Alpha-Omega Warriors or simply known Omega Warriors-a top secret genetic /Eugenics Program, partially funded by Professor Thuzan Thune and his Sarkhon Enterprises,Inc,to help defend mankind from any internal or external threat,not directly handled by the Legion of Time-Sorcerers on this Earth.The Omega Warriors Program,is Earth’s attempt to create a Super Soldier or Supersoldier,who benefit humankind and inder or threaten the Kalladon Supersoldier Program. Supersoldier is a term often used to describe a soldier that operates beyond normal physical human limits. Omega Warriors are usually heavily augmented, either through eugenics (especially selective breeding), genetic engineering, cybernetic implants and such to help exceed beyond the limits of normal Military/Special Forces Training.The term Omega Warrior,has become the more common usage,than the former Alpha Omega Warrior

The Omega Warrior Culture one of the Splinter Cultures whose society centers around military service as mercenaries. The Alpha Omega Warrior developed training and conditioning techniques that allowed them to operate at higher than normal levels of effectiveness in combat. The Alpha Omega Warrior, being professional soldiers, concentrated their education on military science which resulted in highly trained soldiers and officers who were highly skilled at tactics, operational art, and strategy. who possess superhuman strength, speed, durability, coordination, and healing rate, as well as resistance to telepathy. They are conditioned for fanatical loyalty, as well as occasionally being trained to serve as political advisors to those they protect. Omega warrior resembles a either tall or short,human exceedingly broadly built and muscular human with a delicate, handsome faces.

Fractions of the Alpha Omega Warrior Program,became the province or basis of the Jovian Primative and Saturnian Primative Programs are a genetically engineered race of supersoldiers,to function offworld. Many Omaga Warriors Soldiers were trained in Special Alpha Omega Warrior Astronaute Programs .Their super soldiers ,made up an army also fields what might be called super warriors or Omega Warriors,as they most often called, being an elite, highly trained commando force bred to survive on a harsh, high-gravity world for their abnormal strength and stamina.

Fractions of the Omega Warriors training emphasizes ruthlessness, near-suicidal disregard for personal safety, and the use of cruelty as a standard weapon in order to weaken opponents with terror,such as the Spartain Warriors and New Kalladon Warriors

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