- A living computer created by the , Mother Boxes can rearrange matter and energy to a certain degree (enhancing a person's healing rate, creating new clothing for them, regulating certain body processes) and each shares an telepathic link with the user. Mother Boxes are also able to summon  (see entry above). The New God Orion made a habit of using his Mother Box to alter his features and help sooth his emotional rages.

Mother Boxes have different individual designs. Some have a single starburst design. Some have mutli-colored lights. Some have no apparent markings except for a single circle design. Each is a hand-held device in the shape of a metal cube or a rectangular metal box. When a Mother Box speaks to a user, her or she understands its meaning but others only hear a repeated noise.

On Apokolips, a few of the evil New Gods were seen to use their own version of the Mother Box, called "Father Boxes." Their full nature is unknown.

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