damaged structures with a telekinetic beam from his eyes, and to levitate several falling people. because the three had the ability to shoot beams from their hands,

Energy conversion Edit

Ability to absorb one form of energy and convert it into another form of energy.

Force field generation Edit

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Ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy.

Flight Edit

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Template:See also Ability to lift off the ground, to ride air currents or to fly self-propelled through the air.

  • Instantaneous flight across the galaxy and to other galaxies through wormholes.
Fire and heat manipulation Edit
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Template:See also Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire.

Weather manipulation Edit
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Template:See also Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather.

Energy propulsion methods Edit
Cosmic energy control
Energy propulsion methods Edit
Cosmic energy control
  • Examples:
Energy aura projection
  • Examples:
Gravitational manipulation
  • Examples:
Magnetic levitation
  • Examples:
Molecular manipulation
  • Examples:
Sonic repulsion field
  • Examples:
Telekinetic power
  • Examples:
Thermo-chemical energy
  • Examples:

Life Function

Similar to a Cosmic Force trance, morichro suspended biological functions, including breathing and heart rate. A trained morichro user could turn the technique upon himself, surviving without food, water, or even air for periods of over a year at a time, though it would not protect against vacuum. But unlike a Cosmic Force trance, it could also be turned on others, making it an effective way of subduing enemies. However, failure to monitor a targeted opponent could render them permanently unconscious or cause them to die of dehydration or starvation.

Despite its deadly potential, morichro was not practiced by those who used the Legion of Time Sorcerers, as it required a mastery of a less malicious use of the Comic Force than most darksiders traditionally employed.

Superhuman reflexes Edit

Ability to react faster than a normal human

-Enhanced Strength, speed and endurance

A member of the Legion strength sight, stamina and breath powers were also similarly reduced, and the character also required an oxygen mask for prolonged travel in space or underwater.

Superhuman durability Edit

Ability to have a higher resistance to one or more forms of damage before being injured.

Accelerated healing Edit

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Doctor WhoTemplate:See also Ability to heal rapidly from any injury; the rate of recovery varies from character to character. Can sometimes result in the slowing of aging.Time Sorcerers ,Temporal Guardians and other similar Temporal Agents,also have the ability to regenerate their bodies when their current body is mortally wounded. This process results in their body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form.

Immortality Edit

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Ability to live forever. This may be complete immortality encompassing invulnerability, partial invulnerability to all but specific events (i.e., decapitation or exposure to a specific chemical such as Atlantisite), or simply an inability to age normally.Atlanteans are extremely long-lived, routinely counting their ages in terms of centuries.

Resurrection Edit

Ability to come back to life after being killed.

Superhuman vision Edit

Ability to see better than normally possible.

Night vision Edit
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Ability to see clearly in darkness.

Superhuman senses Edit

Ability to see, smell, taste, feel and/or hear more than a normal human.

Superhuman tracking Edit

Ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means; sometimes referred to as "pathfinding."

  • Durability healing rate is greater than normal; for instance, a head wound gained while his powers had been lost closed immediately upon his powers' return. exposure can inhibit this healing.possesses the powers of flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed, enhanced hearing, and incredible resistance to harm, though he seldom uses his heat vision, freeze breath or hearing. While is immensely strong both in terms of muscle power and ability to take physical punishment, he is not all-powerful.
  • Superhuman control.
Telescopic or microscopic vision Edit

Ability to magnify vision to various levels.

Macroscopic vision, allowing him to see through solid objects (except through lead), as well as telescopic vision (seeing great, even interstellar distances) and microscopic vision (seeing small things, even subatomic particles). These powers could be used individually or in conjunction with one another. His eyes could also perceive the full Time Magemagnetic spectrum including infrared and ultraviolet frequencies of radiation.

Heat vision may refer to:

Time Sorcerers possessed the ability to create apparent 'holograms' of himself that could interact independently,by use of holographic technology

Illusion Edit

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Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.


