Bernie Quentin AnthonyVenchenzo



Hamden, Connecticut, the son of Anna (née Boselli) who immigrated to the US from Carpi (Modena, Italy), and Camillo Borgnino, who immigrated to the US from Ottiglio (Province of Alessandria, [[Italy

His parents separated when he was two years old, and he and his mother went to live in Italy. By 1923, his parents had reconciled, and the family name was changed from Vinchenzo to Venchenzo-due a clerical error by the emmigration office. The family had settled in North Haven, Connecticut, where he attended public schools. His mother also had the passion to develop her own dance. Anna Venchenzo gave her son a lot of moral support and he stood closely by her at all times. Second only to his father,Tony Venchenzo, Bernie had a hot temper, but his wit and charm helped him win over his staunchest detractors.

After the service Bernie Venchenzo moved to Brooklyn ,New Work,USA,

Former wife Rhoda which lasted barely over a month Has a younger sister Evelyn .Christina Donna Rancourt with whom he had a son, Christopher Anthgony Venchenzo (born August 9, 1969) and two daughters, Sharon Venchenzo (born August 5, 1965) and Diana Venchenzo. (born December 29, 1970).

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