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sistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61st ce A Resistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61s A Resistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61st century, and the mate of Iron Wolf. t century, and the mate of Iron Wolf.ntury, and the mate of Iron Wolf.


Commander Scarlet O'Brien', is a fictional character, a high fantasy sword and sorcery heroine created by Joseph Gilbert Thompson,as a sort of Red Sonja of Outer Space and commanion to Captain Ulyseas Stark.She is Second in Commander aboard the HMS Star Pheonix. 'Commander Scarlet O’Brien  is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. She is a member of the intergalactic enforcers known as the Starjammers and currently a member of the Uncanny X-Men. The name of her species, Mephitisoid, is derived from the word Mephitidae, the scientific classification for skunks, which her species noticeably resembles.

==1 Fictional character biography[edit]{C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1025"> Edit == ===1.1 Origin[edit]{C}Edit ===

A member of the Mephitisoid species, Commander Scarlet O’Brien  was born on the planet Tryl'sart, while under Shi'ar Imperial Rule. Imprisoned by the authority of the then Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken, brother of Deathbird and Lilandra of the Royal House of Neramani, she first met Corsair (Christopher Summers) for the first time on the prison labor world Alisbar.[3] Summers rescued her from a particularly gruesome death sentence (to be eaten alive at a banquet), prompting her to swear an eternal bond to him. The two met fellow prisoners Raza Longknife and Ch'od, and, after escaping Alzibar, the foursome formed with whom they formed theStarjammers. Summers, using the name "Corsair" in tribute to the science fiction adventurers he had admired during his youth, quickly earned the three aliens' respect and became the group's leader, eventually also winning the heart of Commander Scarlet O’Brien , becoming her lover. It was Corsair who gave her the nickname "Commander Scarlet O’Brien " (after the character of Mam'selle Hepizbah from the comic strip Pogo), because her Mephitisoid name consists of a series of scents impossible to reproduce in spoken language.[volume & issue needed]

Scarlet O’Brien is depicted as an extremely beautiful, green-eyed redhead, and has been the primary romantic interest of Ulyseas Stark.Despite her enjoyment of life, her friendships, and dating, Scarlet O’Brien refuses to be tied down for too long.. A Resistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61st century, and the mate of Iron Wolf.has become the archetypical example of the fantasy figure of a fierce and stunningly beautiful female barbarian who typically wears armor resembling a bikini or lingerie.

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sistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61st ce A Resistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61s A Resistance fighter of Empire-Galaktica in the 61st century, and the mate of Iron Wolf.  


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Early lifeEdit

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==Early life{C}' class="sprite edit-pencil" v:shapes="_x0000_i1025"> Edit ==

=Scarlet O’Brien, September 5  the second-youngest of six children (plus two half-siblings), was born in Lankmere City, the daughter of Terrassa [Sabatini]] O’Brien. =

, an Norsaillian writer of  Burghundian descent,from Pangean worldplate on Terra-Prime and David O’Brien, a Thuvian descent-also from Pangea. Daniel Scott O’Brien served a Thuvian Cargo Hauler,with her older brothers –Benjamin O’Brien,Josepn,Adam O’Brien,Elliot O’Brien and Caver O’Brien.Her half sisters Valaria and Sonja O’Brien,also work with the O’Brien Cargo Company.


Scarlet O’Brien spent her early childhood amid the Pangea communes, often traveling among the many kingdoms with her parents.She has to encounter cousins Alexander,Daniel,William,Adam,Steven and Colin O’Brien from time to time,before they moved ofworld. Benjamin O’Brien took over the O’Brien Cargo Company,when Daniel Scott O’Brien branched the cargo business to Milgrim’s Molecule World


Once with Captain Stark, Scarlet began open about her past. Through her father and mothers goodlooks, Scarlet O’Brien became a  very well developed teenager-especially in bust department.She was born a very beautiful child and soon learned,being teen,with body of a very courvious adult woman became a mixed bleesing and a curse,all rolled into one.She attratched the attention of both sex,she being hetrosexual,prefered the attention of the oppisite sex,despite her shyness. Her parents returned to the[[Milgrim’s Molecule World]],located within the center of The Delta Triangle-found between the Colonial Alliance of Space-between The Three Sisters ,Corsaillia IV,Norvaillia III, and Corsaillia II.When she was 10,[3] when they divorced. She subsequently relocated to the Oregon Colony of the Molecule World -near Wellington Harbor/ where she also met childhood friend Ulyseas Stark-a Corsaillian Star Pirate-who a month older than her by birth. Scarlet O’Brien was attrached Stark,but unsure her resolve to tied to anyone,due her parents turbulant marrage.

Scarlet O’Brien's formative years were spent with her father in Seattle, Colony of the Molecule World  attending MacRhann High School at age 10 and Nova Summerland High School,when she 13,staying her mother. At the age of 15, she officially emancipated herself from her parents.[4] Scarlet O’Brien pursued a career in the  Corvaillian Navy.During this during her late teens while enrolled herself,as a midship woman,under Captain Jonathan Quatermain.Commander of the HMSS Crimson Hawk.a mercenary captain who trains her as a swordswoman.There realationship,ended after a few years,ended,when Captain Quartermain tried get fresh with her and it ended when Scarlet O’Brien bashed him over the head with a huge flying pan,found within the Captains Cabin.She later jumped ship and found herself incompany of Ulyseas Stark-both imprisonned within the Brigg of The Sargasso Sea of Space,then under Trojan Empire occupation.