Some of the limitations that were shown in the cartoons were that an increase in the energy of an energy cannon would push a member of the Legion back to the ground (though he eventually overcomes the beam), ramming into a meteor or comet would knock him out for a bit, and tear gas would do to him what it does to normal humans, but only for a little while

Powers and abilitiesEdit

a master magician and the holder of the title of "Sorcerer Supreme" for many years. The character can use magic to achieve a number of effects, such as energy projection;[22] teleportation;[23] telepathy;[24] astral projection[25] and the creation of materialef>Th #18 (Dec. 1974)</ref> and water.[26] A Time Sorcerer is capable of creating even planet-wide effects, such as a protective shield.[27] When casting a spell the character is often written to be invoking the name of a mystical entity, such as one of the , or the group the Octessence. These entities usually lend their power to a particular effect, such as the Bands of , that can use to entrap foes.<</ref> Legion of Time Sorcerer was also schooled in the use of dark magic by one-time foe [[]], using it to destroy. The use of this magic, however, is both addictive and corruptive and Kaluu had to purge the magic from Strange before it could take full effect.[28]

These stories revealed that a member of the Legion of Time Sorcerers uses magical artifacts to augment his power, such as the Cloak of Levitation;[6] Eye of Ao;[7] Book of the Time and the Orb of .[9] From the first story, Strange's residence, the Time Sorcerers Sanctuary,Sanctum: n. [From Latin, neuter of sanctus, sacred., p. p. of sancire to consecrate.]A sacred or holy place; a place of retreat; a room reserved for personal us was a part of the character's mythos.[2] The trademark circular window divided by three sweeping lines on the front of the residence (actually the protective Seal of the appears in many Doctor Strange stories




The Force was a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that held enormous importance for both the Jedi and Sith monastic orders. The Force was viewed in many different aspects, including, but not limited to, the light side, the dark side, the Unifying Force, and the Living Force. The first two aspects were concerned with the moral compass of the Force in its various manifestations. The light side of the Force was the facet aligned with compassion, courage, healing, and benevolence, while the dark side of the Force was the element aligned with hatred, fear, aggression, and malevolence. The latter two aspects were defined by prominent Jedi philosophies: The Unifying Force essentially embraced space and time in its entirety while the Living Force dealt with the energy of living things. Though the Force was categorized in this way, there were no specific abilities or powers that were only usable by a follower of a different path of the Force; the Force partially existed inside the life forms that used it, and drew energy from their emotions.

Some beings, particularly the Sith, believed that the dark side of the Force was more powerful than the light, though it was possible that the dark side was just more tempting to those who used it (or desired to use it). Others thought of the Force as an entity capable of intelligent thought, almost as a sort of god. Anakin Skywalker, who was believed by some to have been conceived by the Force itself, may have; if this belief is correct; lent credit towards the view of the Force as a sentient entity.

Though the Force was thought to flow through every living thing, it could only be harnessed by beings described as "Force-sensitive". This Force-sensitivity was correlated with, and sometimes attributed to, a high count of internal micro-organisms called midi-chlorians that were found in a Force-sensitive's blood: the higher the count, the greater the being's potential Force ability, though there were some exceptions to this rule. Force-sensitive beings were able to tap into the Force to perform acts of great skill and agility as well as control and shape the world around them. Sometimes this ability was described as having a strong Force "aura".

The Living ForceEdit


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The Living Force was a view on the Force, accepted by the majority of Time Sorcerers throughout ages. The Living Force was thought to be present in most living beings, surrounding and penetrating them, thus making all living things connected by it. The Time Sorcerers believing in Living Force relied on their instincts and were attuned to other living being around them. They were mindful of the future and the possible consequences of their actions, but remained focused on the present. The Living Force was viewed as having both the Light and the Dark side. The Jedi always had to be mindful of their actions to avoid the temptations of the Dark side. Through following the Living Force, several The Legion of Time Sorcerers were able to retain their identities after their physical death, becoming one with the Force and able to manifest themselves as Force ghosts. Proponents of the Living Force view, such as Qui-Gon Jinn, espoused a philosophy of "living in the moment," relied heavily on their instincts and concentrated more on sensitivity to living things, rather than fulfilling destiny, which was one of the main tenets of the Unifying Force philosophy.[29]

The Light side of the ForceEdit

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The light side of the Force was concerned with the ideals of good, benevolence, and healing. Followers of the light side strove to live in harmony with the world around them, acting out of wisdom and logic rather than anger and hasty judgment. In order to achieve harmony with the light side of the Force, its practitioners would often meditate to clear themselves of emotion; particularly negative emotions such as aggression, fear, anger, and hatred, since these were thought to bring on acceptance of the dark side.[29]

