Lord Startarus Khonn,is a fictional character found within the Maveric Universe.He is one of the most reveared figures in the Thuvian and Pangean History.Lord Thrull Khonn,is part Jesus Christ.part Conan of Cimmeria,Captain America and part King Arthur .He is the First Son of Lord Startarus Khonn and Lady Andromida  Khonn.And the Older brother to Prince Toreus Khonn and Princess Cassandra Khonn..Perseus Khonn and  .He is the husband of Lady Andromida Khonn.Add Image Lord Startarus Khonn-is a central figure the sagas of Terra-Prime.He is the Son of Lord Startarus Khonn the Elder.Savaior and champion figure to the Thuvian Nation.Revered as a holo god of Thuvia.

High Lord Startarus Khonn[edit | edit source]

High Lord Startarus Khonn,also known as the Great Khonn-to diffreiant him from his son Lord Thrull Khonn,is the Great Khonn,who tried and failed to bring the Shattered Kingdoms of Pangea together,but carved a great much territory around the land of Thuvia.

The character once controlled more than a quarter of the Crescent Lands during the Terra-Prime Wars .Startarus Khonn is presented as having several positive characteristics: he is gracious, smiling, fearless, and generous. He is not threatened by the success of others, and encourages their self-esteem. He is also ambitious, desiring a challenge commensurate with his abilities, but this ambition is not tempered by any consideration of the rights of others.He was even liked by his enemies.

It is also revealed the original birth name was Startarus Khonn distant ancestor is unknown -he might have  The Great Lord Jhenjhus Khonn and that whoever he was adopted the title "Khonn" out of admiration for the Sarkhonn family. He may have once a member of the Sarkhon family and might have a member of the Delkhon Family,also known as Khonn.He might been related to Lord Dell Khonn-founder of the Delkhon Order

Know relatives[edit | edit source]

Lord Culmark Khonn-brother,Lady Morgannia Khonn-sister,Crolann Khonn-uncle,'''Cymorill Khonn,

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