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Oracles often possess silvery eyes-some sort of cybernetic enhancements to help preform their jobs.The device scans the electromagnetic spectrum, creating visual input, and transmits it into the brain of the wearer via the optic nerves. It is a thin, curved gooogle like device, with the sensors on the convex side, that covers the eyes and attaches at small input jacks implanted in the temples. The only Macroscope Visor , who was blind from birth. Visor stands for "Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement".The Visor also caused him persistent pain, which could not be treated without interfering with the device. It can be presumed that use of a Visor is very rare, since no other characters in the franchise have appeared with a similar enhancement, and both high-ranking doctors who served on the ship were unfamiliar with the device. The device does not reproduce normal human vision, but does allow the character to "see" energy phenomena invisible to the naked human eye, as well as allowing him to view things at infrared and at microscopic levels. This also allowed the character to see human vital signs such as heart rate and temperature, giving him the ability to monitor moods and even detect lies. The character's special visual abilities were responsible, at least in part, for his unusually rapid advancement in rank. Twice in the series, Oracles refused to be granted natural vision, often enhances by prosthetic implants, performing the same functions, and depicted using a combination of holo contact lenses and also protects the light sensive artificial eyes of the usersnd section of your article here.

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