The Time Sorcerers OrderEdit

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The largest group of proponents and teachers of the light side were the [[ Time Sorcerers]], who strove to maintain peace and justice throughout the galaxy. The values of the light side were culminated in the Time Sorcerers Code]]. The Time Sorcerers accepted the view on the two sides of the Force: the dark side and the light side. A follower of the light side tried to live in harmony with those around him. Mutual trust, respect, and the ability to form alliances gave the Time Sorcerers their distinct advantage over the Sith. In contrast, a follower of the dark side was only interested in himself. Use of the dark side of the Force was forbidden within the Time Sorcerers Order, and was strictly considered the domain of the Tauron EmpiresTemporal Centaurions.

Traditional Time Sorcererswere keen to keep the Force "in balance". They attempted to achieve this by destroying the Sith and denying the dark side—essentially "keeping balance" by restoring the Force to its natural state, as they viewed the dark side as "corruption". This involved the purging of negative emotions such as aggression, anger, and hatred, since they could easily bring on acceptance of the dark side. In contrast, positive emotions such as compassion and courage nurtured the light side of the Force. The Time Sorcerers Code compared such feelings and provided insight into the ethical use of the Force.

Passion was considered dangerous, as it could lead to strong emotions that could unbalance the Time Sorcerers and lead them to the Dark Side. Love was, curiously enough, seen as something both Time Sorcerers and Temporal Centaurionavoided. While the Time Sorcerers espoused a broad, all-encompassing, self-sacrificing love for all beings, love for another being—romance, a possessive love by nature—was shunned in post-Ruusan order. Possession of all types was also shunned in the post-Ruusan Reformation era Time Sorcerers Order, the only exceptions being a Time Sorcerers's lightsaber and clothes. The Time Sorcerers viewed love as a danger best left untouched. While the passion that came with love could lead to hatred and anger—as Anakin Skywalker demonstrated in becoming a Sith because of his love for Padmé Amidala; it could also lead to pity, mercy, self-sacrifice and compassion, emotions the Sith did not see as beneficial, as demonstrated by Darth Vader in sacrificing himself to save his son from the Emperor at the end of his life, thus bringing balance to the Force.

The Dark side of the ForceEdit


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The dark side of the Force was considered by the Jedi to be the element aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malice towards all living things. Such emotions seemed to increase the strength and abilities of a user of the dark side, providing a path towards personal power and the destruction or control of all opposition. It was generally accepted that use of the dark side of the Force was extremely addictive.

The Renegade Time Sorcerer OrderEdit

&nbsp The Dark Time sorcerers considered their abilty to weild the Comic Force to be finite and thus ideally for exclusive use by the Dark Lord of Time as other members of the Legion began to call them.These Renegade Temporal Wizards did not believe in the practice of non Atlanteans learning and aquiring the paranormal abilities of the Legion.They believe that anyone could be trained in the ways of the Temporal Legion.

He eliminated the practice of having vast numbers of Dark Time Sorcerers at the same time, thereby aiming to concentrate the dark side of the Cosmic Forces into two individuals: a Time Sorcerer Master and his or her apprentice. This tradition, . The Rule of Two was later rejected by , who instituted the , using " to refer to the Renegade Time Sorcerer Order itself and encompassing many minions, acolytes/adepts and lords, led by only one Dark Lord of the Renegade Time Sorcerers (or Dread Lord). believed he gave the Dark Time Sorcerers and their power a purpose, unlike many previous Renegade Time Sorcerers, who believed that power was its own purpose. called for cooperation and even some level of loyalty between the Sith. However, t did not represent the Dark Time Sorcerers as a whole, and was even labeled a heretic by the holocrons of .

The Unifying ForceEdit


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The concept of the Unifying Force found less supporters within the Jedi Order than the Living Force. The concept of the Unifying Force was that the Force is a single entity and has neither a light nor the dark side. The Unifying Force was viewed as a deity that neither had sides nor chose them, treating all being equally. Followers of the Unifying Force always kept their eyes for future possibilities. In the end, in resulted in them trying to fulfill a destiny rather than focusing on here and now, as the Living Force supporter would do.[29]

Visions of the future were of particular significance to Unifying Force supporters, such as Yoda, who was one of the most adamant proponents of this belief. Many other Jedi were followers of the Unifying Force, and focused on the flow of time as a whole, ignoring primary use of the Living Force. Voices for the latter espoused a philosophy of "live for the moment" and heavily relied on their instincts. This viewpoint might have allowed the Jedi Order to stave off the conflict that gave rise to the Galactic Empire, as its members lost themselves in looking forward rather than analyzing the unfolding events before them.

