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Rhandarian Navicomputer,a sphrerical device creted by the Alpha Rhandarian species,to assist i navigating normal ad hyperspace.A suffisticated Navigational Computer or Navcom

Template:Eras Template:Device {{Quote|Travelin' through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?

A Rhandarian navigation computer, also known as an astrogation computer, navicomputer, navicomp,[1] or nav computer, was a device that made the careful calculations necessary to navigate through hyperspace. Navicomputers would calculate data like the exact destination, the quickest and safest route to it, and the number of hyperspace jumps necessary. Most starships carried a nav computer of some sort, though some starfighters made do with only the astrogation buffer of an astromech droid. Smaller ships often possessed limited nav computers, capable of containing data for only a small number of jumps; larger ships had large dedicated nav computers capable of storing coordinates for nearly any foreseeable destination. Some nav computers were handheld. Smugglers tended to voice-print their navicomputers to hide where their ship had been.The use of these Rhandarian Navigation Spheres is necessary to develop the linear prescience to guide the spaceship through the safest path during the folding space.

All navicomputers contain the Galactic coordinates for all star systems in the known galaxy.[2]


Rhandarian Navicomputers are small,chrystaline spheres,generally of swirling multi colored starlike pin points.flashing inside of a semi clear ball,that can read the interstellar regions of time and space,like big huge intertemporal map.It is said,that the Rhandarian Navcom,is much akin to the Guider Gem,in it maybe linked,in someway to not only all of real space,but hyperspace and holospace as well.

Star ships,also have Rhandarian Navcom systems of some sort,incorporated into their astrogation system.The Command Bridge of many star ships,are a large oval shaped,with astrogator at it's center-helm,navigation and command stations behind.A holoscreen hung befor the astrogator,like spectral huge monitor.Small holoscreen projected from many of the others stations as well. The crew, made up of the families of the members of Colin’s away team, was on alert though, waiting for developments on the plate below. Most of the bridge crew sat at their stations around her.Mission Operation,Engineering,Sciences and so forth,plus the Jump Point Transport Operations station,that controllled the huge jump point chamber off to the side of the main bridge area .in the Helm couch sat the pilot/navigator of the Shadow, Pindar Mor, a Rhandarian -who was of android species-level 12,blue skinned and bald,with scarlet eyes and pointed elfin ears .Pindar Mor,sat between the small spherical Rhandarian Navicomputer and the mate of the teams Quartermaster, Shiv Mor, a human.

The Rhandarian Navcom assisted Rhandarians in navigating safely the other infinate realms of and beyond normal space.Itself a somewhat semi sentient mechine,telepathically linked it's Rhandarian Navigator.A Rhandarian Navcom,in states emergencies,can become a star ships auto pilot pertaining various emergency systems,thus the star ship can become, a 'life boat' of some description, which could in theory be piloted , but in emergencies it will lock onto the nearest (spatially and temporally) planet with a breathable atmosphere and bearable climate,if the flight crew is either unconsceouus or not able for some reason,such as a sickness to navigate the vessel themselves.The Rhandarian Navcom system also had a system which, when the star ship is left adrift in space unmanned, would automatically lock onto the nearest central gravity,such as a planet.The Rhandar Navicomputer will set the star ship to orbit the planet for possible landing proceedures.Another ability of the Rhandarian Navcom Sphere is it could reunite the star ship,it pilots with the captain of the ship.If Star Ship and Command Crew were seperated; however it required another individual to enter t and insert an 'authorised command codes' to activate it in the first instance , after which it seemed to have been installed and fully integrated into the ship's systems; the automatically commenced the emergency programme without external aid in various attempts to reach the Captain and crew,where ever they may be.So unless,the new owners of the star ship install a completely new Rhandarian Navicomputer,the ship will in all likely not responde to anyones commands other than the captain. Many Rhandarian Navigators have claimed that the use of these Rhandarian Navicomputers,make pilotting through normal space and hyperspace,as well as temporal space,as effortless and as easy as surfing upon the water on any planets ocean. 5.6 Intuition Circuits

Using a holographic representation of the universe connected to the Rhandarian Navcom systems' neural net, the sphere could effectively able to make hunches, guesses where it needed to be

Role in the Spacing Guild

Guild Navigators were responsible for guiding space-faring ships (spacefolders) through the mine-field of gravitational obstacles that lay between a source and a planetary or spacial target. They accomplished this feat by using prescient abilities brought on by excessive exposure to the Spice Melange. The navigators would either inhale massive amounts of orange spice gas and swallow spice pills, which would afford them the ability to see across vast distances of space, and into the near future. This allowed the Navigators to plot safe courses for ships to travel across vast distances of space via prescience.

A visualisation of the Space Folding process.

to fold space on a quantum level, thus allowing a distance that would have otherwise have been non-traversable in the span of a human life to be traversed instantaneously. The process also required that a Rhandarian Navigator, who possessed a degree of prescience, be on board to navigator through the foldspace. The Navigators vast intelligence and prescience allowed it to overcome the difficulties involved in transit, such as the outrageously complex mathematical procedures to be carried out, which would only be plausibly calculable by a thinking machine,such as the Rhandarian Navicomputer.

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