The Shadow Complex is a generalized term,to refer to the foremost top level section of a New Genesis Bunker.It's origins are obscure,but general thinking is term began as reference,that the main complex,was the center of top secret shadowy operations.The Shadow Complex was considered a black opposition,known only to key individuals among the New Genesis Bunker Command Staff,local military and government personnel.

Command BridgeEdit

Command Center of the Shadow Complex,that contains the Great Well of World's Time Tunnel Star Gate Transit Tube and various bridge Command Stations-Helm Navigation,Mission Operations Management,Science and Historical Research,Communication,Tactical Fight System Management,Engineering Management,Diagnostic Systems Management,

Each console is equipt with an old style holographic view screen to provide various heads up display data from various onsite systems and three holo projectors,to render three dimensional images for study and better information gathering.

Engineering BridgEdit

Main Engineering Center of the Shadow Complex.

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