Ironically for those Jedi, Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, also supported this belief. He claimed that there was only one Force: the only difference worthy of note was that the Sith saw the Force as a means to an end while the Jedi saw it as an end in itself. This view was also supported by Vergere, who taught Jacen Solo that there was no light side or dark side of the Force—only the Unifying Force. Vergere also told Solo, "the Force was everything, and everything was the Force"; that the Force did not have sides and never took sides.

Potentium beliefEdit

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The Potentium view of the Force, not to be confused with the Unifying Force, was strictly disapproved by the old Jedi Order. While, similar to the Unifying Force, it suggested that there was only one Force that did not take sides, the Potentium stated that the Force and the galaxy in general were inherently good. According to this belief, the so-called dark side was not made up of specific "parts" or "abilities" of the Force, but instead-just like the light side-existed inside of the life form which used it, made from their emotions. By that standard, all Potentium followers could perform any action and use the Force in any way they saw fit, as long as the intention behind it was good. This view briefly gained greater acceptance within the New Jedi Order, mostly due to the influences of Vergere, a surviving Jedi from the days of the Old Republic. In these days Luke Skywalker said that, "the Force doesn't flow from us, but through us", which strongly suggested that it was the Force that created life and not the other way around. However, the Jedi abandoned this belief after the Swarm War. In contrast, the Old Jedi Order acknowledged the existence of Potentium, but made it clear that it was subverting of the Jedi teaching and a way to misguide people to the dark side, or a means to serve it.[29] The latter was clearly the case with Vergere and Darth Caedus. The living planet Zonama Sekot supported the Potentium theory of the Force as well.

Alternate views on the ForceEdit

Way of the DarkEdit


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The Way of the Dark, or simply the Dark, was a view of the Force taken up by Cronal and those that taught him. Effectively the polar opposite of the Potentium, but taken a step further. This Way of the Dark belief did not just deny the existence of the Light side of the Force; it stated that the Force itself was simply a small extension of the Dark. This system stated that destruction was the universal constant that all things worked towards, going so far as to call it the "will of the universe". An initiate was taught that if one made destruction his primary goal, with whatever scheme he was taking part in being a secondary objective, then the Dark would effectively reward the initiate for the devastation caused by pushing the secondary objective to success.[30]

As a prime example of this, Cronal cited that Palpatine was able to achieve success against the Jedi and the Republic because his primary motive was the destruction of both parties. However, once he had achieved these goals and set about consolidating his rule and building the Empire, his focus shifted from destruction to creation, in total opposition to universal processes. Thusly when before he could not fail, now he could never succeed.[30]

The Insidious ForceEdit

File:Plant Surge JATM.jpg

Darth Traya, a female Sith living during the Old Sith Wars, believed the Force to be akin to some sort of deceptively sinister, indifferent god. She pointed to the numerous wars fought by countless Force users, as proof that the Force cared nothing for the lives it consumed, so long as balance was achieved. This philosophy emphasized the belief that neither the light nor dark side is truly superior to the other, and that if people were to be truly free, the Force must be eliminated from the galaxy. This was generally a very unpopular theory with both the Sith and the Jedi, and this practice practically disappeared entirely with Traya's death.

