Star Ship Docking Pit Edit

Docking Bay or Docking Pits like all of the bays in a standard star ship space port, consisted of an entrance ramp and a restraining wall that surrounds a shallow pit.Some have Traffic Towers and space for living quarters.Underneath is a speeder garrage and spikes. The pit absorbed and deflected the blasts made when starships landed or took off. By law, ships with repulsorlifts were required to use them when entering and leaving the docking bays.
Outside access to the docking bay was granted via the tractor beam. A nearby ship would be caught in the beam and dragged into the Docking Bay. If a ship tried to depart with the tractor beams active, the beam would again drag it back into the Docking Bay-unless it uses some force,such it's warp or impulse drive to break free.Some Docking Pits contain either underground hangars and even tunnels that lead to other places-like other docking bay hangers.Upon the Dyson sphere of Terra-Prime.Docking Pits can extend downward into the sphere underworld toward the outer shell of the World Plate,where there can be found external hangar decks,with docking ports and small space elevator towers.The dockings ports and docking pits contain the general tractor field rings,that can be set automatically guide in star ships or prevent one from leaving if nessessary.

A docking bay was an area where starships could offload or receive personnel or cargo.

Docking bays came in various sizes depending where they were located but all had a few commonalities. All docking bays were located at the outer edge of a space station or starbase where doors protected them from space. The docking bay could be entered via an airlock.

A docking bay could contain anything from a shuttlecraft to multiple Galaxy- or Excelsior-class starships.

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