Stupid Bastard is a fictional dog owned by Mingo Charlie.

Original OriginsEdit

Stupid Bastard,originally was a funny dog character of his own comic,called Party Puppy.about a drunkin dog,looking only to get laid as often as her could.This lasted four issues,until changes were made in the comic strip,calling it Pacaso Puppy,a dog that was also an art critic,who goes around,drawing pictures,so could buy drinks and get laid as often as her could.After two issues,Pacaso Puppy,was changed to Party Dog,once again a dog that drinks and tries to get laid as often as he could.His best freind was another dog,called Stupid Bastard-an old Drinking Buddy,from Party Dogs Army Days..Stupid Bastard,proved much more popular,as the comic went on,Party Dog and Stupid Bastard were combined,after newly introduced character Mingo Charlies,accidently combined both in a Teleportation accident,when both trying to switch places in one of con operations,were both were pretending to be the other,by way of transporting each about the city.

Stupid BastardEdit

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