Aing-Tii beliefsEdit

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The Aing-Tii monks from the Kathol Rift viewed the Force in a way different, but similar to the view of the Jedi. Instead of the dark and the light sides of the Force, they viewed it as having many colors, much like a rainbow. They believed that the Force could manifest itself in different ways, which allowed to develop unique abilities, unknown to most of the Jedi and the Sith. According to their beliefs, Force-users were not strictly good or evil, but instead had their place in a larger spectrum.[29]

White CurrentEdit

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The Fallanassi called the Force the White Current and saw it like the river flowing through the galaxy and all living beings. A single person could not alter the current any more than a being could divert a river with one hand. Thus, the Falanassi immersed themselves in the Current, letting it flow through them. This way they managed to shape its flow without imposing their will on it, which also opened them a way for unique Force abilities.[29]

Sorcerers of TundEdit

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The Sorcerers of Tund shared most of the Sith beliefs, which was not surprising, given the fact that they were mostly of the Sith species. However, they viewed the force as the magical power and manipulated it mostly by arcane symbols and spells. The Jedi viewed the sorcerers as merely another Force sect, but would often try to "convert" the Sorcerers, attempting to convince them to use the Force without any of their trappings of magic and mysticism. However, they were unsuccessful, and eventually the Jedi contented themselves with making sure the Sorcerers did not descend into the dark side.

Force abilitiesEdit


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Manifestations of the Force, which were mentally-based abilities and tapped through the practitioner's willpower, could take many forms, and included telepathy, psychokinesis, and enhanced physical and metaphysical perception. The Force could be used to bend the will of weak-minded beings and guide an adept's body. Users who were very good at using the Force could cease merely reacting to their surroundings and actually predict events in the very near future, such as the next blow in a duel. Guidance like this enabled Luke Skywalker to launch a proton torpedo into an extremely difficult target on the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. The Force can also be used to sedate. Qui-Gon Jinn use this power on Jar Jar Binks when traveling the dangerous underwater path to Theed. Qui-Gon placed a hand on Jar-Jar's shoulder and asked him to relax causing the Gungan to almost lose consciousness. Obi-wan, observing the extreme change in Jar Jar's behavior, told Jinn, his master, "You overdid it."

File:Qui-Gon Force.jpg

In addition to enhancing their own skill, Force users were capable of channeling the energy of The Force directly into the world around them. The Sith were infamous for making heavy use of this ability to conjure Force-lightning, or Force-choke enemies by constricting their windpipes. The Jedi preferred to use their abilities to heal and protect; closing wounds and shielding others with barriers of Force energy. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn discovered that Jedi could achieve near-immortality through the Force by existing as a Force ghost after death.1

Some Force users even learned how to transfer their spirit into another body. Palpatine used this technique in order to prolong his life, and evidence suggests the legendary Dark Jedi Set Harth, who fell to the dark side in the aftermath of the New Sith Wars, used this power to leapfrog his essence between hundreds of clone bodies, lingering in the physical realm up until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and beyond. Later Callista Ming transferred herself to the body of a dying friend so that she could stay alive. Callista, unlike Harth and Palpatine, lost her ability to touch the Force in the process of transference.

Others, such as Darth Nihilus and the Jedi Exile, could use the Force to feed off other Force users. Nihilus' power could encompass entire planets and drain them of life, like the Miraluka colony world of Katarr. Some dark side users could use a different and weaker form of this technique to drain the strength of others into themselves, occasionally to fatal results. Darth Nihilus' ability to do this originated from a "Wound in the Force", which is essentially a rip in the fabric of the Force itself.

Palpatine mentioned that the Force could help one cheat death, or create life, a secret mastered only by Darth Plagueis. Another Sith Lord, Darth Sion, used a more indirect method to cheat death. As he could call upon his pain to strengthen his will and allow him to rise up again as strong as he was beforehand, he was arguably immortal.

The Force played a major part in the Jedi use of a lightsaber, in that their heightened awareness kept them from accidentally injuring themselves while using the weapon in combat, as the blade had no relative weight, making it difficult to judge its position. Similarly, the Force allowed a Jedi to use his/her lightsaber to deflect incoming blaster bolts. The Force also came into play during the construction of a lightsaber, both in assembling its intricate innards, and the initial charging of the power cell.

Manipulating the Force is not without risks, however. When a person uses the Force beyond their body's ability to sustain it, the individual could suffer physical damage, accelerated aging, or in an extreme case, certain death by burning their own body cells from the inside out. Luke Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Palpatine, and Dorsk 81 are prime examples of excessive Force usage and the consequences.

