Character Profile. Shawn Mackalaster;

Once of the Khomandai Valley River People, who also lived among the peoples of Freehold City and New Hawk City-near the New Genesis Bunker Mount Evermore-who remember the old ways and old worlds of Terra-Prime. Shawn MacKalaster raised by his Uncle Jack-(Captain Jack MacKalaster), after his parents Colonel Ulyseas MacKalaster and mother Cassandra Taylor MacKalaster was killed Khakhund pirates, raiding the Eastern Side of Freehold City. He grows up with Jackson MacKalaster,his son Commander Anthony Jackson MacKalaster and sister Rachel MacKalaster.

Shawn Mackalaster is an expert scout and tracker,riverman ,who can handle a quantum staff,as well as a Khomandai Valley River People Boomarang and Bang Bang Riverman Staff,as well as pistols like the Peston Merretts 300 triple action shotgun blaster and Merretts 303 single action shotgun pistol..

Shawn Mackalaster wants to travel the known and unknown waterways ,and airways of North Amerhann,on Terra-Prime, to help bring back the wonder of the ancient worlds before the Great Cataclysmic that struck the Huge Dysonsphere set apart the rest of the multiverse space,with temporal stargateways to all points in time and space,including other dysonsphere like itself timelanes to destinations like the -Milky Way Galaxy.-keep this world on its steady path back to the road of rebirth.

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