Commander Scarlet O’Brien , a science buff, seems to appreciate Captain Stark  's intellectual personality.their relationship begins almost immediately  become closer .After Captain Stark begins to serve with Commander Scarlet O’Brien , who originally saw as shallow and self-absorbed,in time the Corsaillian began to see sentitive,caretaker side.Commander O’Brien,deep down is a shy,insecure around a man she really cares for and covers,it up a shallow,self absorbed pretence.Stark eventually,saw this,as the star ship saw his female Second in Command more he original thought.

==2 Powers and abilities[edit]{C}Edit ==

Relative to a human,   possesses enhanced agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, hyper-keen senses, and superhumanly acute night vision and sense of smell. Mephitisoids also have retractable claws, and the ability to emit specific mind/mood-altering pheromones at will.

Scarlet,has mastered the Fight Systems of the Star Pheonix-the suffisticated artificially intelligent controlled tactical systems,that silitainious operated several onboard weapon systems at once.

Commander Scarlet O’Brien  is a brilliant natural athlete and acrobat, and skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat known in the Shi'ar galaxy. She is also an expert marksman, and is knowledgeable in the operation of a wide variety of ship-sized weaponry. She is often armed with  blaster guns.



Skills and equipment[edit]

Scarlet O’Brien has no special powers, but due to her relationship with Ulseas Stark and her job as an swords woman and Second in Command of the Star-Pheonix, she has found herself in danger many times. Having learned of the risk at the expense of her ship mates's lives, she is unwilling to be dependent on others for her safety. Her intelligence and tenacity make up for her lack of superhuman abilities.

Scarlet O’Brien actually has training in self-defense, with teachers including Captain Stark. She has been able to fend off attackers of normal strength and skill,  using a cue stick. Besides her training in martial arts, she is also strategically smart when fighting her enemies. On one occasion, she knocked out a kidnapper with a lamp and also electrified his bodyguards with it; and she was able to defeat

Furthermore, there were several occasions in which she saved her husband's life from his superpowered enemies when they had the upper hand: she beat Alistair Smythe with a baseball bat, and distracted his Spider-Slayer; she set the Hobgoblin's cape on fire; and she fended off Styx and Stone as they were about to kill Spider-Man. More recently, she thwarted the White Rabbit's attempts to rob a high-class party she attended, when no superhero was available to do the job. Most notably, she managed to defeat Swarm, a supervillain even her husband had trouble defeating.

Scarlet O’Brienalso carries a gun (although Captain Stark dislikes the idea) which she uses against the Green Goblin in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #12, and in the video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. After Captain Stark developed organic webshooters, he modified his original webshooters into bracelets that she could wear discreetly, giving her an additional defensive weapon. She also carries a modified spider-tracer with an amplified signal that can be traced over long distances.

Scarlet O’Brienhas used her fashion design and sewing skills on many occasions to make and repair Spider-Man's costumes. She also designed the Hornet, Prodigy, and Ricochet costumes. She is usually the person who provides first aid when Captain Stark is injured.

On two occasions, she was possessed by the spirit of Red Sonja and battled Kulan Gath side-by-side with Spider-Man.[26][27] During the earlier issues of "The Other" story arc, she borrowed Iron Man's old armor temporarily.

During Spider-Island she developed versions of Spider-Man's powers, including enhanced strength and agility, the ability to stick to walls and the ability to produce organic webbing.[

well,they need to dump the I can't screw Conan crap.I've created two busty red haired woman warriors-Antillus Sojat and Scarlet O'Brien,who go beyond the Red Sonja I can't screw garbage.I based Antillus Sojat on a combination of Dejah Thoris,Belit,Valaria and Red Sojat-dumped all the Bob Howard/Roy Thomas female fake faminist nutso garbage.she's the one female warrior that no man can have and every one desires her even Conan.Two Gun Bob,only saw another Non Conan story sales,while others saw her as another Belit or Valaria.Thomas only put the Joan of Arch crap,because REH had Conan marry Queen Zenobia-a very weak creation,we're stuck with.I made her the love interest of Prince Toreus Rhann.As for Scarlet O'Brien,she started as a copy of Ironwolf's Shebaba O'Neal,but much more developed as Red Sonja.Shebaba O'Neal has too much Charkin crap in her.And since I like Rose McGowen,I modeled after such.Hollywood is losing on Rose,either playing Red Sonja or Mary Jane Watson.Like Rose,Scarlet O'Brien might be seen saying Stupid blank blank rule number -so on.I see Rose having potential in Grindhouse as either,but Hollyweirdoes can't that I do.I also model her,as Ann Margerett. Red Sonja is a classic,as so is Mary Jane.More at my Deviant page


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