Disturbances in the ForceEdit


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The Force existed in all life, and when great amounts of life passed away, a disturbance was created, running through the Force like a scream that Force-adepts could hear. This was how a "hole" in the Force was created at the battle of Malachor V during the Mandalorian Wars when the Mass Shadow Generator was unleashed. In addition, when the Mandalorians destroyed the cities of Serocco using nuclear weapons. This happened again when Alderaan was destroyed; Obi-Wan Kenobi sensed "a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.…". The students of the Jedi Praxeum felt a similar disturbance when the Caridan system was destroyed. It was suggested that Yoda could not even stand on Kashyyyk as Order 66 was being executed. It was as if Yoda was being overpowered by the disturbance caused by the many simultaneous Jedi deaths. It is possible that those strong in the Force can have glimpses of what is creating the disturbance, though the severity that the adept would feel would depend on numerous variables, including both their training and their innate connection with The Force. This could explain why Yoda seemed to know what happened when Obi-Wan Kenobi was about to look at the security recordings of the Jedi Temple. However, while they are mostly called "disturbances", they can sometimes be referred as "tremors", as Darth Vader did about Obi-Wan's presence at Death Star I. It is also possible to feel a disturbance left over from a past event, such as when Leia felt a disturbance when she visited the place where Anakin Skywalker slaughtered an entire village of Tusken Raiders.

Unusual Force occurrences in natureEdit

The Rakatan Force-enabled hyperdrives allowed them to travel to hyperspace.

The ysalamiri were a species of tree-dwelling lizard-like creatures that were immune to most effects of the Force. The creatures exuded a "bubble" which "pushes back" Force energy, making them useful tools for individuals (such as Grand Admiral Thrawn) requiring a means to nullify a Jedi's abilities. They originated on the world of Myrkr. It is mentioned that the ysalamir, when put together, create a much more extensive bubble, sometimes expanding a few kilometers outside their native forest. They evolved this trait to survive being hunted by the predatory vornskrs, pack animals that hunted by tracking down live prey using the Force.

A creature with a similar peculiarity was the taozin, a large, gelatinous predator. Though not widely known, at least one of these creatures was alive deep in the undercity of Coruscant approximately ten years before the Clone Wars.[31]

Gurlanins could also 'hide' themselves from the Force, though they could also make themselves detectable in the Force at will if they chose to.

While not immune to the Force, Hutts were highly resistant, having an innate defense against Force-based mind manipulation.

Toydarians, likely due to their genetic relation to HuttsTemplate:Fact, were immune to mind tricks as well. The Yinchorri and the Dashades were also largely unaffected by Force mental manipulation, and were thus both utilized to varying degrees by the Emperor; the Yinchorri during the period surrounding the Stark Hyperspace War and the Dashadi during the first few years following the Great Jedi Purge.

Additionally, Force-resistant creatures called terentateks were a major threat to the Jedi. Some suspected that they were created by the Sith to hunt down the Jedi. Periodically, the Jedi held a Great Hunt in an attempt to hunt down and destroy all of the terentateks. The monsters appeared to be extremely long-lived and resilient.

Although not natural, voxyn could hunt Jedi and other Force users by noticing their "Force scent."

Hssiss could influence Force-sensitive beings around them. If bitten by an hssiss, one would succumb to the effects of a dark side poison. Hssiss also had the ability to conceal themselves and become invisible, possibly doing so through the Force.

Sith magic was sometimes considered outside of the Force by some of its practitioners, though how much of that is true is unconfirmed.

The Yuuzhan Vong are the only exception to the concept of Force since they are the only known sentient beings in the universe that cannot be sensed or affected directly by the force.

Organized Force traditionsEdit


The Jedi and Sith Orders taught the Force as described above, but there were other traditions which instructed different philosophies and uses of the Force, or use of powers similar to the Force.

Behind the scenesEdit

The principles of the Force resonate with those of some real world religions, including the Shinto religion of Japan, Buddhism, and certain Celtic druidic concepts. The Force also bears a close similarity to the Chinese notion of qigong, or "chi", and the splitting of the Force into light side and dark sides echoes the concept of "Yin" and "Yang" in Eastern philosophy (though this is not a perfect translation, as the dark side is considered a force of evil by the Jedi and this moral duality is not the same as the Eastern concept). Along with the concepts of "Yin" and "Yang," the concept of a ubiquitous Force is concurrent to the real world concept of a "Tao" or "Way," which is said to flow everywhere in the universe. The concept of the Force also borrows heavily from Hindu theology, which also expresses a belief in a unifying Brahman energy that composes and is a composite of the Universe (and by extension, God), and can be used for either good or bad. In fact, this is particularly similar to the concept of the Potentium and the Unifying Force in that while the power can be perverted for evil, it ultimately leads only to a conclusion that is good.

