Prince Joshua Rockaway is a fictional character existing in the Maveric Universe or Maveric Muliverse.

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Secret Origins of the Maveric UniverseEdit

Originally,the Jovian species began as a parody of the Incredible Hulk,called the Rock trapped within a containment cell,detection area of Castle Sarkhon,confronting Sgt.Bernie Vinchenzo and Admiral Zark.The Rock had nothing to do any wrestler,being it around 1982 at the time and never heard of anything of that sort.Rock,simply sounded like the Hulk and character spoke in a similar manner."Rock smash.Rock crush puny humans." was his kind of speech,similar to the early Hulk.

Later on,I saw potential in creating my Hulk like character,but minus much of the roamming lone,distrusted monster of comics books and film,being that was already done to death in those mediums several times over.My take was change his name to something like Adam Rockaway and him apart of a race of super human slaves aboard a star ship.

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