Star Ship Command Terms

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Fight Systems-holographical combat tachtical systems. the immediate post-war era using analog systems that tracked the rate of motion of "blips" on radar screens. The operators used a joystick to align a pointer with the target and then pushed a button to update the location. The circuitry then adjusted the rate of predicted movement of the blip and displayed a pointer that moved over time. Updating no longer required any inputs, unless the predicted motion began to differ at which point additional button pushes could be used to update it.The data for each of these tracks, a series of voltages, could then be transmitted around the ship, and later, inter-ship transmission using pulse-code modulation

Basic orbit established

Systems drive

War footingthe condition or status of a military force or other organization when operating under a state of war or as ifa state of war existed.

WarbookThe warbook is a database of known friendly and enemy ships in the Colonial fleetdatabase. The warbook is accessed through the scanner equipped on most Colonial ships

al,(TOS) Apollo] scans the warbook from his Viper] cockpit to confirm the configuration of two mysterious [ Cylon tanker] craft found hidden within a gas cloud not from from the anticipated battlestar rendezvous point with the Cylons for the expected peace treaty signing.

<Apollo soon discovers the tankers were used to refuel a massive group of CylonRaiders large enough to destroy all the battlestars massed near

Hard turn

Battle-ready call

Full shields

Chaft pod

Missle barrage

Slave Systems

Reflective rubbish

Shipboar systems redlining

Disruptive bombs

Engine damage

Forcefield damage

Shield field unit

Defense design parameters


Mirrorthrowers- holomines/holopods is an adpted chaff pod, full of little bits of metal to confuse scanners, a weak forcefield generator and a holo-projector. While the forcefield takes a preprogrammed shape, the projector paints a picture over it. To illustrate Keeyah launches one of the pods and the illusion of a second Starjammer ship appears, that would fool any longrange scanners to be a real ship.

Paint Preprogrammed shape

Timer link

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The Tactical Systems Operator (or TSO) is responsible for operating all offensive and defensive systems in fighters which have two operators. This frees the pilot to handle only the operation of the aerospacecraft. Most TSOs are also trained as pilots, for circumstances when the main pilot of the fighter is incapacitated or killed but the craft is still servicable. The TSO answers to the Flight Leader, and is generally subordinate to the Fighter Pilot operating his/her craft.

Because of the location of the TSO's seat in most fighters, the position is sometimes known as the 'back seater'.

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