A connection could be drawn to Zoroastrianism with the duality of the Force. The dichotomy between Ahura Mazda (the One God) and Angra Mainyu/Ahrima (the evil spirit) is nearly identical to the concept of the light and dark sides of the Force. Another connection can be drawn is spirits; in response to Christian philosophies: Jedi spirits resemble God's angels and/or saints, and dark side Sith spirits (most often of Sith Lords) as souls in purgatory or hell or even perhaps devils themselves.

Another connection that can be made is towards the Hebrew religion and how it treated blood: Blood is the life source of every living creature, and during temple sacrifices, the Hebrews make sure to spill as much blood as possible, to "return" the life force of the animal back to God. This coincides with the whole concept of the Force; the person's strength in the Force is found in the person's blood. Therefore, when Darth Vader lost his limbs and the blood that flew through them, he lost much of his power; from being twice as strong as Palpatine to being only 80% strong, not exactly what Palpatine had bargained for, as he described in his own thoughts in Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader

In truth, the Force is an amalgamation of many religions and philosophies, and is intended as a metaphor for spirituality itself. As in real world spirituality, there is the potential for a "light" and a "dark" side in each person as well as the universe at large.

It has also been quoted that George Lucas' study of the works of Carlos Castenda's books which followed Mexican Native American teachings may have help to lead to Yoda's description of the Force as a energy force that emanates from all beings luminous in appearance. Carlos Castenda's studies stated that we all luminous "eggs" with "lines of power" that stretch from our bodies and connect us to the overlying "force of nature" that exists in our universe according to ancient Native American Shamanistic tradition. Only those trained in the tradition of the correct Native American traditions allow users to "see" the human's true nature as Luminous "eggs" not the "crude matter" we all exist as.

There is some indication that the Force is unique to the galaxy, and not a universal power. This is suggested by Obi-Wan's quote "binds the galaxy together" instead of "universe". This also explains why the Force was already known to several species before the formation of the Jedi, instead of the galaxy possessing a greater diversity of religions. However, Obi Wan's claim is most likely just a turn of phrase, such as when someone says "world" but really means "everything in existence." It has been revealed that the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong were force immune, although they were Force-wielders once.

The non-canon film Willow, which was the subject of an April Fool's Day 2006 Databank update, presents species which use fantasy magic spells, a power nearly identical to the Force. According to the previously mentioned entries, the planet of Andowyne, which the Databank claims is the world seen in Willow, was the home of the midi-chlorian lifeform.

Despite great controversy regarding the truth of the Force in-universe, the matter was clearly settled in Wizards of the Coast's soucebooks, such as the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook or the Jedi Academy Training Manual, which is established that the Jedi Order has the best understanding of the Force of all other Force traditions, and the Jedi way of classifying and viewing the Force is the correct one, as intended by the creators of Star Wars licenses.


The Force resides in all life forms and binds the Galaxy together, therefore making at least indirect appearance in every Star Wars story. Below is an incomplete list of sources, in which the Force is actually mentioned.

Force protection was a light side Force power. This ability would make the bearer invulnerable to a wide range of attacks until the user discontinued its use, or it wore off when the user became fatigued. Protection could also wear off quicker than normal if said user was overpowered. This would vary depending on the intensity and number of attacks as well as any other action the user was performing simultaneously, since the aura itself could only withstand as much as its user was capable.

The Jedi Exile may have used it in her battles against the Sith Triumvirate.

There was also another use for Force protection referred to as Force Armor, which would protected the user against Force attacks and some physical attacks. It was mainly used in combat against dark side users. It is very likely that these two techniques are one and the same, however, the nature and intent of a Force-sensitive would define the effects produced when shielding themselves with The Force

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File:The Force.jpg


Force powers were the manifestations of a Jedi, Sith, or other Force-adept's connection with the Force. These powers were supernatural abilities not described by scientists. The powers were usually taught by Force-using organizations, but there were examples of individual, self-improving methods of learning to use the Force. There were many kinds of Force powers, but not all were available to a single person, since some of them required a deep connection with one side of the Force and others were secret or very rare. Also, as a side note, it should be taken into account that the Force is not "magic," nor does it have specific "spells" or "powers," and they are far more interrelated than the list might suggest.

