Spacer, or Space mariner<ref>the</ref>, was a slang term that referred to those who made their living flying across space, including pilots and crew. Most spacers ran freight, charter, or information collection operations, although many worked or moonlighted as mercenaries, bounty hunters, and smugglers. Some were hyperspace explorers. Other slang terms for "spacer" included star-hopper, which became famously attached to a Star-Hoppers  of spacers on [[]]; star-jumper; star-rover; and planet-jumper. The term was usually used only to describe civilians within spacefaring professions.
the Spacers were the first humans to emigrate to space. About a millennium thereafter, they severed political ties with Earth, and embraced low population growth and extreme longevity (with lifespans reaching 400 years) as a means for a high standard of living, in combination with using large numbers of robots as servants.The term Spacer,originated from Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy,but thev term was actually used by the First Pathfinders to leave Earth and explore the dark regions of deep space.No one knows exactly who first used it,but popular space legends claim,it was Archamedes Starkiller,who first used it to describe Spacemen or Astronuates under his command.These Space Cowboys became from then on known as Spacers or Space Rovers .Terms such as Spaceman or Astronaute are rarely used within Colonial Alliance Territories.Spacer or Star Hopper are prefered by Corvaillians,Norvaillians and Corsaillians.

]] and [[]] were examples of spacers.

==Behind the scenes==
Spacer is used much in the same way that sailor is used today.

Star-hopper was originally used in the first issues of [[]] as a synonym of spacer.

In [, author [[A] attributed the death of Necrosis to "a motley band of spacers." In this instance he was referring to the players of , who kill Necrosis in a quest on

The term
spacer is used to refer to

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