Space Pirates are a type of stock characters from science fiction. They operate as pirates in outer space and travel by spacecraft, as opposed to the more traditional pirates on the high seas of Earth, who travel by ship. However, just as traditional seafaring pirates target sailing ships, space pirates serve a similar role in sci-fi media: they capture and plunder spaceships for cargo, loot and occasionally they steal the entire ship itself. However, their dress and speech may vary; it may correspond to the particular author's vision of the future, rather than their seafaring precursors. On the other hand, space pirates may be modeled after stereotypical sea pirates.The term Space pirate referred to the variety of rogues that were scattered across the galaxy who would attack, rob or commandeer ships as they saw fit.The term originated with terrestrial sea pirates of various planet,mainly on various earth,Atlantis and so forth.A pirate is an individual who robs others of their money or possessions, typically aboard their ships or starships. A pirate who operates on behalf of a government is known as a privateer.


While their actions were inherently illegal, the morals of various pirates varied considerably. Some were cutthroat brigands who were petty murderers or thieves, but others, such as Nym, had a set of morals that prohibited killing the innocent, and generally restricted their actions to the rich. Other pirates, referred to as "privateers", operated under the sanction of governments or organizations like the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Privateers tended to hold themselves to a more "civilized" standard than other pirates, and restricted their activities to specific targets. Most pirates were orphans or citizens that were unemployed because of either being uneducated or having a lust for adventure, riches or anarchy. Indeed, on a few occasions, pirates have pulled through to help the galaxy as a whole. Nym himself aided the Naboo around the time of the Battle of Naboo by destroying a Trade Federation droid foundry on Eos, and helping the Naboo resistance hold off an army attempting to flank the Gungans on the Naboo plains. A popular weapon of space pirates was the ion cannon. The ion cannon could disable an entire ship and therefore would be easier to board and loot. Pirate gangs operated as two groups: the boarding group and the attack group. The attack group would disable the ship and its weapons and the boarding group would breach the ship's hull to steal or plunder whatever they could find (credits, chronos, comlinks and blasters). Some pirates lent their services to other organizations, such as the Rebel Alliance or the Zann Consortium

An Orion vessel was a type of vessel used by Orion pirates, a design that had not yet been encountered by the Federation in 2270. Orion vessels were armed with phasers (albeit not very strong ones) and emit a unique trail of radioactive waste that is visible on a spectral analysis. In 2270, an Orion vessel attacked the USS Huron for its cargo of dilithium crystals, as well as a special supply of strobolin. It was later encountered by the USS Enterprise in a field of asteroids, where it was eventually captured • The Black Brotherhood is a band of space pirates that raids vessels throughout the solar system. They call the asteroid belt their home. During the 25th century, Black Barney is the Brotherhood's leader.

‘‘‘ Space Pirates ‘‘raiders were vessels employed by ‘‘‘ Space Pirates ‘‘pirates during the mid-22nd century for raiding freighter routes. These vessels are armed with forward and aft plasma cannons and possessed primitive shields. Although their weapons were considered formidable to a Y class freighter, ‘‘‘ Space Pirates ‘‘raiders were outmatched by NX-class starships, whose spatial torpedoes were capable of piercing ‘‘‘ Space Pirates ‘‘shields.

Three of these vessels, operating out of an asteroid base, attacked the ECS Fortunate and raided its cargo for a period of several months during 2151. Fortunately, the Starfleet vessel Enterprise was able to offer assistance during that year. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

Types of Star Pirates are Gorthan Star Pirates,Kalladon Star Pirates,Calzhon Space Pirates, The most identifiable symbol of the pirate was the Blazing Skull and Claws.Skull,with six swords and wings


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  Contribute  ShareWatchlist Random page Recent changes=Pirate Commander=   Edit this page  :This article is about the Space Pirate Commander class that Samus Aran encountered around the time ofthe Great Invasion. For the subordinate Commando class also encountered , see Commando Pirate.

Pirate Commander

The commander charges at Samus.

Featured in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Location Transit Station LeviathanPirate Homeworld
Attacks Phazon Slash, Phazon Blaster, Warping, Summoning Pirate Commando Reinforcements.
Weakness Hyper Beam, Hyper Missile
Reward(s) Access to Pirate Homeworld Leviathan

Pirate Commander is a high-ranking Space Pirate found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. A Space Pirate can only become a Commander if it has served as a Commando Pirate for at least 10 years. It would seem Commanders are the only class eligible to wear Red Phazite armor, which is very rare and much more resilient than usual Phazite armor. They are equipped with a personal-teleportation device, which enables them to move around the area with ease. The Commander that Samus Aran battled displayed the ability to summon multiple Commando Pirates to his aid. Both abilities are also displayed during the battle with Samus.

On the Pirate Homeworld, one Commander shows up repeatedly to summon more Commando Pirates and impede Samus' path. This particular Commander first appears when Samus sets off the Pirate Alarm System in the Scrapvault, where he summons a squadron of Commandos and orders them to kill her. During Fleet Admiral Castor Dane's assault on the Homeworld, in Transit Tunnel P69, two Federation Marines can be found firing down in a parallel area to the left of Samus, right before she moves on. If she watches long enough, the Commander will appear and use its dash attack on them, killing them instantly, and teleports away. [3]Conceptual artwork of a Commander's helmet.Added by Demon generalIn Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, a "boss" was a similar kind of Pirate.

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The Pirate Commander will generally summon 4 Commando Pirates at once, then warp around the arena causing havoc. When the Commandos are killed, the Commander will summon more up to a certain point when no more are called. Due to constant teleportation, it is difficult to attack. Samus's best weapon against the Commander is Hypermode - all of her other weapons will have very little effect. Unlike Commandos, it cannot be killed with a headshot from the Nova Beam, as Red Phazite is immune to the X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam's piercing effects.

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