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The Skrulls live in far away in Andromeda, it is one of the closest real Galaxies to our own but compared to the distance of the Kree’s satellite Galaxy the Skrulls are many, many times further away. The Skrull Galaxy is massive BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Stars and Billions of Planets.

The Kree have conquered all the Magellanic Galaxy- I assume this Galaxy has millions of stars with thousands and thousands of Kree planets. How many have been colonized, terraformed or are habitable is anyone’s guess

The Shiar are from the Triangulum Galaxy, catalogued as Messier 33 or NGC 598, the Shi’ar once controled all known inhabited worlds within their own galaxy.

theirs no where in hell all 4 dbz galaxies are even close to the size of even one of marvels galaxies

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