Aspects of Force powersEdit

The Force had a range of powers that functioned in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature, and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter.[32] Force abilities were each aligned to one of these aspects and, according to the ease or difficulty of mastery by the user, required varying degrees of concentration and/or training to perform.





Powers that required Control of the Force modified the user's physical state as the user dictated. Most Control powers were defensive, but not all.

The Jedi Order's teaching method began with the aspect of Control, but its powers were rarely taught to Younglings. They meditated to achieve greater understanding of the Force in themselves and later, as Padawans, learned real Control powers from their masters.



Powers that involved Sense of the Force required deeper feeling and understanding of the Force to acquire information about the world around the Force-user. The information could be physical, emotional, Force-like, or other.

Jedi Younglings began learning Sense powers early in their training, near the time of lightsaber combat training.



Powers that require a user to Alter the Force granted a limited influence to the universe to make changes in it. A Force-sensitive could modify its surroundings in a most spectacular way, seemingly by will.

Jedi Younglings usually were not taught this aspect, as they could accidentally harm each other with their powers.

Using Force powersEdit


According to the theory that the Force is one, the light and dark sides did not actually describe the Force, but rather defined how an individual used it: to directly harm his enemies or to help himself overcome situations. Thus the aggressive or vengeful abilities inherently belonged to the dark side, while those which were healing, defensive, self-empowering, or diversionary belonged to the light side.


For example, a Dark Jedi could cast powers that inherently belonged to the light side (like Persuasion). Kyle Katarn, who allied himself with the light side, made use of dark side powers such as Grip and Lightning, possibly because of his experience while fighting Maw, and later on Dromund Kaas. This indicated that skillful Jedi of strong character could use these abilities according to their wisdom since their high experience prevented them from drifting towards the dark side.



The Core powers were the first powers a Jedi learned, and directly affected his own body or objects without actually harming or benefiting anything (except for Push, which could be used against enemies).


The most basic Force techniques, requiring mastery over self. Control was the first basic abilities to be learned by a Jedi.

Force SenseEdit

The Force technique of Force Sense included all abilities enhancing perception of the world around a being.


The most perceptive to the dark side, alter was the last technique taught to younglings. It included powers to create external phenomenon.



Universal powers were generic Force techniques which were associated with neither side of the Force. Almost all Core powers also qualified as Universal powers, but many of them were uncommon and not an integral part of basic Jedi training.




Light side powers were the Force powers that the user accessed through the Force's light side. The Jedi used them for protection, increasing physical and mental capacities, and for defense. They could also inspire and increase the resolve of allies. Certain light side powers could also be used offensively, but did not directly cause physical harm.

File:Force Light.jpg
File:Qui-Gon mind trick.jpg


Template:Quote Dark side powers were used to harm, debilitate, or kill. Some, like Rage and Drain, were used to benefit the user personally, akin to powers of the light side, with the difference that these were used at the expense of his or her own health or another individual's Force reserve. The dark side drew its power from emotion, and while the intent behind their use may well have been good at the time, it was most likely to lead one to further spiritual corruption from overuse, without the proper self control and mindset. Continuous use of dark powers was shown to have a physically corrupting effect on the Force-user, regardless of intent, due to the body's inability to handle such power for long periods of time.

File:Dark Lightning.jpg

Force powers applied to lightsaber combatEdit

The Jedi and other Force organizations that used lightsabers also developed specific Force techniques especially for lightsaber combat.

Behind the scenesEdit

The various abilities listed above have been seen in the movies, the Star Wars RPG and Star Wars games licensed or developed by LucasArts, where 'official' names and definitions are given. In some of the games, the Potentium point that Force powers themselves were not inherently evil, but rather reflected the alignment of the Force-user is sometimes stressed, depending on the source.


Note that some powers, although they have multiple names, are describing the same power, in different levels or ways of use.

It is also important to note that the rigidity of the above system merely reflects the various game design and storytelling strategies, as opposed to some actual delineation.

Despite its name, the Force kick is highly unlikely to be a power.


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Notes and referencesEdit

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