• The hunter

  • self-propelled flight
  • form a laser grid between the spheres
  • create holograms
  • record
  • sensors
  • link to computers/data
  • be used as an weapon by flying into things
  • Remote broadly describes an entire class of restricted automatons. These automatons had no independent initiative, and only acted on orders given by their owners. Like droids, remotes possessed a limited degree of intelligence and drew from a library of preprogrammed instructions and past experience to complete their tasks. The remotes themselves were usually fifteen centimeter diameter spheres covered with maneuvering thrusters, laser emitters, and sensors.


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The hunter-seeker was a deadly tool used by assassins. The tiny floating tadpole-like machine was remotely controlled by an operator situated close by.

A seeker droid immobilizes a target.The term seeker was a nebulous term used to denote a small, repulsor-driven second-degree droid that usually carried out either a courier, scout, or assassin role. Remotes were also sometimes grouped into this category.Often the Hover Remotes are generally,sphrerical,but they can be tube shaped or cube shaped .Generally,they are sphere shaped,since it make more aerodymatic.

Seeker droids were characterized as being small, fast and proficient in only one task. These droids were also known to be single-minded in the completing of their task.

Operation and Technology EditEdit

The device floated through the air, using a tiny Holtzman Field Generator to maneuver. The tip held a camera that transmitted a video signal back to the operator. Vision was distorted by the compessed suspensor field. Once detected, the target was almost guaranteed to be killed.

The killing device itself was a tiny needle, tipped with a quick-acting, lethal poison. The needle was retracted until a target is acquired, at which point it appeared, shortly before the device shot into the victim. 

Arakyd was one of the most well known manufacturers of seeker droids.

The Fromm Gang used seekers to guard their territory,[1] as well as mines.[

SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold Engage Re-orient Experimental Satellite), would serve as a testbed for trying out experimental software to control clusters of satellites. The robotic spheres provide a generic platform consisting of sensors, thrusters, communications and a microprocessor; scientists working on new software ideas can load their software into that platform to see how well those ideas work.


<img alt="Remote btm" src="" width="180" height="235" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="Remote btm.jpg" data-image-key="Remote_btm.jpg" />A remote used during lightsaber training.The onboard computer housed inside a remote was programmed with numerous combat drills. Each drill ended after a preset time or when a score had been reached. The trainee would set their blaster to emit only light, so as not to damage the remote. The sensors on the remote automatically detected light and scored it as a hit. For novice-levels, the remote moved slowly and the stun blasters were not used. However, at expert settings, the remote was able to weave around the opponent going full speed and constantly fired stinging stun blasts. Marksman-H remotes were also excellent for lightsaber drills—because the remote's stun blasts had a greater reach than a lightsaber's blade, the trainee would have to deflect numerous stun blasts while waiting for an opportunity to retaliate.

The stun blasters were different from one remote to another, and varied from light discharges which were merely sensed to full-intensity beams which could numb a limb for several minutes. The selected difficulty level determined the remote's firing rate, which could be set to speeds up to twice per second. The accuracy as also variable, but the advanced settings used very precise targeting for better practice dodging attacks.

For movement, the remote used a small repulsorlift generator which could achieve a top speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour. Eight maneuvering thrusters made the remote extremely nimble; combined with its fast acceleration and deceleration, this made for an unpredictable practice.

Remotes were rarely used offensively, however, Imperial cities were known to carry some to swarm and surprise enemies


<img alt="Senball" src="" width="180" height="169" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="Senball.jpg" data-image-key="Senball.jpg" />Bao-Dur's remoteMany Force-users (such as the Jedi Younglings) used remotes as training tools to hone blaster defense abilities by deflecting the remote's low energy plasma blasts with their lightsabers. Some would also cover their eyes with some sort of shield, relying exclusively on the Force to guide their actions. Typically, remote training was used in conjunction with the basic Form I of lightsaber combat.

Some models, such as the common Marksman-H training remote, were used by marksmen to practice quickdraw skills, reaction times, and accuracy. Depending on the training program being run, this could be difficult, as the fast and nimble droids were very difficult to hit, especially from a distance. In order to prevent permanent damage, trainees usually fired light-only bolts at the remote.

Although used primarily for training purposes, remotes could also be configured to serve in a variety of other roles, including long-range surveillance, as a portable microphone, and even as a cargo mover.

Specially modified remotes called seekers were used by Imperial forces in pursuit of certain targets. Fitted with deadly armament and highly capable sensors, these mobile remotes were capable of wreaking havoc due to the difficulty in targeting them.

One of the few remotes to gain note was one created by a Zabrak named Bao-Dur. After he created the remote, it followed him through his life and even through the Mandalorian Wars that the Zabrak helped end at Malachor V. Later Bao-Dur and the remote met the Exile that he had earlier met in the Mandalorian Wars. After the remote and Bao-Dur followed the Exile back to Malachor V, Bao-Dur asked the remote to activate the destructive Mass Shadow Generator that he created to end the earlier war. The remote performed his master's request and stayed behind to ensure the activation of the generator. 

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