Rel Name: Vhallan Khorum Rhann.

First Male Cousin to Prince Erik Khorum Rhann



Powers: Prince Vhallan Khorum Rhann's hybrid nature, like all members of his race, enables him to breathe both in air and underwater.  He also has powers possessed few by human beings nor by ordinary Aqualoneans, due to a unique mutation, rather certain genetic engineering and eugenics programs, plus cybernetic bionic super soldier programs and nano technology and techno organic programs, carried out by his humanoid ancestry, ages ago on Old Earth and other simular planets, such as Tauron and Tykhon centuries ago. 

Principal among these are the techno organic bionic wings on his ankles and his forearms, that assist him in super fast swimming maneuvers and situations.  His superhuman strong physiology, combined with a hydro zero Para gravity repulsor field turbo allows him to swim at great speeds and enjoy complete freedom of movement in water, even under great water pressure, as well as extreme cold temperatures in deep sea conditions.  (And  Vhallan Khorum Rhann possesses far greater strength than any other .) 

His vision allows him to see in murky depths.  Prince Eric Khorum strength rapidly diminishes the longer he is out of water.  If he was cut off completely form all water for about a week, he would dehydrate, lose all his strength, and die.

History: Prince Bryneir Khorum Rhann the First Son of Aqualonia, is the son of Princess  Tamarus  Khann of the undersea kingdom of Aqualonia and Thuvian Submarine Commander-an  seaman, Captain Brenton Perseus Rhann of the HMS NRS Seaquestor.[His Majesty’s Ship-Naval Research Submarine.]

In  's ship Captain Brenton Perseus Rhann of the MSN NRS Seaquestor. as sent to investigate  the existence of Aqualantia, was found at the outpost, Lemurainia,and soon Warlord King Toreus Rhann, Emperor of the United Kingdoms of Pangea, sent his brother on an expedition to Antarctica.  They discovered the site of a city once built by water-air breathing undersea, otherwise referred as the Aqualanteans as well as, which was known as Lemurainia. There with this city, existed a community of both surface humans and undersea humans-Aqualoneans.

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