The New Sons of Terra.   THIS WIKIRedirected from The New Son of Terra.New Son of Terra-a movement on Terra-where humanity begins to rebuild society and put the world back on track.Earth or Terra II-begins the army,navy,air force and eventually the space program.Cities are rebuilt and civilization comes back oline.The New Sons of Terra was founded by Captain Toreus the Slayer,who active years were between 2240 to 2270,when he finally united much of the Shattered Post Apocholyptic World of Terra IIThe New Sons of Terra or New Sons of Terra-Prime--was a similar movement,where humanity began to rebuild society and put many of thedamaged world plates back in working operation.It was first,suggested by Startarus Khonn and later conntinued by his son Lord Thrull Khonn.The new Son of Terra was then followed up in a series of war since,as a kind of unofficial resistance movement.It was later used by Toreus Khonn,Ulyseas Khonn,Odyseus Rhann,Ulyseas Rhann,Empiror Toreus Rhann,the Elder,Prince Toreus Rhann,the Young.

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